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Erlang Engineer

Prague, Czech Republic
January 04, 2018

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Roman Galeev

software engineer and architect

About me

I've designed and implemented several applications in Erlang from scratch, I know how Erlang works and what it is all about (including Erlang deficiencies), and enjoy applying this knowledge to solve real-world problems. I tend to design complete deployable solutions based on containers (docker mostly), and did quite a few projects already.

I do prefer to develop in a functional style, and I have a keen interest in writing software better with the latest CS achievements (applications of and advances in category and type theories).

I live in Prague, Czech Republic, have European permanent residency permit and Russian citizenship, speak english fluently and some czech. Projects

SIP call-center

online gaming platform

telecom billing and accounting platform

VoIP softswitch management system

smart home automation system

video streaming solution for a broadcasting company Professional experience

Erlang Engineer, eZuce, 1.05.2017 Present


support and maintain an old Erlang code base in a very bad shape to develop a SIP based call-center solution


designed and implemented a framework to perform automated tests, wrote some of scenarios with the intent to pass them to QA team designed and implemented a docker-based deployment for old and new versions of the call-center application

developed a call-center solution in Erlang (5k sloc so far doing the same things and a lot more)

developed a browser-based UI version to manage the call-center backend (WebSockets, JS6, Vue2, Bootstrap)

Erlang Engineer, 2600hz, 1.05.2016 1.05.2017


to participate in development of open-source VoIP platform called Kazoo

to develop project core features


Phone: +420-***-***-***

Whatsapp: +420-***-***-***





Personal Git Repositories

Personal site


Erlang (Mnesia)

Perl, PHP

Java (android)

C, C++

JavaScript, CoffeeScript,

JavaScript 6

HTML, CSS, Vue 2, Bootstrap,


CouchDB, MongoDB,



Docker, Git, Linux (all sorts)

Networks (LAN/WAN)


Category Theory

Dependent Types

Certified Programming


Erlang for modern web


Erlang and Nitrogen web


Docker, Erlang and Kazoo


dockerized the Kazoo VoIP platform

created development, production and testing Docker environments fixed some bugs in Erlang source code

developed few things in Erlang

integrated functional tests into development process partially rewrote PHP VoIP testing framework to make it run reliably and predictably

rewrote and reorganized VoIP test cases

CTO, Kakaranet, 1.06.2015 1.05.2017


Take ownership over existing codebase

General development of the project


Reduced by rewriting the codebase from 10k to 3k SLOC Created and managed project documentation

Designed and implemented Docker based deployment and development schemes with continuous integration

Developed web-socket based protocol for front-end clients Designed and implemented required features (social, gaming, gifts, etc.)

Senior Software Engineer, GoodData s.r.o., Prague, 1.06.2015 1.06.2016 Responsibilities:

Develop required features with Scrum methodology


Fixed some hard-to-fix bugs (heisenbugs)

Rewrote parts of the system from one Perl to another Perl Extended Perl Moose to support altering of properties Did statical Perl code analyzis, build calling tree and test coverage Designed and presented a scheme to utilize a Docker to speedup development and testing

Self Employed, Prague, 1.04.2013 1.06.2015


Development and support for my previous projects for Ncom-Svyaz IT consulting

Software development


Developed a smart home automation system (900 android-based networked devices), including:

created custom kiosk Android application (Java/Android) handling sip calls, video calls, access and presentation to measurement data, access to CCTV cameras

created a management software (Perl, CoffeeScript, PostgresQL) to support custom Android application

designed and implemented measuring network based on ICP DAS hardware (dry contact counters, RS-485 interfaces) designed and implemented data network with security in mind

(each network node is isolated from others on network level) Remote system administrator, GRIT LLC, 1.04.2010-1.02.2015 Responsibilities:

Corporate network maintance (Cisco/Juniper/Huawei routers, 200 nodes)

Network incedent handling


Developed and installed custom monitoring software Created a centralized configuration management system (git/shell/perl scripts)

Replaced Cisco routers with Juniper and Huawei routers Configured SIP-based phone network

Remote system administrator, iSentium LLC, 1.08.2013-1.04.2015 Responsibilities:

Server farm maintance (development, test and production servers) Achievments:

Installed centralized custom server management system Proposed LDAP-based directory for centralized user-management CEO, OOO Ncom-Svyaz, Ufa, 1.06.2007 1.04.2013


Customer IT support

Software development


Wrote an Asterisk PBX management software Nmgr


Wrote Call-center based on Asterisk PBX (Perl/MSSQL) Wrote and installed an Automated Voice information system for cinemas (Perl/Interbase)

Installed Nmgr to customers (9 installations, including customization) Consulted customers with IT projects, IP Telephony services Hired and trained employers as system administrators CIO, OOO Uraltelebest, Ufa, 1.05.2004 1.06.2007


Support Internet provider public services

Technical support

Software development


Designed and deployed technical support center

Wrote CRM for technical support center (Perl/HTML/PostgresQL) Wrote and deployed VoIP Card Billing (Perl/HTML/Radius) Wrote and deployed VoIP Transit Billing (Perl/HTML/MVTS) Hired and trained 3 employers as System Administrators System Administrator, OOO STK-Page, Ufa, 1.02.2003 30.04.2004 Responsibilities:

Support Internet provider public services


Wrote and deployed Cisco AS5350 management system (Perl) Configured and installed a number of Linux-based servers (squid proxy, postfix mail server, dns server, etc)

IT Coordinator, ZAO Bashcell, Ufa, due the rename of ZAO "BashUniCel", 1.09.2001 02.09.2002


LAN support

Development and Deployment of IP related projects


Designed and deployed IP public services (dialup/voip), based on Cisco AS5350

Wrote an Ericsson AXE-10 management system (Perl)

Wrote and deployed custom SMS-server D-AMPS (Perl/SMPP) Inner consulting for other departments

Hired and trained 3 employers as System Administrator Coordinated inner software development (custom SS7 applications, C++)

IT specialist, ZAO Bashunicel, Ufa, 1.09.2001 02.09.2002 Responsibilities:

Internet gateway and servers support

LAN support


redesigned corporate LAN

installed and configured company internet services configured Cisco and Vanguard routers

developed and deployed Internet traffic accounting system


maintained internet access security

IT coordinator, ZapSibComBank, Nadym, 1.03.2000-1.10.2000 Responsibilities:

Bank IT department service


organized network link between offices

X.25 equipment support

Configured Cisco Router equipment

Installed brand new SCO OpenServer 5.0

"Golden Crown" Credit Card server software support (Oracle/SCO Unix)

hired and trained two employers

Developer, ZapSibComBank OAO, Nadym, 1.7.1999 1.3.2000 Responsibilities:

LAN support

Bank software support


developed and deployed custom mail service (Perl/Linux) created and maintained network security policy

layed local area network

installed custom internet gateway based on Linux


Ufa State Aviation Technical University, 1994 1999: Engineer in Applied Mathematics (sort of Master's degree) Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics

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