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Technical Architect / Lead .Net

Atlanta, Georgia, 30338, United States
January 11, 2018

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Advancing experience in diverse technical roles with new cutting edge technologies in order

to help organization business and develop a holistic perspective.

Extensive 18 years of commercial IT experience, including 8+ years onsite in US, in the architecture, design and development of large enterprise applications in MS .Net Framework using MVC, ASP.Net, Web Services & APIs, REST APIs, MSMQ, Windows Services, Win Forms and MS SQL Server.

Extensive experience in creating solution and design for large physical distributed n-tier applications using SOA and Micro services ( with Web, WCF & REST APIs)

Experience in creating Web applications using MVC, ASP.Net, CMS, JQuery, AJAX, Angular JS etc.

Expertise on overall .NET (2.0 to 4.6) Framework, C#, VB .Net, Entity Framework 6.0, ADO

.Net, LINQ etc.

Experience in design and development of Non Web applications i.e. Windows Forms, Windows Services, class libraries etc.

Experience in middle ware transaction processing technologies like N Service Bus, MSMQ etc.

Experience in re-architecture of legacy applications using reverse engineering, refactoring etc.

Extensive experience in integration of diversified platforms and technologies e.g. Mainframe, Java etc. with .Net environment.

Experience in working on AWS like EC2, S3, SQS, Auto Scaling and integrating AWS with existing prod (data center) environments.

Worked extensively on Database Servers i.e. MS SQL Server 20xx, Oracle 9i / 10g. Expert in writing T-SQL and PL-SQL queries / SP.

Very good experience of using design patterns (Command Builder, Factory, Observer, Singleton, Iteration, DI etc.),

Worked on design tools like MS Visio, Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose, Erwin etc. to create use case diagrams, architecture, high level and database design.

Experience in developing NFR modules i.e. Security, Performance, Logging, Auditing etc.

Possess in depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of SDLC with all of its phases i.e. requirement gathering, solution, design, development, testing and deployment.

Experience in supporting and coordinating with business and QA teams.

Extensive experience in working with different Software development methodology e.g. Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, Prototype and Agile methodology with Scrum process.

Worked in the domain areas of Travel n Logistics, Airlines, Telecommunication, DMVs, Finance, Mortgage, Educational Training, Sales, Automobile, Inventory/Manufacturing and Collaborative applications.

Well versed with Quality Assurance processes complying with CMMi Level 5.

Strong leadership qualities with ability to lead large teams and complex projects.

Strong analytical, communication, trouble shooting, installation and configuration skills.

Servers & OS: Windows Server 20xx, IIS Web Server 6.0 & 7

.Net Framework: .Net 2.0 – 4.6, C#, Entity Framework 6.0, ADO.Net

Web Technologies: MVC, Web & REST API, Web/WCF Services, ASP .Net

Content Management: Site Core 7.0, Ektron 4.0

Middleware: N Service Bus, MSMQ, DTC, COM+

Databases: MS SQL Server 20xx, Oracle 9i, MySQL, DB2

Design Tools: Enterprise Architect, MS Visio, Threat Model, Rational Rose

Client Side : AJAX, Angular JS, JQuery, Java Script

IDE Tools: Visual Studio 2012 – 2015

Source Safe: VSTS with Git, TFS

Build Tools: Octopus, MS Build

Monitoring: New Relic, Tea Leaf

Classic Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, Active X, COM, COM+

Reporting/SSIS Tools: SSIS, Micro strategy, SSRS, Crystal Reports 11 Chander Bhushan Malik

Phone: - 240-***-****



Professional Work Experience Summary

Technical SKILLS

Organization From To Last Designation Months

NIIT Technologies Ltd., Atlanta

Apr 2011 --

Sr. Technical


Agile Soft Inc., Atlanta

Feb 2008 Mar 2011 Tech Lead / Arch 36

Perot Systems (Later Dell) Feb 2007 Jan 2008 . Net Team Lead 12 CORBUS India Pvt. Ltd.

Feb 2005 Jan 2007 Project Lead 23

Stingray Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

Feb 2004 Feb 2005 Team Lead 12

GAUSA India Ltd.

Nov 2000 Feb 2004 Project Lead 39

HCL Infosystems Ltd.

