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Computer Science Manager

Buffalo, New York, 14214, United States
January 12, 2018

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Akshadha Swamy (716)***-**** Linkedin GitHub 97 Merrimac Street, Bu alo, NY 14214 EDUCATION

State University of New York at Bu alo Bu alo, NY M.S., Computer Science Aug, 2016 - Dec, 2017

Relevant Coursework- Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Introduction to Machine Learning, Computer Security, Distributed Systems, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Bioinformatics Jigsaw Academy Hyderabad, India

Data Science With R July, 2016

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science 2010-2014 TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming Java, C, C++, Python, HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, Android, R, Hadoop, C# Database and Search Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server 2008, NoSQL, MongoDB Tools and Frameworks PhoneGap, Apache SOLR, Lucene, Trackwise, RStudio, OpenCV, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, REST AWS, GIT, Android Studio, RStudio


Cognizant Technology Solutions Pune, India

Programmer Analyst, Philips Healthcare (Python, Java, MySQL, scikit-learn) June 2014- July 2015

Developed a ticket assigner module which assigned tickets to a delegate by extracting features from ticket description using LDA and classi ed the tickets using logistic regression, therby eliminating manual ticket assignments.

Worked on Trackwise 7 modules like Team Access, Web Admin, Coordinator, Integration Manager and CoordinationManager.

Key responsibilities included maintaining servers, databases, handling service requests and incidents within breach time. Hyderabad, India

Web Development Intern (Java, Android, Python, scikit-learn) November 2015- March 2016

Developed the Android application and website for Built the app using PhoneGap, Apache Cordova & MySQL

Initiated development of recommendation system using data from user browsing history. PROJECTS

Simpli ed Amazon Dynamo Android

Implemented partitioning and replication exactly the way Dynamo does.

Ensured per key Linearizability, a stricter concurrency control using Selection Quorum.

Handled crash-recovery failure by replica synchronization mechanism. Group messenger with FIFO and Total Ordering Guarantees Android

Developed a group messenger application which ensured TOTAL and FIFO ordering using the ISIS algorithm.

Devised a recovery mechanism to ensure TOTAL ordering is maintained in the event of a crash stop failure of an AVD. Stereo Vision, Image Segmentation and Image Search Engine Python, OpenCV

Estimated disparity of an image by using block matching and dynamic programming techniques.

Performed Mean-Shift Segmentation on various objects in the image.

Developed a Content Based Image Retrieval System using OpenCV. Large Scale Data Processing using Hadoop Map Reduce/HDFS Python, Java, Hadoop

Implemented PCA (Principle Components Analysis) algorithm, to project the high-dimensional data to 2 dimensions and visualized it.

Implemented MapReduce K-means on a single-node hadoop cluster and compared it with results of non-parallel K-means. Inverted Index Generation Java, Solr

Generated an inverted index over a collection of 100 thousand tweets in di erent languages.

Custom implementations for TAAT(Term at a Time) and DAAT(Document at a time) algorithms.

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