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Engineer Electrical

San Jose, California, United States
January 10, 2018

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Shyam R Thillainathan



4+ years of experience in hardware development, with exposure to various stages of product development including manufacturing life cycle in consumer electronics, RF and in IoT technology. Highlights:

• Extensive experience in mixed signal board design.

• Experience in designing battery operated consumer electronics powered by Cortex M4/M3/M0 core with communication protocols like I2C, UART, SPI and USB.

• A strong understanding of integrating wireless systems including but not limited to Bluetooth, BTLE, WiFi, LTE, etc.

• Capable of Hardware, Software, PCB, and Functional Test design.

• Skilled in using Simulation tools like TINA and SPICE.

• Hands-on experience in hardware board-level testing and measurements, lab equipment and hardware debugging.

• Familiar with power semiconductors, DC-DC / DC-AC converters, microprocessors, and data communication circuits.

• Worked on a team which designed one of its kind AFE systems for bio-impedance based wearable.

• Familiarity with various PCB design issues, including DFT/DFA/DFM, as well as RoHS and designing for EMC.

• Capable of Functional Test development and Fixture development.

• First-hand knowledge on use of advanced test equipment (Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, high wattage power supplies).

• System, board, and component level troubleshooting skills.

• Skilled in analog, digital, power electronics, noise analysis / management, and power management design.

• Responsible for picking parts in the wearable products/iOT based device tracker.

• Skilled in the use of Enterprise PLM tools [Product Line Management] (Arena PLM, Oracle).

• Excellent relationship with Silicon manufacturers, Distributors, CMs and Test labs in Silicon Valley.

• Experience in price negotiations and vendor relationship.

• Responsible for regulatory certifications (FCC, CE, UL).

• Extensive Documentation Generation Experience (from Product Design Requirements, Hardware Theory of Operation and Debug, Prototype DVT Test Reports, Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI), ECO/Deviation generation, Hardware Schematics, BOM Creation and Maintenance, to Equipment Asset Tracking and Calibration Spreadsheets). Technical skills:

• Design Tools: OrCAD 16.6, 17.2: Capture CIS, PCB Layout Editor, Library builder, PSpice; Allegro 16.6, 17.2: Capture Entry CIS, PCB Editor, Physical Viewer, Altium Designer and Eagle.

• Basic Level Programming Knowledge: Embedded C.

• Programming Tools & IDE’s: Keil uVision, IAR, Sublime, Notepad ++, Eclipse, CCS for PIC.

• Basic Level Scripting Knowledge: Python and JavaScript.

• Tools: MathCAD and Matlab.

• Skills: SMD Soldering, PCB Etching, 3D printer operations, Laser etching tools and basic hand tool operations.

• Enterprise PLM tools: ARENA PLM. Experience:

Hardware & Systems Engineering Lead, Culvert Engineering Solutions Feb 2017 – Present Worked on an IoT based asset tracker and helped design 10+ products for clients. Lead a team of hardware and firmware engineers to take a product from concept stage to DVT stage.

• Produced over 10 designs using stepper motor controllers, encoders, isolated I/O, DC-DC converters, real-time clocks, temperature and humidity sensors, relays, accelerometers, ambient light sensors, battery-operated devices, battery monitors, touch sensors, etc.

• Established in-house PCB assembly (SMT) for prototype development.

• Responsible for architecture, electronic design and integration of wrist-worn wearable technology.

• Worked on ultra-low power ARM based uC/uP from ST, TI, NORDIC.

• Worked on improving range on the BLE 5.0 from NORDIC.

• Have a strong integration knowledge on dual band WiFi & LTE.

• A good understanding of the AT commands.

• Written batch scripts to automate the testing process.

• Experience in complex board technology, complex form-factors, miniaturization, custom component sourcing, thermal mitigation, low-power optimization, reliability, manufacturing and user safety among others.

• In-depth expertise of consumer electronic product development life cycle.

• Managed local and remote engineering teams and concurrent product developments.

• Managed teams using project management tools/issue tracking tools like JIRA.

• Documented process and test results in Atlassian.

• Oversaw the implementation of various mixed signal PCB board designs and layouts, including designing for EMC.

Electrical Engineer, TYTO Life LLC/OTTO Oct 2016 – Jan 2017 Worked in the EE team helping them productize their first IoT based smart lock. The extensive electro-mechanical architecture of the smart lock makes it challenging to manufacture.

• Worked on the existing design, characterizing the entire system for power and system optimization.

• Worked with CM in China setting up the production, SMT and FATP line.

• Designed and tested test fixtures and helped them fix issues on the SMT and FATP line.

• Helped the EE team manufacture their EVT products and helped them with their SMT and FATP FA.

• Dramatically reduced production costs while contributing directly to product quality and performance, innovation, and manufacturability.

• Driving cross functional effort on system reliability improvement: Root cause investigation, design change, technical guidance for field service manual. Dealing with electrical, mechanical, and firmware/software related issues.

• Reduced parts cost by more than 15% (primarily through second-sourcing) and reduced parts count by more than 30%. Achieved significant manufacturing cost savings and production speed / test time improvements.

• Worked extensively with our vertically integrated (VIM), original design (ODM) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) throughout the world to assist and train their employees in the debug and final testing of our products.

• Constructed prototype circuits and test fixtures for gauging electrical performance and component selection; provided rework and rewiring assistance for early release boards.

• Created complete documentation for their EVT build.

• Designed power efficient, ultra-low form factor alternate design solutions and implemented the design solution, in a way reducing the system complexity, reducing the power consumption and cost. Hardware and Systems Engineer, Jawbone Mar 2014 – Oct 2016 Worked in the CTO team developing the first consumer wearable bio-impedance (BI) sensor that detects heart rate (HR), respiration rate (RR) and galvanic skin response at the wrist. The sensor is in mass production in Jawbone’s newest health tracker, the UP3.

• Designed low-noise BI sensor that detects microvolt vital signals across a diverse population.

• Designed filtering/amplification circuitry to acquire <10 μV body signals from 2 electrodes.

• Developed testing circuitry that models body impedance to validate the BI sensor on the assembly line which helped in reducing the failure rate significantly.

• Validated the BI sensor across ~3,600 hours of data from users at Jawbone.

• Actively participated in the MCU selection, sensor and component selection process. Worked on creating schematics and worked closely with PCB layout engineer in designing an ultra-low form factor board.

• Reviewed and maintained product documentation in an Arena PLM system (BOM, Gerber’s, ECO’s etc.).

• Procurement and assembly of the new prototype boards.

• Integration, testing and validation of hardware to documented hardware specifications.

• Developed hardware setups for Power Modeling and battery life analysis for the UP bands.

• Worked closely with Jawbone's PD team to refine work on the Jawbone UP3. Graduate Research Assistant, CARRT Lab, USF Aug 2012 – Dec 2013

• Android controlled movable dance platform – Design of the control circuit to control the joystick and high voltage DC motors using Power MOSFET; developed a suitable circuit to communicate with the android app using the Bluetooth module;

• Haptic rehabilitation system to improve fine motor skills of cerebral palsy patients – Study of Phantom Omni, development of virtual alphabetic patterns and design of external linkage system for the Phantom Omni.


● Masters in Mechanical Engineering, University of South Florida Dec 2013

● Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Instrumentation, Anna University, India May 2011

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