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Project Manager

St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States
January 11, 2018

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St. Cloud, MN



National Director

Project Director

Sr Project Manager




MS Project

MS Office


BPM Applications

BI Applications











Real Estate



Bachelor of Science and/Arts

University of North Carolina


Prince 2



Real Estate






Maritime Vessels

Maritime Mortgages

Professional Services

Construction Services

Telecom equipment



Highly successful at developing and leading groups and teams in defining and utilizing appropriate methods, processes and effective communications to isolate and resolve gating problems, issues and challenges.


Issue and challenge identification and resolution

Team building and motivation

Workflow setup and documentation

Process setup, augmentation and improvement

Resource development

Training programs

Quality control programs

Effective communications and coordination








oWide Area


DAS / WIFI / Small Cell

oMajor/Public Venues



Outside Plant – Ariel / Underground



Data Centers

IT infrastructure

IT Systems Implementation


Real Estate


Exceptional at developing complete and detailed project planning across all project sectors, execution of the project plan with concise, accurate and timely reporting to all stakeholders, proper documentation and closeout of the successful project.

Achievement of project goals by providing clear and concise task definitions, processes, workflows, timelines and budgets to each project resource ensuring strict adherence to timeline, quality and financial benchmarks.

Holding resources accountable for delivering plan, including providing coaching and mentoring of resources, both internal and external, across a broad range of business functions.


Sr. Project Manager September 2017 – November 2017

TCF Financial Corp - Three month contract

Scope: Working with TCF Procurement to isolate issues and provide a plan and structure for the relatively new Procurement Department to operate effectively, in the new role of, implementing new vendors into the enterprise. Project Issues - Historically each business unit and department conducted their own procurements and implementations.

Process: Utilized two projects for the evaluation, Conference Service Provider and Cellular Service Provider; each starting from RFP and running through full implementation.

Conference Project

Scope – Negotiate new contract and implement enterprise services for teleconferencing system from RFP responses.

Project Issues - The existing conferencing contract was well above industry cost as well as having a billing system where each end user was billed by line incurring hundreds of hours for processing.

Process: Standard RFP process and new contract negotiation followed by coordination and buyoff from all business units across the enterprise and a high level IT component for functionality. A complete enterprise wide training program was developed for end users as well as administrators. New processes and procedures for Finance and Accounts Payable departments

Result: Implementation resulted in fewer than ten calls to the support desk. New Accounts Payable process took monthly billing process down to less than thirty minutes. Significant contract cost savings across the enterprise actualized.

Cellular Project

Scope: Negotiate new contract and implement enterprise services for cellular services from RFP responses.

Project Issuess - The existing cellular contract was way over industry average and indoor coverage, in most of the TCF facilities across the nation, was poor to nonfunctional. Current wireless assets not tracked or under positive control. Billing was conducted per line incurring hundreds of hours for processing.

Process: RFP process and new contract negotiations with multiple vendors. Creation of new processes, procedures and corporate policies. Executed enterprise communications plan in order to attain buyoff from all stakeholders and end users

Result: Leveraged current backhaul provider to provide services well below industry average cost, realizing a multi-million dollar annual cost savings. Contract provided for cellular indoor enhanced coverage for all facilities with less than good RF coverage. Audit of wireless assets yielded over five hundred thousand in “found” assets. New corporate policies, processes and procedures ensure positive asset control going forward.

Result: The findings were that the corporate culture, due to a myriad of changes within the organization, is one of insecurity within individual job roles and functions. The pushback and actual hostility shown by individuals and departments as a whole, due to another department ‘interfering” with their groups “normal” operations, was shocking in that the overall enterprise would be put second to keeping costly and ineffective practices in place that only ensured the power and control to one small group or individual. The recommendation was that with Procurement being a fairly new department, the execution and project management of new vendor implementations was too intrusive to the other departments for it to be allowed to be successful. It was further advised that a new PMO department be setup utilizing one methodology, that being Prince2. The new department should be resourced by pulling the disruptive members from the other departments to become the project managers for any and all projects required by the enterprise and business units; if the resources were then properly managed, this would relieve the power struggle issues.

Time off August 2016 to September 2017

Sailing South Pacific

Restoration of a 39’ Ericson, including a complete redesign and upfit of all systems, rigging for long range single handed cruising. Planning and logistics for yearlong cruise.

