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Test Cases Engineer

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46280, United States
January 10, 2018

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Soko Karneh





An experienced Software Engineer and Test Automation Developer responsible for the design, prototype, and implementation of custom built test automation framework solutions and applications spanning the breadth and depth coverage of intermediate-to-complex level applications by utilizing the following (but not limited to technologies) - Java 8, Selenium WebDriver II & III, MBT – model-based-testing, ECMA JavaScript (ES6), HTML 5, CSS 3, DOM, Eclipse IDE, C#, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (MSTFS), HP Quality Center (HPQC), Mercury LoadRunner, ASP.NET, SQL, RDBMS like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Big Data - e.g., Mongo DB, Redis, and other tools as necessary for the tests of native applications and other mission-critical intranet/internet cross-browser applications.


Java 8, JavaScript ES6, JSON, GSON, HTML 5, CSS 3, DOM, XML/XSLT, C#, .NET 4x, BDD, TDD, XPATH, Web Services, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), API, Web Services, Aspect-oreiented Programming (AOP), SQL, J2EE/EJ, C/C++, Node.Js, ReactJS, JQuery, JQuery UI, Big Data, Mongo DB, Redis, Neo4J, ExtJs, CI (Continuous Integration), Maven, Gradle, GIT, Tortoise SVN, Agile, Kanban, TDD, BDD, Gherkin Model based testing (MBT)


Salesforce CRM, Visual Studio 2015, MSTFS, SmartBear Software, Eclipse IDE, Selenium WebDriver II, TestComplete, TestExecute, Apache POI, MSTFS 2010, HP Quality Center V10x, QuickTest Pro, SQL Server 2014, Oracle 11i, TestTrack Pro, NUnit, JUnit, TestNG,SoapUI, PhanthomJS, NetBeans Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Maven, Gradle, GIT, CI, SpiraTest, JIRA


Windows 10, MacOS, MacBook Pro, Windows 8, Windows 7 (Pro), Windows 2012 Server, Ubuntu, Linux SuSe


Company: Salesforce, SDFC / Indianapolis, IN.

Date: 07/2017– 10/2017

Title: Senior Software Quality Engineer

●Using Java 8, Selenium WebDriver III, BDD, JUnit, Gradle 3x and Eclipse IDE to architect, design, develop, execute and maintain custom BDD test automation framework tool - Quality Engineer Test Automation Framework (QTF)

●Architecting, designing, and developing custom Quality Engineer Test Automation Framework (QTF) tool from scratch by using and integrating SOAP and REST web services API components for end-to-end testing of API and UI of Salesforce CRM CPQ (Consumer Price Quote) web application UI module

●Using SOAP and REST web services API to unobtrusively create auxiliary CRM process flow components (in headless mode). Process flow components consist of Account, Contact, Opportunity, Tenant Information – all essential pre-requisite items necessary to CPQ UI module creation

●Using Selenium Web Driver III and Java 8 to architect, design, and develop UI test framework code (from scratch) for UI/UX testing of Salesforce CRM CPQ (Consumer Price Quote) web application module

●Working with one or more developers within an Agile team using Kanban and Agile methodology to identify test requirements, plan, assign, execute and report test results via test case management system or daily SRUM meetings

Company: CSRA / Albany, NY.

Date: 05/2017 – 07/2017

Title: Senior Test Automation Developer and Consultant

●Used MicroFocus SilkCentral 17.0 for the administration and management of keyword-driven tests developed using SilkTest Silk4J

●Met with application stakeholders to gather test requirements to establish test execution times and reporting metrics

●Used Silk Central to administrate and execute manual and scheduled keyword-driven test cases

●Developed keyword and data driven automated test scripts using Java 8, Silk4J and Silk Test within Eclipse IDE

●Imported SilkTest keyword-driven automated tests into Silk Central and organised accordingly for successful test execution

●Facilitated the integration of Selenium WebDriver 3 and SilkTest to mitigate various inefficiencies seen during local and virtual test execution by Silk Central

●Created and established best practices, policies and procedure standards documentation for manual and automated keyword-driven tests

●Provided application stakeholders with test run summary and detailed test results report via email post test execution process

Company: Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS) / Jacksonville, FL.

