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Engineer Drilling

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
January 06, 2018

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Rizwan Faisal *** Sherwood Square NW, Calgary, AB, T3R0R9 +1-403-***-****


Drilling Engineer offering over 18 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry. In depth knowledge of engineering aspects of well planning with ability to performance enhancement and drilling optimization. Manage operations, supervise personnel and develop improvements for deep water and land operations. Experienced with directional wells, drilling engineering and rig operations. Monitor site activities for safe operations. Establish corrective action to maintain Service Quality and Safety excellence. An active problem solver with excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills STRENGTHS

8+ Years Drilling Engineering, 10yrs DD MWD/LWD experience covering

Advance proficiency in well planning with leading industry software - EDM landmark and DOX software.

Anti-collision and drilling risk analysis.

Design staging in procedure in an HTHP environment.

Design and optimization of BHA for Horizontal and highly deviated wells

Offset well analysis and risk management.

Supervise / monitor / executed Directional Drilling activities while drilling on daily basis.

Survey design, survey analysis, correction and management while drilling.

Torque, drag, buckling, hydraulics, ECD, BHA vibration analysis.

Design procedures for dynamic drilling problems mitigation (stick/slip, shock and vibration, whirling) in order to improve ROP.

KPI tracking and analysis in order to meet specific requirements.

Compile end of well reviews, ensuring that important lessons learnt are properly documented.

Exceptional time management skills in fast paced environment with positive learning attitude.

Excellent technical writing. Efficient in MS Office. Strong interpersonal communication skills. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Schlumberger Drilling and Measurements 1997 – 2015 Senior Drilling Engineer, 2006 – 2015

Provided customers with in-house support for drilling engineering and directional operations.

Offered technical advice and support on how to drill wells safely and efficiently to enhance operations.

Supervised daily drilling activity and provided feedback to rig crew to improve operations.

Design well profiles, BHA and hydraulics for specific drilling challenges and applications.

Collaborated with clients in the selection and evaluation of bits for rotary steerable/motor applications.

Reviewed and provided recommendations to customer’s drilling program.

Prepare detailed technical proposal covering all aspect of drilling and BHA for each well highlighting trips and falls for each section.

Utilized run analysis and field feedback to provide customer with lesson learned.

Team player to develop processes that allowed for remote operations for directional drilling with drilling optimization for client directional target objectives. Accomplishments

Senior Drilling Engineer – Houston TX, 2014 – 2015

In house drilling engineer for Nobel Energy Incorporation and Talos Deep Water project.

Schlumberger Service Quality VP Award Q2 2015 winner for Noble Energy Houston “Excellence in Execution: 5 consecutive wells drilled in GOM with 100% Operating Efficiency”.

Flawless performance enabled Noble to reduce their drilling AFE days on average by 30 % resulting in an estimated savings of $43M over the 5 wells.

Senior Drilling Engineer – Luanda, Angola, 2011 – 2014

In house drilling engineer for BP PSVM Ultra Deep water project. Worked on Landmark Compass and SLB Drilling Office in parallel.

Schlumberger Service Quality VP Award Q1 2015 winner for “D&M Angola Hat-trick Performance for British Petroleum”. 30255m drilled in 6866 hr below rotary table with 78 BHAs with 0 tool failure and 0 HSE event.

With implementation of pre job meetings with client, pre section meetings with drilling crew, standard work instructions and real time drilling monitoring reduced nonproductive time by 10%.

Through daily communication with field crew cultivated positive safety culture by communicating importance of time management and safety first practice resulting in 0 safety incident.

Designed and executed the very challenging first pre salt well with complex geology for Cobalt and Petrobras.

Assigned to ENI Deep water operation, PlusPetrol and Sonangol for various projects. Drilling Engineer – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Temp Assignment), 2010 – 2011

Assigned to Trung Son and PVEP Phu Quy offshore projects.

Planned and successfully executed wells with serious anticollision proximity due to missing surveys of offset wells.

Drilling Engineer – Khartoum, Sudan, 2009 – 2010

Drilled first onshore batch of 5 wells 12ft apart for CNPC without Gyro (embargo limitation).

Drilling engineering technical and services sales support for the first offshore project for RSPOC within compliance of embargo rules.

Upsell RSPOC high tier MWD/LWD and directional services from basic MWD and motor services. Drilling Engineer – Cairo, Egypt, 2007 – 2009

Assigned to BP, Petzed and Amapetco

Executed first time Formation Pressure while Drilling for BP.

Drilling Engineer for several wells for Petzed offshore project. Ground breaking performance for Petzed saving almost 48days ($250K/day) over AFE for offshore Muzhil project. Drilling Engineer – Islamabad, Pakistan, 2006 – 2007

Technical directional drilling support for all major clients in Pakistan.

Pioneered the first ever RSS performance based job for MOL land job, saving 5 days and earning $250K performance bonus.

Managed 20 Field Engineers / 14 Directional Drillers and field equipment. Directional Driller – Pakistan, 2002 – 2006

Controlled well bore trajectory using various techniques, tools and technologies to intersect particular subsurface targets at predetermined coordinates.

Gained experience with BHA design, hydraulics, torque and drag analysis, whipstock, cement plugs sidetracks and mud motors.

All project delivered drilling time objectives by actively providing client with real time support.

100% success in kickoff / sidetracks utilizing mud motors and whipstock

Lead DD for BP Pakistan. Outstanding performance on Orient Petroleum Inc. wells.

Drilled first batch wells for Tallow Oil without Gyro 4m apart.

Lead DD for first offshore projects of Pakistan Petroleum Limited.

Peer mentoring for 5 directional drillers on the field. MWD Engineer – Pakistan, 1997 – 2002

Supervised 4 crew and field operations personnel and provided formal feedback regarding well performance.

Successfully executed Slim Pulse Gamma Ray (Collar mount tool).

Developed data delivery methods based on specific customer requirements and delivered final data to customer within a 7 days turnaround time.


Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) 1996 from N.E.D. University Pakistan.

Trainings: Stuck Pipe Prevention, Deep Water, Preventative well control, Drilling Engineering 1 & 2, Rotary Steerable System, People Management, and Directional Drilling 1 & 2. APPENDIX


Training Place Year

Stuck Pipe Prevention SLC Houston, US Sep 2014

Deep Water Seminar Luanda, Angola Aug 2012

Preventative Well Control ELC Paris, France Jul 2010 Advance survey Seminar MLC Abu Dhabi, UAE Feb 2010 RSS Xceed MLC Abu Dhabi, UAE Sep 2009

Key Services Sales Training Cairo, Egypt Feb 2008

Drilling Engineer 2 UTC Nottingham, UK Jun 2006

People Management Seminar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Mar 2006 Drilling Engineer 1 UTC Nottingham, UK Mar 2005

Directional Drilling 2 UTC Nottingham, UK Sep 2004 Directional Drilling 1 UTC Nottingham, UK Dec 2002 LWD Training Seminar SLC Houston, US Jul 2001

MWD Training seminar SLC Houston, US Sep 1997

Advance proficiency in well planning with leading industry software

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