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Mechanical Data Entry

Los Angeles, California, United States
January 10, 2018

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818-***-****/Cell 310-***-****/Cell


Experience in lean kaizen manufacturing

Ability to prioritize a heavy work load/ Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Outstanding knowledge of high volume manufacturing and fabrication process

Outstanding knowledge of power, and precision measuring hand tools

Outstanding leadership skills

ASNI/J-STD-001.. IPC-A-610 Training…… CPR ( First Aid, Choke)Training

Take pride in a job well done

Over 10 years of inspection experience!

6’s training, Kaizen, AS9100, AS9102 ( GD&T ), ISO9001, ITAR, SPC, MRP, Root Cause Analysis (5Y) Blueprint Redlines, Fishbone Diagrams, Data Analysis.


Arrowhead Products 3/2014-Present

QA/QC Mechanical Inspector Sr. Engineering Liaison (Jr. Engineer) (Contract)

Shipping, receiving, in process, visual, weld, dimensional analysis, final, in house, on site source, and bore scope inspection. Ndt die penetrants, x-ray, surface plate set-up’s.GN2, LN2 low, and high pressure thermal motion test, cryogenic functional motion test and inspection. Titanium Castings

Functional motion test, weld leak test, complex systems, equipment, mechanical, electro-mechanical assemblies, and electronic testing and inspection. Connectors, cable wire assembly, wire, relay’s, and lighting inspection.

Internal shop audits. Inventory.

Light soldering, de-soldering, and assembly (Through Hole). Mechanical assembly, Composite Assembly,

Circuit verification, continuity checking, hi pot, ground, multi meters. Sub-sea level, high altitude components.

Optical inspection. Lighting test and inspection. Hi voltage, hi energy component test and inspection.

Used all precision measuring tools: AS 9100C, AS 9102 FAI pages 1, 2, 3, GD&T ASME Y14.5.

Engineering liaison, root cause(5y), fishbone diagrams, blueprint red lines, Data Analysis.

Catalog, fluorescent light inspection and testing. Optical Comparator.

Expediting, machined parts and fastener inspection. Micro View, Manual CMM ( Operation Only! No programing!)


Worked with rubber, carbon composites, cork, plastic, fiber glass, titanium, Inconel, copper, brass, aluminum, and other ferrous and non ferrous metals Wax Forklift, (O.S.H.A. Certified) pallet jacks, overhead crane, scanners, shrink wrap, warehouse, banding, order pulling, packaging, loading, unloading route delivery trucks.

Hitco Carbon Composites 6/2013-2/2014

QA/QC Mechanical Inspector Sr. Engineering Liaison (Contract)

Receiving, in process, final, visual, surface plate, weld, jig assembly set-ups, dimensional inspection, audits, and in house source inspection on carbon composite, metal, sheet metal, titanium aircraft components.

Mechanical, electronic, functional testing. Data Analysis, Root Cause Analysis( 5Y )

Ndt die penetrants, Farrow Arm and Zeis CMM training. ( PC-Dimas Software )

Used all precision measuring tools: AS9100, AS9102, FAI forms 1, 2, 3, GD&TASME Y14.5.

Forklift, overhead crane, pallet jacks.

Composite and mechanical assembly inspection.

Worked closely with Quality and Mechanical Engineers as a liaison! ( Jr Engineer )

Pacific Sintered Metals – Powdered Metals 4/2013-6/2013

Lead Quality Inspector Sr. (Mechanical, Dimensional) (Contract)

In-process, in-house source, AS9102, first article, in-process, visual, final inspection.

Used calipers, micrometers, height gauge, depth gauge, dial indicators, drop gauge, go-no, pin gauge, v-blocks, jo-blocks, and other precision measuring tools.

Optical comparator,( PC-Dimas Software) Zeiss, Micro-VU CMM, Manual CMM for inspection.

Dimensional, mechanical, and electro-mechanical inspection, as well as machine shop and lab inspection.

Raw stock, and PCB microscope optical inspection.

Development, training, planning, scheduling of staff. New hire interviewing!

In house shop audits, inventory, expediting, engineering lab inspection. Data analysis, 5Y root cause.

Forklift, overhead crane, pallet jacks, packaging, boxing, warehouse, order picking, pulling.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics 9/2012-12/2012

QA/QC Mechanical Inspector Sr. (Contract)

Worked in the receiving inspection department.

Inspected incoming mechanical parts from suppliers to make sure that they were in compliance with the customer’s standards and blueprint measurements.

Mechanical functionality and electronic testing. Hi pot, ground

Used AQL sampling systems. First articles.

Damaged material reports, non-conformance reports, weight and balance.

Used height gages, depth mic’s, drop indicators, comparator’s, dial indicators, micrometers, calipers, 123 blocks, jo blocks, v- blocks, scales, pin gages, o.d., i.d. thread gages tri rollers, bore gage, AS9102 Micro scope optical inspection, GD&T, wire assembly, connector inspection and testing, hardness testing.