Jan 1998 Nov 2000 System Executive 33

Time Period Degree / Diploma Institution / Board Marks Jan 2001 – Dec 2002

M. Sc. Computer Science

Rajasthan Vidyapeeth

University, Udaipur, India.

62 %

Apr 1994 - Apr 1997 Bachelor in Economics Delhi University, India 47 % Apr 1994 - Apr 1997

Diploma in Programming and

System Management (GNIIT)

NIIT, New Delhi, India 79 %

Apr 1992 - Apr 1994 Higher Secondary C.B.S.E. (Physics, Chem., Math) 58 % EMD (Ticketing and Order) Micro Services, Ticketing Robots & Sabre Web Services Client Hawaiian Airlines Inc.

Role Technical Architect

Location Atlanta, GA & Honolulu HI

Duration APR 2016 – Dec 2017


Hawaiian Airlines is largest regional airline in Hawaii having more than 40 domestic and international destinations. In 2015 HA launched its new website which has a new look and many new features. However its internal design and core components like Issuing ticket, creating MSR (Misc. Sales Receipt etc.) were same which were created during old website. The reason being these component used to communicate GDS system Sabre through IBE commands instead of Web Services. The components were not touched due to complex technical nature and to change those, whole framework to communicate with Sabre had to be changed. Later however Sabre has upgraded its system with respect to new business requirements in Airline Industry. One of the business upgradation was introduction of EMD (Electronic Misc. Document) replacing existing system of MSR. MSR is issued to customer for any purchase made by customer other than ticket e.g. First class seat, baggage fee etc. EMD tends to replace misc. sales receipt for any non-ticket transaction.

After launching new website and making it stable, HA focused to upgrade their system to support EMDs. EMD Ticketing and Order were two projects, started to implement those changes. As per design, existing flow was changed from existing APIs to new micro services named EMD Order and EMD Ticketing which encapsulates the logic of creating order for each ancillary item ( e.g. First class seat, seat assignment, fare hold, baggage fees etc.) and then issue the EMD for each such ancillary. These are REST API based micro services which are consumed from Web backend and issue EMD for each order customer choose on website. Academic Education

Employment History: (In reverse order)

ANNEXURE I: Projects Highlights (reverse order) with NIIT Technologies (Apr 2011 – Till Date) On technical side, services use N Service Bus for transaction processing and communicate with internal Sabre component which communicate with Sabre GDS through various Web Services., Autofac as DI, log4Net for logging and Entity Framework Code first approach. Service bus end points use Subscriber-Publish pattern and publish events for respective subscriber which listens the event and takes next action in transaction flow. The service interacts with strict PCI compliance payment API hosted in Amazon web services. Apart from micro services, the project involved lot of Windows Services (called Ticketing robots) which cater to reservations made by customer on phone instead of Web. The reservation agents on phone takes booking from customer and add required ancillary item. These bookings are queued in Sabre queues from where Ticketing robots pickups the PNR, calls EMD ticketing api to issue EMD and issue tickets. Once EMD and ticket are issued, a mail is sent to customer completing the automated ticketing. EMD code went live in June 2017.

Lately worked with various architectural and development changes related to configuration revamp and updating Sabre Web services in internal HA Sabre library. Environment /


.Net Framework 4.5, MVC 4.0, C#, Site Core 7.0, VS 2013/15, WCF / Web Services, Web and REST API, N Service Bus, Angular JS, AJAX, SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework 6.0, Google ITA & Sabre Services, TFS, Autofac DI, log4Net, Quartz .Net, Agile Development


Solution, architect and design for EMD Order and ticketing micro services ( REST APIs)

Creating Integration strategy for EMD-T with EMD Orders and web.

Work with Product Owner and Sabre SMEs to implement Sabre web services for Reservation and EMD.

Work for creating internal Sabre consume library HA Sabre responsible for all Sabre WS communication and created prototype and acceptance test methods in it for various Service Operations.

Design for N Service Bus Saga flow in EMD – Ticketing for transaction processing.

Design Repository pattern/layer for Data access with Entity Framework Code first approach.

Research on new technology to implement in solution e.g. Autofac, Quartz Job, Amazon cloud watch etc.

Create technical PBIs and groom with team members. Preparing high level design and help team creating low level designs, project structure, method stubs, error handling and optimize code.

Implement solution for (NFRs) framework e.g. DI, Exception handling, logging etc.

Involved in performance and load testing and provide effective solution for performance issues.

