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Oracle Sql

Centreville, Virginia, United States
April 02, 2018

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Senior Database Administrator


Experienced in Oracle database administration in a Unix environment managing 1 to 100 databases up to Oracle version Oracle11g.

Background in all aspects from installation, configuration, SQL*Net setup, database design, customization, backup/recovery, performance-tuning and security implementation.

Reduced database query time from hours to minutes

Designed and populated the Data Warehouse

Installed and used Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle diagnostic packs on a Windows NT server to monitor the database and do capacity planning for the Data Warehouse on Unix

Created and modified Oracle tables, views and indexes as well SQL*loader control scripts to speed up data load time in data warehouse.

Able to work as a team player, team leader or independently

Handled large databases over 3.5 TB

Independent Consultant

Deloitte at Verizon, May 2012 – August 2013

Ran deployment scripts and monitored and maintained Oracle 11g RAC databases on Redhat Linux boxes

Upgraded Oracle 11g RAC revision 1 to Oracle 11g RAC revision 2 on Linux

Created and ran expdp scripts for use in backup/recovery

Supported and performance tuned developer PL/SQL code and SQL*Plus queries

Ran AWR reporting tool to spot performance problems

Buccaneer, a GDIT company, December 2011 – March 2012

Upgraded Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g on Windows and Unix boxes

Ran deployment scripts on multiple development and production databases in SQL*Plus and PL/SQL

Setup user accounts and passwords on production and development instances

Supported and performance tuned developer PL/SQL code and SQL*Plus queries

Comcast Inc., June 2010 – Oct. 2010

Production DBA responsible for responding to problems on over 100 databases in Oracle 11g and 10g regarding RMAN backups, Dataguard and Goldengate issues running on Unix

Installed a primary and standby Dataguard database on personal laptop computer

Ran ADDM, AWR and OEM tuning advisor in order to make tuning recommendations for slow running queries

Wrote script to monitor slow running queries

Ran stats on stale tables and indexes to improve performance

IBM Corp., April 2010 – May 2010

Supported and performance tuned developer PL/SQL code and SQK*Plus queries

Incorporated capacity planning and backup/recovery tools on the database

Used the Quest Toad tool to run performance tuning on databases

Tuned Oracle initialization parameters and adjusted Oracle buffer cache to reduce disk access time

Modified tables to allow parallel querying and loading

Sirius XM Satelite Radio June 2009 – March 2010

Monitored and tuned SQL and PL/SQL code using Quest Toad for maximum efficiency and performance reducing execution times dramatically

Wrote and executed SQL queries using Quest Toad to update Oracle11g database

Rewrote sections of developer PL/SQL code and SQL*Plus queries to improve performance

SecureNet, November 2008 - April 2009

Installed Oracle 11g RAC ASM on Linux and Migrated SQL Server to Oracle 11g database

Wrote and executed Sqlloader scripts to load data from SQL Server on Windows to Oracle 11g on Linux

Supported and performance tuned developers PL/SQL code and SQL*Plus queries

Intersections, August 2008 - Sept. 2008

Created and ran stored procedures in MS SQL Server to retrieve information from a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database.

Ran weekly Oracle releases to update production Member database

Created Linux scripts to facilitate weekly updates

National Geographic, April 2008-July 2008

Analyzed developers queries to produce a list of recommendations to improve performance including modifying Oracle initialization parameters, reorganizing tables and indexes to different tablespaces, using hints for queries, pinning large procedures into the shared pool and gathered statistics.

Geico, April 2007 – March 2008

Development DBA responsible for maintenance and upgrades to development Oracle databases

Supported developers PL/SQL code to improve performance

Installed and customized Oracle Streams to replicate XML data in an Oracle 10g environment

Import and export xml data and wrote xml queries as well as create xml schemas

NPR (National Public Radio), January 2007 - March 2007

Filled in for regular DBA who went on vacation

Worked with developers to export/import data from prod to dev and dev to prod, backup/recovery and monitored database to insure satisfactory performance

Savvis, Inc., October 2006 - December 2006

Installed and customized Oracle 10.2 for client (FEMA)

Monitored database for performance issues

Made suggestions to developers to improve PL/SQL and SQL*Plus query performance and assisted with database design

US Census Bureau DADS, January 2006 - October 2006

Assisted lead DBA as a Production/Development DBA in daily maintenance and new revisions of software

Detecting and correcting any performance issues in a RAC data warehouse environment

Wrote Unix shell scripts and Oracle PL/SQL scripts and ran a Statspack performance report on a daily basis

Upgraded from 9i to 10g RAC

Created SQL Trace files and used the Tkprof tool to analyze them in an as needed basis

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