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Air Force Training

San Antonio, Texas, United States
January 10, 2018

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BRIAN O. Ellis

*** ****** **** **. *** Antonio, TX 78245 United

States Email:

Day Phone: 210-***-****


* Thirteen years of experience with technical training principles, practices and techniques. Instructional Systems Specialist at the Faculty Development Flight managing the Basic Instructor Course; Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation Course; Occupational Survey Data Course; Training Supervisor Course, Technical Writer Course. Instructed the Basic Instructor Course, Analysis, Design, Development. During my tenure in the Air Education and Training Command (AETC), I served as an instructor, instructor supervisor and operations superintendent. Participated in and oversaw four major course rewrites. Was directly involved with the design, development, and implementation of the Occupational Survey Data Course. Oversaw training, transition and implementation of Questionmark automated testing.

* Directly involved in the development and establishment of program objectives and assessed progress toward the achievement of those objectives. Familiar with AETC guidance in the development and management of technical training courses, especially in the areas of training administration, policies and procedures. Possesses knowledge of AETC’s automated data processing systems. Intimate with analyzing, evaluating and conducting special training studies/projects to ensure all training objectives are met. Adept at gathering statistical data for reports and presentations.

* Managed the Testing and Evaluation section; responsible for the resources, training, scheduling, development, design and revisions of Questionmark online course measurements. Responsible for overall training of faculty and staff in the administration Questionmark tests, testing policy, and procedures. Approval authority in validating and analyzing characteristics of test measurement devices. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

United States Air Force (USAF), 37th Training Support Squadron 01/2010 to Present San Antonio, TX 78236 United States $66,230 per year Course Manager, GS-11 Average hours per week: 40

Supervisor: Kevin Hairston Phone: 210-***-****

Duties and Related Skills:

The 37th Training Support Squadron (TRSS) supplies three training groups and three sister service detachments with faculty development, advanced training technology, and policy guidance in support of 300+ technical training courses for 23K+ students annually. The TRSS oversees all group resources and trains all faculty and staff.


• Accurately plans, reviews, designs, develops, manages, validates and revises the content, style, format, organization, and emphasis of instructional material in accordance with established training standards and learning objectives. Serves as the functional expert in Instructional Systems Development and Questionmark measurement authoring and delivery system for the 37th Training Group.

• Effectively conducts analysis of development needs and establishes training programs. Coordinates the training of staff and faculty to ensure the application of proven educational methods & techniques.

• Responds to external and internal customer feedback in a timely manner; researches records and files, and contacts others to obtain and disseminate proper and accurate information.

• Reviews and validates Questionmark measurement devices. Measures the attainment of learning objectives, efficiency of instructional programs, and corresponding measurement instruments through comprehensive analysis.

• Develops recommendations which relate to admissions policy, coverage of courses, instrument methods, or other aspects of the education or training program where test results may be significant guides for course revision.

• Evaluates the following aspects of education and training programs: administrative policies and procedures, curricula, instructional methods and techniques, qualifications of staff and faculty adequacy and use of training aids and devices, facilities, equipment, testing and student counseling.

• Ground breaker!--learned & wrote code, converted 123 documents for 6 courses in record breaking two weeks enabling tablet integration for initial launch. Orchestrated in-house training for tablet initiative and decreased implementation time by 12 months

• Designed and developed five in-house PDF forms for the improvement and operation of 9 courses. Resourcefulness increased productivity by 70% and decreases student and instructor frustrations resulting in zero defects.

• Manages 9 2nd Air Force courses, produced 467 mission-ready grads and bolstered technical training for 23K+ students. Expert oversight garnered 98% student satisfaction rate on End Of Course surveys. Manages 100% of all development and delivery of Questionmark automated testing through TTMS- AT learning management system.

• Developed Type 6 Occupational Survey Data Course; oversaw Instructional Technology Unit and AETC personnel on updated content format, applied the most current resources and technology; led course into 21st century. Course went from 84% satisfaction rating to 93%.

