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Technical Support Engineer

Allen, Texas, United States
January 11, 2018

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Sied Chowdhury

Allen, TX ● *****469-***-**** ●


Senior Engineer with experience in Network Operations, NOC, Technical Support, Emergency (Outage) Recovery Support, Deployment, System Integration, Testing, Provisioning, Product Trials & Demos, Implementations, Software/Hardware Installations & Upgrades. Strong troubleshoot and problem solving skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong customer service focus.

Career Highlights

Technical knowledge on 5G/LTE/4G /UMTS/CDMA/RAN EVDO/GSM/GPRS /VolTe/IMS/3GPP Components and Functionalities.

IP routing and switching, TCP/IP, BGP, IPsec, VLAN, LAN, WAN, WLAN.

Hands-on experience installing and troubleshooting hardware & software on Linux and Unix based system. OS installation and Commissioning on Unix/Linux platforms.

Hands on experience on managing: 5G-Core/RAN platform based on OpenStack.

Hands on experience on Samsung: eNodeB, MME, P-GW, S-GW, LSMR, BSM, IP-BSC and BTS, 5G (Core, RAN and CPE)

Hands on experience and knowledge on Cisco:(ASR9000 and CSR901/CSR2941)

Hands on experience on COTS /RAIDJBOD\ RBOD Storage Array, installation, upgrade and maintenance.

Hands on experience installing, configuring and supporting NetScout-Tektronix: Performance Monitoring Probe G10 and Geo Blade (ATCA) and integration of RAID/JBOD\ RBOD Storage Array with Geo Blade and G10 Probe.

Experience working in customer technical support roles; assessing of troubles, managing trouble tickets, develop and execute action plans for trouble resolution.

Performance Analysis (KPI), creation of MOPs, Job aid, Job procedure.

Software/Hardware Installations, Upgrades, reconfigurations, with no LOS,

Debugging and troubleshooting of Voice/data networking issues.

Product test plan creation and execution.

Green field Deployment, System Provisioning, Commissioning & Integration

Perform UAT, ATP and CTTP tests.

MySQL database installation on Unix/Linux platforms.


Database: SQL, MySQL

Languages &Tools: Unix Shell-Scripting, Python, DM-tool, Iperf, QPST, QXDM, XCAL, Traceroute, Ping, Wireshark, Tcpdump, Netstat, SSH.

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Sun/Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows


Samsung Telecom Inc, Richardson, TX: 08/21/2017 – 11/21/2017

5G Wireless Core/RAN System Engineer

Performed 5G wireless field testing for Charter Communication in Colorado Springs, Reno and Bakersfield, CA. 5G wireless core and RAN and Transmitter (RUs) were installed on a mobile trailer. CPE and RSIP (Receive Antenna) were installed on a Van. Everyday we parked the trailer on a different location; bring up 5G Core, RAN and RUs in-service. From the mobile Van, collect 5G performance data from different location using Iperf and DM-tool.

Install and configure 5G wireless RAN (DU and RUs). Perform power & electrical data connections (transport). Perform optical connections. Perform eNodeB connections to 5G core.

Perform eNodeB (NR) commissioning (uploading/downloading configuration ENV file). Perform SW/FW upgrades.

Install and configure 5G wireless CPE and RSIP. Perform upgrade and make

Manage RAID disk array; make sure all disks and volumes are ok. Replace disks, repair volume.

Manage 5G Core based on Openstack, bring up services, and bring down services.

Manage 5G RAN platform, bring up services, bring down services, make configuration changes per customer requirements, collect test data etc.

Manage Trailer HWs (Generators, power compressors for antenna, proper leveling of the trailer, etc).

Troubleshoot any problem with system HW/SW.

NetScout (Tektronix) Inc, Plano, TX: 08/2016 – 8/15/2017

Deployment System Engineer

G10 and Geo Blade Deployment: G10 and Geo Blades are performance monitoring probe on LTE/Volte network interfaces. Geo Probe is ATCA based dual shelf, 28 slots probe. These Probes are managed from Iris View OAM servers. All probes are configured with COTS base disk arrays.

