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Software Engineer Developer

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
January 08, 2018

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Software Engineer


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University Terrace Drive

Charlotte, NC 28262

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Programming Skills

JAVA,JavaScript,TypeScript, C++, SQL


MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Neo4j,

Cypher, GraphQL, Redis, SQLite, Realm


React.js, Angular 4, Angular JS,

Mongoose, Bootstrap, Material Design,

Spring, SpringBoot JPA, Node.js,



Android Studio, VS Code, Eclipse

IDE, Tableau, Postman


AWS, Beanstalk, EC2, RDS,S3,

Kafka, RabitMQ, Spark

Web Technologies


CSS, Webpack, Babel, JSX, SCSS

Apollo Client, Passport JS, microservices

OS and Designs

SOLID OOPS, Design Patterns,Linux


Dynamic and Enthusiastic Software Developer with 2 years of professional experience in Full Stack Web Development.


Network-Based Application Development, Software System Design, and Implementation, Algorithm and Data Structures, Database Systems, Big Data Cloud Deployment, Mobile Application Development, Visual Analytics, Data Warehousing. WORK EXPERIENCE

Infosys Technologies Ltd - Pune, India

JUN 2014 - MAY 2016

Software Engineer

• Managed a team of 3, at ABN AMRO CISO IAM, Channels User Security, to facilitate user experience with ABN AMRO’s internet banking.

• Supervised the sprint meetings of Agile Software Development methodology to bring about necessary changes in Internet Banking of ABN AMRO.

• Actively contributed in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Design, Development, Testing and Deployment phase, at ABN AMRO.

• Achieved 30% increased efficiency in certain ABN AMRO’s REST APIs by improving Caching, Load Balancing, Scaling and Database queries.

• Worked on Service and Business Layer to develop features for activating, validating and processing Credit Card Details.

• Developed REST API’s using Spring REST and JAX-RS to provide payment services for ABN AMRO bank to facilitate third-party integration.

• Applied Full Stack expertise to synthesize the front end, and back end of loan management portal of ABN AMRO bank facilitating the customers in applying/ updating or viewing their respective Loan applications.

• Designed, developed, maintained and monitored customer’s transaction portal by developing microservices, and using Spring MVC, Dependency Injection, JPA and Angular JS.

• Well versed in following Coding standards, Configuration management, Defect prevention activity, Performance improvement and various other processes as part of project adherence.


• Node-based Chat App ( Developed a chat app using Node.js where the user can share text messages and their location, in a chat room. The app makes use of web sockets HTML CSS for the front-end.

• React Expensify App

Built a Single Page Application to add, delete and modify expenses using React and Redux. Architected the Reducers, Selectors, and Actions for the Redux Store and configured Babel and Webpack manually.

• E-commerce Web Application

Designed and developed an e-commerce web application using JSP/Servlet, JavaScript, MySQL and HTML/CSS with admin and user modules having multi cart functionality for separate billing.

• Real Time Analysis of Twitter Data

Analyzed Twitter data and filtered it on the basis of different categories of jobs using Spark Streaming and Kafka. Consequently, stored the details of the jobs in MongoDB’s relevant tables.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte AUG 2016 - DEC 2017

Master of Science, Computer Science GPA – 3.9

GGSIPU, New Delhi India AUG 2010 - MAY 2014

Bachelor in Technology, Information Technology

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