Date: 10/2016 – 05/2017

Title: Software Quality Engineer / Automation Programmer

●Developed custom modules written in Java 8 and C#; testing and executing said modules based on common and complex real-world scenarios for the extension of an existing automation framework application

●Developed custom model-based-testing tool (MBT) in Java and C# that is used to read, parse, and auto-generate test cases from MS Visio and other workflow process diagrams. Module allows for the auto-generation of up to 5000 individual test cases and start-to-end point scenarios. Module also contains sub-components allowing for TFS and other ALM integrations as well as a component for saving test cases to MS SQL backend systems or saving test cases in MS Excel, JSON or XML formats

●Writing C# code based on new requirements from QA and other application sponsors for the extension of existing keyword driven automation framework application, participating in code review, and executing unit and performance testing for developed code

●Developing rapid prototypes for demo purposes and subsequent application consumption to include full-stack applications using an admixture of modern Web 3.x front-end technologies (HTML 5, CSS3, ES6) and high-level languages like Java 8 and C# for middle tier RESTful web services and back-end systems like MS SQL and NoSQL

●Development, maintenance and support of existing automation framework used by over 25 members of QA staff, performing unit test NUnit and JUnit

●Troubleshooting issues and providing solutions based on one or more anomalies or bugs encountered by members of QA staff during periodic usage of existing automation framework application

Company: NextEra Energy, Inc. / Juno Beach, FL.

Date: 06/2014 – 06/2016

Title: Software Quality Engineer / Automation Developer

●Created custom test automation framework from inception to completion (full-lifecycle) - enabling testing of complex user interface (UI) and backend processes for NextEra’s Energy Trader native Java client application using Java 8 and principles of OOP and AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) to facilitate the automation of black, white, gray box and unit testing

●Created test automation framework covering functional, smoke, regression and user assisted testing (UAT) and designed to work in verbose (user interaction) mode with added capability to work in silent - or unobtrusive mode

●Converted keyword and manual pre-existing test cases to automated processes based on manual test case items stored in application lifecycle management (ALM) systems like SpiraTest and JIRA. Manual test cases often contained multiple test steps of 75 or more per test case

●Created custom processes for scheduling test automation runs that sent auto-email results post test run to interested stake-holders

●Created complete workflow process enabling test stakeholders the ability to request test case run, assign test case run to 1 or more test executors, and be notified of test cases run status - (via email)

●Used Selenium WebDriver 2 to create custom automation framework for smoke and regression testing of web applications. Automation framework consisted of custom reporting and auto-email send procedures post test execution

Company: DIRECTV, Inc. / El Segundo, CA.

Date: 11/2010 – 09/2013

Title: Test Engineer / Automation Developer

●Worked closely with members of DirecTV Engineering, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) teams to gather requirements and define manual processes qualifying for smoke and regression automation testing

●Assessed, defined timeline and performing scope analysis and presenting analysis to SQA and Engineering pre-automation process development

●Utilized Selenium v2.x and Java 7.x to automate manual processes for smoke and regression automation testing

●Wrote automation process classes and methods from scratch (utilizing Java 7.x and Selenium 2x and a plethora of other 3rd party Java tools

●Enhanced and performed continuous integration (CI) with pre-existing and new automation code

●Created new test automation frameworks - backend (Selenium v2.x) and frontend (using native JavaScript or JQuery v1.1.8x) from scratch to facilitate ease of use for manual testing

●Administered and developed custom processes (using Java 7x) for virtual test application systems like ITKO LISA (v 6.x) for web services stub testing

●Wrote custom classes and methods (using Java or .NET) for data synchronization and reported purposes between disparate processes and systems like HP Quality Center (HPQC) and Microsoft Visual Team Foundation Studio

●Used one or more bug tracking/defect tools or applications like JIRA, HPQC TFS, and Bugzilla for logging bugs or defects, tracking and following up with test case defects until closure

Company: SpotRunner / West Hollywood, CA.

Date: 03/2010 – 11/2010

Title: Test Engineer / Automation Developer

●Developing customized test automation framework application used for functional and regression testing of pre-existing automated scripts and manual tests created in TFS. Framework was built using JavaScript, C#, WatiN 2.0.2, Web Services and other RIA technologies like ExtJs

●Performing Black and Gray box testing to uncover defects or anomalies throughout all phases of the software development life-cycle in an Agile and SCRUM environment for client’s multi-tiered web application and product

●Creating test strategies, test plans, and test cases per Sprint cycle to identify appropriate and least cost effective testing to ensure “0” defects – with end results remaining focused and goal oriented taking into consideration Sprint’s development and test life-cycle

●Developing test case modularization strategy to streamline and eliminate test case creation instruction and repetition redundancies, to increase test reuse, and to foster dynamic linking capabilities between test cases and requirements within Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Company: Zynx Health / Westwood, CA.

