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Engineer Engineering

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
January 08, 2018

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Experienced Petroleum Reservoir Engineer

Personal Details

First Name: Otavie

Surname: Imo-Jack

Address: ** ***** ***** *** ******* SW AB T3H0G7 Canada.

Phone: +1-403-***-****, Mobile: +1-403-***-****, +234**********


Executive Summary

A highly skilled Reservoir Engineer with over 15 years of experience in performing Reservoir Engineering Studies, Wells and Reservoir Management and implementing Field Development Projects working in projects bringing about cost savings, production optimization, deferment reduction, workscope development and reserves replacement .

Career Objective

Secure growth through a succession of challenging opportunities where in my strategic view, team player attributes, experience, can-do attitude and communication skills can be utilized in obtaining personal career goals and add value to the business of my employer.

Be at the fore-front of value adding projects that bring about socio-economic benefits to society while maximizing shareholder return

To advance technically in the science of Petroleum Engineering and contribute to industry by participation as an author, Consultant, and/or Mentor for Engineers entering the oil industry.


Technical: Reservoir Simulation, Model initialization, history matching, production forecasting,Reservoir Fluid EOS Characterization, Well Performance Optimization, Well Test Design/Analysis, Work-Over Opportunity identification/generation, and Reserves estimation.

Professional: Economics, budgeting, compliance management, Project Management, Industrial Training, Technical Writing and Computer Programming and Applications.

Bio Data

Sex : Male

Marital Status: Married

Work Authorization: Nigeria (Citizen), Canada (Permanent Resident)

Work Experience

Period: 2015 – Date

Position: Senior/Lead Reservoir Engineer

Company & Location: Aiteo Eastern Exploration and Production Company, Lagos


oLead role for all reservoir engineering activities for OML 29 Nigeria with reserves of ca. 2 MMMbbls and production capacity in excess of 200k bopd

oWorked on budget presentation to partners, justification and sign off towards securing JV funding for compamy activities

oManaged relationships with regulatory agency covering technical allowable allocations, work program presentations and production reporting

oCoordinated field readiness checks prior to MER testing activities ensuring issuance of a realistic test program

oTechnical evaluations covering reservoir simulation, material balance analysis, well test design/analysis and Reservoir Fluid characterization

oChampioned business drive towards production ramp-up through strategic review of producing wells towards development of optimized withdrawal strategy

oInvolved in integrated opportunity review coming up with prioritized candidates for surface/subsurface intervention with lowest cost/reward ratios

oDevelopment of business planning activities covering producing, short term opportunities and growth projects in line with company strategic objectives and project maturation best practices

oDevelopment of workscope/guidelines for contractor cativities spanning BHP/PTA and PVT data acquisition and analysis

oDevelopment of Resource evaluation/booking strategy meeting Lender/regulatory requirement

oPlanning, management and optimization of BHP data acquisition campaign

oQC, interpretation, reporting of acquired BHP ensuring retention in the Organization Memory (OM)

oResource evaluation and Annual Reserves Reporting to meet regulatory and Financing requirements of the business

Period: 2009 – 2015

Position: Reservoir Engineer

Company & Location: Shell Petroleum Development Company, Port Harcourt


oOptimized re-perforation targets through the application of geologic-grid derived Area vs Depth data in Material balance models thereby increasing reward from existing wells and developing additional Reserves

oEvaluation of Reseves using a combination of Decline Curve Aanalysis, Material Balance modeling and volumetric method to quantify reward

oCataloged and secured approval for data acquisition/Surveillance Plan leading to effective management of a large field with reserves in excess of 700 MMstb

oDesigned and Analyzed Well test to obtain Well and Reservoir Parameters to improve Field Development Planning

oDelivered on functional Improvement Project on “Prediction of Oil Rim presence in Gas-down-to Reservoirs” coming up with recommendations which led to potential savings in new well cost for the purpose of appraisal.

oApplied advanced phase behavior techniques including forward and backward material balance calculation of depletion type experiments to validate and deploy PVT data

oUse of Reservoir Simulation, material balance analysis, decline curve analysis and volumetric methods to evaluate petroleum resources for end year booking purposes in compliance with SEC requirements and consistent with the SPE-PRMS system

oPore Pressure Prediction (PPP) towards planning of new wells drilling program

oBuilding capillary pressure and relative permeability models towards reservoir model setup

oAquifer modeling for reservoir characterization

oUpscaling Fine grid model while retaining quality towards a more efficient coarse simulation model

oHistory matching and Prediction of reservoir model towards Field Development Planning

Period: 2007 – 2009

Position: Reservoir Engineer

Company & Location: Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, Lagos


oDeveloped Subsurface Fluid acquisition program to optimize appraisal well benefits, ensured optimal sampling and transfer.

