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Software Engineer Project

Santa Clara, California, United States
January 07, 2018

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Val Konovitch

*** ***** ***** ***.

Santa Clara, CA 95050


OBJECTIVE: SW Architect/Developer/Team Lead

QUALIFCATIONS: Rich professional experience in software application development, covering full project life cycle as an architect, team leader, and a key individual contributor.


Operating systems: UNIX/Solaris, Windows, Linux, VMS.

Languages: Java/J2EE/Swing, Groovy, C/C++, JDBC, JSP, EJB, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, JSTL, SQL, Perl, Shell, COBOL.

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Shiro, Velocity.

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, HBase, Sybase, MS SQL.

Applications: Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Liquibase, Rational Rose, Synergy, Subversion, SunONE, WebLogic, WebSphere, Apache, Tomcat, SAS, CVS, SCCS, RCS, Siebel, IBM Cognos, Brio.

Interpersonal: Leadership, communication, team player, problem solver.


E2OPEN 10/14 – present

Sr. Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Architecture, design, and development of custom supply chain solution for world's largest companies.

oProviding most complex supply chain solutions for E2open major customers by

Translating their business requirements into functional specification.

Hands-on leading design, development, and testing effort.

Facilitating user acceptance test and program deployment in production.

oGaining customer satisfaction by providing continues monitoring and technical support for mission critical supply chain system including

Promptly solving technical issues at application and infrastructure levels.

Coordinating troubleshooting efforts between different teams, tracking progress, and communicating with the customers.

oBuilding and sustaining customer loyalty by continuous communications and immediate response to their business and technical requests.

Environment: Windows, Linux, Java/J2EE, Groovy, JSP, XML, JDBC, Shell, Struts, Jboss, Oracle, SQL, Subversion, Eclipse.


Personagraph division 03/13 – 07/14

Tech Lead

Architecture, design, and development of platform for Personagraph solution. Including Partner and User domains.

oExpediting product development cycle in startup-like environment by

Playing hands-on leadership role continuously architecting, designing, and developing code at the database, data modeling, service, controller, and front end levels.

Instantly working with product management on the functional specifications.

oLeading by example of development team including:

Coordinating efforts of developers by allocating resources between the projects, assigning and prioritizing the tasks.

Facilitating cross team communication, supporting QA, staging, and production.

Facilitating knowledge transfer, cross-functional training, code reviews, continues internal and external technical consultations and discussions.

Environment: Windows, Linux, Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Shiro, Liquibase, JDBC, JSP, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, HTML, Tiles, XML, Shell, Perl, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, HBase, Jira, Spring Tool Suite.

VENDAVO 01/12 – 03/13

Staff Software Engineer

Architecture, design, and development of pricing business to business Vendavo solution.

Gaining customer satisfaction by solving performance challenges and leading benchmarking effort for the B2B pricing application.

Environment: Windows, Linux, Java/J2EE, JDBC, SQL, JSP, XML, Shell, Tomcat, Oracle

WALMART.COM, INC. 10/08 – 10/11

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect

Architecture, design, and development of e-commerce website including:

oImplementing business requirements by high level design, detail design, and hands-on development of the website’s Middle Tier and Front End.

oIncreasing website sales and customer satisfaction by leading cross teams engineering effort of site implementation including:

Working with business and user experience teams, product and project management on the new site features and functionality. Providing technical expertise and architecting the solution.

Gaining Engineering Council approval of a project solution on architectural presentations.

Building cross team synergy for the project implementation by engaging architects of the involved teams (up to ten), discussing solution, clarification and assignment of tasks, coordination of efforts, identifying dependencies, level of effort, and timelines.

Ensuring proper project solution implementation by participating in detail design, implementation, and testing phases. Creating prototypes, conducting reviews of individual modules and cross-functional compatibility.

Supporting mobile solution by refactoring existing code including:

oMaking middle tier available for the external calls by architecting and implementing service oriented approach.

oWorking with mobile development team to serve their requests promptly reacting to the changes in business requirements.

Ensuring site scalability and satisfying performance for the High Holiday season by participating in stress tests and performance tuning at the application level.

Gaining customer satisfaction and solving issues by providing 24X7 production support for a highly visible and popular e-commerce site.

Environment: Windows, Linux, Java/J2EE, JDBC, JSP, Javascript, JSTL, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, HTML, Tiles, XML, Shell, Perl, Struts, Apache, Tomcat, Axis, SoapUI, Oracle, SQL, CVS, IntelliJ Idea.

VITRIA, INC. 08/07 – 07/08

Software Architect II/Project Lead

Leading professional services for the company’s enterprise software integration products on the customer sites including:

oMeeting customer’s expectations from the company product by translating business requirements into a product’s architecture, working closely with the client’s management, analysts, and engineers.

oImplementing architected solution by performing detail design and hands on development.

oGaining trust, loyalty, and confidence of the client by smooth project management during whole product life cycle.

oEfficiently utilizing people resources by building, coordinating, and leading development team comprised of the company’s developers, overseas programmers, and the client side engineers and analysts.

Environment: Windows, Solaris, Oracle, Java/J2EE, XML, Eclipse, Rational Rose.

LSI LOGIC, INC. 09/04 – 07/07

Staff Software Engineer/Project Lead

Designed and developed host software applications for administering storage systems.

Meeting project objectives and schedules by leading team of 5 developers and performing project management.

This includes:

oPerforming Storage Management System architecture using UML (Rational Rose) and source code development in Eclipse IDE.

oMaking project objectives clear to the management and team members by collecting requirements and creating functional definition and implementation specification documents.

oKeeping project requirements up-to-date by continuous communication with stakeholders and the other development teams.

oIncreasing code quality and visibility by conducting code reviews, involving software architects and developers from different teams.

Environment: Windows, Solaris, Java/Swing, XML, Eclipse, Rational Rose, Synergy

SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. 01/00 – 08/04

Staff Software Engineer/Project Lead

Developed and sustained Storage Management Software applications for Sun Network Storage products including UI, Business Object and Provider layers. Acquiring and taking ownership on external software vendor programs.

Provided both key individual contribution and leadership for the team of 7 developers.

Facilitated tracking quality of all products of Sun Software division by creating defect data warehouse including data modeling, middle tier, web-based front end, reports and charts.

Environment: Solaris, Oracle, Sybase, Java/J2EE, JDBC, EJB, JSP, Struts, XML, Shell, Perl, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Apache, Tomcat, SunONE, Siebel, Brio, SAS, CVS, SCCS


Senior Software Developer/Project Lead

Successfully led company wide Y2K software testing and bug fixing project.

Improved processing and reliability of the engineering database and data manipulating programs by restructuring database schema and redevelopment of back-end and front-end programs.

Environment: Solaris, NT, Linux, C/C++, Java/J2EE, JDBC, XML, WebLogic, WebSphere, Visual Basic, Shell, Perl, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MS IIS, WinRunner


Senior Software Developer/Project Lead

Responsible for software development and maintenance of engineering information system.

Environment: Sun/Solaris, NT, VAX/VMS, C/C++, Java, JDBC, JavaScript, XML, Visual Basic, Shell, Perl, SQL, Sybase, MS IIS.


MS CS, Institute of Technology, Odessa, Ukraine

BS Engineering, Institute of Technology, Odessa, Ukraine

Software Engineering Certificate program, Technion, Institute of Technology, Israel

TRAINING: Java series, JSP, XML, JavaScript, Oracle developer and DBA series, Sybase developer and DBA series, ATG e-commerce solution, Fundamentals of team leadership, Project management fundamentals.

LANGUAGES: Fluent in English, Russian, and Hebrew.

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