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Head of Projects

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
January 10, 2018

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Er. Ahmad Nabil +966 (59) 101 2889 Page: 1 of 3

Tools and Technologies

Virtualization [Hyper-V, VMWare] Cisco Call Manager Tape Libraries Remote support HP Asset Manager (HPAM) SAP Windows Streaming Media Services Adobe Photoshop PC backup Threats HP Service Centre (HPSC) VoIP Imaging [Symantec Ghost, MDT] Wired & wireless networking Real Time Operations (RTO) LENEL system SCCM Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Desktop & Server MS Project Content Management Systems (CMS) MS Visio Windows Server 2000 until 2016, MultiPoint & Windows Client 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Microsoft Office 2000 until 2016 Surveillance Cameras/Systems Ticketing Main Control Hardware-Software installation/troubleshooting 3CX Key Skills

Mentoring, Thought Leadership, Business Development, Risk Management, Strategy, Negotiation and Writing. 1.2 Decades Career Brief

Er. Ahmad Nabil

Manager, Consultant,

Engineer & Author

Transferrable Residence (Iqama)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

+966 (59) 101 2889


Areas of Expertise Information Technology Engineering Finance Planning Projects Supply Chain Economy Business Disaster Recovery Change Management Budgeting Oil & Gas Analysis Solutions Decision Making Consultation Design Voracious Reader striving for Ethics, Wisdom, Power & Resources.. Patient, Listener & A hard to get angry person.. Amiably, Innovative, intellectual, Initiative, Persistent, Speaker & Bipartisan.. IT Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Abrar Communication Ltd. Telecom Service. Less than 250 employees. Offered a regular part time-based general IT Consultancies for their operations.

Supported their IT infrastructure and users.

Carried out a periodic routine maintenance.

Evaluated their needs and designed an infrastructure upgraded. Ragab, 1438


(April, 2017 A.D.)

Career History for more than 12 years

Career Achievements

Acquired a global experience through my travels to and work in various international cultures such as Malaysia, UK, UAE, China, KSA, Algeria, Jordan, Thailand & Egypt. Besides, I have worked on projects in virtual teams in USA, UK, France, Singapore, Brazil, Congo, Angola, Libya, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Pakistan, Kuwait and Iraq. Technology Author

Wrote books, courses and articles; mainly about technology like:

My Computer Friend book on Amazon and Lulu.

This is Windows 10 book on Amazon.

Excel for Business course on Souq.

Rabie’a, 1432


(February, 2011 A.D.)

Head of Projects, Saudi Arabia

Areen BMC Technology Biomedical Services. Less than 50 employees. Led the company projects programme throughout the KSA; worth more than SAR 50M.

Handled communications, plans, progress, affairs, relations and documentation.

Planned the chaotic projects.

Directed the team through how to plan and manage the projects.

Assessed and developed the work flow addressing the rooms of improvement.

Documented the activities and standardized the work flow. Tho Alhagga, 1438


(September, 2017 A.D.)

Er. Ahmad Nabil +966 (59) 101 2889 Page: 2 of 3 IT Technician, Egypt

Halliburton ESG Oil and Gas. More than 80,000 employees.

Supported network & users on PCs (laptops, desktops), servers, switches, routers, APs, MFDs, IP, analogue & cell phones, besides imaging & installing systems.

Exceeded customers’ expectations in more than 87% of the cases. Ragab, 1426

(August, 2005 A.D.)

Safar, 1428

(March, 2007 A.D.)

Halliburton ESG Oil and Gas. More than 80,000 employees. Led the company IT operations in Egypt through which I:

Created & set kernel of a global IT knowledge base; exceeded 40,000 solutions.

Led the Real Time Operations (RTO) operations through the Africa area.

Excelled an asset tracking system; saved 32% of the resources that were useless.

Developed and delivered end users’ training programs which decreased the support calls by 29%.

Excelled “Wireless gateway” which saved 83% of outer meetings costs by connection sharing.

Re-routed the calls over IP saving 61% of the remote areas calls costs.

Managed implementing Follow Me Print/Scan using Equitrac. Saved more than 20% of the printing costs.

Built the security & surveillance system (16 cameras, 8 card readers & 2 car gates) with the LENEL team.

Built Halliburton Egypt website on CMS.

Safar, 1428

(March, 2007 A.D.)

Gomada, 1430

(May, 2009 A.D.)

Country Asset Manager & Senior analyst, IT, Egypt

IT Project Manager, Middle East - Africa Common Office Environment Lead Halliburton ESG Oil and Gas. More than 80,000 employees.

Led the regional support wing of the customer services group in which I was Gomada, 1430

(May, 2009 A.D.)