• Oversees, trains and maintains comprehensive paper and Questionmark automated testing database; 24 tests/650 items; administered and compiled testing data; analyses 100% accurate. Lauded by AETC IG inspectors.

• Expert Questionmark Authoring Manager testing database user, trained Keesler, Vandenberg & Sheppard Faculty Development Flights, two local units, repaired and restructured 37TRG testing server; database 100% recoverable and 6 squadrons back online to test. First unit in 37th TRG using TTMS Automated Testing. Developed instructional guide to facilitate development, scheduling and administration of online testing.

• Combined two faculty development courses; reduced squadron resource requirements, streamlined course from 7 days to 5 days saving $8.9K in TDY costs annually. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

United States Air Force (USAF), 37th Training Support Squadron 01/2010 to Present San Antonio, TX 78236 United States $54,000 per year Master Instructor GS-09 Average hours per week: 40 Supervisor: Levi Sarino Phone: 210-***-****

Duties and Related Skills:

Primary Duties: Educate and train newly assigned Officers, Enlisted and Civil Servant instructors on key duties responsibilities, learning theories and proper instructional techniques. Conduct classroom, laboratory or field instruction for the faculty of the 37th Training Group. Presents material clearly, concisely and professionally and maintains classroom discipline in accordance with approved course control documents. Assists in maintaining and developing training materials, recommends modifications to prescribed courses and test materials. Serves as subject matter expert in the development of learning programs.

Administers Questionmark written examinations and assigns grades in accordance with prescribed criteria. Identifies failing students, makes recommendations of actions required. -Provides analysis of measurements and identifies items in need of revision. .Develops test questions, ensuring coverage of material, validity, ease of scoring and administration. Accomplishments:

• Selected as 2012 Quarterly Awards winner and earned Master Instructor 2012.

• Volunteer at Southwest High School mentoring aspiring Engineers through selected engineering project such as building an electric car from concept to inception. Recognized and selected as a committee member for Southwest Independent School District to build new Career and Technology School.

• Considerable changes to course have been accepted by the prime center thus enhancing the future instructional capability, accuracy of course material and overall product.

• Completed validation of the Basic Instructor Course and made positive changes to FISD course.

• Applies accelerated learning techniques to achieve some of the highest class averages. Completed over 1000 hours of instruction culminating in the prestigious award of Master Instructor and Master Instructor evaluator for the 37th Training Group.

• Conceptualized and developed supplemental instructional material--enhanced assimilation and understanding of Instructional Systems Design & course control documents portion of BIC--achieved 70% increase in unit scores. Received 100% satisfaction ratings on all End of Course evaluation; lauded by many as "the best they've had".


United States School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) 08/2009 to 10/2010 San Antonio, TX 78235 United States $38,000 per year Instructional Systems Specialist GS-070/09 Average hours per week: 40 Supervisor: Kevin Hairston Phone: 210-***-****

Duties and Related Skills:

Assists the Director of Academic Affairs and Instructional Systems Specialists in the development of academic test material and oversees maintenance and control of these test materials. Oversees the processing of tests through Questionmark. Reviews draft test items to ensure they are educationally sound and comply with established testing principles and guidelines pertaining to test construction. Ensures instructors are scheduled for evaluation and certifies they meet established criteria. Accomplishments:

• Expertly applied knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of instruction providing development and Questionmark automated testing expertise to 40 Course Directors. Approved written and performance tests, survey instruments, for 64+ courses, determined reliability and validity of training.

• Utilized Questionmark’s Authoring Manager and knowledge of instructional design and materials development to plan, review, edit, format, construct and approve test drafts. Accomplished comprehensive development of over 75 exams and correlated measurements effecting 3000+ students annually. Established program objectives and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs and survey instruments, reinforcing course validity and reliability.