Support installation Geo Blade (ATCA) and G10 on Customer’s Network. Performed Configuration & Integration of Geo Blade (ATCA) and G10 on Customer’s Network:

Activities include Linux base network monitoring probe configuration, RBOD/JBOD Storage Array installation & configuration, upgrade, and integrate them with Geo Blades and G10 probes.

Perform Software and Hardware upgrade, replacing disk drives/peripherals, system moves and reconfigurations,

Troubleshoot and resolve issues with Geo Blade/G10 SW and HW.

Troubleshoot and resolve issues with disk array enclosures (RBODs & JBODs), controllers and disks.

Perform various maintenance activities: Patch application, disk replacement, volume repair, RBOD & JBOD chassis replacement, Controllers & card replacement, troubleshoot various connectivity problems (SAS, fiber, Ethernet mini-SAS.

Write MOPs for various activities,

Ensure timely delivery of all probes to customer for production cur-over

Perform production cut-over activity on newly installed probe. Monitor for SIP messages and RTP packets. Troubleshoot issue with any drop calls.

Verify Performance matrix (KPI). Troubleshoot issues with KPI degradation.

Work with different functional groups to quickly resolve critical issues.

Samsung Telecom Inc, Richardson, TX: 04/2012 – 04/2016

LTE/4G/3G Deployments, Commissioning, Integration Test Engineer:

LTE/4G Network: LSMR (RAN OAM), LTE RAN: eNodeB, 4G Core: MME S-GW and PGW.

3G Network: BSM (3G RAN OAM), IP-BSC(CDMA based), 3G RAN(3G-BTS), 3G Core(MGW, WSS).

ATP and CTTP Testing: LTE-4G and 3G network functionality and feature.

IP Backhaul: Implement various IP & Fiber/Microwave Backhaul topologies, Necklace, Ring, star etc.

Performed Commissioning & Integration Activities Per IP-Plan on MME/S-GATEWAY/ P-GATEWAY/eNodeB/IP-BSC/BTS/ on several Sprints’ Network Vision Markets

LTE OAM Implementation: Performed OS installation, LSMR Software installation, MySQL database installation, system commissioning and IP configuration on Servers (Dell PER720 with Dell Storage Array MD3600F+ MD1200) and Sun Blade Server.

3G OAM System Implementation: Performed Solaris installation, BSM software installation, MySQL database installation, system commissioning. IP configuration on Servers (Oracle Netra-5440 with Storage 2540-M2 Netra, and SPARCH T4 servers Array with Storage 6180 Storage Array).

Integrate the LSMR/BSM servers with back bone router ASR9K to ensure remote access. Performed full functionality test of the LSMR/BSM servers.

Create cell site router scripts and ENV scripts for eNodeB/3G-BTS. Verify end-to-end connectivity to eNodeB from LSMR and to 3G-BTS from BSM servers. Provision eNodeB in the LSMR and 3G-BTS in the BSM servers. Perform eNodeB/3G BTS software, firmware upgrade and apply golden parameters. Integrate eNodeB & 3G-BTS with 4G and 3G Core Network respectively.

Provisioned IP routes on ASR9000 for IP-BSCs and BSM communications.

Provision 3G-BTS, eNodeB for LTE voice call CS fallback and ECSFB to 3G network.

Provisioned IP routes on ASR9K(IPA) for 3G and 4G Nodes (MME, S-GW, P-GW, eNodeB, IP-BSC and WSS communication.

Performed LTE Product Acceptance Plan (ATP) Tests on Sprint’s networks for eNodeB, MME/S-GATEWAY/P-GATWAY. Successfully resolved all outstanding issue, have Sprint signed off on accepting the 4G nodes.

Performed 3G Product Acceptance Critical Call Tests on several Sprints’ Markets. Successfully resolved all outstanding issue, have Sprint signed off on accepting the 3G Networks for commercial launch.

Troubleshoot and resolve issues with server HW/SW, disk array, replace disk, repair volume.

Troubleshoot HW/SW problem with network nodes, create necessary action plane (MOP) to resolve the issue.

Provide fault isolation and root cause analysis for technical issues.