Participate in weekly architects meeting to discuss technical solution, issues and challenges.

Support team in creating product specification document, review it and providing sign off.

www.HawaiianAirlines.Com (Various Features)

Client Hawaiian Airlines Inc.

Role Technical Lead / Architect

Location Atlanta, GA & Honolulu HI

Duration Jan 2015 – March 2016


Hawaiian Airlines is largest regional airline in Hawaii having more than 40 domestic and international destinations. In 2012 HA has been facing lot of issues in its existing website which was neither scalable to meet its growing business need nor it was keeping up with technology. In 2013 HA decided to go for brand new website which shall serve its core business as well add many new features. NIIT Technologies being one of HA’s prime IT partner and consultant has contributed in overall development of HA has made team of 30 developers from NIIT at three locations i.e. Onsite Honolulu, near shore Atlanta and Offshore New Delhi and allocated many modules to these team. Myself worked initially from HNL briefly and then from Atlanta. Primary module which were worked from Atlanta were Flight Schedule, Barclay Card program, My Receipts, Gift Card program, ETCO and few Ancillaries. The overall SDLC cycle involved Grooming stories with product owner, technical architect, design, technical grooming with team, development, testing and sign off from Product Owner. Each team had their own scrum with 2 weeks sprint. Apart from modules contributed in internal applications like to view all audit and error log of transactions. Environment /


.Net Framework 4.5, MVC 4.0, C#, Site Core 7.0, VS 2013/15, WCF / Web Services, Web and REST API, N Service Bus, Angular JS, AJAX, SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework 6.0, Google ITA & Sabre Services, TFS, Agile Development RESPONSIBILITIES:

Solution, design and development for primary modules (as mentioned above)

Work closely with Product Owner and Business analyst to understand requirements and product stories.

Work with all technical stake holders’ i.e. internal and external services for creating effective solution.

Create prototypes, PoC and sample solution to present to business and management.

Create technical PBIs and groom with team members. Preparing high level design and help team creating low level designs, project structure, method stubs, error handling and optimize code.

Work on N Service Bus modules and create effective design for transaction processing modules.

Research on new technology to implement in solution e.g. Google ITA, Flight view, Sonar etc.

Creating solution for nonfunctional requirements (NFRs) framework e.g. Exception handling, logging etc.

Involved in performance and load testing and provide effective solution for performance issues.

Participate in weekly architects meeting to discuss technical solution, issues and challenges. Various Projects (Radius Central, Business Rule Engine, Radius etc.) Client Radius Travels (d/b/a WTT Inc.)

Role Technical Lead / Architect

Location Noida, India ( May 2011 – June 2012)

Bethesda, MD ( July 2012 – Dec 2014)

Duration May 2011 – Dec 2014


Radius Travels is one of five big companies in Corporate Travel Data collection and reporting. Carlson Wagonlit Travel, BCD Travels named few others. Radius collects travel data for its corporate clients (around 80 clients) through its network travel agencies across the globe and through GDS (Amadeus, Galileo & Sabre) with cutting edge technology, process it and make it presentable to its clients in various reporting format. The whole exercise involves complex processes of data collection and crunching as data comes from different sources and each client have their own reporting elements and requirement. To make data ready in standard Radius format various steps are performed like data retrieving from agencies / GDS, parsing data, process the validation through business rules engine, data population with master records and populating client defined data elements. Data collection and processing business rules are stored in business rules engine which is an intranet website managed by Radius Users. Data is uploaded in to Radius servers from various location respective to each agency’s infrastructure i.e. cloud, ftp server, web services, XML / text files etc. Apart from this Radius has intensive Hotel loyalty program between its customers and Hotel partner which are managed through web site Radius Hotels and many batch processes which interacts with Hotel company and GDS. Radius Central, a CRM application is another website which manages network agencies and customer profile. Environment /


Windows Server 2008/2012, .Net Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2012, TFS, C#, Web Services, MVC 3.0, AJAX, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2012, SSIS, Agile Development RESPONSIBILITIES:

Architect, design and development for various application supporting over all business of client. Named a few Radius Next Gen Data Flow, Business Rules Engine, Radius Central (Share Point website), Amadeus Web services implementation etc.

Researching on new technologies with GDS (Amadeus, Sabre etc.) and propose to CIO and management.

Understand the operations and infrastructure of new network agency and client and assist in integrating the systems for data collection and processing.

