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Manager Service

Seminole, Texas, 79360, United States
January 10, 2018

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Douglas Gene Foster

*** ****** **** ****

Seminole, Tx. 79360


Employment History:

United States Postal Service

**** * ****, *****, **. 88240


From: January 10, 2016 to Present

Title: Temporary Custodian/Maintenance

Supervisor: William Dyer, Post Master

Title Responsibilities:

Perform Custodial Services within the Hobbs Postal District these services include Repair and Maintenance of Mail holding and Delivery receptacles both within the Postal Office in Hobbs as well as all Receptacles within the outlying areas around Hobbs, NM.

Operate Machinery and equipment needed to provide a Clean and professional Atmosphere to the Customers of the USPS in Hobbs, NM.

CD Consulting and Operating

1807 Chico Hwy, Bridgeport, TX 76426


From: March 2014 through January 2015

Title: Consulting HSE Auditor/ Water Transfer Consultant

Supervisor: Jason Freeman w/ ConocoPhillips 432-***-****)

Title Responsibilities:

Consulting HSE Auditor; Perform HSE audits on Vedors to ConocoPhillips both on location as well as within their facilities to assure the vendor is meeting with COP HSE standards and policies. Advise COP management should violations be found.

Assist and provide proper training and instruction to the Vendor and Vendors employees so they could meet the Standards.

Water Transfer Consultant; Provide supervision to the Water Transfer Vendors to ConocoPhillips in the Orla, Texas area. Oversee their work, complete required paperwork in regard to the Water Transfer division, Oversee and provide a Safe working environment for the Vendors as well as other ConocoPhillips employees.

Assure that water transfer operations would and could provide the water needed to both Drilling and Fracturing operations in a timely and uninterrupted manner. Oversee rig up and rig down of water transfer equipment.

Reason for Leaving: Laid Off due to Low Oil Prices


5801 Lovington Highway, Hobbs, NM 88240


From: January 16, 2012 Through February 15, 2014

Title: Production Enhancement Service Manager

Supervisor: Troy Winchester 575-***-****)

Title Responsibilities: Manage 5 Production Enhancement Crews consisting of over 500 employees.

Manage and maintain over 600 pieces of Heavy Equipment used by the Department.

Meet with Customers, collect information needed to perform the work they need completed.

Calculate amount of Chemicals and or proppant needed to perform the work.

Assure the Crew members have completed all Safety standards training both of Halliburton as well as those of the Customer. Provide the training and instruct the training if needed for the employees to meet the Safety Standards.

Assure all employees driving and operating DOT regulated equipment were doing so legally and professionally. (Log books correct, Pretrip/Post trip inspections completed correctly, etc.)

Assist Chemical Warehouse in ordering chemicals needed for work as well as assure proper inventories. Track chemicals inventories in SAP and perform monthly inventory audits of chemicals, as well as reconcile chemicals returned from locations in SAP.

Track proppants needed for work in SAP. As well track how much of each proppant was available at any given time and know where these proppants may be located in transit from the supplier, both by truck and rail car.

Calculate Nitrogen volumes needed for particular types of jobs to be performed. Track Nitrogen inventories in SAP.

Perform Incident investigations using TapRoot Investigation Techniques. Assure all safety standards were being followed when the incident occurred.

Perform TapRoot investigations to collect all pertinent information regarding the incident.

Summarize the incident, perform Management of Change to correct any standards that may be outdated and or create new standards to better the HSE standards if needed.

Meet with customers and report findings from TapRoot investigations, if incident happened on their location or facility.

Discuss with customers importance of the TapRoot investigation and the findings, advise the customer what action Items came from the investigation, as well create a timeline for the implementation of items addressed if needed.

Perform Kaizan events as per Lean Six Sigma standards.

Once Kaizan event was completed work on Action Items from the event and meet the timelines established from the event.

Perform Management of Change. Look into present procedures to see if the procedure still meets requirements for the work to be performed. If not perform MOC to change or correct procedure.

Summarize TapRoot Investigations, Kaizan Events, and MOC’s in SAP.

