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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 08, 2018

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Wesam Naseem Saigh

Mobile: 009*********** E-Mail:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am submitting herewith my resume for your consideration for < position vacant> I am a competent professional with more than 16 years of experience and presently working in Dental Polyclinic, Dubai as a Dentist and Medical Director. During this time, I have equipped myself with all functions related to Dentistry and administration work. Although I am enjoying my present job, I am looking out for new opportunities in the same field. A systematic evaluation of your company brochure makes me convinced that I can prove to be of value to your association and would be gratified if you evaluate the enclosed resume that depicts my qualities and skills. I really think that I am an apt candidate for this position.

I am qualified, certified, and knowledgeable in the tasks engaged in this occupation: aesthetic anterior and posterior composites, amalgam restorations, Endodontic treatment and Pedodontic treatment, Surgical and Non-Surgical Extractions, Veneers and Ceramic crowns, Composite and Amalgam fillings, Teeth Whitening, Full and Partial Dentures, dental cleanings.

I am a complete professional in my work style. I am looking to work for a large medical institution like yours to expand my skills. I am aware of all the aspects of dentistry. I am a hard working professional who has always striven for excellence in his workplace.

So, if you feel that there is mutual understanding then please contact me on the telephone numbers given above to fix up a meeting time. I really look forward to meet you in the near future. I have enclosed my resume along with this cover letter for your review.

I articulate my thankfulness for considering me for this post. Thanking you.


Wesam Naseem Saigh

Enclosed: as above


Mobile: 009*********** E-Mail: Location: Dubai Address: Dubai-UAE


Seeking positions GP Dentist

Committed to provide best dental care to the populace to prolong their oral health and smile, Proactive decision maker, targeting challenging assignments at senior level in diagnostics and treatment of every aspect of dentistry 16 YEARS PLAYING THE ROLE OF DENTIST

Areas of Expertise: Consultation & Diagnosis Scaling & Polishing Root Canal Treatment Posterior Restorations Anterior Restorations including Cosmetic Restorations Pedodontic Restorations Extractions Crown and Bridge X-Rays Luting Bleaching Endodontic treatment Pedodontic treatment Surgical Extractions Veneers and Ceramic crowns Composite and Amalgam fillings Teeth Whitening Full and Partial Dentures Communication Skills GLOBAL SPAN: Dubai Sultanate of Oman Syria

Career Highlights include:

A versatile medical and DHA license holder offering over 16+ years of service as a dental surgeon in treating patients with various preventive, cosmetic and restorative needs.

Provide an insightful exposure in examining, diagnosing and treating abnormalities and injuries of oral structures by surgical means

Experience in general dental practice and patient management; possessing diagnostic skills, identifying issues, forming hypothesis, designing & conducting analysis, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations & implementing change

Expertise in handling medical issues related to areas of maxillofacial surgery and oral medicine and providing high levels of professional care, replacement of missing teeth and the treatment of gum disease & discolored and damaged teeth.

Ability to manage pre- and post-operative treatment of patients, access medical history of patients and ensuring positive dental experience

Keen in Keeping up-to-date with relevant knowledge, technical skills, the recent advances and applying new innovative skills

Use dental and emergency medical treatment procedures along with supervising the administration of general anesthetics. Prepare diagnostic and treatment records Dedicated and experienced

Dentist and Medical Director

with rich exposure of over 16

years in diverse areas

encompassing General

Administration, Medical

Advisory Services, Service

Operations, implementing

Healthcare Services, Medical

Practice / Consultation,

Strategic Management, etc;

currently spearheading as

Dentist and Medical Director

with dental polyclinic in



Dental Polyclinic, Dubai


Spearheading the entire operations of the healthcare covering all functional domains like administration, operations management, budgeting / financial management, human resource management, procurement / logistics / inventory management, facilities management, statutory compliance etc to ensure comprehensive medical care delivery WESAM NASEEM SAIGH Mobile: 009*********** E-Mail:

Efficiently managing community outreach programs and keeping the resources perpetually prepared to meet disaster situations.

Provide comprehensive administrative support to streamline entire operations and to ensure best in class healthcare service delivery.

Recruiting, leading, guiding, and controlling teams of doctors / specialists and other functional heads and conducting their performance appraisal to secure their total dedication and passionate indulgence in the assigned tasks

Responsible for pre- and post-treatment of patients. Administer skillfully relevant dosage and non-pharmaceutical, patient care aids with proper prescription of dosages and instructions to patients on their correct usage

Maintaining quality, safety, infection control standards & standards for delivery of dental surgical care, diagnosis & treatment planning

Carry out Oral Examination, Patient Education, Appointment Scheduling, Instrument Sterilization, Diagnostic X-Rays, Emergency Treatment, Endodontic treatment and Pedodontic treatment, Surgical Extractions, Veneers and Ceramic crowns, Composite and Amalgam fillings, Teeth Whitening, Full and Partial Dentures, Health Record Management and Oral Surgery and Extractions

Take patient histories, conduct dental examinations, and record the data in the patient's records and follow up with surgery patients for oral hygiene maintenance, irrigation & healing Private Clinic, Dubai

DENTIST Oct 2010 – Oct 2015

Provided oral health care services to the community, Clinical experiences include aesthetic anterior and posterior composites, amalgam restorations, digital radiographs, dental cleanings, and non-surgical extractions, Veneers and Ceramic crowns, Composite and Amalgam fillings, Teeth Whitening, Full and Partial Dentures, Endodontic treatment, and Pedodontic treatment

Treated patients with special needs requiring sensitivity and care, and have also taken care of preventive measures like pit and fissure sealants, fluoride application and diet counseling

Took patient histories, conduct dental examinations, and record the data in the patient's record; write progress notes and narrative discharge summaries; prepare patient workups and summaries noting pertinent positive and negative findings

Maintained quality, safety, infection control standards & ethical standards for delivery of dental surgical care, diagnosis & treatment planning

Adapted at cosmetic restoration using porcelain laminates & composites, cases of crown & root fractures using post and cores, use of protapers and profiles and treatment of curved and tortuous root canal

Carried out therapeutic procedures such as cast application and removal, wound suturing and dressing changes; monitor progress of patients, report progress to supervising physician, and maintain record of each patient's progress

Responsible for duties including patient education, oral examination, appointment scheduling, patient education, operative care (pre and post), equipment sterilization, diagnostic X-rays, emergency treatment, maintaining health record, oral surgery, and extractions

Managed surgical extraction of impacted teeth and Crown and bridge work and Restorative procedures of deciduous teeth

Treated infections of the oral cavity, salivary glands, jaws etc

Accountable for maintaining Health Record, developing mount X-rays gathering, Impression taking, model pouring, lab coordination, fabrication & delivery of night guards along with Oral Hygiene and Plaque Control, Teeth Whitening, Easy- Dental, Network Infection Control and Sealant Application PRIOR EMPLOYMENT DETAILS

Medical Centre, Sultanate of Oman Jul 2004 – Jul 2010 Dentist

Private Clinic, Syria May 2000 – Aug 2003



Bachelor in Dentistry from Damascus University –Syria 2000 Date of Birth: 8th Aug 1976 Linguistic Abilities: English and Arabic Nationality: Syrian Passport No: N004747020, Date of Issue: 13th July 2009, Expiry Date: 12th July 2017

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