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Software Developer

Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
January 09, 2018

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Carlos Alberto da Silva Gama

Personal Details

Current Location: Bray, County Wicklow - Ireland.

Phone: +353-**-***-****


Key Technical Skills

Main Skills

●C#, VB / VBA, Delphi 6/7, JAVA.

●JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, ASP, Asp.NET, MVC, Razor, JSON, XML.

●Ms-Sql (up to 2014) and Oracle (8i, 9i). T-SQL, ANSI-SQL.

●Database design, T-SQL programming, Db-tuning, Data mining.

●OOP, Client/Server Architecture, Real time data acquisition, critical mission software.

●Web Services, Web interfaces, Ms-Win user interfaces, Client scripting.

●Backend, Fullstack, SCADA/HMI, Historical database.

●MS-Office, MS-Visio, MS-Project, MS-SharePoint.

Good Working Knowledge

●JAVA, REST, Spring, Hibernate, GIT, Gradle.

●C++, Ms-win platform (APIs, MFC, OCX, DCOM, Dlls, Vcls), threads and pointers.

●Crystal Reports (6 – 8.0).

●Network Protocol Development.

●OPC DA 2.0 and OPC-UA, Global Platform standards, IoT.

Career History

Feb 2017 – Dec-2017 Xetec Limited

Role: Java Software Developer.

I worked developing a communication IoT core to make real-time data acquisition from different data sources such as Tcp sockets, Sigfox RESTful API and OPC-UA Servers.

The application was developed using Spring Framework to receive data from public web servers using RESTful interface, Java Tcp sockets for data in local hosts and HTML5 and CSS3 so as to present those data on a new website. Also using MS-SQL 2014 and Hibernate in order to provide local data persistence. Since it had been my first commercial Java experience I had had a great help from the company's folks.


●Team player, willing to learn about and endeavour to understand different forms of software/hardware to integrate them.

●JAVA, Spring, Hibernate, JSON, OPC-UA, GIT, Maven, Gradle.

●Web interface: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery.

Jul 2015 – Aug 2016 Danone Brazil

Role: Software Developer.

Hired to work as part of the industrial automation engineering staff, I worked to update the factory supervisory software, user interfaces, and backend code to achieve line production improvements.

I also helped to improve a intranet web portal to show production real time data in charts and spreadsheets to company management layers.

Software deployed and installed with follow-up and user support in the live assembly line for two months.


● Analyzing and offering software improvements and technical solutions.

●Source code and user interface design, development and deployment.

●Designing and maintaining web site with real-time graphics and reports.

●Network conditions review. So as to apply for industrial network standards.

●Good working relationship with AT/IT staffing, plant operators and final users.

●User support and factory production follow-up.

Key Skills

●Rockwell Ladder, Vba, iFix interface (factory supervisory system).

●MS-C#, Asp.NET MVC 4 (.NET framework 4.5), JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, DevExpress 15.

●Ms-Sql 2012 (Stored procedures, Functions, Views.

Jul 2012 – Mar 2014 Danone Brazil

Role: Software Developer.

Contracted as part of the industrial automation engineering staff.

I worked to design and code a feedstock loss management application whose function was to report manufacturing performance and feedstock losses, following each production step, work shifts and product customization. Using a relational database, web server and user interfaces acquired real time industrial data from OPC DA 2.0 and also imported data from ERP software matching production orders. To show management reports with web spreadsheets and charts.


●Software architecture dealing the factory standards and requirements.

●Server environment implementation.

●User interfaces design, database dictionary, frontend and backend coding.

●Real-time data acquisition. ERP SAP data interface.

●Web interface with third-party controls (DevExpress 12.0).

●Keeping a good working with engineering staff and factory operators and final users.

●Documentation, User support and factory production follow-up.

Key Skills

●dot.NET C#, MVC 4, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3.

●Delphi, DevExpress Vcl, OPC 2.0.

●C++ win32 (APIs calls, threads and pointers, Ms-COM/DCOM with OPC 2.0).

●Ms-Sql 2012 (Stored procedures, Functions, Views, Database design and tuning).

Oct 2007 – Oct 2011 SCR Group - Industrial Automation Integrator

Role: Software Developer, IT/AT integration.

SCR Group is a company of Industrial Automation integrators providing assembly line automation for manufacturing industry deploying and commissioning PLC and SCADA software in several industry sectors: oil, food, power plants, siderurgy, etc.

In SCR I worked for several customers, for instance: ABB, Gerdau, Cesp (hydroelectric power plant), Sugar cane plants and Danone. My responsibilities included supervisory environments within SCADA software, factory batch applications, industrial data acquisition, management reporting, Real-time databases and in few times developing communication drivers.

Working closer within industrial devices as Rockwell, Siemens or ABB, acquiring data with OPC interface and designing relational databases to transform industrial operation data on management information to business layers of the customers.

I was in charge of installing, deployment, training, support and user follow-up for the new software in factories, making production follow-up, up to “In Production” or/and “AS-BUILT” state.

