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System Management

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
January 10, 2018

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Tarek Sulaiman Alsalman

Saudi Arabia



Bachelor in Computer Sciences

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Thesis Title: Computer Sciences, 2006


My work career started in 2008 in IT-Operation telecom billing department as system analyst and admin. System that I work on it was Oracle Billing and Revenue Management.

I spend those years working in different areas in billing system as infranet admin and bill cycle and rating analysis.

By end of 2016 I moved to another system within IT-Operation which is Inventory Management System that managing data for all network equipment as system admin

Professional experience


- Unix and SQL

- C program language

- Visual Basic/ Shell scripting

- Root cause analysis

- Fix Release preparation

- Analysis

Key Courses and Training

Course in Billing and revenue management (Oracle) :

5 days course given by Oracle for their BRM product to understand components and how to operate/admin it

Interconnect billing, Mobile billing for UMTS and LTE:

This course is an entry into the important world of the buying and selling of telecommunications between operators. Interconnect billing, the money received from and paid to other carriers is increasingly becoming the major part of the revenue of many non-incumbent operators.

Career History

12/2012 - To date

IBM, Saudi Arabia (Mobily project)

Job title: System analyst - Technical expert

My working experience with IBM in Mobily project was in two systems. First one is Billing system and second one IMS (Inventory management system).

Between 12/2012 and 10/2016, I worked in Billing system which is the system used to rate, bill and generate invoices for all postpaid lines subscribers.

My responsibilities as rating administrator includes:

-Making sure that rating engine up and working efficiently so that we able to rate all customers calls on-time and load those calls to the system correctly, huge delay on rating the calls was not acceptable and affect customer experience.

-Clear and recycle all calls not loaded to the system, for different reasons some calls got error and not loaded into the system which cause revenue leakage. We analyze those calls and find what is root cause for that and correct it. We able to reduce more than 90% as that part was missing for a time. We write scripts to generate daily report and scripts that correct expected issues so most of those calls got recycled. Some new scenarios happened from time to time that we analyze and fix the root cause to avoid the same in future. Also, monthly and weekly reports we share it with management and Revenue Assurance team to make sure that everything fixed on-time and under control.

-I was representing Billing Operation in meetings with revenue assurance and help them for all reports they ask to reconcile and make sure the system working properly, calls rated as per correct rate and discount applied properly

By Oct. 2016, I moved to another department under IT Operation which is IMS (Inventory Management system) that system owned by VC4 company and it is a powerful multi-user Operations Support System (OSS) that allows a business to register and manage a wide range of telecommunications networks and platforms in one central location. I worked as system admin who make sure the system always up and fine, working with network team to find any challenge they have in the system and analyze any issues we have and fix it. Some challenges needs vendor involvement so I take it with vendor to fix those issue like system hang or new features that need to be added. Also, taking care of connection needed between the system and network interfaces some cases we need to take it with Security and ask to open needed specific ports.

09/2008 - 12/2012

Mobily, Saudi Arabia

Senior Billing Analyst

Mobily using Oracle Billing system, which is mainly two parts one is the rating engine and the second is infranet engine. I started my work in infranet taking care in failure happened in different requests failed like: line barring/unbarring, Add promotions requests, change plans, etc. After receiving those cases where the system sent failure reply to integration system I got those cases try to fix them manually and push the success reply messages.

Then, I worked in infranet administration where I make sure that connection with all systems especially CRM that was happened throw java adaptors connected to integration system working properly. We got some connection issue where we need to make sure that CM (connection manager) connected to the DB if not find the reason and fix immediately, monitoring jobs was in place to find any issue and send alarm.

After that I worked in billing cycles, which happened twice a month one for consumer lines in 1st of the month and second in 7th for business lines. I worked in this area almost three years in different parts and finally I lead that area. Bill cycle have many operation started with stopping the rating engine and then starting billing and invoicing scripts till send XML files to print shop to print those invoices and upload it to the system as PDF file. I started working in this area as responsible for running billing/invoicing and monitor their performance. Before generating XML files that will be used to print invoices we make sure that all invoices are correct and have all required call and summary details. Then, after sending the XML we review and correct all failures happened in all bill cycle stages so that we can close the bill cycle maximum by two/three days.

Leading bill cycle area will not end with generating XML, as I need to make sure that the whole process going properly and customers got their bill on-time, I generate detailed reports for each stage with accurate duration and numbers. We made many enhancement in cycle performance which minimize execution time, that include working with the vendor (Oracle) to install batches and working with our development team to enhance the used code and adding new technology to transfer files between billing and print shops system as we talking about hundreds of gigabytes.

Also, I represent my team and worked as part of new project for new interface system used by corporate to provide him online user friendly system that help them to know all details about their usage which services they used and how we charge them.

Finally, I started a force task with customer care in internet solution provided to corporate as there was a gap need to be corrected in their bills amount, always promotions and discounts given to those customers that we need to make sure it is applied and make sure that those customer who pays well get all support and correct bills on time.

It was worth experience I got in those year almost I worked in all areas except rating part that I worked on it when I joined IBM in 2012. Bill cycle leading especially was great experience where challenges and pressure happened from top management as it is so important part where always customer complain about it and no mistakes accepted here. I am proud that I got thanks letters for work I did in this area from my managers and CIO.

03/2008 - 09/2008

Bayanat Al-Oula

Billing Analyst

It was good start with Wi-Max internet provider company which will be part of Mobily after that. As starter I take general overview how thing done there and I assigned to billing system (Oracle BRM) which is connected with two system Siebel CRM and network. In billing system we keep data for the customers and type of internet solution they subscribe on it and when their subscription will be end. Customer connect to network system that fetch data from billing so trigger will be sent once customer subscription got expired and same if renewal happened throw Siebel CRM.


-Mobile: +966*********


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