Provided technical support for eNodeB/LSMR/BTS/IP-BSC/ LSMR/MME/S-GATEWAY/P-Gateway/S-Gateway. Troubleshoot for call failure one way audio, data-rate degradation, HW and SW issues, etc.

Wrote variety of Technical Method of Procedure (MOPs). Presented technical aspects of the MOPs to Manager, Peers and clients (Sprint)

Performed IP-BSC/ BTS/ rehoming on Sprint NW by creating and executing necessary MOPs.

Performed Sprint network capacity augmentation (card addition, shelf addition and node addition) by creating and executing necessary MOPs per IP Plan.

Implement eCSFB feature on Sprint NV, performed eCSFB testing in all Sprint NV markets.

IP Backhaul:

Assemble site specific CIQ source data to auto-generate backhaul network device configuration scripts.

Perform prerequisite tasks needed to ensure that backhaul is ready and accepted. In the case of Microwave backhaul, ensure microwave radio configuration MOPs are implemented correctly.

Create cell site router script., configure Cell Site routers, and perform IOS upgrade. Build necessary IP routes and VLANs to connect multiple Cell Sites to ASR9K (IPA) and BSM /LSMR via cascaded Fiber/Microwave backhaul. Perform necessary troubleshooting in the case of end to end IP connectivity failure. Troubleshoot issues with Microwave Modem and Fiber backhaul.

Complete Spirent QScope connectivity test to actualize backhaul acceptance tasks.

Escalate client problems according to established procedures.

Provision network elements (BTS/eNodeB) in BSM/LSMR OAM database.

Perform field integration test on BTS and eNodeB.

Troubleshoot sites that do not pass integration testing and drive failure resolution.

Nortel Networks/Ericsson Inc. Richardson, TX. 01/2005 - 02/2012

Wireless Emergency Recovery Engineer III

Provided Emergency outage Recovery Service to Global Operators for GSM/GPRS/UMTS/CDMA Products: SGSN, GGSN, SIG, e3BSC, OMCR/W-NMS, ERS8600, ERS5220, ATCA, VSE, MSC, CBM, MGW, EBSC, USP. Isolated hardware and software faults during call processing outage, initiated successful recovery steps. Participated in customer technical bridge during call processing outages. Coordinated with various Ericsson matrix departments to resolve outages quickly. Recorded all activities during an outage with accurate time stamps. Collected appropriate data and analyzed outage causes.

For non-outage issues, recommended problem resolution Action Plans by investigating proper system configurations, network performance Audits, KPI (Drop call analysis, Call Delivery, Data Throughput), developing trouble-shooting methodology and recommending appropriate tools for problem resolution with minimum impact to customer Networks.

Coordinated with Product Line Support, Network Engineering and other Support teams to ensure that identified issues were resolved with timeliness.

Developed and enhanced outage Recovery Guides and presented them to Manager, Peers and clients to ensure maximum time and cost efficiency.

Create Technical Support Bulletins and other technical documentation in the Knowledge Base

Nortel Networks, Richardson, TX. 01/1999 – 12/2004

GSM Technical Support Engineer III

Provided technical support to Worldwide GSM Operators. Provided technical analysis and resolution of highly complex problems on 2G BSC, BTS, TCU, OMCR, SGSN & GGSN for worldwide GSM operators. Assisted PLM Groups in performing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of GSM Access outages and critical issues.

Manage customer cases to ensure issues are recorded, tracked, resolved, and follow ups in a timely manner.

Provide fault isolation and root cause analysis for technical issues.

Deployed in many Operators sites: to investigate Critical call processing issues (drop calls during call waiting, random cross-talks, bad voice quality/interference, call processing degradation/congestion, internetwork handover failure, etc) and provide timely resolution

Created test plans for new software features. Performed feature testing, performance and reliability testing on different software releases.

Supported Software Delivery team for upgrades on BSC, BTS, TCU, PCUSN, SSGN, GGSN, OMCR servers on live Networks.

Presented knowledge transfer sessions to Peers and Clients.

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington.

Status: US Citizen. Willing to travel

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