Aircraft fasteners, fuse pins, coupon inspection! Surface finish.

Gears, spline shafts, radius, angles, contours, inspection jig fitting, machine shop inspection.

Ziess (CMM) inspection. (PC DIMAS SOFTWARE)

Continuous improvement background.

Surface plate setups for inspection.

Engineering liaison. HEAVY TESTING!

Forklift, overhead crane, pallet jacks.

Vought Aircraft 1/2012-7/2012

Aircraft Structures Mechanic Sr. (Contract)

Build, fabricate, assembled, dis-assembled, and modified to fit aircraft components and assemblies per blueprint, engineering orders, manufacturing and company work orders.

Installed, removed and replaced, stringers, frames, shear ties, doublers, stringer clips on fuselage skins, air frames.

Worked on lap splices, butt joints, tabs, shims.

Sheet metal layout and fabrication.

Worked from sub to final assembly.

Worked on bench assembly, Power hand tools, mic’s, calipers, precision measuring tools. Skin panels.

Did 100 percent inspection before call board. ( 747 )

2 Roads Personnel Services (Marvin Engineering) 11/2010-12/2011

Structural Assembly Mechanic/QC Mechanical Inspector Sr.

Worked from sub to final assembly.

Build, assembled, dis-assembled, installed bulkheads, flooring, stringers, doors, skins and sub-assemblies.

Installed clinch nuts, riv-nuts, keenserts, heli-coils, hi-locks, solid and pull rivets, nut plates, countersink, screws, nuts and bolts, de-burr seal, alodine, bond, glue.

Drilled, ream, free hand with in .003.

Precision layouts up to .003.

Sheet metal layout and fabrication.

Power and standard hand tools.

Precision measuring tools.

Worked from sub to final assembly. Avionics, Robotics, remote control 50 cal machine guns!, Bomb racks!

Assisted in production time studies.

QC Inspector: In process, receiving, first article, AS9102, machined parts, and final inspection

DCN`s, DMR`s, NCR`s, layout inspection, component wiring inspection.

Used all precision measuring tools, micrometer, caliper, dial indicator, scales, height gauge, depth mic, torque meter, torque wrench, go-no go gauges, comparator, O.D., I.D. thread disposition, fastener removal.

Machined finish, NDT(die penetrants), final inspection, fastener installation inspection, gap to shank, airframes, panels, go-no go, comparator, wire harness installation inspection, Farrow arm training.

SPC continuous improvement. ( Engineering Liason)

Mechanical function inspection, hydraulics, pneumatics systems, gears, hole check, ball gage, micro-hite gauge.

(Patriot Missile Defense Project) Aerospace- Department Of Defense.

Surface plate setups for inspection.

Interstate Personnel Services 09/2009-11/2010

Structural Assembly Mechanic (Contract)

Build, fabricate, and assemble aircraft, components and aircraft structures per blueprint, specs, and engineering orders.

Used jigs and fixtures to install ailerons, longerons, stringers, air frames, and details to fuselage skin, wings, using various aircraft fasteners.

Used jigs and fixtures to build and assemble subassemblies, mechanical assemblies, and electro mechanical assemblies. Avionics bay.

Used seal, alodine, turko,mek, alcohol, and other solvents.

Air pneumatic, standard, and power hand tools.

Precision measuring tools, sheet metal layout and fab.

Overhead crane and forklift.

Drill ream, countersink, icebox rivets, screw, nut plates, riv-nuts, shear, band saw, touch up paint, cherry locks, rivet squeeze, lock nuts, klekos, data entry, lathe, mill, surface grinder, surface lapping, drill press, slip roll formers, cornice brake, snips, routers, electronic and manual pallet jacks.

Composite bonding, layup and assembly, prepreg, autoclave, vacuum bag.

New aircraft manufacturing.

(CJ900) Ducommun Aero Structures.

A&P Mechanic

Worked as an A&P at a maintenance, repair, and overhaul shop. (M.R.O.) Actual Aircraft!

Performed preflight inspections and test, A, B, C, D, hot checks, crack detection, corrosion detection and removal, hole and crack patching, aircraft maintenance and repair per F.A.A. and continuous airworthiness maintenance program, manufacturers standards, and its operations specifications.

Heavy maintenance, cleaning and polishing aircraft surfaces, engine maintenance (turbo prop) and cleaning, helicoil installation and removal, rigging, overhaul and repair, wiring, soldering, remove and replace aircraft components and fasteners.

Tire, brake, landing gear checks, maintenance and repair, refueling, towing, chemical stripping.

Assemble and dis-assemble components on aircraft.

Coaxial cable assembly, wire stripping, connector crimping.