oValidation of PVT laboratory experiment leading to a two-way process that improved data quality used for development planning of Field with Reserves of 600 MMstb/1.7 Tscf

oDynamic Reservoir Simulations covering model set-up, initialization, calibration and production forecasting for Field Development Planning

oUpscaling of fine grid reservoir geological model to meet dynamic resource requirements

oInitialization of Reservoir Simulation model to obtain in-place fluid volumes

oHistory matching reservoir simulation model to replicate historical performance and obtain a representative model

oProduction forcasting with proposed development concepts to find optimal development strategy

oDesign of experiments to capture a range of uncertainty in outcome

Period: 2006 - 2006

Position: Researcher

Company & Location: Chevron Nigeria Limited, Lagos


oReviewed existing Field Development Plan

oValidated PVT data and Characterized EOS model

oBuilt dynamic reservoir model and investigated the impact of condensate banking on well deliverability thereby setting a basis for Field Development Planning

oPresented findings to asset management team

Period: 2004 – 2005

Position: Reservoir Engineer

Company & Location: Subsurface Asset Management, Limited


oDelivered on Reserves Estimation as input into reserves reporting and opportunity evaluation

oBuilt EOS models to improve understanding of complex fluid models to aid facility design and deliverability estimates key to negotiating sales contracts

oAnalyzed well test and results used to calibrate simulation models

oPerformed numerical simulation evaluation covering initialization, history matching and forecasting.

oPerformed uncertainty analysis to give range of possibilities and provide indices for taking investment decisions for Clients which including major IOC’s

Period: 2002 – 2004

Position: Reservoir Engineer

Company & Location: Nubian Limited


oDelivered robust estimates of in-place volumes through the application of Decline Curve Analysis

oBasic Petrophysical Log Analysis

oProduction data quaity control, calibration and analysis

oReservoir model initialization, history matching and forecasting as input into client’s FDP

Technical Contributions


o“PVT Characterization of Gas Condensate Reservoir and Investigation of factors affecting Deliverability” – SPE 140629 : Paper presented at the 34th Annual SPE International Conference and Exhibition held in Tinapa – Calabar, Nigeria 31 July – 7 August 2010

o“Splitting the Heptanes-Plus Fraction of Condensate and Volatile Systems: Application of the Gamma Distribution Model – SPE 163017 : Paper presented at the 36th Annual International Conference and Exhibition held in Lagos, Nigeria, 6-8 August 2012

o“ Modeling Gas Condensate Deliverability” – A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering submitted to IPT, Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU) Trondheim.

o“ Integrated Multi Discipline Approach to Carbon Oxygen Logging: Impact on STOG and New Oil Wells Delivery” – Shell Technology Journal Publication

o“An analytical Approach to Consistency Checks of Experimental PVT Data” – SPE 167560 : Paper presented at the 37th Annual International Conference and Exhibition held in Lagos, Nigeria, 6-8 August 2013

o“Prediction of Oil Rim Presence from Compositional Gradient Theory – A case study from Niger Delta Reservoirs” – SPE 167604 : Paper presented at the 37th Annual International Conference and Exhibition held in Lagos, Nigeria, 6-8 August 2013



oShell International Learning Centre, Rijswijk, NL. Subsurface Integration Course

oShell International Learning Centre, Rijswijk, NL. Well, Reservoir & Facility Management

oPetroskills, London, UK. Applied Reservoir Engineering

oShell International Learning Centre, Rijswijk, NL. Reservoir Simulation

oShell International Learning Centre, Rijswijk, NL. Well test and Aanalysis

oShell International Learning Centre, Rijswijk, NL. Hydrocarbon Fluid Properties

oCampbell Cohen, Warri, NG. Gas Processing Course

oShell International Learning, Miri Malaysia. Well and Reservoir Surveillance

oPetroskills, Houston TX, USA. Applied Reservoir Engineering

oBA Griffin, Atlanta GA, USA. Petroleum Geology of Turbidites


oGeorge Washington University, Washington D.C, USA. Ph.D Engineering Management (in view-2019)

oNorwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim, Norway. M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, 2007, Reservoir Specialization

oRivers State University of Science & Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. B.Tech Petroleum Engineering, 2001.

Computer Literacy

Operating Systems: Mac, Windows Operating System, LINUX

GUI’s & Languages: MS Visual Basic

Petroleum Engineering: Schlumberger OFM, Petex IPM, Schlumberger Eclipse Suite, Kappa Ecrin, Calsep PVTsim, Sensor Compositional Simulator, Crystal Ball, Phazecomp Virtual PVT Laboratory, MoRes

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