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z/OS System Programmer Mainframe Storage/Security Administrator

Little Falls, New Jersey, United States
January 08, 2018

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z/OS System Programmer Mainframe Storage/Security Administrator


High analytical, innovative professional with extensive experience in systems programming, security, and diverse IT operations. Effective at developing cutting-edge software solutions, performing system generation, migrating storage system. Known for the ability to guide and develop cross-functional teams to deliver first-rate quality of program and services. Equipped with interpersonal and communication skills in building productive relationships with all levels of individuals using bilingual proficiency in English and Hindi.


Software and Hardware Maintenance

Technology Installation

System Migration and Upgrade

Continuous Process Improvement

Tuning and Capacity Planning

Software Security Administration


Information Builders – New York, NY, USA

Senior Systems Programmer Feb 2007–Dec 2017

Handled the installation, customization, maintenance of z/OS operating systems within z/OS Sysplex environment, while supporting the z/OS 1.7 – 1.10, 1.13, and 2.1 – 2.3

Took charge of managing and upgrading all IBM CPUs

Managed IBM and independent software vendor (ISV) software currency while applying program temporary fix (PTFs) along with new releases as required through system modification program/extended (SMP/E)

Identified and resolved system and performance problems

Administered z/OS Unix system services (USS) and zFs file systems

Notable Achievements:

-Served as team leader in the migration of CPU to zBC12 and performed system generation, as well as created IODEFs by utilizing HCD and HMC configurations for four LPARs.

-Played a pivotal role in the implementation of z/OSMF on z/OS 2.2 and activation of incident log, software management, system status, and resource monitoring

-Administered the Tivoli AF/OP auto operations project by serving as leader and subject matter expert in automating varied aspects of multiple virtual storage (MVS) operations

-Obtained significant savings by lessening 8-3174s with migration to Open System Adapter (OSA)-Express Integrated Console Controller

-Facilitated the migration to internet broadband connection for Hardware Management Console, which successfully decreased expenses in specified modem and phone line

Saudi Consolidated Electricity Company (SCECO) – Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Senior Systems Programmer and Storage Administrator Feb 1990–Dec 2006

Took charge of overall aspects of z/OS operating system, which involved IBM and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vendor software installation and maintenance

Maintained IBM mainframes upgrade, including z800, 9672, and ES9000, as well as system generation

Conducted performance tuning of two logical partition (LPARs), as well as capacity assessment and planning for CPU, direct-access storage device (DASD), and TAPE

Handled DASD management encompassing 5 terabytes (TB) data on IBM ESS, HDS, and EMC

Spearheaded the migration of Z800 from IBM 9672 by performing as project team leader, while providing technical know-how throughout project life cycle

Performed capacity planning and performance tuning using WLM, SMF and ad-hoc reporting utilizing SAS

Notable Achievements:

-Functioned as team leader for Storage Management Subsystem (SMS) migration project, including defining the contours of project and developing the project team, while configuring DFSMS and drafting all necessary ACS routines for storage management

-Setup tape mount management (TMM) through DFSMS which resulted in 55% reduction on batch processing time

-Developed a stand-alone LPAR system for Y2K, while conducting test process on system software and applications

-Directed migration of workload manager (WLM) from compatibility to goal mode by setting policies, service classes, classification rules and response time goals, while evaluating daily performance through System Measurement Facility (SMF) reports and improved goals

-Accomplished the installation IBM 3590 Magstar drives and transferred all DFHSM data from STK Cartridges to IBM 3590 cartridges

-Managed the transition of ES9000 to IBM 9672 and 3084Q to ES9000/500 with Processor Resource/Systems Manager (PR/SM) which entailed redesigning channel configuration to reduce channels, coding input/output configuration program (IOCP), and setting-up logical partitions

-Authored comprehensive operating procedures for building, defining, and operating logical partitions and conducting power on reset, while facilitating training for operators on hardware management console

-Modified channel configuration through HCD, LPAR definitions, as well as verified and improved IBM OEM software for compatibility with S/390

-Implemented and customized Data Facility Hierarchical Storage Manager (DFHSM) at SCECO along with migrated backup processing from FDR to HSM, which significantly saved backup time and number of tapes used

-Employed HSM space management function that resulted in 25% reclaimed DASD space during first year, which offset annual growth

-Recorded detailed procedures to be used by operators in recycle tapes, copy tapes, reorganized DFHSM database, and managed journal dataset full situation

-Carried out the data migrations of 3480 to 3590, 3420 to 3480IDRC, 3380 to 3390, EMC and HDS to IBM ESS Shark


Colgate-Palmolive – Piscataway, NJ

Systems Programmer and Security Administrator

AT&T Bell Labs – Short Hills, NJ

Systems Programmer

Blue Cross and Blue Shield – New York, NY

Junior Systems Programmer


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (GPA: 3.86)

New York Institute of Technology – New York, NY




CA-1 CA-ACF2 CA Top Secret


IBM (zBC12, z800, 9672, ES9000, ESS 3390, 3590, and 3490) EMC 5100 HDS 7700


Programming Language

COBOL Assembler JCL

Operating System

z/OS OS/390

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