Director November 2014 to November 2016

Wireless Project Resources - Open Contract

Scope - Turn a round of a small telecom services company. Current was providing five core services, indoor line placement, outside plant, fiber splicing, aerial antenna placement, RF design and testing.

Project Issues - The organization had expanded its offerings attempting to ultimately fulfill a turnkey provider model but did not have the required personnel nor financial resources to cover such a project. Cash flow from primary source of work, fourth tear paper contractors, hampered by extreme slow/no pay tendencies. Operating capital only supporting ninety days of operating cost.

Process - Complete evaluation of contracts, cost points, resources and assets. Developed and executed on recovery plan which included a rebranding of the company. Placed top crews, equipment and talent as temporary resources under short pay term contracts, reducing overhead and producing cash flow. Executed on aggressive collection program capturing over 96% of monies owed. Renegotiated accounts payables and realigned procurement contracts. Reduced self-perform lines down to the highest profit vs expense sectors concentrating on development of these sectors as well as the new resource placement sector; then utilized the business intelligence from the outplaced resources to expand back into self-perform sectors. Used the ever growing outplaced pool to complete self-perform projects directly for the major players, circumventing the slow paying paper contractor levels. Achieved solvency within eight months and executed on expansion plans which consisted of the strategic purchase of other small service companies meeting set criteria.

Result - Took a company that was within weeks of bankruptcy to over a fifteen million in evaluation within two years. The company was sold in September of 2016.

Senior Project Manager April 2014 to November 2014

BlackBox Network Services - Six Month Contract

Scope – Work with Innerwireless to setup a program that will ensure successful completion of major venue DAS/WIFI design and install projects.

Project Issues - I was brought in by Blackbox not Innerwireless management. Innerwireless had just been purchased by Blackbox and expanded from medical WIFI design and installation into the large venue sector. Multiple attempts in the new domain, utilizing their previous methods, resulted in failures in quality, timelines and financials; this produced a very contentious relationship with the project owners as well as the new corporate management. All Innerwireless resources as shared, not direct reports. Innerwireless had vested interest in seeing project failure.

Process – Setup of new program taking four large venue projects from inception to closeout; Love Field, DFW, University of Houston, US Air Force Academy. Complete evaluation of current processes, methods and resources. Program setup utilizing Prince2/Lean method as base with Agile for pacing. Team setup and training with process augmentation by team thru process.

Love Field

Scope – Design, install and integrate DAS/WIFI upgrades utilizing a misquoted and incomplete statement of work, in conjunction with larger airport facilities renovations while maintaining a twenty one percent margin.

Project Issues – inaccurate statement of work required - resources required under estimated even for the inaccurate statement of work - resource cost not based on prevailing wage - resources based on internal crews which were not experienced, certified nor able to be badged for work in secure areas - project build timeline already mostly exhausted – design inadequate for actual statement of work – equipment and materials not on hand for new design – Design firm in charge of whole project having dubious ties with contractors and airport authority.

Process – Extensive review of contract isolating and utilizing areas giving positive latitudes in timelines, resources and pricing. Reset statement and scope of work as well as pricing due to errors in RFP utilizing contract terms and deadlines. Worked with project owner, the airport authority, to identify and reassign failure points and set performance bonuses for successful timeline achievements. Utilized design/build method to overcome equipment and material issues. Split scope into three equal scopes, hiring three contractors to complete each utilizing an earned value method to realign remaining scope to the performing contractor. Utilized agile methods to keep daily track of issues and work performed.

Result – Completed project on time and within profit margin.

Dallas Fort Worth

Scope – Answer RFP - Design and install of DAS/WIFI system in all parking areas and two terminal areas of DFW, previously not serviced.

Project Issues – limited time, four days, for RFP turn around – lack of all detailed information requiring extensive assumptions; question timelines already past. Equipment and materials procurement not available within build timeline. Build to utilize Blackbox’s substandard internal field resources.

Process – Worked with team to develop new response and quoting process as well as procurement methods and procedures. Developed new response documentation taking into account comprehensive assumptions and exclusions section. Developed and implemented field training program with emphasis on quality, including MOP development and turnover documentation packages between teams.

Result – Successful completion of project on time, in quality and on budget.

University of Houston

Scope – Installation of new DAS/WIFI system for UofH new football stadium and south campus.

