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Data analytics

Seattle, Washington, United States
January 11, 2018

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530-***-**** (cell) **** **TH Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117


I am an applied mathematician with three years’ experience in coding, mining big data, and using computational techniques to find answers to analytically intractable problems. I also have fifteen years’ experience in academic research, lecturing, communicating complex ideas to audiences of all sizes and demographic makeups, and evaluating professional writing at all levels. I am highly adaptable and am known for excellent analytical and quantitative reasoning and outstanding communication skills.

• Wide-ranging coding experience in C, Python, and UNIX

• Extensive experience in Statistical Modeling with R and MATLAB

• High proficiency with MS Office, SQL, and LaTeX; competence with Hadoop, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

• Excellent ability to communicate complex technical concepts to diverse audiences of all sizes

• Highly effective collaboration and time management strategies for diverse team projects, including committee work, seminar leadership, curriculum design, and social media projects

• Research and publishing experience in both short-term projects and manuscript-length projects

• Cultural competence: fluency in German; working knowledge of Spanish, French, Italian PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE

Graduate Work in Applied Mathematics

University of Washington September 2014-March 2017 Focus on high-performance computing, matrix theory, numerical methods for ODEs and PDEs, dynamic systems, vector calculus. Supplemental work in financial analysis, investment science and variational calculus. High-Performance Computing

• Coded in C, Python, UNIX

• Learned Git, Matplotlib, CoCalc (SageMathCloud)

• Enhanced and streamlined code by means of Open Multi-Processing (multiple threads) and Message-Passing Interface (sending and receiving) software packages.

• Developed understanding of basic computer design, including multiple threads and caches, heap/stack theory and optimization problems.

Numerical Analysis and Approximation Methods for Differential Equations

• Developed skills in multiple programming and other platforms, including R and MATLAB.

• Mastered techniques for addressing real-world challenges and case studies in data engineering, including matrix factorization and orthogonalization, finite differencing, shooting and spectral methods. Financial Analysis

• Learned the fundamentals of investment science and asset management.

• Worked with Means and Volatilities, Skewness and Kurtosis of portfolios.

• Utilized various pricing models including the CAPM and the Fama-French. Calculus and Dynamic Systems

• Analyzed phase portraits and explored stability and bifurcation theory.

• Worked with Maclaurin and Laurent Series and the Calculus of Residues. MOOCs August 2015-May 2017

• Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies and Mastering Data Analysis in Excel, 1st and 2nd courses of Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business: Coursera / Duke University

• Foundations of Data Science, Data Visualization 1&2 with ggplot2, Intro and Intermediate R: DataCamp and Springboard

• R Programming Certificate with Distinction: Coursera / Johns Hopkins Instructor, Lecturer, Committee Member

Bellevue College, Solano College, UC Davis September 2011-

• Synthesized and presented complex and technical ideas to audiences ranging from novices to experts.

• Led faculty teams in organizing courses, seminars, and other group-focused projects.

• Collaborated with teams in the construction of classroom initiatives and goals; developed and implemented instructional testing protocols.

• Developed multiple courses that earned college Quality Online certification.

• Guided and assessed thousands of student-produced works, presentations, and collaborative projects. RELEVANT LONG-TERM PROJECTS

“International Demographic”, Fall 2017-Winter 2018.

• Constructed dataset on linguistic and religious information on the countries of the world

• Ultimate pedagogical goal of presenting this information in a fun and easy-to-learn way

“Some Revealing Applications of the Legendre Transform”, Conference Presentation, Winter 2017.

• Researched role of Legendre Transformations in variational calculus.

• Condensed academic writing into pedagogical presentation.

• Augmented the work of recent authors.

• Addressed a professional audience with my findings.

“Finding a Fuel-Efficient Car”, Data Science Project, Fall 2016.

• Discovered, isolated and adapted a large dataset.

• Mined the matrix and wrangled the data by running statistical diagnoses (Chi-squared, R2 values, etc.) on the data.

• Discovered patterns in the data that enabled predictions about the MPG-performance of various car manufacturers.

• Developed effective strategies for how to choose fuel-efficient cars wisely.

• Drafted a report with my recommendations and prepared a presentation for a professional audience. PUBLICATIONS

Review of How to Get Philosophy Students Talking: An Instructor’s Toolkit, in Teaching Philosophy (2016).

“Sameness in Being Is Sameness in Species: Or: Was an Aristotelian Philosophy of Identity Ever Credible?”, in the Journal of Value Inquiry (2014).


• SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

• MAA: Mathematical Association of America


M.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, March 2017 Ph.D., Philosophy, UC Davis, September 2011

M.A., Greek, University of Michigan, May 2007; M.A., Philosophy, UC Davis, March 2006 B.A., Physics; B.A., Philosophy and German, The Ohio State University, March 2001

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