• Team Lead for Questionmark training, test production, control, security and administration; reviewed statistical summaries derived from computer evaluation programs, verifying programs worked properly, and identified trends & anomalies in evaluation data.

• Managed the instructor Subject Matter Qualification (SMQ) and course testing schedules through Questionmark for 40 plus USAFSAM courses.

• Analyzed, evaluated, and accomplished special training studies and projects; resolved several software program interface issues with Training Administration Management System (TASMS) such as: Participant Transfer (PTMS), End of Course Evaluation System (End/Eval) and the Questionmark Testing Database. Coordinated with IT supervisor, accomplishing a 100% solution for Testing and Evaluation staff.

• Initiated plan for BRAC relocation within Testing and Evaluation Section; identified shortfalls, procured materials & equipment at no cost, and prepared personnel to conduct operations at the satellite location.

• Developed 13 checklists and continuity manuals critical for Testing & Evaluation Section; simplified new personnel training and day-to-day operations, using the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

• Innovative! Correlated measurements for 40 courses. Acted as Questionmark Testing and Evaluation Supervisor, renewed software licenses, scheduled staff for formal training and professional development. Applied ability to analyze problems and to develop timely and economical solutions by establishing on-site Questionmark training, saving USAFSAM over $20K.

• Administered USAFS's English Comprehension Level testing program for 90 courses. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Department Of Homeland Security 05/2008 to 02/2009 Pearsall, TX 78061 United States $30,000 per year

Deportation Removal Assistant GS-06 Average hours per week: 40 Supervisor: James Orr Phone: 210-***-****

Duties and Related Skills:

Responsible for southern region of the United Sates Asylum Docket as assistant to the Detention Removal Agent. Processed, validated and set bail amounts for incoming asylum seekers. Responsible to review immigration law and provide recommendation in accordance with federal laws. Manages agent travel program, scheduling, training, payments, orders and diplomatic clearances. Provides insight a guidance on federal travel regulations.


• Experienced in numerous computer based information systems such as National Files Tracking System, Enforced Alien Removal Module and advanced levels of Microsoft Office programs.

• Developed internal training materials within specific areas of responsibility; spearheaded the development of checklists, Standard Operating Procedures and training guidance for newly assigned personnel. Conducted weapons training during off-duty time; trained new and emerging agents in basic and intermediate weapons employment focusing on target acquisition, instinctive shooting techniques and demonstration of multiple police agility skills.

• Coordinated logistics with Attachés, Embassies, and Headquarters; scheduling and deporting hundreds of illegal aliens and providing safe passage to escort officers through over 100 countries.

• Developed innovative tracking methods for the largest contingent of Asylum seeking aliens in the free world. Publically recognized by the Field Office Director for processing 2000 + aliens in 9 month; highest number in the nation.

• Developed and implemented systematic results-oriented policy and procedures improving operational efficiency of the Travel Management & Asylum (Credible Fear) Offices. Reduces agent out of pocket cost by over 15%.


Bullet Hole Shooting Range 03/2007 to 11/2007

San Antonio, TX 78245 United States $8,000 per year Deportation Removal Assistant GS-06 Average hours per week: 20 Supervisor: Michelle Hester Phone: 210-***-****

Duties and Related Skills:

Lead Instructor/Range Officer; Managed scheduling, conducted repetitive classroom, and field training operations from basic to advanced levels of pistol, rifle and shotgun as well as competitive and law enforcement/police training.


• Designed, constructed, and presented complex courses of fire facilitating the use of movement, concealment, cover, moving targets and combat / tactical agility and survival skills. Provided outstanding safety oversight of the range operations; ensured compliance with approved safety standards. Made the tough calls on safety issues; zero mishap record achieved.

• Expertly instructed personnel in the use of the following weapons: AR-15, SIG 551, 552, Sten Gun MK III, M3 Grease Gun, MP5, M4 and M-16 machine guns and countless variations of pistols from .22 caliber up to .45 caliber.

