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Senior RF Engineer LTE 3G GSM

Zac., Mexico
January 11, 2018

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Gabriel Alcedo Ascencios


Seeking a challenging Engineering / Managing position in a progressive company where I can utilize my strengths to assist the organization in achieving its goals and objectives while I continue to grow and develop.


Motivated, dynamic Telecommunications Engineer oering 12+ years of progressive experience including extensive knowledge and experience with wireless technologies in Latin America,Middle East and Asia

Possesses Field Management and Engineering Technical skills with solid background in UMTS, GSM Systems and LTE optimization, strong analytical problem solving skill. Excellent planning and project and program management skills. Solid customer service, negotiation, interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal. Collaborative team player and leader known for going above and beyond with short and long term goals.

Quick learner who welcomes challenges and thrives in diverse, fast-paced environments. Oct 2015 -


HUAWEI Project – ATT Operator

Mexico City, Mexico

Continuous high quality multi responsibility support for LTE, WCDMA and GSM in ATT – Iusacell, Nextel Merge Project

Key Responsible for post launch elaboration, high quality report UMTS- LTE delivery and customer support approvals from Batch 1- 12 ( 2000 new sites ) Multiband (PCS, AWS, 850) and multitechnology (GSM, LTE, UMTS) troubleshooting for top offenders in post launched clusters in each Batch Baseline discrepancy and network strategy parameter check, alarms, neighbour consistency check for new sites ( 2000 new sites launched) Active Learner and continuous support for new features implementation and trials : 850, 700 Mhz LTE, Carrier Aggregation LTE and VoLTE implementation Jan 2015 - -

July 2015

HUAWEI Project – TELECEL Operator

Guadalajara R5, Mexico

RAN16 3G whole network continuous parameter audit, discrepancy check and F3 Network deployment for traffic balance reaching the contracting KPIS 600 Swapped sites from NSN to Huawei 3G, initial KPI monitoring and post swap optimization, further parameter/RF tuning in order to reach targets at cell, nodeb, cluster and RNC level being responsible for 3 RNCs Continuous communication with customer and project TLs in order to get a full understanding of swapped sites, optimization process and solutions of complain Preventive verification of network resource capacity, alarms and being an active communicator of network issues in order to prevent any further KPI degradation Sep 2014 -

Dec 2014

HUAWEI Project - ICE operator

San Jose, Costa Rica

RAN15 3G whole network parameter audit, discrepancy check and proper feature implementation

Daily main KPI RNC troubleshooting reporting, Network strategy review for 6 carriers/ 2 bands 850/2100

Strength customer relationship with effective communication and technical skills in order to reach KPI targets and team work spirit EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Mexico City

+1-628-***-**** / +52 1-551-***-****

Nationality: Peruvian

Residence: Mexico, USA

Birth date: January 3rd, 1984

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married



Planning Skills: Well-versed in Asset

3G, Planet Mentum, TEMS Planner

and Genex, Netact Planner, OMstar


Optimization: MapInfo, Asset 3G,

Nokia Optimizer, Netact, TEMS

Investigation, Nastar and Actix,

Npmaster, FMA, UMAT, M2000,

Assistant, PRS, OMSTAR, LMT,


Drive Test: Nemo, TEMS

investigation, Probe, Benchmarking

Marconi and Assistant

Other Computer Skills: Advanced

Skills in MS Office, Computer

programming C++, Java


May 2013 -

August 2014

Project DU Operator. Frontline 3G /LTE RF Senior Engineer- Team Leader, Huawei

Dubai, UAE

Planning and initial optimization for RollOut 120 3G new sites / 80 LTE new sites for UAE

Project is being deployed together with NSN 2G- 3G and LTE as one region belongs to NSN

Dec 2009 -

May 2013

Frontline Huawei Senior RF Engineer – 3G Planning & Optimization Abu Dhabi, UAE - Muscat, Oman

ETISALAT PROJECT– United Arab Emirates


RAN RNC- Cell level – Capacity preventive planning for high traffic events and corrective in order to reduce further degradation due to congestion or sudden traffic increase

RNC, cluster and cell level optimization: daily basis analysis at different type of urban areas

Gained multicarrier experience: 4 carriers in 2 band 2100/ 900 suitable strategies successfully designed for different traffic and coverage behaviours Active participant in RAN upgrades from RAN 10 to RAN 14; studied and provided continuous and timely support by implementing different features as needed Accountable for daily hardware troubleshooting, reporting and hardware optimized solutions

Provided VIP customer care: Imanager Nastar/ PCHR analysis / DT analysis reports.