Understand business requirements, creating architecture and high level design for new applications as well for changes in existing modules. Creating prototype, method stubs and coding structure in UI as well in middle layer, based on new design or changes.

Continuous changes in legacy applications communicating with different GDS through Web services.

Review DB design, data optimization and data integration with various systems.

Low level design and code review with developers.

Involved in Agile development process. Daily / weekly scrum review meetings. Amazon – Buyflow, Localization & Customer Central ( Client

Comcast Inc.

Role Technical Lead

Location Philadelphia, USA

Duration Feb 2010 – Jan 2011


Comcast Inc. is one of biggest telecom and cable service providers in United States. It provides online services to its millions of existing and new customers to buy their product online. For this Comcast has various online projects which allows customers to shop online, buy products, view their account and pay bills online. Amazon Buy Flow is an application which let customers to select the products online and let them buy the offers available in their markets. Buyflow is a complex application which integrates various internal and external systems to let customer buy the product and submit order online into Comcast backend billing systems. It integrates with Enterprise Services platform to localize customer’s location, get products and offers, to customization and configuration data, verify customer information, get installation dates and finally submit payment and the order into back end billing system. For Buyflow application consumes ESP’s WCF services as well host web services to provide its data to ESP. Application uses MS .Net 3.5 frameworks with C# as code language. Application uses extensive AJAX and XMLs to store, retrieve and process the data. Environment /


Windows Server 2008, .Net Framework 3.5, Visual Studio Team System 2008, C#, WCF, ASP .Net, AJAX, SQL Server 2008, SSRS, Agile Development (SCRUM). RESPONSIBILITIES:

Architect, design and development for B2C (Amazon Buyflow and Customer Central) and intranet web

(EPIC) applications, supporting overall customer flow for buying Comcast products online.

Creating high level design and architecture for new modules as well for changes in existing module.

Creating prototype, PoC, method stubs and coding structure in UI as well in middle layer, based on new design or changes. Defining business layer and service agents to interact ESP WCF services.

Creating business object and data entities to interact with WCF services as well with internal data layer.

Designing for UI and presentation layer using customized framework and AJAX.

Writing T-SQL and stored procedures for database creation, modification and DB business logic processing. Defining reports to be created in SSRS.

Participate in weekly peer code review meeting. Review N-Unit test cases.

Supporting UAT teams during deployment and testing, production support and deployment verification.

Involved in Agile development process. Daily / weekly scrum review meetings. Business Access Monitoring (BAM) – Windows Application Client

Department of Motor Vehicles, State of Michigan

Role Team Lead

Location Dublin, Ohio

Duration Jan 2009 – Jan 2010


BAM Application is being developed for Department of Motor Vehicles, Michigan. Application has internal in house smart client application and web application for B2B and B2C customers. The system has DMV function modules i.e. Customers, Driving License, Vehicles NTR etc. which perform daily transactions like Customer enrollment, written and driving tests, issuing operator, chauffeur and other licenses, vehicle / title registrations, renew licenses, renew titles, voter registration etc. Application has n-Tier architecture with smart client and web front end, client/web controllers, Business process controllers, business objects and database in different physical domains. System uses SSO (for external web clients) and active directory authentication with role based authorization provided security frameworks for giving access to a particular role. Roles and privileges are saved in database.

Environment /


.Net Framework 3.5, Visual Studio .Net TFS 2008, C#, WCF, ASP .Net, AJAX, SQL Server 2008, SSRS, Tivoli SSO, Windows 2003 Server, Agile Development Methodology (SCRUM)


Creating / supporting technical architecture for functional modules (other than interfaces).

Prepared technical framework, high level design for functional and non functional modules i.e. 3rd party / agency Web, utility, audit and exception framework.

Created security and access management architecture for external 3rd party web application with Tivoli SSO to let it login with in BAM active directory network.

Implemented reflection for code modularization i.e. separating each project module as independent.

Created customized rule engine for validating complex business rules for creating different type of Driving Licenses and their process of renewal, correction, duplicate and cancellation etc.

Creating technical framework POC and code structures for team.

Involved in Agile development process. Daily / weekly scrum review meetings. ANNEXURE II: Projects with Agile Soft Inc. (Feb 2008 – Jan 2011)

Monitoring / assisting daily / weekly build process with CI Server (Cruise control).