• Personally trained military and law enforcement personnel in passing their qualification courses by presenting training material and instruction covering the proper use of handguns and rifles. Techniques on grip, stance, trigger control and sight alignment were demonstrated; expert marksman badges earned.

• Resuscitated languished firearms instruction program; increased instructional revenue 95% by introducing 3 formalized lecture/demonstration and performance based training courses.

• Additionally, coordinated all aspects of recurring seven week competitive shooting sports event. Introduced new shooters to the sport, training and developing safety and skills. Maintained shooting league data base; compiling comprehensive data for over 150 shooters per week. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

United States Air Force (USAF), 344th Training Squadron 04/2002 to 09/2006 San Antonio, TX 78235 United States $60,000 per year Evaluator/Instructor Supervisor Average hours per week: 50 Supervisor: Capt David McCoy Phone: 904-***-****

Duties and Related Skills:

As Instructor Supervisor and Squadron Evaluator. Supervised 10 instructors and responsible for Enlisted Aircrew Undergraduate Course (EAUC) pipeline; over 1500 students annually. Instructed 400 hours annually. Responsible for improvement and development of new training materials, validation of lesson plans, and monitored student as well as instructor scheduling progress. Accomplishments:

• Embraced total quality management concepts; Integrated 10 Instructors from 6 career fields into one cohesive Training Team, which successfully conducted over 125 classes annually, amassing over 75,000 teaching hours. Managed instructor & course schedules, led personnel and training flow resources valued at over $6.9M.

• Oversaw online and paper testing and maintained test control, security, sign-out and inventory logs yielding ZERO errors.

• Developed, maintained and managed production of instructional & test materials; coordinated with Course Managers, Training Managers and subject matter experts on design principles and course development methods to ensure 100% compliance with policies, procedures and guidelines.

• Led the 37thTraining Group; 1st at Lackland to bring Questionmark automated testing to Air Force specialty awarding courses. Transitioned EAUC from paper exams to Questionmark Computer Based Testing (CBT); employed trend analysis capabilities of CBT to subsequently reduce wash-back rates. Developed a program, which increased student graduation rates by 20%.

• Squadron evaluator; Evaluated 80+ instructors annually ensuring instructor requirements, evaluations and professional development courses were completed thus maintaining & exceeding AETC, 2nd AF standards.

• Created and reviewed Plans of Instruction for accuracy, currency, validity. Restructured EAUC by realigning comparable sections into the same blocks of instruction consequently reinforcing objectives and aiding retention.

• Capitalized on the ability to analyze, evaluate, and accomplish special training studies and projects; one of two key members to established budget proposals for Chief of Staff of the Air Force; developed a plan which reduced transfer, construction, and classroom modification costs by over

$7M. Spear headed initial execution of Center of Excellence transfer of all 10 enlisted aircrew career fields under one roof at Lackland AFB.

• Led Unit Standardization and Evaluation office encompassing 21 program managers and 101 personnel assigned. Assessed over 80 instructors on training, policies, procedures, techniques and delivery of instruction and testing.

• Conducted staff assistance visits, evaluating curriculum, examinations and conducting instructor certifications and special inspections; directly impacted 4,200 servicemen annually. Twice selected to assist the Inspector General (IG) Team evaluate AF Technical Training Centers. EDUCATION

Wayland Baptist University Major: Education/Instructional Technology Live Oak, TX United States

Master's Degree GPA 4.0 Completion Date: 08/2016 37 Semester Credit Hours Earned Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

Advanced multimedia and Video Technology Course ; 3 Sem Hrs, Distance Learning; 3 Sem Hrs, Advanced Desktop Publishing/Digital; 3 Sem Hrs, Web Applications; 3 Sem Hrs, Management of Information Systems; 3 Sem Hrs, Adult Development and Learning; 3 Sem Hrs, Multicultural Education; 3 Sem Hrs, Micro Computer Applications; 3 Sem Hrs, Advanced Computer Network and Data Management; 3 Sem Hrs Wayland Baptist University Major: Occupational Education and Training Live Oak, TX United States

