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Air Force Training

LRAFB, Arkansas, 72099, United States
January 08, 2018

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Brandon Stike

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Secret Security Clearance – Active

Executive Summary

Contract Specialist with the U.S. Government holding a DAWIA Level II Contracting Certification. Highly experienced at interpreting and implementing all aspects of the FAR/DFARS. Over four years’ experience with base acquisitions from “cradle to grave” Fixed Priced IDIQ type contracts. Possess high acumen for business collaboration and communication.

Work Experience

United States Air Force Little Rock AFB, AR 72099 United States 10/2013 – 02/2018

Contract Specialist

Government Purchase Card Program Manager

At Little Rock Air Force Base we are the sole contracting entity, and support Active Duty Air Force, Arkansas Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves, and the U.S. Marines. Our mission is to train the world’s best C 130 combat aircrews. In the 19th Contracting Squadron we specialize in the procurement of Commodities, Construction, and Services requirements. Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

• Led Little Rock AFB’s $1.5M Packing & Crating re procurement; ensured on time award facilitated 2500+ annual Permanent Change of Station moves for FY15.

• Keyed 23 contracts for $10.5M in Medical Group support; 52 Full Time Equivalents added 26K beneficiaries with medical care access/held Air Mobility Commands #1 Personnel Individual Medical Readiness (PIMR) rate for 2015.

• Anticipated needs; delivered over $10M in USAF Air Education and Training Commands projected funds uninterrupted training for 47 nations/1800 students annually.

• Orchestrated Little Rock AFB’s $2.1M Base Refuse Collection contract; ensured empty of 10K dumpsters annually key to base vector ctrl plans

• Awarded 11 commodities contracts worth $547K; expert negotiation skills saved $20K returned funds for high priority end of year requirements.

• Expedited critical C 130J Mission Capable Part requirement; acquired landing gear fairing in 5 vs 30 days returned aircraft to fully mission capable status.

• Procured $24K Gear sanitizing system; enabled 29% shelf life increase maintained $115K gear/protected 230 security forces personnel.

• Bolstered air traffic control safety; acquired 14.7K sq. ft. window shade/met FAA requirements, securing 2000 aircraft sorties/12000 flight hours.

• Procured furniture for renovated dormitory; 728 essential items/$256K, increased Little Rock AFB for additional 68 residents.

• Acquired classified info processing system containers; safeguarded 21 Secure Internet Protocol Router stations cleared physical security threat.

• Procured Civil Engineering equipment inspections; allowed semi annual certification of 46 hoists/26 cranes supported 3300 aircraft maintainers

• Managed Sports Officials contract; built competition among 76 intramural teams/4 sports promoted Esprit de Corps.

• Honchoed Little Rock AFB fitness initiatives; ordered 1560 aerobics classes/26K attendees annually key to 99% military fitness testing pass rate.

• Captained Medical Group Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer Requirement; 93 medical evaluation boards conducted annually, improved overall timeliness by 15%.

• Impeccable management 319 contract actions; cemented 78% competition rate, 92% spent in state boosted local economy.

• Directed contract closeouts; 140 closed in 5 months/cut dormant files 14% removed inactive contracts/$200K returned to Little Rock AFB.

• Managed 11 de obligations; resolved payment issues/prepped largest end of year spend in 59 years returned $153K to Little Rock AFB budget for FY14.

• Shaped closeout effort; 52 contracts closed in 3 months/10 yr backlog reduction by 18% named Air Forces Installation Contracting Agencies “Best Practice” for 2015.

• Selected ahead of peers for Little Rock AFB Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program Manager Role; provided guidance to 260 cardholders injected $6.9M into local economy.

• Enforced strict adherence to policy; processed 79 Electronic Contract Actions Reporting System (ECARS) for GPC buys delivered accurate data for government budget review.

• Meticulously tracked 387 GPC managing/cardholder accounts; 99.9% error free program streamlined purchases for Little Rock AFB.

• Ensured 100% FY17 GPC monthly statement approvals; in depth review/260 accounts secured Little Rock AFB $155K in rebates.

• Managed GPC surveillance program; audited 100% cardholders/demolished 25% standard/identified and corrected 21 errors sustained program integrity.

• Customers 1st; conducted 11 initial/refresher GPC classes/111 trained/1 on 1 training for last minute deployer ensured USAF deployed mission.