I have also worked to design websites to OEE/OPE reporting.

I worked on technical offers for various customers, software design, coding, team coordinator, training and user support.


●Technical quotation and customer offers.

●MS-Windows Server, SCADA and SQL server’s environment installation.

●Real-Time and Relational databases installation and configuration.

●Real-Time and Relational database design, coding, tuning and data mining.

●Win32 API MS-COM/DCOM implementation.

●Web development: backend and web interfaces.

●User training, follow-up and support.

●Factory start-ups.

●Software Documentation, installation and deployment.

● Development team leader.

Key Skills

●MS-VB, MS-VBA, C#, HTML, CSS, Asp, Asp.NET, JavaScript.

●Delphi 7.0. Win32 APIs calls, threads, pointers, dll, ocx, vcl, com/dcom, OPC 2.0.

●Windows Server and desktop (NT, 2000, 2003), IIS,

●iFix (3, 4, 5.0), iHistorian, FactoryTalk,

●Ms-Sql 2000, 2005, 2008 (design and tuning).

Feb 2000 – Oct 2006 ERM – Environmental Resources Management.

Role: Software Developer.

I worked on several new projects in the business development sector including technical offers, design, software analysis.

I also worked with the environmental consultant team to develop: The Greenhouse Gases Emission Inventory System to PETROBRAS. Project registered with all rights given away to Petrobras in the Brazilian trademarks and patents institute INPI (under process number: 07490-1).

It is a national level system related to the acquisition, handling, management and data inventory of greenhouse gases emission.

I worked as a team leader and developer to make a new relational database, several data acquisition interfaces, web interfaces, calculation protocols core, user management, inventory, reporting and presentation in spreadsheets and graphics.

I worked to design data acquisition interfaces from third-party software as ERP (SAP), Oracle databases, remote text files and spreadsheets.

After completing the software design, I worked for two years in customer offices as user support and follow-up to oversee the final deployment and implementation of the new technology with full software documentation.


●Proposals, software design consulting, software engineer, design and programming.

●Programming team leader.

●Relational Database design, programming, tuning and data mining.

●Web development consulting.

●User support, training and follow-up.

●Software Documentation, system deployment.

Key Skills

●VB, VBA, HTML, CSS, Asp, Asp.NET, JavaScript.

●C# (MFC, winforms), Delphi 7.0. VCL developing.

● Windows Server and desktop (NT, 2000, XP), IIS.

●Oracle 8i (Stored procedures, Functions, Views, database design and tuning).

●Ms-Sql 2000, 2005 (design and tuning).

Jan 1999 – Jan 2000 TCI – Industrial Automation Technology Integrators.

Role: Software Developer.

I worked in a project called RDS – “Receipt and Dispatch System”. To manage the dispatch flow control in a Cargill factory plant. I developed a backend software to schedule and trigger EDS routines, scripts and Oracle procedures with timed schedules. I also participated in the factory plant start-up through to the software deployment in “Production State”.

My other duties included dealing with customer’s technical proposals.


●Technician Proposals.

●Design and programming.

●Relational Database design.

●User’s support, training and follow-up.

Key Skills

●MS-VB 5.0, 6.0

● Windows NT and desktop, MS-Office, Ms-Visio.

●Oracle 8i (Stored procedures, Functions, Views, Database design and tuning).

Jan 1993 – Dec 1998 IT Technician Contracts (self-employed)

Role: IT Technician and Support.

As a self-employed entrepreneur, I worked for several customers providing software development, hardware maintenance, software installation, network, IT infrastructure set-up and user support. Few times developing applications with VB and MS-Excel, MS-Access or SQL databases.


●Hardware/ software installation, maintenance, user support.

●IT Infrastructure and network deployment.

●Customer Attendance.

●Design and programming.

Key Skills

●Ms-VB (3.0, 4.0, 5.0), Ms-Access, MS-Office, Novell, Windows (3.11, NT, 95, 98).

●Linux systems (installation and windows connections).

Jan 1992 – Nov 1992 Brazilian Air Force (military service)

Role: IT Technician.

In the military service I worked as IT support to network users.


●User support to Net and Novell 2.12 network.

Educational Record

1989-1991 Data processing with system analysis.

High School and College Radial.

1998 Supervisory developing (GE Fix 3.0)

Aquarius Software Ltda.

2009 Supervisory developing (GE iFix 5.0 and iHistorian 2.0)

Aquarius Software Ltda.

2011 Business Administration College

Sumaré College SP/Brazil - (incomplete)

Other Details

Personal Skills

Self-taught, self-starter, motivated, and hungry to learn about the latest innovations in the information technology world.


Customer service in a variety of environments, critical mission software, experience in fast-paced factory environments, working as part of a team, technical proposals, SDLC’s, team management, software documentation.

Personal preferences:

New technology, software coding, design and architecture, embedded software, databases and software integration, right quality source-code, successful deploy and implementation, Customer satisfaction.


Running, basketball, martial arts, books, languages, philosophy, movies, music and pubs.

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