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Health Information Technology

Cape Town, WC, South Africa
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January 11, 2018

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Luntu Mawisa

J**** Ntlangano crescent, Nyanga east,7750,Cape Town

Cell: 079-***-**** / 078-***-****



Dear Sir/ Madam

This E-mail and attached CV serves as a formal application for employment to the above position. The duties and responsibilities of this post sound both challenging and rewarding. I have significant experience in HIV Counselling and Testing,wellness facilitation, Adherence Counselling and health promotion support experience in Community setting's Public Health Services. I have gained and acquired significant experience as a HAST counsellor, served as an LGBTIQA+ affiliate and community sensitisation peer educator.

I am a well-groomed individual with an altruistic and extroverted personality who takes social responsibility very seriously. I believe that your institution has jobs that are tailored to suit my significant experience and expertise which will bring warranted innovative skills based on my abilities. I have very special skills and complete discretion. As a counsellor, a community development worker, and a health educator at several and different settings, I had been found to be a safe competent individual with an ability to express my ideas with more clarity, more effectiveness and more poise. My current supervisors had at various instances commented positively and favourably on my work performance. I possess a high level of moral and ethical conduct with a satisfactory person’s natural qualities of character and able to assume leadership. These above mentioned qualities enable me to work properly and sensibly without direct supervision.

As a focused and service orientated team player, I execute well to achieve collective objectives. I am able to render services as determined by the appropriate legislative framework. I have gained relevant and appropriate skills through experience and have a complete understanding of the nature of challenges transpiring into our society due to TB/HIV/AIDS pandemic and the services to be rendered to communities in limited resource settings.My duties include HCT Treatment adherence counselling, wellness facilitation and health promotion;build capacity on implementation of the services in line with the organization's guide line.I'm also involved in the outreach and workplace programmes, Clinic sites.offering services required to meet an individual’s health needs. This would warrant provision of proactive supportive care and advice, HIV drug adherence support and importance thereof; and further require extensive client centred counselling and ensuring that clients obtain a cost effective quality care and service. My extensive experience has offered me the opportunity to exclusively work with the transgendered community as well as MSM.

My direct hands-on knowledge, my extra determination and eagerness will add value to the operations of your institution. As a counsellor in the province of the Western Cape I have worked hand-in-glove and directly with Most At Risk Population-of contracting HIV/AIDS {Men who have Sex with Men;bisexuals; Drug Injectors “addicts”; etc. Some of my duties include doing Outreach work, planning, community mobilization, and rendering services thereafter.

I am very articulate and have a good command of the English-language and able to bridge the language gaps flowing freely between English and maximally one more other African language during facilitation with relative ease. I am a clear speaker who doesn’t get overwhelmed by either my audience or the follow up questions. My approach to presentation,dialogues and workshops is methodical and thorough, and I present with great eagerness. I view this field not only as conducive environment but as a good opportunity to effect significant efficiencies on your operations and have my skills and experience make a difference. I am almost always friendly, firm but fair and have the fine art of getting along well with people and easy to work with, as a result I get a good deal of unremarkable respect by operating in this manner. I also serve as a cohesive force between the team members and further utilize my initiatives to arouse enthusiasm among people. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to demonstrate and incorporate my experience into your organisation and can be reached at the above declared contact particulars, With this communication, I submit my application and a detailed CV as requested for your perusal and consideration thereof, hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience. I am immediately available for an interview and the results thereof.

Yours Truly

Luntu Mawisa

Luntu Mawisa

J2280 Ntlangano crescent,Nyanga east,7750,Cape Town

Cell: 079-***-**** / 078-***-**** - E-mail:

Personal Details

Educational Details


Work Experience

Relevant skills and Competencies


Current Key Area of Expertise : Healthcare

Gender-AA/Equity Group : Male

SA-ID/Permanent Residency : 880**********

Marital Status : Single

Languages : Good command of the following:

English,Xhosa, Zulu, (mediocre),Swati (rudimental)

Matric : khulani high 2007

TV and film production certificate : Revolution media academy 2016

Other various short courses certificates obtained:

Basic Counselling skills Course(ATTIC)

14 day integrated HIV/AIDS Counselling Course(ATTIC)

Finger prick certificate (ATTIC)

Valid 10 day HIV information (ATTIC)

Organizational capacity building certificate (UWC)

Information technology diploma(PC training and business college)unfinished

To secure a stimulating and challenging position, acquire experience offering personal and professional growth; and maintain ethical standards in an environment where initiative, hardworking and achievement are acknowledged.

Organization : Kheth’impilo

Position :Health facilitator/health promoter @ KTC day hospital

Company : YMCA

Position : Counsellor

Company : luvo training and social development

Position: Community worker

Company :Enhancing care foundation

Position: Wellness facilitator

Communication skills (both oral and written): When working with people one is required to reciprocate information in a polite and professional manner. My work experience has afforded me an opportunity in conducting quantitative client centred counselling and in-depth interviews in different situations and that has helped me-develop both written and verbal.

Initiative and personal drive: As a counsellor, a community development worker and a health educator I had been found to be a safe, competent individual with an ability to utilize my knowledge and initiatives for implementing the necessary warranted skills and interventions within the expected times.

Analytical insight and Problem solving skills: Working with people at different healthcare facilities and settings has taught me to deal with the problem at the spot, in a genuine, sincere and amicable manner to prevent complications.

Passion for facilitation: I have significant experience in facilitating dialogues in communities and workshops to groups of various sizes with the ability to bridge the language gaps flowing freely between English and other African languages with relative ease. This skill has further been strengthened by provision of health education to clients and their relatives concerning illnesses.

Time Management skill: My dedication and determination to work hard and consistently has taught me to balance time and afforded me an ability to organise workflow and achieve deadlines.

Sr Christina Rossou

Project Coordinator


Cell: 078*******/021*******

Mr Sydney Sityhilelo Ncoko

Clinical supervisor

Enhancing care foundation

Cell :078*******/021*******

Mr Marepula-Maneli

Outreach Coordinator


Cell : 073*******


Dr Cathy: project head

Contact details: 021*******

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