• Led Little Rock AFB vendor discount program; negotiated discounts with 58 small/large businesses garnered $11K in additional savings

• Keen managements; authored GPC inspection checklist/instituted follow up training Air Force Installation Contracting Agency Staff Assistance Visit rated Outstanding/Benchmark.

• Outstanding Small Business execution; 92% of buys to Small Businesses/$44M awarded unit earned USAF Air Mobility Commands prestigious Small Business Beyond Goals Award for 2016.

• Managed stellar 39 member team; completed 68 construction projects/110 service contracts/115 commodities contracts $39M spent in FY15.

• Led 12 member team/completed 76 contract actions/$7.3M; seamless transition of vital services support contracts garnered squadron small team of the quarter twice for 2015.

• Dynamic resource manager; energized squadrons end of year effort/depleted 100% Little Rock AFB funds team spent $56M Sept/$29M final week. Achieved 520% of 2014 Small Disadvantaged Businesses goal.

• Guided 12 member services team; $11M per year with 60% manning; awarded Little Rock AFB Mission Support Groups Small team of the 3rd Quarter for 2013.

• Superior work ethic; vital to Little Rock AFB Mission Support Groups Large Team of the Year Award.

• Filled Senior Enlisted position for 3 months; promoted career progression for 26 enlisted military; flawless mission execution

• Squadron acting First Sergeant; promotes health, morale, safety, and welfare; instills order/discipline for 46 enlisted/officers/civilians

United States Air Force Little Rock AFB, AR 72099 United States 01/2009 10/2013

C-130E/H Instructor Loadmaster

Quality Assurance Representative

Subject Matter Expert

The 714th Training Squadron is a team of highly experienced C 130 aircrew and civilians whose mission is to ensure the world’s best C 130 aircrew are trained at Little Rock Air Force Base. The 714th provides expert Quality Assurance over the C 130 Aircrew Training Systems $460M contract.

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

• Evaluated USAF C 130E/H Loadmaster Formal Training Unit (FTU) program: initial/mission qualification, instructor & requalification courses for USAF, DOD & international students.

• Planned, developed & implemented C 130E/H training for 400 assigned instructor aircrew & 1,800 students annually

• Air Force's C 130E/H Loadmaster Subject Matter Expert (SME); performs courseware, curriculum, and instructor audits at all Aircrew Training System bases & sites

• Certified 65 FTU lessons; assured accurate/relevant training Material essential to success of USAF C 130 Loadmaster training.

• Audited Aircrew Training System site; conducted 11 instructor evaluations enforced teaching standards of $521M contract.

• Melded C 130 E to H training/academics; ensured new procedures reflected in syllabus smooth transition w/zero training lost.

• Directed 26 changes to outdated Loadmaster training video; revamped media resulted in relevant student training tool.

• Managed AETC C 130H biennial Loadmaster syllabus rewrite; updated 23 events & streamlined instructor/student efficiency.

• First rate SME; updated 50 C 130 Loadmaster training lessons; pivotal to section's 2011 Air Education & Training Command (AETC) Inspector General (IG) Unit Compliance Inspection

(UCI) "Excellent" rating.

• Conducted 25 SME contract instructor evaluations; ensured precise instruction methods; essential to successful training

• Superb SME; updated 100 lessons due to numerous regulation changes provided accurate training to C 130 E/H aircrews.

• Authored 1st FTU Loadmaster Joint Precision Airdrop courseware/syllabus gave Mobility Air Forces/Combatant Commanders next generation capability.

• USAF POC for $1.4M Augmented Reality test program; supervised 84 volunteer tests; latest training system validated.

• Enabled $600K project to bring new aircraft fuselage trainer and building to FTU increased aircraft training device availability by 25%.

• Developed new Loadmaster Refresher Course; emphasized hands on training in fuselage trainers

provided more realistic training.

• Little Rock AFB Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Program Liaison; validated 198 CCAF credentials inspected by USAF Air University team; ensured continued FTU accreditation.

• CCAF Program verified; 198 instructors/credentials validated; 2011 AETC/UCI garnered overall


• Expert taskmaster; managed Unit Fitness Program for 1700 personnel; AETC Inspector General validated; 100% compliant with no discrepancies.

