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Engineer Manager

Littleton, Colorado, United States
January 08, 2018

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Littleton, Colorado 80127



I excel at diagnosis of complex business, liquidation, bankruptcy, and technical problems, breaking them into the component parts and formulating an action plan in very short time. This skill was honed with FDIC in that I might have less than 24 hours to take over a company of any type and run it, addressing all labor, manufacturing, payroll, licensing, sales, and all other components of the business including pending suits. Any professional should be able, given enough time, to thoroughly analyze all problems of the client. It takes special talent to be able to do the same analysis in short time frames, having the ability to make mid-stream adjustments and get to the heart of the matter quickly and decisively.

My knowledge of the law is vast; my experience in business and science is equally vast. This broad experience creates a library to draw upon, giving me an advantage when the opposition has to bring multiple parties in various disciplines to go one-on-one with me. There are very few clients that I cannot relate to and thus instill ease and confidence in the exchange. My resume shows that I can work independently or as a member of a team. I am at home in the boardroom or reporting to a committee or collection of supervisors. I enjoy the challenge of trying to see how many ways a problem can be solved.




Aqyre Energy Consultants – Landman work in greater Denver area


Various smaller projects through Accountability Services and Asset Protection, Inc.


Senior Project Manager/Senior Consultant/Senior Paralegal (including 115 day engagement with the US Department of Energy (Grants and Agreements Specialist GS-11under ARRA)

Crew Chief of 37 person landman crew in six counties in Michigan for Manhattan EnergyOne, LLC leasing and pulling title from patent to present and 50 year cursory title and acquisition due diligence.

Crew Chief for Paschal Energy in four counties in Wyoming supervising 40 plus landmen in DJ and PR Basins.

Crew Chief for Westphal Energy with 50 plus landmen in eastern Colorado.


Commercial Lender, Pueblo Bank and Trust, Denver Branch –specializing in large loans, SBA/FmHA loans and oil and gas loans. The energy lending consisted of equipment loans as well as production and royalty interest loans. In order to evaluate cash flow and collateral values, a good working knowledge of leases and gas contracts was required.

1989 - 2006

Dewayne D. Rymer, J.D., P.C. – Solo law firm, formerly licensed in CO and OK, specializing in civil litigation, probate, energy, bankruptcy, elder law, real estate, commercial, banking, and mediation.

I represented royalty owners in disputes with producers, requiring knowledge of leasing. I represented producers in front of the regulatory agencies requiring knowledge of spacing and permitting requirements. I assisted in litigation over lost production and conversion of production outside of the spacing unit.

Much of my work involved real estate law and oil and gas law wherein I would work on title curative issues, quiet title actions, easements, leases, mineral deeds, and leases of mineral interests. I have extra credit hours in title curative training specifically as well as oil and gas title work, primarily in Oklahoma.

One of my first clients was a landman who would consult with me on problems with conveyances and documents of record. Mortgages, correction deeds, trusts, estates, conservation easements, rights-of-way, etc. were typical problems in title I would address.

1993 - 2001

Navigant Consulting, Inc. (formerly Peterson Worldwide LLC) –

Assistant General Counsel for review and negotiation of contracts, joint venture agreements, strategic alliance agreements, subcontract agreements, non-disclosure agreements, licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and other business arrangements both domestically and internationally.

Corporate Counsel for collections of corporation accounts receivable for domestic and international clients.

Negotiations of accounts deemed not collectible by the accounting department and project managers. Suits for collection filed in-house or referred to outside counsel.

Senior Managing Consultant on projects with the Arizona Department of

Environmental Quality, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The projects' scopes of work are and were to provide technical expertise for the evaluation of initial abatement, investigation, remediation and monitoring of regulated petroleum releases from underground and above ground storage tanks. As Technical Manager, I supervised a team of environmental specialists, biologist, geologists, engineers and hydrologists who evaluate the work performed and make or made recommendations to the ADEQ or VDEQ or IDEM as to the amount the state should pay for the services provided. A component of this process is the regulated public's right to appeal decisions made by the agencies and I arbitrated settlements between the responsible parties, their counsel, their environmental consultants, their insurance carriers, and the state.

I have evaluated environmental coverage through multiple or overlapping policies and carriers, and I have also participated in Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) searches when litigation is involved and the defendant or group of defendants want to find other potential contributors to the case and site. I have performed title searches and examinations, evaluated shipping manifest, receipts, receiving manifests and other indicia of ownership or participation. These sites include abandoned refineries and landfills, both in and out of bankruptcy.

Other engagements at NCI include (1) evaluation of cash flows for a casino in Mississippi that had pledged its disposable income as collateral to service debt on the construction loan of another casino, (2) expert testimony in Santa Rosa, New Mexico on behalf of a bank's insurance carrier in a Lender's Liability suit concerning agricultural lending practices, (3) loan and subsidiary review for a Directors and Officers liability suit involving the Resolution Trust Corporation against a failed savings and loan, and (4) case writing for the disposal or charge-off of non-collectible debt for a federal agency. In addition to my environmental practice role, I also worked in the oil and gas practice wherein we advised pipeline and production companies on issues ranging from taxation to lease and right-of-way acquisition.

1986 - 1993

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Supervisory Liquidation Specialist(GS13) for the administration and liquidation of chattel and real property assets acquired through the failure of commercial banks and savings and loans, virtually all of which had some type of litigation, arbitration, regulatory and/or environmental concerns such as bankruptcy, subordinations, judgments, limited guaranties, wetlands, asbestos, heavy metals, underground storage tanks, hazardous materials, air and water quality, international entities and much more.