Bachelor's Degree GPA 3.44 Completion Date: 08/2008 141 Semester Credit Hours Earned Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

Adult Development and Learning; 3 Sem Hrs, Human Relations For Technical Instructors; 3 Sem Hrs, Designing, Delivering And Managing Instruction; 3 Sem Hrs, Fulfilling Professional Roles & Responsibilities; 3 Sem Hrs,

Community College of the Air Force Major: Instructor of Technology and Military Science Montgomery, AL, United States

Associate’s Degree

Completion Date: 02/2003 64 Semester Credits Earned Community College of the Air Force Major: Aviation Operations Montgomery, AL, United States

Associate’s Degree

Completion Date: 10/2001 64 Semester Credits Earned Community College of the Air Force Major: Aircraft Maintenance Technology Montgomery, AL, United States

Associate’s Degree

Completion Date: 03/1994 64 Semester Credits Earned TECHNICAL TRAINING

• Instructional Systems Development, 04/2015

• Occupational Survey Data Course, 01/2013

• Technical Writer Course, 03/2012

• Fundamentals of Instructional Systems Development Course, 12/2011

• Basic Instructor Course, 03/2011

• Tech Writer Principles, Desk Top, 02/2010

• Questionmark / Perception Training, 12/2009

• Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy in Residence, 12/2005

• Law Enforcement Small Arms Instructor Course, 07/2005

• Instructional Systems Development, 04/2004

• Principles of Instructional Systems Development, 04/2004

• Basic Instructor Refresher Course, 06/2002

• Training Supervisor, 10/2002

• Technical Training Teaching Practicum, 11/2002

• Principles of Instruction, 05/2002

• Objectives and Tests, 12/2000

• Records Maintenance and Disposition, 11/2000

• Crew Resource Management Continuation Training Instructor Course, 06/1999

• Aircrew Instructor Training Course, 06/1993

• Advanced (High Risk) Resistance Training 01/1992

• Altitude Chamber (initial and recurring) Basic Survival Course 12/1989 PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS

Community College of the Air Force-Instructional Systems Development Certification: 07/2016 Master Instructor Certification, 03/2012

Occupational Instructor Certification: 11/2004

Aerospace Management Certification: 07/1992


Air Force Special Operations Command MH-60

Tactics Manual, 1995 Multi-Command Manual 3-1.

1997 and 1999

Tactics Techniques and Principles Procedures Manual, 1999 REFERENCES

Kevin Hairston

U.S. Air Force

Training Manager, 37 Training Support Squadron


Professional Reference

Susan Barker

U.S. Air Force

Chief, Training Development Element, 344th Training Squadron 210-***-****

Professional Reference

David McCoy

Department Of Homeland Security. Region VI

Branch Chief, Non Disaster Grants Team Grants Management Division 940-***-****

Personal/Profession Reference


37 Training Wing Performer of the Week 1/25/2016

Served as the Functional Area Records Manager and resident records expert for the unit. Recognized by 37th Training Wing and Group leadership for my strong organizational abilities. Honors and Awards:

• Three Meritorious Service Medals; one for extensive contributions to aviation and technical training arena. Air Medal and 11 Aerial Achievement Medals for Combat and high Risk Test Operations

• Joint Meritorious Unit Medal Humanitarian Service Medal Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

• 53rd Wing Aircrew of the year 1999,

• Achievement Medal, Hurricane Katrina Operations, Excellence in Competition Rifle.

• Earned two Air Force Recognition Awards (2001) for Scientific Achievement & weapons system development saved the USAF $32 Million. Instructor Supervisor of the Quarter 2003 and three- time SNCO of the Quarter. Distinguished Graduate NCOA...More available upon request.

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