Date: 03/2009 – 03/2010

Title: SOA Quality Analyst / Engineer / Integration Specialist

●Worked with one or more Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) programmer/developers (using Agile and SCRUM methodologies) or Business Analyst to gather test requirements for the testing of SOA services integration with content solutions for various CPOE/EMR vendors

●Created automated test execution procedures and routines “from scratch” using Agile software and technologies like C#, .NET and WatiN during web application UI testing Objective of custom test automation was to test web application UI at a granular level (DOM - levels 2 and 3) during test data preparation and data output to ensure data accuracy when testing one more SOA export integration services

●Created in-depth test plans, test cases (with execution steps) for Manual (black box) testing based on multiple task scenarios defined for multiple CPOE/EMR vendors in MS Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)

●Developed custom built test configuration harness and UI tool using common technologies like ExtJs, AJAX, C#, web services, JavaScript and HTML/DOM, for on-going Agile Sprint cycles. Test configuration harness provides the consolidation, management and integration of test data from disparate systems to include HPQC and Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)

●Prepared test plan, test cases for black and grey box functional, regression and smoke testing; executed test cases during one or more Agile Sprint cycles using industry standard tools like HP Quality Center (HPQC) ver.(s) 9 and 10x

●Validation of data accuracy pre/post export and import of vendor data using implemented SOA services integration with content solutions for various CPOE/EMR vendors

●Executed performance and stress tests using Mercury LoadRunner against various SOA services to gauge services request and response times, detect and identify potential bottlenecks, network latency, and services threshold prior to possible failure

●Developed custom test case UI tools built around ExtJs, AJAX, HPQC's OTA (Open Test Architecture) COM wrappers/components, C#, web services to import or export test case information to and from HPQC during times of HPQC's license limitations

●Reported test case defects or anomalies found during testing using industry standard tools like HPQC or custom built UI test tools

●Prepared and established Process and Procedure Guidelines for testing SOA services using test strategies common to Quality Assurance standards

Company: Deluxe Digital Studios / Burbank, CA.

Date: 05/2008 – 12/2008

Title: Quality Assurance / Test Automation Developer

●Performing black, grey and white box testing for client and web applications using custom open source tools like Jmeter and AutoIt and custom developed applications using JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest object and C# web services

●Performing black and grey box testing for Sony and other Blu-ray players to verify API web services integration. API's were developed using .Net 2.0 framework and C#

●Creating custom test automation scripts as well as a test automation framework for automating manual black box testing processes during API testing

●Working closely with API developers to listen for test requirements, preparing test plans, test and use cases for the execution of one or more web services API for the client's line of products

●Performing load, regression, and stress testing using open source tools like Apache Jmeter and commercial industry standard tools like Microsoft's Visual Team System 2005

●Using one or more bug reporting tools like Bugzilla to log test defects and to extract pertinent information for reporting and other statistical purposes

Company: Gemstar TV Guide Intl’ / Los Angeles, CA.

Date: 07/2007 – 01/2008

Title: Senior Quality Engineer / Application Developer

●Prepared in-depth and comprehensive test plan and test cases for testing for one or more mission-critical applications for quality engineering and application development departments. Further, worked with one or more program and project managers in gathering requirements for the preparation of one or more application development projects

●Worked with senior members of the application development team during development to define test plans and test cases (based on application standards) for the testing of components and modules deemed necessary for major projects

●Prepared test plans and test cases used for testing web services administered by centralized systems designed for that purpose. Web services allowed the facilitation of data exchange between one or incompatible disparate systems built in .net and java. Services were tested using applications specifically designed for that purpose like Microsoft Visual Studio Team Studio and SoapUI

●Prepared test plan and test cases for administering performance testing against one or more relational database systems like Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Test cases utilized mock data to recreate real-world usage scenario like data setup and tear down of complex data elements like data conversion of binary data to human readable form for data storage and future query

●Used Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) to formulate complex test case scenarios for the preparation of manual, unit and automated testing for one or more complex applications and systems. Moreover, aforesaid test cases conformed to various test methodologies standards - e.g. black, white, and gray box testing

●Used Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for the preparation of test cases that involved unit and automated testing for web services developed for .net applications. Also, spearheaded the design efforts of using Ajax and JavaScript to establish a testing framework that consumed and queried said web services to produce the desired results required by application specifications and standards

●Developed special projects that utilized web services for cross-platform data exchange between disparate systems developed in .net and java. Specific system utilized java as the programming language of choice to invoke web methods and return complex data classes that were then used by the calling (java) application

Company: Think Resources / PolyVision / Suwanee, GA.

Date: 02/2006 – 07/2007

Title: Software Test Engineer / Quality Assurance Analyst

●Daily responsibilities included, but were not limited to, utilizing black, gray, and white box and agile testing methodologies of products based on pre-defined test plans and test cases

●Performing tests and documenting negative and positive findings resulting from those tests in one or more data consolidation systems like TestTrack Pro

●Documenting bugs, preparing bug reports, escalating system support issues to other members of the QA staff

●Providing product support for one or more products via (phone, email, in-person)

●Creating and preparing test cases for both black and white box testing

●Performing pre and post release product testing, creating product release notes documentation, creating custom test scripts using scripting languages such as JavaScript, VBScript and PHP for the construction of simple to complex functions that aided in automation testing,

●Performing network analysis and monitoring of the system's data flow throughout the system to identify potential bottleneck and network latency, observing "live" packets as they moved between client and server over one or more protocols like TCP/IP,

●Capturing data packets for further analysis and reporting purposes, preparing weekly network analysis reports regarding network analysis, and performing other duties as assigned.