I worked with the EPA and the state counterparts, in addition to the Comptroller of the Currency and State Banking Departments, in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Areas of environmental involvement included wetland development, mine reclamation, leaking petroleum from storage tanks, asbestos abatement and removal, endangered species, coastal barrier, caustic soda, radioactive waste, explosives, and corrosive chemicals. Areas of litigation involvement included heading a special unit designed to handle large amounts of cases using inside and outside counsel with an emphasis on settlement of over a billion dollars in loans in that special litigation section.

Also with FDIC, two other specialties, bank and savings and loan subsidiaries and bank acquisition stock loans, were developed by me. I also developed an

expertise in energy lending including production loans, reserve loans, and oilfield equipment loans.

I was a speaker at a joint Texas Bar Association and

Texas Bankers Association seminar on failed financial institutions and the purchasing of troubled institutions from the regulators involved.

As a trouble-shooter, I was appointed CFO of several horizontally and vertically-tiered subsidiaries of banks and holding companies that conducted business in any number of disciplines outside of the traditional scope of the bank. Many of these subsidiaries were ongoing concerns rife with personnel, financial, and legal problems and concerns independent of the relationship to the failed institution. Dealing with bankrupt entities was a daily occurrence, many of which were among the largest bankruptcies ever filed.

Finally, I was also instrumental on the legal side through discovery of evidence of negligence, malfeasance, and criminal referrals as well as expert and non-expert testimony. I also assisted as a National Treasury Employee Union steward in the creation and acceptance of a collectively bargained national labor agreement. I was one of the original group of Treasury employees selected for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training for inter-department, intra-department, and department/private sector disputes. In the seven years at FDIC, the cross-over between the Legal Department and Liquidation Department was often and not well defined. Legal efforts were never individual but team oriented, with parts of the tasks dedicated to the team members to perform. This often included outside firms as team members and on very large cases, the team may be made of multiple outside firms.


US Department of Justice - EPA Enforcement Division (State of Colorado versus U.S. Army) I received special permission from the Department of the Treasury to assist the Justice Department in analyzing expert testimony in the federal case where the State of Colorado sued the U.S. Army for not timely addressing the cleanup of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, a National Priority List site. The Arsenal is where several chemical companies manufactured Agent Orange, Agent White, and other dioxin-based defoliants used in the Vietnam War.

The Justice Department needed Engineer/Attorneys to analyze thousands of pages of depositions from expert witnesses (meteorologists, hydrologists, geologists, toxicologists, biologists, etc.) and synthesize and condense the testimony into a presentation understandable by the jury. My engagement was for four months and would have been longer but the case settled before trial. All relevant CERCLA, RCRA and SARA laws had to be analyzed and applied to the finding of the expert and recommendations as to direct and cross examination made to lead litigation counsel.

1976 - 1983

Dresser Atlas Division, Dresser Industries - Regional Training Engineer, Open Hole Engineer, Cased Hole Engineer. During the oil exploration boom following the 1973 OPEC oil embargo, oil and natural gas exploration in the Mid-Continent region reached unequaled proportions. I logged open boreholes that reached to depths in excess of 25,000 feet and encountered natural problems of intense heat, molten bromide, hydrogen sulfide gas and surface pressures in excess of 25,000 psi. I analyzed acoustic data, resistivity, nuclear (gamma and neutron radiation) and other data to determine porosity and permeability of hydrocarbon bearing formations.

The geologic and engineering concepts learned and practiced in petroleum exploration relates directly to the environmental problems encountered today. Heavy metals (chromium, barium) and radioactive isotopes (iodine, iridium) were common formation pollutants which were effectively managed to avoid contamination of pierced fresh water aquifers.

1981 – 1982

Oklahoma State University Technical Institute - Adjunct Professor -(Part Time)

Introduction to Oil and Gas Exploration (3 hour credit undergraduate)

I began with theories on oil and gas deposition in sedimentary formations and continued through seismic analysis, core analysis, electronic log analysis, drill cutting analysis, reservoir dynamics, and secondary or enhanced oil recovery. In addition, we generally covered all aspects of exploration from finding the prospect geologically, leasing the project, drilling and producing the project with some discussion on pricing and long-term gas and oil contracts and revenue. Asset evaluation would also be included as calculation of reserves potential was on the final exam.

1971 - 1976

Vice President and Cashier, Director in family owned banks in Oklahoma and Kansas.


Oklahoma City University - Bachelors of Science Degree granted by College of Arts and Sciences in Technical Education (Petroleum Physics)

Oklahoma City University - Bachelors of Arts Degree granted by College of Arts and Sciences in Business Management with a minor in Accounting.

Oklahoma City University School of Law - Juris Doctor Degree granted in Law.

Military Training and Service:

United States Army Quartermaster School of Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants. MOS - 76W20 Petroleum Storage Specialist, Fort Lee, Virginia. Honorable Discharge.

Other Schools Attended:

University of Oklahoma, Central Oklahoma State University, Bethany Nazarene College

Oklahoma Intermediate School of Banking

Oklahoma State University

U.S. Treasury Department Banking School

Professional Qualifications, Degrees, and Continuing Education:

Registered Environmental Professional No. REP5872 National Registry of Environmental Professionals (formerly).

Public Forum seminars for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality on various topics in selected cities in Arizona.

U.S. Treasury Department Alternative Dispute Resolution Representative

Expert witness in accounting in national mock trial program of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

Guest Lecturer:

Petroleum Geology and Exploration

University of Oklahoma - Graduate School of Geology

Phillips University

States with former Reciprocity: Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and others.

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