Project Issues – Available build timeline too short for the scope of work due to previous vendor failure compounded by Innerwireless’ failure to execute on the project construction due to misunderstanding of design requirements and poor turnover management from the previous vendor. Design by previous vendor inadequate for scope. Project being ran in crisis mode by contract owner. Hard completion date due to nationally televised football game at facility. Stadium project, as a whole, in crisis being behind in timeline, quality and budget. University as venue owner – no single project owner.

Process –

Result – Completed required phases prior to hard deadline. Received rave team reviews by all major stakeholders.

US Air Force Academy

Scope – Installation of new DAS/WIFI system in field house and historic football stadium.

Project Issues – Design by others – inadequate for scope utilizing untested equipment and poor installation methods. Contracts under DOD format, regulations and processes; any changes to the design or budget would incur an unacceptable delay in timeline. Available budget not adequate to cover cost – the project was bid as a reputation builder.

Process – Complete evaluation of the project and all risk factors.

Result – Coordinated with the contract owner to prove out a negative risk/reward evaluation that showed probable losses in the seven figures as well as irreparable damage to both organizations reputations. Assisted the contract owner in the development and execution of an elegant exit plan from the project which had the full support of the venue’s project owners.

Result – Development of a program and team that successfully isolated and resolved project issues. Successful in turnaround of project failure track record and business relationships.

Senior Project Manager April 2013 to March 2014

Mastec – One year contract

Scope - Developed and execute the Sprint Network Vision (LTE) Project under Samsung.

Project Issues – Large site count within a very large and challenging geographical region. Complete startup from zero infrastructure. Inexperienced regional management level – (friends and family program)

Process – Complete evaluation and understanding of all project scope, guidelines and requirements. Setup of project including method identification, resource requirements and justification with workflows and processes. Project financial setup with tracking and success matrixes. Team setup and development with roles and accountabilities, performance matrixes, professional training opportunities and advancement requirements. Vendor setup and training, production planning, forecasting, tracking and reporting methods and procedures. Procurement setup with equipment and materials logistics.

Result - The project produced over 1200 sites completed in exacting quality, without a single miss in migration while being staffed well under industry norms. Produced sites at over thirty per day, at peak production levels. Overall, the project came in months ahead of the required timeline and at a 32% margin vs the industry norm of 12 - 18%.

Senior Project Manager January 2013 to March 2013

Mycom – One year contract

Scope - Complete setup of new AT&T Turf Program in Upstate NY Market.

Issues Identification – Organization not familiar with the AT&T Turf contract. Startup from zero infrastructure and resources. Taking over from a failing vendor. Failing vendor not able to turn over full site equipment and material inventories. AT&T local market in crisis mode - not able to provide real site statuses, pushing for non-adherence to corporate contract in attempt to recover timelines. Available contractors same as those hired by previous failing vendor.

Process – Complete evaluation of current project status as well as internal capabilities, methods and processes. Development and execution of full operations and production plan to include; personnel resources, office and warehousing facilities, vendors, procurement, financial, methods and processes. Developed, coordinated and executed on project recovery plan addressing all logistic and status issues.

Result – The organization, not being familiar with the pitfalls of the Turf contract, ignored my council and yielded to the local markets demand for production by fabricating production reports. Upon discussing this with the CEO and him relaying the intention to continue the practice, I terminated my contract.

Interim Vice President, PMO October 2012 to December 2012

Viaero Wireless - Three month contact

Scope - Complete LTE 4g rollout utilizing Huawei equipment.

Project Issues – Vendor issues preventing Huawei 4G Rollout including language and cultural barriers as well as Huawei’s insistence upon controlling the network. Contentious relationship between the groups. Lack of internal project method.

Process – Evaluation of current rollout status and issues as well as Huawei vendor contract. Renegotiated ongoing Equipment and Services Contract. Implemented tracking and reporting process and procedures. Planned and implemented production plan.

Result – Successful resolution of project barriers and issues resulting in the successful implementation of the LTE 4g network.

Senior Project Manager May 2012 to October 2012

T-Mobile – Six month contract

Scope – Project recovery for Real Estate functions on over seven hundred site count build program.

Project Issues – Project behind by six months. Single non-local vendor handling the build. Difficult market due to the majority of the build being on municipally owned properties. Majority of sites requiring tribal signoff.

Process – Complete evaluation of project status. Implemented Agile based project method. Set sites into sprints by forecasted timeline to complete and municipal jurisdiction. Brought on three local vendors. Coordinated with each municipality with multiple sites to have one meeting to discuss and attain contract execution, permit attainment and build timeline coordination and signoff.