●Other responsibilities also involved the installation and maintenance of Mercury Test Tools version 8.0 such as QuickTest Pro - used for User Assisted Testing UAT and automated testing, and LoadRunner used for load and other stress testing. C# was used to create simple console applications that performed import and export of data between multiple applications such as data from directory files to one or more MSOffice applications and from those applications to an MSSQL server database,

●Utilized ASP.NET and C# as the backend logic process for creating one or more intranet business tracking web application. Applications ranged from, static informational web-sites that utilized XML for data persistence, to applications that tracked test cases from the project, test suite to the test case level. Applications of this magnitude were 3-teir based and completely dynamic, and stored their information in both XML and MSSQL 2005 database servers.

●Hand-coded classic JavaScript and custom JavaScript objects used exclusively for client-side web interface development. Custom object functions ranged from functions that automatically pre-fill web applications with test data on form load, and custom pop-up calendar objects.

Company: man One / San Francisco, CA.

Date: 07/2002 - 12/2005

Title: Software Test Engineer / Quality Assurance Analyst

●As a Software Test Engineer and Quality Assurance Analyst (QAA), work involved the entire software development PROCESS - monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures were followed, and ensuring that problems were found and dealt with

●Performed functional testing oriented to 'prevention'. Testing involved operation of system or applications under controlled conditions and evaluating the results (e.g., 'if the user was in interface A of the application while using hardware B, and did C, and then D would not occur'). The controlled conditions included both normal and abnormal conditions

●Performed ad-hoc testing that intentionally attempted to make things go wrong to determine if things happened when they shouldn't or things didn’t happen when they should. Testing methods used in all instances ranged from black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, incremental integration testing, integration testing

●Used Remedy for providing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level end-user support, bug tracking and problem resolution, logging calls, and escalating calls to one or more senior team members.

●Created custom web control objects, such as, pop-up calendars, styling objects that provided a wrapper for CSS that were manipulated with JavaScript via DHTML and the Document Object Model (DOM)

●Used scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP alongside automated testing tools, like Mercury’s QuickTest Pro and LoadRunner to extend the automation process of those tools such as, constructing custom complex scripting routines and functions that performed data loading based on pre-defined criteria, loading erroneous data during a typical user/form interaction process to determine the desired outcome of that process

Company: Boeing Satellite Systems (BSS) / El Segundo, CA.

Date: 12/2000 - 07/2002

Title: Software Quality Engineer (SQE) / Programmer

●As a Software Quality Engineer (SQE) / Programmer, obtained requirements, functional design, and internal design specifications and other necessary documents

●Obtained budget and scheduled requirements reported requirements, required standards and processes (such as release processes, change processes, etc.)

●Determined project context, relative to the existing quality culture of the organization and business, and how it might impact testing scope, approaches, and methods

●Identified applications higher-risk aspects, set priorities, and determined scope and limitations of tests, determined test approaches and methods - unit, integration, functional, system, load, usability tests, etc.

●Determined test environment requirements (hardware, software, communications, etc.), and determined testware requirements (record/playback tools, coverage analyzers, test tracking, problem/bug tracking, etc.)

●Created custom perl/scripts (CGI) modules that performed a variety of automated tasks during web-application testing. Module functions ranged from validating end-user login credentials by calling PL/SQL stored procedures based on pre-defined criteria stored in back end systems such as Oracle 9i. Modules also, provided a log report that showed successful user login validation.

Company: Rockwell Science Center / Thousand Oaks, CA

Date: 12/1999 - 12/2000

Title: Software Test Engineer (STE)

●As a Software Test Engineer (STE), determined test input data requirements, identified tasks, those responsible for tasks, and labor requirements, set schedule estimates, timelines, milestones, determined input equivalence classes, boundary value analyses, and error classes

●Prepared test plan document and had needed reviews/approvals, wrote test cases, had needed reviews/inspections/approvals of test cases, prepared test environment and testware, obtained needed user manuals/reference documents/configuration guides/installation guides

●Set up test tracking processes, set up logging and archiving processes, set up or obtain test input data obtained and installed software releases performed tests, evaluated and reported results, tracked problems/bugs and fixes, retested as needed, and maintained and updated test plans, test cases, test environment, and testware through life cycle.


BS, MIS (Management Information Systems) - University of San Francisco (1994 - 1998)


Available upon request.

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