Create and follow a Preventative Maintenance program for all Production Enhancement Equipment under my care.

Create SAP maintenance schedules for equipment.

Track equipment costs in SAP as well as personnel costs and chemical costs.

Create New and innovative Safety Plans and or directives.

Discuss and be pro safety with employees on a daily basis.

Assure ticketing to customers is correct and accurate. Meet with customers and discuss any and or all discrepancies of the ticket.

Perform weekly audits on crews in the field to assure they are complying with HSE Standards of both Halliburton and the customer.

Perform daily audits on facility employees to assure Safety Standard Compliance.

Perform 2 daily safety meetings.

Other duties were performed as directed by the Senior Service Manager, and or Upper Management of Halliburton.

Reason for Leaving: Due to Slowdown was offered Early Retirement. Took retirement in lieu of transfer to another area.

Halliburton/Boots and Coots

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

From: January 2011 through December 2011

Title: High Pressure Pumping Services Service Coordinator

Supervisor: Kyle Bebee

Title Responsibilities: Create a high pressure pumping service division to support the Coil Tubing and HWO units both on and off shore.

Find the needed equipment as well as find the trained personnel for the work to be performed, Import them into the country, train them and start the department in the quickest and safest manner possible.

20 Crews were created for high pressure pumping services. These services were for Acidizing, Miniature Fracturing, pumping through Coil Tubing Services as well as pumping through HWO tubing Services.

Nitrogen as well as CO2 Services were included.

Train all personnel in Halliburton/ Boots and Coots Safety Policy and Standards as well as our customers Policies and procedures.

Create maintenance schedules for equipment as well as iron testing. Create and sustain in SAP evidence of these Schedules, as well as 24/7 coverage of employees and equipment in the field.

Reason for Leaving: 1 year contract. Contract was met. Requested transfer back to Domestic Operations.


Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

From: January 2008 through December 2010

Title: Senior Technical Instructor

Supervisor: Rex Ishmael

Title Responsibilities: Contracted through Halliburton /Boots and Coots to Sonatrach, customer, to train their new 31 Well Site Engineers in all aspects of oil and gas well Drilling, Cementing, Fracturing, Remedial Work, Production as well as Open Hole and Cased Hole Tools, Drill Stem Testing, Coil Tubing and HWO as well as Nitrogen and CO2 pumping. Wild Well control was also included.

All aspects Safety Training was provided and presented by myself and others to assure the Engineers knew the Policies and or Procedures as well as the Standards for their Safety as well as others in all aspects of oil and gas well servicing.

Included SAP scheduling as well as Billing, Order to Cash, etcetera.

Monthly meetings with Customer to provide information as to how training was progressing and to express any concerns that may have arisen from Halliburton/Boots and Coots or Sonatrach. Work through the concerns to the satisfaction of both parties.

Reason for Leaving: Only a 2 year contract. Contract was met to the satisfaction of the Customer.


34722 - 7th Standard, Bakersfield, Ca. 93308.


From: August 2004 through December 2007

Title: Misc. Stim. Service Coordinator, West Coast Operations

Supervisor: Mike Lewis 661-***-****)

Title responsibilities: Oversee 10 High Pressure pumping crews for Acidizing as well as Nitrogen Services provided by Halliburton to Customers across the entire West Coast. ( Mexican border to Canadian Border, Hawaii, Idaho, and Nevada.

Provide proper training and safety instruction for personnel. Train personnel in the Customer safety requirements, Standards as well as Policies.

Create and maintain Preventative Maintenance schedules for Equipement.

Order, track, and maintain Chemical inventories for these services as well as Nitrogen and CO2.

Create Order to Cash for Supervisors in SAP, Create Sales Orders, as well as Chemical lists etcetera in SAP. Perform TapRoot investigations for any and or all incidents incurred by our employees.

Meet with customers on a regular basis to discuss ticketing as well as any and or all issues encountered while performing the work.

Discussed with customer Safety issues and ways to mitigate risks, at these monthly meetings as well.

