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Senior Scientist/Preclinical Project Manager

Spring, Texas, 77373, United States
January 04, 2018

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Gregory K. Fontenot, PhD

** ******* ***** *** *********, TX 77381

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OBJECTIVE: Scientist seeking position managing project research advancing drugs to market. CAREER SUMMARY:

Senior scientist at multiple biotechnology companies

Preclinical/clinical project management

Project/Contract Negotiations

FDA communications

New drug identification and pharmaceutical development

Lab animal model development

Sperm cryopreservation/IVF technique development

Molecular Biology bench top scientist


Written protocol development

Contract negotiations

Result analysis and reporting

Technical writing

Professional presentations

Product/technical service

Sharepoint project management/Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Photoshop PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Repros Therapeutics. The Woodlands TX. June 2012-May 2017 Senior Scientist/Pre-Clinical Project Manager.

Managed preclinical projects (Contract negotiations and project result analysis).

Completion of preclinical section for New Drug Application (NDA) submission.

Professional paper writing: Completed 13 papers in professional journals.

Presentation at scientific conferences (posters and oral presentations).

Animal model development of testosterone elevation by oral anti-estrogen (rodent, dog, baboon).

Animal model of anti-progestin for uterine fibroid development (baboon). Cyberonics Inc. Houston, TX. October 2009-September 2011 Clinical Research Associate II/Animal model developer

Clinical study monitoring of vagal nerve stimulator device used for epilepsy control. Animal model development (goat) of vagal nerve stimulator device. Repros Therapeutics Inc. The Woodlands, TX. July 2008-October 2009 Senior Scientist/Clinical and preclinical study manager Clinical project management: Study protocol writing, site identification, study initiation, monitoring studies, study close outs and presentation of final reports. 2 P a g e

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The Woodlands, TX February 2000-June 2008 Senior Scientist

Diabetes/Obesity: 2 direct reports. Manager animal model development and drug development (7400 mouse knock out lines analyzed).

Reproduction: 2 direct reports. Sperm cryopreservation and In vitro fertilization program management. Manager animal model development and drug development (100+ Knock out mouse models of male infertility identifies and characterized).

Cell line QA group: Managed 5 direct reports.

Chimera mouse production group: 23 direct reports. Zonagen Inc. The Woodlands TX, August 1990-October 1999 Senior Scientist

Molecular Biology: Cloned genes from various species for several zona pellucida protein.

Production and isolation of recombinant proteins in bacteria, baculoviral and CHO expression systems.

Vaccine development.

Fertility Technologies, Inc. (a division of Zonagen, Inc.), 1995-1997 Director-Technical Services. (Concurrent with Zonagen employment)

Management product helpline. New product identification and commercial development. North Harris Junior College. Department of Natural Sciences, Sept 1994-Aug 1994 Adjunct Professor (Concurrent with Zonagen employment). EDUCATION

PhD Physiology

Colorado State University 1987-1991

Thesis: Cloning and Expression of Porcine Zona Pellucida Genes: An Approach to Immunocontraception

MS Veterinary Medical Science

Texas A&M University 1983-1985

Thesis: Genetic Analysis of Putative Transgenic Cattle BS Biomedical Science

Texas A&M University 1979-1983


Gregory K. Fontenot, Ronald Wiehle and Joseph Podolski. The Isomers of Clomiphene Citrate Have Dissimilar Dispositions Once Ingested: Results of a Mouse ADME Study. 2017 Advanced Techniques in Clinical Microbiology 2017 1(7):1-10. Elizabeth A. Nelson, Alyson B. Barnes, Ronald D. Wiehle, Gregory K. Fontenot, Thomas Hoenen and Judith M. White. Clomiphene and Its Isomers Block Ebola Virus Particle Entry and Infection with Similar Potency: Potential Therapeutic Implications. 2016 Viruses. 8:206. 3 P a g e

Gregory K. Fontenot, Ronald D. Wiehle and Joseph S. Podolski. Differential effects of isomers of clomiphene citrate on reproductive tissues in male mice. BJU Int 2016; 117: 344–350.

[Selected as a paper of the month in British Journal of Urology-International] Wiehle RD, Fontenot GK, Wike J, Hsu K, Nydell J, Lipshultz L; ZA-203 Clinical Study Group. Enclomiphene citrate stimulates testosterone production while preventing oligospermia: a randomized phase II clinical trial comparing topical testosterone. Fertility and Sterility 2014; 102(3): 720-727.

Vogel P, Gwenn H, Fontenot G, Robert R. Ttll1 (Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-like 1) Deficiency Results in Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Abnormal Development of Spermatid Flagella in Mice. Veterinattry Pathology. Vet Pathol. 2010 47(4):703-12. Epub 2010 May 4. William L. Holland, Joseph T. Brozinick, Li-Ping Wang, Eric D. Hawkins, Katherine M. Sargent, Yanqi Liu, Krishna Narra, Kyle L. Hoehn, Trina A. Knotts, Don H. Nelson, Sotirios K. Karathanasis, Greg K. Fontenot, Morris J. Birnbaum and Scott A. Summers. Inhibition of Ceramide Synthesis Ameliorates Glucocorticoid-, Saturated Fat- and Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance. Cell Metabolism 5:1-13, March 2007.

JD Harris, CA Seid, GK Fontenot and HF Liu. Expression and purification of recombinant human zona pellucida proteins. Protein Expression and Purification. 16:298-307 (1999). SELECTED ABSTRACTS

Gregory K. Fontenot, Jaye Thompson, Ronald D. Wiehle and Joseph S. Podolski Reestablishment of Diurnal Variation of Testosterone Secretion in Hypogonadotropic Men. Endocrinology 2016.

Gregory K. Fontenot, Ronald D. Wiehle, and Joseph S. Podolski. A Six-Month Baboon Study Compared Two Anti-hormones Given Separately and Simultaneously, Endocrinology 2016. Gregory K. Fontenot and Joseph Podolski. Distribution of 14C-Enclomiphene and 14C- Zuclomiphene Following Oral Administration to Mice. Sexual Medicine Society of North America 2016.

Alexander W. Pastuszak, Ronald D. Wiehle, Gregory K. Fontenot, Joseph Podolski and Larry I. Lipshultz. Comparison of the Effects of Oral Enclomiphene Citrate and Topical Testosterone Gel Treatment on Serum Hormones, Erythrocytosis, Lipids, and Prostate Specific Antigen. American Urological Association 2016.

Gregory K. Fontenot, Ronald D. Wiehle and Joseph S. Podolski. Differential Effects of Isomers of Clomiphene Citrate on Mice. Society for the Study of Reproduction. Oral Presentation. Society for the Study of Reproduction 2015.


World Endometriosis Society Endocrinology Society

American Urological Association American Society of Andrology American Society of Reproductive Medicine Sexual Medicine Society of North America

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