Dec 2009 -

Feb 2013

Team Leader – 3G Planning & Optimization, Huawei

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tasked with efficiently leading a team of 8 employees to successfully carry out optimization of 4 RNCs (800 nodeBs) in Northern Emirates and the Abu Dhabi Region 5 RNCs (1200 nodeBs)

Responsible for daily KPI and hardware troubleshooting utilizing strong technical background

Exhibited exceptional communication skills to customers and team members in multi-cultural environments to maximize results

Performed well under pressure; allocated resources effectively, successfully motivated the team and encouraged the team to achieve goals Reported results in a timely manner and prioritized network care and risk in order to prevent issues and strengthen customer- vendor relationships Feb 2009 -

July 2009

Senior RF Engineer Consultant – WCDMA Planning & Optimization Huawei Swap Project Ericsson – Huawei

Claro – America Movil – Brazil

Hired to do WCDMA Optimization & Planning

Accountable for delivering KPI statistics weekly and daily reporting for Regional Network

Tasked with clusters acceptance (involves drive test analyzing, route KPI improvement and TS)

Performs RF parameter planning (PSC, LAC, etc) in band 850MHz and 2,1GHz, dimensioning for new expansion -200 nodeB’s

Responsible for HO Strategy Implementation and verification for 2nd carrier in 850 and 2100; requires resource sharing configuration for 1500 sectors Dec 2008 -

Feb 2009

Huawei Senior RF Engineer – WCDMA Planning & Optimization Nextel - Motorola - Peru

Responsible for WCDMA Optimization& Planning / IDEN Optimization In charge of frequency cleaning for 1900 band, antennas and camouflaged tower tests for successful implementation of the new network Tasked with expansion of optimization guidelines documentation for start-up of the UMTS project

Performed optimization tool evaluation (analyzed between drive tests, indoor and post processing solutions for optimization process in IDEN and UMTS) Spanish







Dec 2007 -

Dec 2008

Huawei RF Engineer – WCDMA/ 2G Planning & Optimization Nokia Siemens Network

Claro - América Móvil–Peru

Performed WCDMA/GSM Optimization & Planning

Responsible for accurately performing and coordinating cluster optimization activities (e.g.: drive test measurements, RF design verification and Neighbour list definition)

In charge of model tuning for accurate coverage prediction, running, planning and post processing of drive test for 20 cluster

Tasked with Layer 2 and 3 messaging analyses in drive test; ensured provider respected KPI and threshold in 20 cluster acceptance report Accountable for traffic monitoring and analysis for capacity expansion requirements

Successfully managed reconfiguration of cabinet and installation of new dual band antennas while paying close attention to coverage and traffic goals July 2007 -

Dec 2007

RF Engineer – WCDMA/ 2G Planning & Optimization

Claro - América Móvil – Peru

Responsible for WCDMA Network Design, Optimization and Planning Accountable for elaboration of projects and site planning for 300 coexistence of UMTS/GSM

Successfully performed co-site selection and approved RF site survey reports in a timely manner

Tasked with network design for band 850 and 1900

May 2006 -

Apri 2008

RF Engineer - 2G Planning and Optimization

Claro - América Móvil – Peru

Nokia Siemens Network

Successfully managed the network expansion of 600 new sites from planning through to implementation

Served as the professional interface between the provider and customer Responsible for expansion, analysis and approval of projects for planning 1200 sites GSM

Charged with development of strategic projects: indoor and outdoor solutions: repeaters and BDA’s

Tasked with radio parameter dimensioning for GSM, GPRS and EDGE( total of 600 sites)

Mar 2005 -

Apr 2006

2G RF Junior Engineer – 2G Planning and Optimization TIM-Telecom Italia - Peru

Nokia Siemens Network

Responsible for planning and running the drive test, indoor test and post- processing analysis for interference and coverage problem solving Tasked with test implementation for various GSM features Accountable for proactively monitoring and conducting preventive analysis of network statistics and parameters enhancement of KPI in GSM, GPRS and EDGE Jan 2004 -

Sep 2004

Product & Services Engineer - Personal/Server Computing Division IBM - Peru

Served as a professional Product /Service Sales / Technical Support Engineer for several different lines of IBM service and products Exhibited solid communication skills; continuously refined these skills during workshops, training courses and through support provided to technicians, salesmen and VIP customers

2005 Bachelor's Degree

University Peru UPC

Superior: Electronic Engineering - Applied Science EDUCATION

Apr 2013 -

Jun 2013

LTE: Fundamentals & Optimization - IEEE - USA

Huawei- LTE

Jan 2013 -

Feb 2013

WCDMA RAN14 Troubleshooting/ Equipments – Oman

Aug 2012 LTE planning & optimization - United Arab Emirates Huawei Headquarters Principles LTE/ Planning and Optimization practises. Equipment upgrade and compatibility

Apr 2011 WCDMA RAN12 Troubleshooting/ Equipments – China Huawei HQ COURSES

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