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Senior QA Automation Engineer

West Windsor Township, New Jersey, United States
January 09, 2018

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Sneha Jang

Senior QA Automation Engineer

E-mail: Phone: 617-***-****

9+ years of experience as a Quality Assurance Tester in both manual and Automation and in reviewing business requirement, develop test plan, documenting test cases,conducting review meetings and maintain automation test suite with Selenium Web Driver using Java, Cucumber, TestNG, Maven to support quality deliverables in the domains of Banking, Healthcare & Insurance.

Manual Testing(JIRA,HP QC/ALM,RALLY)

Automation Testing(Selenium Web Driver,Grid)

Waterfall and Agile methodologies

Cucumber (Behavior Driven Development)


TestNG using annotation

Data Base Testing



oStrong knowledge in implementing Waterfall, Agile (Sprint/Scrum) Methodology by analyzing requirement specifications and responsible for developing Test Objective, strategies, Scope, Test procedures and Test Matrices.

oExperienced in designing, developing, enhancing automated test scripts for Selenium using Java.

oGood in Automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Java, Jenkins (continuous integration, Regression tests), Maven (Regression tests), Eclipse, Cucumber, TestNG (Regression tests) .

oExperienced in making Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid and Page Object Model frameworks with Selenium to maintain test suite.

oExperienced in grouping test cases using TestNG XML for regression and Functional Testing using TestNG Annotations such as Groups, Data Providers, parameters, Listeners.

oGood Knowledge in OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) concepts i.e., Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance.

oIdentified GUI elements and perfect with different Selenium locators like ID, Link Text, Name, Partial Link Text, XPath, DOM and CSS to create the scripts of Automation.

oExperienced in testing and handling different frames (frames, iframes) of a HTML page with having different DOM's for every iframe.

oWell versed in testing with handling different methods of Select class for selecting and deselecting, for drop down.

oExperienced in handling multiple windows and Pop-ups with Selenium.

oExpertise in using Apache POI for data driven frameworks, to load data into required test scripts from external sources like excel sheets.

oWorking knowledge with functional testing Cross Browser Testing using Selenium to check that the web application works as expected in different browsers.

oConversant using tools like GitHub for configuration management.

oExperienced in working with Selenium Grid which is a part of the Selenium Suite to specialize on running multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems, and machines in parallel.

oExperienced in working with logging framework Log4j written in Java to store the flow details of Selenium Automation in a file or databases.

oExperienced with test automation for web applications and web services using SOAP UI and automating tests with Java, and JUNIT testing with Cucumber.

oExperienced with SQL and Oracle,PL/SQL, to run the data integrity tests for and JDBC establish connectivity between the Java Programming language and a wide range of databases.

oWorking knowledge of Behavior Driven Development (Features, Scenarios, Step definitions GWT) with Cucumber.

oExperienced using Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins Build Server, Maven, and GIT Subversion client to manage different versions of the source code.

oWell versed in using project management tools such as Jira, Rally,HP QC/ALM for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions.

oExperienced in using build automation tools such as Maven (to manage framework dependency jar files) and for automating software build processes.

oDeveloped BDD tests using Cucumber by writing behavior's and step definitions. Developed required Selenium support code in JAVA for Cucumber.

oExperienced in performing GUI, Functional testing, System testing, Regression testing, Backend testing, Smoke testing using manual & automated testing tools.

oSkilled in Coordinating with Project Managers, Business Analysts and System Analysts to set up the pre-validation and validation environment to execute the scripts.

oISTBQ Certified software tester


Test Approaches


Testing tools

Selenium Webdriver, Selenium IDE/RC, SOAPUI, Perfecto, JMeter, Jenkins, Selenium Grid


Test Plan, Test Case, RTM, Test Summary Report, Bug report, User Stories, Backlogs

Test Build & Integration Tools

Maven, ANT, Jenkins

Programming Languages

Java, C, C++, Groovy, Gherkin, Python.


SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, SQL.


Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Defect Tracking Tools

HP ALM/Quality Center, JIRA, Bugzilla, Rally.

Markup Languages

HTML,CSS, XML, java script

Operating Systems

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Unix, Linux


Page Object Model, Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid Driven, Cucumber, TestNG, Junit, log4j

MS Office Tools

Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access

Web Services


Types of Testing

Manual Testing, UI Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Localization Testing, Performance Testing and Ad-hoc testing.

Other tools

Jira, Rally, GIT,SVN, Auto IT, Eclipse, FireBug, FirePath.