Working closely with functional team (BA), QA / testing team and delivery manager. Oxygen – Invoicing and Payment platform for OPEN Customers Client

American Express

Role Technical Lead / Architect

Location Atlanta, USA

Duration Feb 2008 – Jan 2009


Oxygen was a new business project for OPEN (Small Card Business) business unit of American Express. Oxygen has been proposed to be single window solutions for online Invoicing and payments needs of Amex’s OPEN customers. The application has various modules like Enrollment and Configuration, Cancellation/Reinstatement, Invoice configuration, Creating Invoices, Invoice management, Merchant account administration, Buyer portal, Authorized Invoicer, Reporting etc. The modules have extensive integration with Amex’s existing systems, which are on different platforms. The application has distributed 3 tiers architecture with WCF / Web services on middle tier and SQL Server 2005 at back end. System has batch processes for payment processing, reporting and audit logging.

Environment /


Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6.0, .Net Framework 3.5, Visual Studio .Net TFS 2008, Vb.Net, ASP .Net, AJAX, SQL Server 2008, SSRS, Erwin, Netgrity SSO. RESPONSIBILITIES:

Architect and design the application for complete Invoicing and Payment solution modules.

Prepared Technical Architecture and High level design for application. Responsible for all system integration with Amex system. Worked closely with overall portfolio architect of project.

Assigned and reviewed low level designs. Database designing with logical and physical Data architectures.

Created technical POC supporting application architecture and code structures for team.

Worked in Agile environment. Working closely with BA and business owners to accommodate business requirement changes in design on day to day basis and delivering the design deliverables.

Design and coding for common component & services framework Access Control Framework, Exception Handling, Audit Log, Database access component etc.

Setting technical guidelines for project structure and coding mechanism.

Working closely with Test Managers and QA lead for testing strategies and test approaches. Learner Support System (LSS)


Learning and Skills Council, Ministry of Education, UK Govt. Role Tech Lead

Location Noida

Duration July 2007 – Jan 2008


LSC (Learning and Skill Council) is an autonomous body under Education Minister of UK Government. It supports the learners by its different schemes in financing students in their course. LSC has 6 different schemes to support learners. LSC has sought to re develop its main Learner Internet Portal with other supporting portals. The system has following portals:

Learner Internet Portal (Internet, Web based) – It supports Learner activities e.g. Pre Application, Application, Registration, Payments etc.

Learner Support System (Intranet, Web based) – It is back office Intranet portal which does back office functions e.g. Assessment, User Change requests, payments and administration etc. Learner Provider Portal (Internet, Web based) – Supports activities related to Learning and Childcare Providers. Environment /


Windows 2003 Server, IIS Web server, .Net Framework 2.0 and 3.0, VS .Net 2005 with TFS Explorer, C#, ASP .Net, SQL Server 2005, MS Visio, EA Architect, MS Dynamic CRM RESPONSIBILITIES

Requirement analysis and creating Use Cases.

Preparing high level and low-level design with Sequence, Component diagram and deployment diagrams.

Creating design POCs and coding structures. Coding for assigned modules.

Reviewing Test Plans, testing and customer interaction. Next Generation Architecture

ANNEXURE III: Projects with Perot Systems (Later Dell Inc.) Client

Learning and Skills Council, Ministry of Education, UK Govt., UK. Role Team Lead

Location Noida

Duration July 2007 – Jan 2008


SHL Group, UK is a world leader in conducting and providing on line performance and ability test for its clients. SHL provides its services to 5500 clients all over the world in 30 languages. SHL NGA program is all about shifting SHL's products and application to Next generation architecture application, which can make their system robust, services oriented, culture friendly with fast performance and added capabilities. SHL is using the latest MS Technology e.g. SOA with .Net Framework 3.0 (WWF and WFC) to upgrade their products. Perot systems are SHL's technology partner and providing technical services to SHL from Noida and Bangalore. SHL-NGA is a large and complex application compromising in 11 modules integrating with each other. Each module has its own functioning area. Currently work is going on 5th module (WSI-CO) iteration 2. Application is using services oriented architecture, WCF and WWF classes to support application requirements. Environment /


Windows 2000 / 2003 Server, Windows XP, SQL Server 2005, .Net Framework 2.0 & 3.0 (WWF and WCF), C#, ASP .Net, ADO. Net, MS SQL Server 2005 RESPONSIBILITIES

Requirement analysis, understanding previous modules and system study. Preparing high level and low-level design with Sequence and Component diagram, creating design POCs, creating Test Plans, coding and testing. USA Web Application


USA Hockey Inc., USA.

