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Executive Assistant Manager

United States
January 06, 2018

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Mercy Vasquez Harrison

Mercy has spent the past seventeen plus years supporting C-level Presidents/Officers at Univision Communications. In her role as the right hand to her leaders she has been able to develop a strong working relationship with management & employees within the company. Prior to joining Univision, she owned and operated a financial planning brokerage firm in Florida, as the Vice President of Operations.

Mercy has some invaluable traits that most can say can’t be taught & could actually be described as part of her DNA. She is a self-starter that shows a strong ability to anticipate her leader’s needs. She sees what other’s do not and quickly attends to matters, enabling her executive and team to move and operate seamlessly through their day. She is resourceful and in moments of crisis uses her creativity to pursue all alternatives to come up with a solution. She is highly aware she is the face and voice of her executive and in that knowledge, operates in a professional manner with anyone she speaks to within and out of the organization, while reflecting her leader’s values. She is focused, persistent, discreet, strategic and able to listen and follow through. She relates to any employee at their level, to a point that many chose to come to her first for what they know will be a healthy conversation and outcome. These strong traits have inspired confidence as a trusted business partner for her executive, his department heads and prospective teams.

Having taken a Gallup Poll, (Strength Finders) recently, said poll confirmed her five strengths, which are, execution, strategic, responsibility, relator & maximizer. All very important qualities that strengthen and provide support as to her strong leadership skills. When operating as the Office Manager for the east coast prior to becoming part of her most recent team, she supported 100+ employees and was responsible for the on-boarding & off- boarding of employees with every attention to detail that it required. Her main goal during on-boarding was to make sure that each & every person that walked in to become part of the Univision family felt like they belonged from day one! Mercy is a proud parent of two children. A son, whom is an NYPD Detective currently, working out of the missing person’s squad alongside the Manhattan Medical Examiner’s office and a daughter, who is a professional FX make-up artist. In her spare time, she gives back to the community by dedicating her time to helping minority women who do not know how to enter the job market do so by producing their resume, performing mock interviews, and obtaining donated clothes for their first interviews. Nothing brings her more joy than getting that call, “I got the job”! Mercy Vasquez Harrison

718-***-**** (cell)


In 2011 Mercy realized that the

incoming as well as current

administrative staff within the

company needed support to enable

them to perform their jobs effortlessly

from day one, and took it upon her to

pick up that immense task and run

with it. She began work with the IT &

HR department to design and

implement a portal where all EAs and

AAs would have a one stop & shop

location for all of their questions &


In 2012 Mercy was chosen by the

executive office to participate in a

committee and as such currently

serves as a committee member on

the board of the Executive Assistant

Development Council, (EADC).

In December of 2013 she was

honored by the CEO of Univision

Communications for producing &

implementing the portal for EAs and

AAs that went live in January 2014

and as of date is used by all


Also mentioned at this time of

acknowledgment was her design &

implementation of the first electronic

training manual for incoming

assistants that was housed within the

company portal and for having

created an assistant company-wide

contact list that contains every

assistant within the company and the

executives they support. Mercy in her

capacity continues to maintain that

company list via the EADC portal.

Professional Bio and Accomplishments

Mercy Vasquez Harrison

Mercy Vasquez Harrison


Univision Communications, Inc 08/2000 – 12/31/2017

Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Jed Meyer, EVP, Corporate Research 06/2014 - 12/31/2017

Executive Assistant, Office Manager to Kevin Conroy, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Data Officer & President, Enterprise Development, Social Media, Research, Strategy/Insights 01/2009 – 05/2016

Executive Assistant, Office Manager to Cesar Conde, Interim President, Digital Media 08/2008 – 01/2009

Executive Assistant, Office Manager to Javier Saralegui, President, Digital Media 01/2001 – 08/2008

Executive Assistant, to Jaime Vasquez, Emeli Gomez & Javier Escobedo, VPs Mkting 08/2000 - 12/2000

EADC - Executive Assistant Development Council Board Member 01/2013 - 12/31/2017

As a pioneer of this committee, our mission was to inspire, motivate and empower Executive Assistants to be excellent communicators and confident ambassadors to their executives and teams. Skills:

Ability to anticipate executive’s needs, make decisions independently, strategic thinker, & strong leadership skills that lead to productivity

Strong team and collaboration skills that foster office unity and cohesiveness

History of integrity, loyalty, maturity and strong personal character, leading by example mentality

Strong time management skills; ability to prioritize, handle multiple projects and requests with ease

Self-motivated, flexible; ability to take on new roles as the need arise

Ability to look at processes and make recommendation or enhancements

Professional presence and great people skills

Excellent communication skills, verbal and written

Microsoft Outlook Suite, Finance software - Concur Systems, Oracle, Basware, Markview, Travel software - Carlson Wagonlit

Bilingual & Fluent in English – Spanish


As support for C-Level Presidents, provided administrative support to visiting board members

Partnered with members of the executive office and other administrative assistants, office managers, receptionist and employees at all levels to coordinate meetings, which in turn kept the executive’s day moving forward seamlessly

Acted as a liaison for executive in formal and informal settings

Planned and coordinated high-profile executive events; meetings, conference, employee events, as well as assist executive with board(s) chair duties

Provided administrative support to four additional department heads

Constructed agendas and calendar details as far in advance as possible, as well as researched locations, meeting materials, special accommodations, or any other need that would end in productive meetings

Synchronized internal as well as external meetings; confirming all details including attendees, conference rooms, video/conference details, IT support, security badges, catering, and agendas

Designed complex international and domestic agendas in a format that facilitated a coherent and successful travel experience; including all logistics like hotel, cars, meeting locations

Established and maintained organization systems including hardcopy and electronic filing systems in order to facilitate work flow in the office as well as when traveling.

Prepared and reviewed expense reports as well as departmental invoices and submitted to accounting

Kept executive updated on his organizational charts and internal direct report directory’s. As well as maintained his outlook contacts up to date

Assisted in special projects, as needed

Mercy Vasquez Harrison

Office Manager/ Skills & Qualifications: 08/2000 - 2017 Property management, supply management, tracking budget expenses, delegation, staffing, managing processes, supervision, developing standards, promoting process improvement, inventory control, reporting skills, business continuity coordinator/fire warden. Facilitate space reconfiguration, liaison with vendors, office supplies, maintenance, stationery; business cards and letterhead as needed. Design and implemented office policies by establishing standards and procedures; measuring results against standards; making necessary adjustments as needed.

Human Resources Support:

Managed on-boarding & off-boarding; prepared and submitted for processing, new hire forms, W4’s, I9s. Followed through on making sure employee was all set for 1st payroll. When off-boarding made sure employee was given an exit interview, collected all company property, IDs and submitted to HR required exiting forms

Implemented a process that included HR/Payroll/IT for on-boarding & off-boarding employees, which resulted in everyone being on point the day of hire or the day of exiting employee

Assisted in preparation of background checks once candidate was confirmed

Managed timesheets; collected from non-exempt employee’s timesheets on a timely basis in order to meet payroll

Maintained, tracked assigned employee’s, vacation, sick and personal days

Maintained office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement Tech Support:

Designed detailed floor plan that was used to keep track of employee location. Plan was updated as needed and handed to IT in order to make new hire & internal moves from point A to point B accomplished with minimal disruption

Retrieved equipment from departing employees, security clearance shut down

Securing of work stations, phones, computers, mobile’s, conference calling cards, polycoms, fax#’s and video conference set- up

Maintained global directory; confirming all information on global was correct as it pertained to new hires, title changes & exiting employee’s

Risk Management: Assisted in maintenance with disaster preparedness in an effort to maintain continuity in an event office location was unattainable

Melech Yisrael Messianic Synagogue, West Palm Beach, Florida

Office Manager/ Executive Assistant, SE Regional Conference Coordinator Coordinator to yearly conference of 800+ attendees, included registration, hotel, marketing & on-premise support Knight Cintron Financial Services, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Vice President/Office Manager/Brokers Assistant

Owned and operated on an executive/administrator level Education

Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY



REMS Training, Inc.

Fire Warden Department Warden Training 2001- 2014

Per NYC Local Law 26 – Training in Non-Fire Emergency, i.e.:

Biohazard, Nuclear, Explosions, Chemical and or Natural Disasters


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