Education Details :

Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering


Senior QA Automation Engineer – WorldPay, Georgia, AL Duration: Oct’ 2016 – Till Date

Description : Worldpay provides electronic payment processing solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the United States and internationally . There are several web application mainly i have dealt with Merchant Chargeback Interface (MCI) project and Visa Online Resolution project which deal with Visa Networking and their chargebacks.


oConducted Functional testing, Regression Testing. Created automation test cases and test scripts using data driven framework and Page Factory model to test the web applications using Selenium WebDriver.

oInvolved in SDLC/Agile & Waterfall processes and End to End test life cycle.

oAssessed & analyzed user stories, Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and participated in Sprint planning, Review Sessions & Scrum Meetings.

oDesigned and executed test cases, identified and acquired test data, analyzed test results, created defects to be the customer’s voice for quality.

oExperience in using JIRA for project tracking and logging defects and CONFLUENCE for documentations.

oUsed HP ALM to for tracking the test cases for QA .

oShared Daily Status Reports with all the team members, Team Leads, Managers and Clients.

oPerformed Sanity testing and Ad-hoc testing when required.

oUtilized Maven to manage dependencies for test execution, plug-ins and created profiles of grouped test cases to run smoke or regression testing. Integrated Jenkins with version controller and scheduled builds to run automatically during a build release by invoking predefined maven commands.

oUtilized Apache POI jar file to read data from the excel spread sheets and load them into required test cases.

oCreated automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven and used Jenkins to execute these test scripts periodically using Java. Performed Cross browser testing and parallel testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers and Safari using TestNG framework.

oDeveloped, enhanced and maintained a large and complex suite of both GUI and API based Automated Regression tests.

oExecuted test cases and participated actively in System Testing, UAT and Regression Testing.

oCreated and executed automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Database as source of Test Data.

oExpertise in using Selenium Grid to run test scripts on different platforms and against different versions of the browsers in parallel to save time.

oImplemented Page Object Model automation framework with Selenium WebDriver, Java and Cucumber.

oGenerated Test Reports using TestNG test script execution and created the error screenshots.

oInteracted with the Development team and the Environment team in prioritizing the defect list and validating known bug fixes.

oPrepared Traceability Matrix to show the test coverage requirements vs. Test scripts.

oExecuted some test cases using TestNG parameters, data providers, suites, parallel suites and groups.

oInvolved in the development of Cucumber Step Definition, Scenarios and Features.

oUsed GIT as a code repository to check out project from it, make modifications, submit and commit changes to the local repository and then later to the central repository.

oInvolved in the evaluation of the code written in Java for performing testing of few Test Cases.

oPerformed testing on Web Services using WSDL and SOAPUI to check the functionality of the Health care.

oUsed Jenkins tool for continuous integration of the builds.

oCreated test cases and performed Database testing to check whether the data is being migrated properly.

oWrote SQL Queries to connect to the database and retrieve data for a specified set of test requirements.

Environment: AGILE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Java, Eclipse, TestNG, Maven, Cucumber, Jenkins, SQL, Oracle, SoapUI, Git, Jira, JMeter, XML, Windows.

Senior QA Automation Engineer – Humana, Louisville, KY Duration: Aug’ 2015 – Sep’2016

Description : Humana e-Pharmacy project is meant to provide a web user interface to its users, in order to sell Humana insurance plans to its customers. There are several (around 60) web applications of Humana e-Pharmacy which are responsible for providing an ease to its customers to buy an insurance plan and calculate the yearly costs involved. Our task is to develop test automation scripts of all the Web applications to make sure that each one of their functionalities is up and running all the time.


oPerforming the role of Sr. QA Test Automation engineer in a fast-paced agile team.

oReviewing requirement documents, system documents to ensure technical accuracy, completeness and compliancy.

oParticipating in design reviews to provide inputs on functional requirements, product designs and schedules.

oCreating Test Plan, Test Strategy and Test Cases manually for in-house developed products and software applications developed.

oConducted UI testing, Functional testing, Regression Testing and verified the results with expected results using Traceability Matrix. Created automation test cases and test scripts using data driven framework and Page Factory model to test the web applications using Selenium WebDriver.

oAutomating the test scripts using Selenium with Java.

oIdentifying and creating test data needed for carrying out execution of all functional and regression scripts.

oUtilized Apache POI jar file to read data from the excel spread sheets and load them into required test cases.

oInterfacing with other groups like, Configuration Management team and Database team to test all features of the application in the perspective of End-to-End.

oInvolved in the usage of BDD framework to develop Cucumber Step Definitions, Scenarios and Features using acceptance criteria which was produced by business analyst to perform UAT testing. Served as coordinator for all testing activities during the project.