Role Team Lead (Onsite & Offshore)

Location Dallas, TX, USA and Noida, India

Duration Jan 2006 – Jan 2007


USA is official website of USA Hockey Inc., USA Hockey is single authorized body to promote Ice hockey in United States. USA Hockey Inc. had sought to redevelop and reorganize its web site in new technology to meet its growing membership and growing popularity. The existing website was developed in Java which had very minimal scope to extend its features and capabilities. USA Hockey Inc has awarded this project to IMC2, an interactive software and Advertisement company who has strong and long experience in creating User Interactive Web applications. IMC2 is the sole owner to re develops this application and it has out sourced its development to Corbus India Pvt. Ltd., CMMi Level 5 company based in Noida, India. USA Hockey is a complex application having major modules like Profile Management, Events, Tournament, Seasons Management, Content Management System, Poll / Survey, Advertisement Banner System, Permissions Management for thousand local and Global Administrators, and User Reporting System. Complexity revolves around to integrate different 3rd party tools with USA Hockey Web site and to migrate the existing content data in Content Management System of new application. Environment

Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server 2005, .Net Framework 2.0, C#, Ektron CMS 4.0, ADO. Net RESPONSIBILITIES

Analyzing and understanding user’s requirement through Functional Requirements document.

Communicate with Offshore Coordinator and Customer to clarify day-to-day technical and functional queries.

Preparing High Level and Low-level Designs using Visio and UML.

Creating Database Designs.

Review Detail Designs of Modules.

Code Review and Coding for important modules in C#.

Writing SQL statements, triggers and Stored Procedures using SQL Server 2000.

Setting technical guidelines for project structure and coding mechanism. Suggesting better and efficient technical solution to client.

Preparing and reviewing Unit Test Plans and Acceptance Test Plans.

Involved in complete life cycle of the project SDLC.

Interaction with Client Project Manager, Technical Department, Offshore team Project Manager and with team members.

Task allocation to Team members, updating Project plan, metrics and review timesheets of team members. Project Finance & Refinance Operations System – Windows Application ANNEXURE IV: For Corbus India Pvt. Ltd, Noida


National Housing Bank (Under ownership of Reserve Bank of India) Role Project Lead

Location New Delhi & Mumbai, India

Duration March 2005 – December 2005


Project Finance and Refinance Operations Systems is developed for National Housing Bank (NHB) which is under ownership of Reserve Bank of India. NHB is biggest housing finance institution in India, which finances Housing Finance companies, Banks and other housing agencies. The project is divided in 3 phases i.e. Project Finance Operations, Refinance. Operations and Short Term Loan Module for Refinance. In Project Finance Loan is about financing the construction projects. Refinance Operation System is for refinancing the loans to finance company annually. System has complex business logics to calculate different type of interest repayment, Loans conversion, and prepayment, demand advice etc. System architect is designed in five different layers, which keep Front end, service interface, business logic, Data Layer and Reports in different layers. Business Logic is deployed in COM environment. Environment /


Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server 2000, .Net Framework 1.1,VB .Net, ADO .Net, COM, Crystal Reports 11.0


Lead the PHASE – B and Short Term Loan Module of Refinance System with 5 members’ team. Responsibilities include Preparing and Reviewing FRS, High level Designs of modules, Reviewing Detail Designs, Task allocation to team members, Preparing Unit, Integration and Acceptance Test Plans, Code review, interaction with PM, QA and clients. Updating Project Plan and metrics.

PPRROOJJEECCTT SSUUMMMMAARRYY CCOONNTTIINNUUEEDD Project Name Organization Role Duration Environment Pilot Staffer System

(Intranet application)

String Technologies

Pvt. Ltd.

Tech Lead


Nov 2004


Feb 2005

Windows 2000, Oracle 9i, DB2,

.Net 1.1, Power Builder 7.0,

VB.Net, ASP. Net, ADO. Net

Focus Sunset – SALES

Net (Market Analysis


String Technologies

Pvt. Ltd.

Tech Lead


Mar 2004


Oct 2004

Windows 2000, Mainframe, DB2

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