• Briefed USMC C 130 Aviation Team Lead; expert training knowledge impressed; resulted in USMC crewmaster training at Little Rock AFB.

• Briefed Royal Saudi Chief of Training Brigadier General equivalent on Loadmaster Formal Training Unit courses; pivotal to international partner demanding training at Little Rock AFB.

• Completed Quality Assurance for Training Systems course; conducted Quality Assurance for

$460M aircrew training contract.

• Impeccable teamwork; superior performance led to squadrons 2009 AETC Col Joseph B. Duckworth Annual Instrument Award.

• Proven leadership set apart from peers; diligent efforts garnered the squadron Lance P. Sijan Leadership Award nomination.

United States Air Force – Multiple locations 04/1994 – 01/2009

C-141B Loadmaster / C-130E/H Loadmaster

Contingency Response Team Chief, AMC Affiliation Aircraft Load Planner

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

• Deployed to combat zones/JCS exercises/humanitarian relief Operations; leads airfield operations/provides command & control of aircraft at deployed sites

• Instructed proper techniques/procedures for equipment preparation and aircraft load planning to 37 DOD units

• Monitored aircraft arrival/parking/departure, on/off loading & refueling for CRE/CC Ramp coordinator (RAMPCO)

• Evaluated performance of deploying units during moves & supervises cargo/passenger loading while deployed

• Evaluated USAF C 130E/H Loadmaster Formal Training Unit (FTU) program: initial/mission qualification, instructor & requalification courses for USAF, DOD & international students.

• Planned, developed & implemented C 130E/H training for 400 assigned instructor aircrew & 1,800 students annually

• Hard Charger; issued 1,620 Prior Permission Reporting clearances, transported 20 million pounds cargo & 96,000 passengers in/out of USAF Central Commands Area or Responsibility

• Lifesaver; Managed 2,000+ aircraft transiting Kuwait Int’l Airport; convoy operations cut by 50%

kept troops off of war torn roads

• Deployed to Bright Star Exercise; expertly facilitated on/offload of 97 flights, 2000+ passengers and 2.6M pounds of cargo

• Benchmarked Excellence! Completed AMC Mobility Air Forces Command & Control course earned Distinguished Graduate with a 100% average

• Earned "Exceptionally Qualified" rating on flight evaluation; reserved for the top 3% of C 130 aircrew

• Superb Contingency Response Team Chief; led 16 member team during Hurricane Ike; 29 patients/141 passengers/64K tons FEMA cargo evacuated


Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, IL

GPA 3.42/4.0

Bachelors of Science in Industrial Technology

Completion: 08 2018

Community College of the Air Force – Maxwell AFB AL

Associate’s Degree in Contract Management

Completion: 01 2015

Community College of the Air Force – Maxwell AFB AL

Associate’s Degree in Instructor of Tech & Military Science Completion: 03 2010

Community College of the Air Force – Maxwell AFB AL

Associate’s Degree in Aviation Operations

Completion: 03 2003

Professional Certifications:

Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

DAWIA Contracting Level I Certification

Completion 08 2015

Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

DAWIA Contracting Level II Certification

Completion 06 2016

Formal Contracting Training:

CON 290 Contract Administration & Negotiation Techniques Completion 06 2016

CON 280 Source Selection & Administration of Service Contracts Completion 02 2016

CON 216 Legal Considerations in Contracting

Completion 01 2016

CON 200 Business Decisions for Contracting

Completion 01 2016

ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Systems Acq Management

Completion 01 2016

CON 270 Intermediate Cost & Price Analysis

Completion 12 2015

CON 234 Joint Contingency Contracting

Completion 10 2015

CON 170 Fundamentals of Cost & Price Analysis

Completion 07 2015

CON 90 Federal Acquisition Regulation Fundamentals (FAR) Completion 02 2015

CLC 046 DoD Sustainable Procurement Program

Completion 10 2016

CLG 004 Government Purchase Card Refresher Training

Completion 01 2016

HBS 428 Negotiating

Completion 01 2016

CLC 056 Analyzing Contract Costs

Completion 11 2015

CLC 051 Managing Government Property

Completion 01 2014

CLC 057 Performance Based Payments

Completion 01 2014

CLC 058 Introduction to Contract Pricing

Completion 12 2013

L7OZT64P3 Quality Assurance Representative for Training Systems Completion 04 2010

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