Reason for Leaving: An opportunity arose for international work, so I applied and got the position.


34722 7th Standard, Bakersfield, CA.


From: August 1998 through July 2004

Title: Field Service Supervisor, and Service Supervisor, Fracturing.

Supervisors: Mike Lewis 661-***-****), Mike Roland 661-***-****), Steven Harris 661-***-****)

These were field positions overseeing one Frac Crew as a Service Supervisor and later a Field Service Supervisor.


119 S 7th St, Worland, Wyoming 82401


From: November 1995 through August 1998

Title: Cement Service Coordinator

Supervisor: Ron Nida

Title responsibilities: Oversee 6 Cementing Crews in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.

Manage the crews as well as their equipment both pumping as well as Bulk Delivery. Assure proper Cement Blending was performed.

Assure all Safety training for the crews was provided as well as assure all Customer training was provided as well.

Assure a Proper inventory of all Casing Floating and Guiding equipment was kept.

Assure Cement crews has all needed tools, as well as Ticketing needed to perform their jobs in a professional manner.

Meet with customers on a regular basis and discuss ticketing as well as any issues encountered that needed to be addressed.

Assured a correct and constant chemical inventory was on hand.

Reason for leaving: Oilfield in Wyoming had shut down. Requested a transfer to California where the work had been steady and was picking up.


4109 E. Main Street, Farmington, NM


Hired on with Halliburton in Farmington October of 1979. Worked my way up through the ranks of Cementing, Fracturing as well as Special Tools.

Became a Supervisor in each of the departments by 1986.

Was a Frac Supervisor for 4 years, Was a Cement Supervisor for 5 years and Tools for just over a year.


High School: Durango High


Additional Education:

San Juan Basin Vo-Tech

Cortez, Colorado

80 Hours Welding

San Juan College

Farmington, NM

Beginning of degree in Business 40 hours completed

Halliburton Energy Services Duncan, Ok

Equipment Operators Training School

Essential Mathematics

Basic Cementing

Stimulation I

Cementing II

Respirator Training Pulsonix Services Special Tools DOT Substance Abuse

Chart Interpretation SAS Intro/Language/Statistics

First Aid/Blood Borne Pathogen/CPR PPE Training

Survival Driving Forklift Safety

DOT/HMR Negotiating Skills

Essential Preventative Maintenance Customer Service

Chemical Under Control Risk Management/Assessment/Control

H2S Training/Control/Prevention Halliburton Management System

Cause and Effect Analysis Confined Space

Lock Out/Tag Out Hazard Communication

Export Compliance Diversity Training

Fire and Electricity Safety Ergonomics

Nitrogen awareness and Safety Medical Records Consummate Coaching CVA Radiation

Explosives Finance Statements

Budgeting Cash Management

Behavior Based Performance Manager Performance

Communication Skills Resolving Conflict

Leadership Smith Driving

Stimulation II Stimulation III

ISO Awareness Insite for Stimulation

Code of Business Conduct Waste Management

Assessor Training Essential RedBook

MSDS ECompliance

Halliburton Sustainability FCPA

Front Line Management Knowledge Management

Competency Career Development Intro to Stim Design

HIPS/SUMMIT N2 Awareness


All Safety Training required to meet the Standards of ConocoPhillips as well as be able to instruct this same training if needed in place of the Safety Lead for ConocoPhillips Midland



Leon Hanhardt

Area Manager Basic Energy

Aztec, NM. 87410


Mike Lewis

Halliburton Sr. HSE Auditor ( Retired )

Cell Phone: 661-***-****

Patrick Williams

Halliburton Permian Basin HSE Manager

Cell Phone: 575-***-****

James Carrell

Unconventional Completions Manager

ConocoPhillips Midcon Permian Basin ( Retired )

Cell Phone: 432-***-****

David Brewer

Halliburton PDC, Hobbs, NM


William (Bill) Dyer

USPS Postmaster, Hobbs, NM.



Leon Hanhardt


David Brewer


Patrick Williams


Additional references upon request

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