Result – Achieved historic industry production rates, completing the project three months ahead of the original deadline.

Senior Wireless Consultant July 2011 to February 2012

Wireless Project Management LLC – Six month contract

Work details covered by NDA

Provided full analysis of the business and execution performance of a Major 1st Tier Turf Vendor for 2011 1st and 2nd Quarters – preplanning and project setup, project execution and project closeout.

Created a complete executive report of the execution levels process and procedural problematic issues, and their effect on the business financials, with recommendations for organizational and process restructuring to ensure program and business success.

Interim Project Director March 2011 to June 2011

Nsoro/Mastec – Three month contract

Scope - Turnaround of fiber to the cell project

Project Issues – Project well behind in timeline. Site statuses not correct. Inaccurate reporting. Hostile client. Poor work quality and process by vendors.

Process – Worked with client to find precipitating cause of project failure – found to be misalignment of site ID’s between internal and client databases. Reset project methods and processes aligning to client. Training of new internal and external resources. Developed and executed on recovery plan to include the onsite visit to each site attaining true status; completeness and quality of work as well as comprehensive recovery plan. Reset all databases to zero and backfilled with accurate statuses.

Result – Completed project within new timeline. Saved the client relationship.

Senior Wireless Consultant December 2010 to March 2011

Wireless Project Management LLC – Three month contract

Work details covered by NDA

Evaluated programs for multiple carriers, for a single 1st Tier Vendor, isolating points of failure

Developed new comprehensive businesses and execution models

Developed a “lessons learned” document

Created new processes and procedures manual for new programs

Covered projects from preplanning and setup to final payment

Used the best practices from PMBOK, Agile, LEAN, and PROP-C models and structures

Provided planning and forecasting modeling for future projects

Produced a “Business Tactics” manual for certain problematic clients, regions and regional personnel.

Director, Zodiac Project September 2010 to December 2010

Communications Components Inc. – Three month Contract

Scope - Turnaround of failing project.

Project Issues – Poor reporting. No or bad project structure. Poor communication and coordination with client on additional site scope being performed. Poor logistics. Lack of trust by client.

Process - Analyzed the current execution scope of the project with the stakeholders. Developed and executed on comprehensive recovery plan which included; Implemented new processes and procedures. Realignment of all resources and logistics. Provided training for all resource, both management and field. Realigned client expectations the recovery plan. Implemented timely, complete, and accurate reporting to all stakeholders. Implemented QC plan with controls. Developed milestone financial tracking and planning.

Result - The resulting recovery plan provided for the successful completion of the project months ahead of previous projections while maintaining both QC standards and project financial success.

Lead Consultant February 2010 to September 2010

Wireless Project Management LLC – Six month contract

Work details covered by NDA

Multiple projects with key wireless and energy vendors to develop and implement Best Management Practices to ongoing projects.

oLTE Rollout Business Planning

oDAS Projects

oEnergy Projects – Natural Gas to Propane

oWind Farm Project Management

oTransport Project

oWireless 2nd Tier Vendor – Contract Management/Operational Efficiencies

oWireless 2nd Tier Vendor – Site Tear Out and Upgrades

Crisis Manager August 2009 to February 2010

Black & Veatch – Six month contract

Deployed to markets with projects that were not meeting project goals and or client expectations. Discerned project status and failure points. Developed and implemented recovery plans and monitored projects ongoing status.

Construction/Real Estate Manager – Special Projects May 2008 to August 2009

AT&T Mobility – Twelve month contract

Completed all Real Estate and Construction activities for AT&T Republican National Conventions Coverage as well as the 2008 build plan.

Real Estate/Special Projects Manager March 2007 to May 2008

Verizon Wireless – Twelve month contract

Managed, Negotiated and Constructed the Verizon coverage for the Republican National Convention

Managed wireless real estate assets in the Great Plaines Region

Private fiber network both areal and outside plant main ring and to the site.

Capacity upgrades and EVDO, over 1600 sites

Managed the all emergency colt/cow deployments

Owner/Broker/Project Manager February 2001 to July 2007

IBX Realty LLC

Owned and managed a professional team that concentrated on the site acquisition and development of large dirt projects.

Owner/ Project Manager

IBX Construction LLC February 2001 to July 2007

Owned and managed a professional construction company that concentrated on the buildout of large multifaceted construction projects to include residential, commercial, telecommunications and marine.

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