(Cessna, pipers, private jets, 180`s, citation ll, hawkers, helicopters/R22, R44, Beta ll and other aircraft) 145 Repair Procedures

Adel Wiggins – Aerospace/ Defense 03/2007-01/2009

Composite Tech. (Lead) Aircraft Structures/Q.C. Mechanical Inspector

Fabricate, bond, glue, layup, and assemble composite and metal structures and components per instructions on manufacturing routers, process specifications, and mixing instructions.

Mix epoxy adhesives, urethane resins per process specifications and mixing instructions.

Heavy composites.

Prepreg, filament winding, vacuum bag, autoclave, wet and dry layup, molds, jigs sanding, shaping, trimming

Used blueprints, mylars, molds, jigs and fixtures, and templates for assembly process.

Electronic resistance, water, hydraulic fuel, elevated temp., and non-destructive testing.

Used precision measuring tools. Sheet metal layout and fabrication.

Over 5 years Composite experience.

Drill and ream close tolerance holes for hi locks, and other press fit fasteners.

Structural assembly, rivet, countersink, nut plates, rivet squeeze, seal, klekos.

Heavy mechanical assembly, clean room, engineering test lab.

Perform developmental acceptance, and qualification test. Test Chambers(Prototypes)

Set-up, pneumatic components and systems.

Chemical water treating & disposal, seal, acid and corrosion disposal, electro-mechanical assembly, machine maintenance, HEAVY TESTING!

Torque wrench, torque meters (forklift, overhead crane license) Laminating, stamping, packaging, order pulling, kitting, painting, jig & fixture building crating, buffing, refract meters, torque meters, torque guns and wrenches.

Swaged fitting installation, hole tapping.

Micro scope assembly.

Drill, countersinking, riveting, rivnuts data entry.

Heavy structural assembly.

Lathe, mill, punch press, drill press, grinders, sanders, deburring, dimpling, planers, shavers, scrapers, sure forms, spray equipment, bleeders, thermal couples, trimmers.

Cardboard bailer.

Final, shipping, in process, and Receiving Inspection (787, A380, A400).

New Aircraft Component Manufacturing.

Test chambers, hydraulic fuel (skydrol) nitrogen, argon, leakage, flow, fluid pressure testing.

Fuel isolators, farrows, fuel tubes, NDT (die penetrants), gears, coupon test and inspection, root cause, SPC, Surface plate setups for inspection, sine plate.

Optical comparator, thread rings and gauges, all precision measuring tools. High pot, ground, multi meters testing. Connectors, wire assembly inspection (Graphite, Carbon Composites, Sheet metal) 747, 787, A380, A400.

Additional experience available upon request


Watts Skill Center

Machine Operation Certification

Westwood College

Airframe & Power Plant (License Pending)

F.C.C. (Maritime radio frequency) License Pending

El Camino, J.C.

Blueprint Reading Certification


Airframe Certification

Cerritos College

Composites Certification

Electronic Concept (Component Level Certification

NDT Enterprises

NDT 1&2 Certification

GD&T Certification

Weld Inspection Certification


Tire check

Corrosion Removal and treatment

Forklift (O.S.H.A.)

Overhead Crane

Electronic Troubleshooting Down To the Component Level!


Composite bonding, wet & dry layup, core bonding, diffusion bonding, structural, electro, mechanical assembly, composites (graphite), laminating, machine maintenance, jig & fixture, injection molding, chemical stripping, vacuum techniques, clean room, die casting, thermo plastics, oscilloscope, micro scope, nondestructive testing, fiber glass, kevlar, die penetrants, receiving, in process, final inspection, data entry, word, excel, vantage

Buffing, polishing, and de-burring metal, composite.

Electronic components and assemblies, wiring. Wax Plastic, Rubber

Avionics! Foundry Forged Metal Inspection!

1-2-3 blocks, bombsites, transits, levels, laser


Confined space, oxygen mask & suits. Shop coats, mask, hair nets.

Maritime radio frequency

Aircraft engine repair, maintenance, assemble, dis-assemble and wiring (turboprop)

Carbon fibers, prepreg, autoclave, coatings, planishing, iron working, carpentry, scaffold building, transformer rolling and installation

Handled precision machined clean parts in clean room. Robotics!

Coaxial cable assembly and inspection, composite assembly. Trimming, and drilling

Certified machine operator: J-STD-001 Soldering, Forklift ( O.S.H.A. license ), pallet jack, overhead crane.

Corrosion removal and treatment.


L1011, MD-80, B2, C5, C-130, P3, F-16, F-18, F-22, F-35, 737- 747-757-787, Space Shuttle, Space launch

System, Falcon 9, CJ 900, P-3, Cessna, pipers, 180`s, A380, A400, DC-9, private jets, 180, G-4, G-5

(Helicopters-R22, R44,V-22, MD, MH-60)

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