Ragab, 1431

(July, 2010 A.D.)

mentoring the IT teams while addressing their queries, thoughts, issues and complex problems.

Exceeded customers’ expectations in more than 96% of the cases. IT Project Manager, Eastern Hemisphere Virtualization Lead Halliburton ESG Oil and Gas. More than 80,000 employees.

Initiated a project to virtualize 20K plus desktop computers globally targeting Ragab, 1431

(July, 2010 A.D.)

Gomada, 1432

(April, 2011 A.D.)

saving 85% of resources, costs while simplifying management and support.

Appointed as a project manager to this initiative through the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and Middle East) working with a global team on the transformation. Founder and Owner, Egypt

Annoblaa Information Technology & Trading. Start-up.

Information Technology unit achieved a profit of 283%.

Traditional Trading unit achieved a profit of 16%. Sh’aban, 1433

(July, 2012 A.D.)

Sh’aban, 1437

(May, 2016 A.D.)

IT Manager, Saudi Arabia

Al-Raqaba Security IT & Security Services. Less than 50 employees. Led the IT & service centre businesses; reported to the Chief Executive.

Launched a 100 products store on, ME largest e-commerce platform.

Changed the manual service centre operations to use the SpiceWorks Help Desk.

Managed a team of 9 technicians, commissaries & labourers.

Acquired the status of ASP (Authorized Service Provider) for BenQ equipment.

Designed solutions & projects while supervising the implementation and delivery.

Handled planning, budgets, staffing, operations, business development, procurement & documentation. Rabie’a, 1438

(January, 2017 A.D.)

Shawwal, 1438

(July, 2017 A.D.)

IT Project Manager, Regional - Asir & Najran areas, Southern Region, Saudi Arabia Arab Security (ASEC) Network & Security Services. Less than 250 employees. Led a major critical CCTV surveillance project; managing staff, budget, communications, & documents. Using a wide variety of network technologies.

34 sites for the Government Police Investigation department with 906 cameras.

In just 3 months, I reduced the project resources saving 62%. Sh’aban, 1437

(May, 2016 A.D.)

Rabie’a, 1438

(January, 2017 A.D.)

Er. Ahmad Nabil +966 (59) 101 2889 Page: 3 of 3 Languages

Arabic (Native) English (Bilingual) French (Basic) Interests

Reading, writing, poetry, swimming and travelling. Early Works, Egypt

My team awarded Top 10 Projects during Egypt first Business Plan Competition.

My team built three robots as our graduation project and represented the Univer- sity in the Egypt Robocon contest.

Sh’aban, 1425

(September, 2004 A.D.)

Rabie’a, 1426

(May, 2005 A.D.)

Personal Information

Qualifications, Accreditations and Memberships

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's of Engineering, Electronics & Communications. Cairo University. 1421-1426 (2001-2005 A.D.)

ITIL IT Service Management Foundation Certificate. U.K. Wardown Consulting Limited. 1428 (2007 A.D.)

MCP Microsoft Certified Professional. Microsoft. Cairo. 1429 (2008 A.D.) Memberships


CCNA. Cisco. Dubai. 1428 (2007 A.D.) *Not certified; did not need it and was busy to prepare for exam*

Business planning - Presentation skills. Egypt Knowledge Academy. 1426 (2005 A.D.)

Digital signal processing - Microcontroller architecture, Atmel. Egypt HTC. 1425 (2004 A.D.)

Visual C# .NET. Egypt HTC. 1423 (2002 A.D.)


Year of birth: 1403 (1983 A.D.) Driving License: Yes (GCC & Egypt) Citizenship: Egyptian Marital Status: Married

Private commodity investor, Egypt

Trading gold and currencies by forming their price trends over time.

Warned from the Egyptian currency devaluation 4 years before the fact and ad- vice my followers to transform their savings.

Achieved about 147% profit.

Safar, 1427


(March, 2006 A.D.)

More Information

You are welcome to go through my Virtual Interview. And to contact me through my contact details at the top section of this file. Want to know more..

Exclusive Agent in Egypt

Guest For Home Travel and hospitality. Less than 250 employees. Developed and promoted all business of Guest For Home, a British start-up working globally for offering innovative shared economy services, in Egypt. Tho Elqaeda, 1434

(September, 2013 A.D.)

Sh’aban, 1437

(May, 2016 A.D.)

Private stock investor, Egypt

Traded stocks in the Egyptian Stock Exchange Market.

Achieved about 25% profit.

Moharram, 1429

(January, 2008 A.D.)

Gomada, 1434

(May, 2013 A.D.)

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