oDeveloped BDD tests using Cucumber by writing behavior's and step definitions. Developed required Selenium support code in JAVA for Cucumber.

oCreated automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven and used Jenkins to execute these test scripts periodically using Java. Performed Cross browser testing and parallel testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers and Safari using TestNG framework.

oExpertise in grouping of test suites, test cases and test methods for regression and functional testing using TestNG Annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider and Tags

oMaintaining all manual test scripts and other artifacts like test data, test results and defect reports using JIRA.

oUtilized Maven to manage dependencies for test execution, plug-ins and created profiles of grouped test cases to run smoke or regression testing. Integrated Jenkins with version controller and scheduled builds to run automatically during a build release by invoking predefined maven commands.

oStored the flow details of Selenium Automation in a file using Log4j.

oUsing knowledge of SQL and database query tools like Oracle SQL Developer, to perform data validations for Backend testing.

oHand on experience in usability testing

oTested voice over command.

oUtilizing knowledge of XML and experience of SOAP UI tool in WebServices testing in multi-tiered application architecture.

oCoordinating with other cross team to ensure the newly developed features function End-to-End.

oPerforming production checkout before each production deployments and supporting the operations team in identifying and resolving all production issues.

Environment: Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Grid, Cucumber, MySQL, JIRA, Java, Windows, Eclipse, GIT, Hybrid Framework, TestNG, Soap UI,Agile, Maven, JMeter.

Senior QA Engineer – Center for Medicare & Medicaid, Silver Spring, MD Duration: May’ 2013 – July’2015

Description : Hospital Reporting is a web-based application from CMS, which enables hospitals/medical centers to eliminate the usage of paper for entering and maintaining the entire patient information and medical history. This includes Patient's personal information, Visit history, Reports, Results, and Observations,plans and policies etc. CMS is a leader in providing knowledge driven, process improving software and related service solutions to major healthcare providers, medical centers and hospitals


oWorked with cross-functional teams ( Dev, BA, PM, Product Owner) as a part of Agile environment.

oAnalyze the Business Requirements and closely work with IT for Gap Analysis.

oReviewed product requirement documents, functional specifications, and involved in developing test plan and test case documents.

oExtensively used Selenium Web Driver to test the web application.

oDeveloped Test Scripts to implement Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and features for BDD (Behavior Driven Development).

oUsed Data Driven Framework and Keyword Driven Framework.

oPerformed Data driven testing using Java, Selenium and TestNG functions which reads data from property and XML files using Apache POI and Performed Continuous integration automation using Jenkins.

oContributed in developing Automation Framework that uses Java, Selenium Web Driver and JUnit

oDevelop Test Plan, Test scenarios, Test cases, Test Scripts and Traceability Matrix.

oWrote test cases to handle Alerts on the web page and used Firebug/Fire Path Add-on tools to identify the Object's id, Name, XPath, link in the application.

oConfigured Selenium Grid to execute tests on different machines against different browsers in parallel.

oCoordinate with developers to prioritize defects and rectify them.

oRegression testing was performed and updated the Scripts by executing the Regression suites built using Selenium.

oConfigured JDBC connections to retrieve data from database.

oPerformed back end testing by writing and executing SQL queries to validate that data is being populated in appropriate tables and manually verify the correctness of the data with front-end values.

oTest automation for web application using Cucumber. Familiar with Cucumber, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium commands and x-path.

oConfigured Maven and Jenkins for better dependency and automatic build deployment.

oMaintaining the Selenium scripts in GitHub repository.

oParticipated in Daily Scrum, Iteration Planning, Release Planning meeting and used Jira Tool and peer review with team.

oPerformed System, Integration, Smoke, Sanity, Functional, End to End, Positive and Negative and monitored the behavior of the applications during different phases of testing using testing methodologies.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, CSS, Eclipse, SQL Server, XML, GitHub, JUnit, JDBC, TestNG, Jenkins, Jira, Maven, Cucumber.

