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Technician Customer Service

Chichester, New Hampshire, United States
January 05, 2018

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Concord NH 03301






Test Technician

● Tested and troubleshot intercom system used by US Navy and US Coast Guard

● Troubleshot PCBs to component level

● Used analyzers, DVMs, signal generators, and oscilloscopes Sanmina 2010 - 2012

Test Technician

● Tested and repaired RF, digital and audio PCBs

● Worked closely with Engineers to construct test beds and fixtures

● Implemented repair of returned products

● Modified circuitry and performed beta testing on new p roducts

● Repaired down test equipment tet and computers

● Tested, tuned, and troubleshoot components and assemblies: RF and video amplifiers, RF filters, switches and passive devices and power supplies

● Used spectrum analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscope sand frequency counters

● Trained of new test technicians

RF Logic 2010 - 2010

RF Test Technician

● Set up and calibrated HP 8722es network analyzer for phase matching RF cables

● Determined absolute electrical length of cables

● Used TDR to locate faults and perform fault

● Analyzed RF coax cables

● Tested RF filters and cables to 40 Ghz

American Science and Engineering 2009 - 2010

E/M Technician

● Manufactured airport X-ray machines

BAE 2009 - 2009

Engineering Technician/Test Technician

● Tested and repaired SST aircraft system test unit

● Tested backplanes using the DIT-MCO 9600

CTS _ 2006 - 2009

Engineering Technician

● Tested and repaired RF, digital and audio PCBs

● Assisted with constructing test fixtures

● Repaired test equipment, SMT machines, wave solder ovens

● Repair of down test eq. and computers and SMT, wave solders ovens and tape and reel.

● Performed troubleshooting and soldering under microscope DTC Communications 2004 - 2006

Senior RF Technician

● Performed test and repair of specialized RF receivers and transmitters

● Programmed channel assignments and available bandwidth

● Repaired to component level

● Used spectrum analyzers, signal generators, watt meters, DVMs, o scilloscopes and frequency counters

● Promoted to e-tracker new product line as a test technician doing beta testing

● Promoted to the P25 Digital Body Wire production line to test and debug the new product

● to component or software level

● Implemented repair of returned products in the audio and video line from 150 MHz to 2.6

● GHz

● Analyzed and evaluated systems for faults

● Tested and tuned antenna systems

● Tested and repaired power supply systems

● Coordinated evaluation and modification of equipment failure Raymarine 2001 - 2004

RF Technician

● Repaired Sonar, Radar and VHF Marine Radio

● Responsible for the repair of Sonar systems at 20Khz to 200Khz designed with SMC that run 1 Kwatt PEP

● Promoted to Microwave Radar Technician in 07/2002

● Repaired radar systems with MMIC amps and GUNN diodes and Magatrons tubes

● Promoted to Senior RF Technician in 04/2003

● Responsible for HF/VHF Marine Radio and radars setting up and using RF power loads, sp ectrum analyzers and frequency counters

SEARS 1999 - 2001

Senior Technician

● Repaired home electronics

● Duties include the repair and maintenance of Audio/Video equipment to component level

● Completed repairs and maintenance of customer's computers and reinstalled software and hardware

● Maintained positive customer relationships

Dicks TV 1997 - 1999

Bench Technician

● Television/Audio repair bench technician

● Communicated with customers daily

● Researched new and followed up on existing disputes and problems Jim Teats TV 1995 - 1997


● TV/Audio repair technician

● Promoted to Manager/Head technician

● Managed TV shop and antenna installations

Montgomery Ward 1989 - 1995


● TV/Audio Repair technician

● Promoted to Head Technician 06/1993

● Created operational procedures for customer service associates

● Duties included repair of TV, audio, CD, camcorders and computers to component level Education

South Boston Academy High School: South Boston, MA 1976

● Diploma received

Technical Expertise

● Transmitters and receivers, power supplies and video/audio

● Mixers, filters, amplifiers, PLL systems, antenna systems repairing to component level

● Oscilloscopes, Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers

● Audio and RF power meters, frequency counters and DVMs

● HP and Motorola Communications Service Monitors

● Environmental testing, Mil Spec. screening and testing with burn in setup

● P25 Digital modulation, Pic programming, eeprom programming Licenses and Certifications

● Certified IPC Specialist: J-STD-001 Serial N0. J001-S13976 2006 - 2018

● GMDSS Radio Maintainer 2001 - 2021

● Amateur Radio 2001 - 2011

● Master Radio and TV Technician 2000 - 2022

● Marine Radio Operator

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