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Information Systems & Human Resources

Seattle, Washington, United States
January 04, 2018

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Mengni Zhang 206-***-****

I am a highly motivated organizer of people and information, capable of molding a seemingly disparate collection of objects and ideas into a functioning team, event, or workflow. I have successfully led multiple large events as a primary planner and leader and overseen marked improvements in workplace efficiency and satisfaction as a manager of people and processes. Success, for me, is reflected in the success and satisfaction of my teammates and colleagues. I understand that information is the most strategic asset for most organizations. In order to better prepare myself for the business world, I am actively nourishing myself with the conceptual and technical knowledge about data to become a better business leader. I am capable of communicating with both technical and non-technical audiences. EDUCATION

University of Washington, Foster School of Business June 2017 Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Information Systems & Human Resources SKILLS

● Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, English

● Skilled in C#, Visual Paradigm, SQL (SQL Developer), XLMiner, R, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, MySQL Workbench, Visual Studio, Power BI SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS

T-Mobile Strategic Development Competition – Semi Finalist Team December 2016 Achievement – Ranked top 6 out of 24 teams

● Collaborated in a 6-member team to design new service offering for T-Mobile

● Designed comprehensive plan to launch in flight Wi-Fi services for customers: Project Sky-Fi

● Drafted a detailed strategy for marketing, implementation, and evaluation UW COURSES

IS 460 Systems Analysis and Design April 2017

● Developed business information systems for UW’s First Nation Club

● Created functional diagrams (using Visual Paradigm) and detailed case and process documentation

● Knowledge on Agile Development (Scrum Team, create burndown chart)

● Use of Gantt chart to find the critical path for a project plan to minimize cost and time IS 445 Database Management April 2017

● Data Modeling (EER and Schema)

● Proficient in SQL, including aggregate functions, group by queries, subqueries, joint queries IS 451 Business Data Analytics April 2017

● Preprocessing data, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, using R for analytics

● Proficient in Excel, (Pivot table, XLMiner), Intro level of experience with R

● Analyzed German Credit case as our final project, found a better cut-off point and more accurate maximized profit for the company (Process includes data cleansing; performed logistic regression and classification tree; found optimal cut-off point, profit maximization and profit lift chart) WORK EXPERIENCE

Boiling Point Corporation, USA – Supervisor 2012 – 2017 Contribution - 25-30 hours per week

● Managed 6 or more people per shift to maintain consistent work flow and emphasize efficiency

● Conducted daily employee briefings of work shift summary

● Generated inventory forecasts to manage daily and weekly inventory levels

● Prepared written and verbal feedback reports for senior managers to improve working environment

● Led the team to meet sale’s target 85% of the time

● Supervised a record-breaking team with a new sale record of $10,000 a day

● Introduced new company app to customers and received positive feedbacks, 90% of download rates LEADERSHIP

Dedicated to Soiree Student Association 2013 – 2017 Public Relations Officer, Event Coordinator, Recruiter

● Communicated with other student associations to plan and host cooperative events

● Managed promotional channels to advertise events to the student body and related external parties. (Facebook Page, WeChat Account, Instagram Page)

● Facilitated and established great connections with our sponsors, and helped reduced our organization cost by 20% in 2016

● Planned events and activities for members to promote community, diversity, and spirit.

● Took part in the DSSA Recruitment process (doing interviews and providing training) for three consecutive years.


NanHai USA Co. Inc October 2015


● Volunteered at the Annual Seattle Biz-Tech Summit which had more than 1000 attendees locally and internationally

● Scheduled informal interviews with experts and professionals in attendance

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