Senior QA Test Engineer – Huntington Bank, Columbus, OH Duration: April’ 2012 – May’ 2013

Description :Huntington Bank provides a diversified line of financial services, including business and personal banking, wealth management, estate planning and investments through its affiliated companies. The project involved testing the online Banking and Client Management applications that provide client account information. The modules under test were Order Management and Transaction Management.


oInvolved in analysis of the documents like Business Requirements and Functional Requirements and created the module wise test strategy document that defines the test environment, test phases and resources required to perform the testing life cycle.

oResponsible for working within a team to create document and execute Test Plan, Test Cases, and test scripts in support of a set of global tools, systems and databases.

oHave done Manual Tests by analyzing product use cases, and requirements as well as technical design and implementation artifacts to create test cases that execute the specific product functions.

oPrepared Test cases for positive and negative test scenarios as referred in the user stories keeping in mind the Boundary Value Limitations, Equivalence classes.

oImplemented automation framework for Smoke Test to ascertain that the crucial functions of the application work and implemented Regression Test to detect bugs after enhancement and configuration settings of the code.

oDesigned Data Driven Framework to extract the data from excel sheets using Apache POI and to drive the data into the test cases

oIntegrated Automation scripts on Continuous Integration tool Jenkins for nightly batch run of the script.

oDesigned and executed the automation test scripts using Selenium.

oReviewing and analyzing the existing test scripts.

oContributed in developing Hybrid Automation Framework that uses Java, Selenium WebDriver and JUnit.

oUtilized Firebug to identify CSS, XPaths, Link Texts in the application to check the compatibility.

oSuccessfully wrote SQL queries to verify the database updates, inserts and deletion of the records.

oUsed test scripts in SOAP UI and Restful for Testing Web Services.

oWritten the Feature file in Cucumber.

oPerformed Cross Browser testing on different browsers.

oRegression testing was performed after each build release of the application using Selenium.

oFollowed Agile testing methodology, participated in daily SCRUM meetings and testing each module.

oInvolved in test approach & test case walkthrough, review with peers and test leads. The Work group consist of business system analysts, developers and architects.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Firebug, FirePath, XML, XPATH, Agile, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, SQL, Windows, Cucumber, SOAPUI

QA Analyst – Andhra Bank, Hyderabad, India Duration: Feb’ 2010 – Mar’ 2012

Description: Andhra Bank is one largest bank in Andhra Pradesh. The system handles transactions of four kinds of accounts: savings, fixed deposit, joint account and recurring deposit. The system manages different levels of authorization for administration. In this project, I worked in the transfers module and statements module of a checking account, where customers can transfer the money within the bank accounts, from this bank to other banks. Transfers module mainly has one time transfers, recurring transfers, and bank to bank transfers. I had to validate different sections to ensure that money transfer is getting performed correctly. In statements module, I should check different types of statements to verify the right statements are generated


oUnderstanding the Business requirements, Application and function specifications, Design documents.

oInvolved designing and developing of templates for the Test Plans and Test cases. Involved in Preparation of Test Scenarios and review of Test Cases.

oInvolved in updating and executing test cases according to requirements. Identified the Test Cases and documented them in Quality Center. Performed GUI, Functional, Regression, Ad-hoc and Smoke Testing. Prepared various reports based on different stages of Testing.

oPerformed quality assurance reviews on all System Development Life Cycle phases.

oWorked with developers to communicate regarding issues in the application.

oCoordinated the testing effort towards End-to-End testing to verify the proper functioning.

oDeveloped test scripts to Performed Integration testing, System testing, Regression testing, User Acceptance testing (UAT) and Back End testing of an application.

oInvolved in developing detailed test plan, test cases and test scripts for Functional and Regression Testing.

oCreated Test input requirements and prepared the test data for data driven testing.

oData validation and Database integrity testing done by executing SQL queries.

oFollow up with Development team on defect resolution. Updating daily status to Release Manager which includes issues, action items, defect status etc.

Environment: Windows XP, Manual Testing, Microsoft Office Excel, QC, Junit, Waterfall.

QA Analyst – Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, Hyderabad, India Duration: Sep’ 2008 – Jan’ 2010

Description :Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company :is a leading insurance provider in India. One of its major tool IMS(Insurance Management System) was developed to provide information about claims, issuance, renewal and cancellation of health insurance policies along with the due payment of the deductibles by the policy holders. This system has the ability to generate reports based on various criteria.


oInvolved in identifying the manual test cases .

oInvolved in preparation of Test Cases and Test data.

oTest case Execution, Result analysis and Test Report generation

oStudying and understanding the Functional Requirements.

oPerformed Functional and Regression testing

oReporting Defects, Defect verification and track them till closure.

oTest Data preparation and work with interfacing applications for data needs.

oDetecting Defects, communicating to Business Leads and Using Priority based, Business critical bases and enhancement based strategies to conduct Functional testing.

oReported various defects in user-friendly format using Quality Center as a test management tool and defect-tracking tool.

oClient interaction via conference calls on need basis, involved in Peer reviews.

oStatus Reporting to all project stakeholders.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, Windows XP, Manual Testing, MS-Excel, HP QC, Waterfall.

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