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Engineer Technical Support

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
January 03, 2018

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Retired P.E. Consultant, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Telephone: 1-918-***-****

Address: **** ***** ****** ***, **** C, Tulsa, Ok. 74137

Summary of Qualifications:

I graduated in 1979 from the University of Tulsa (Oklahoma), with a B.S degree in Petroleum Engineering. I have been working as a Petroleum Engineer for over 25 years in various Petroleum Engineering disciplines with strength in Production Engineering/ ProductionTechnology. A. I worked for over twenty-four years as a Production/Completion/workover Engineer.

I originated AFE's with project economics to workover wells, and implemented proposed work to maximize oil and gas production safely and economically. I have extensive experience in oil and gas production, with free flow wells, and artificially lifted wells, including Beam pumps, ESPs, PCP's and Gas lift. My experience also includes water flooding, steam and gas injection for reservoir pressure maintenance and EOR. I am knowledgeable in:

The use of Software such as Rodstar, Merack, Nodal Analysis, OFM, DIMMS...

• All phases of well work, completion techniques, sand control, installation of IGPs and EGPs, cemented and perforated casing completions, and open hole completion.

• Reservoir Surveillance. Monitor production from reservoir and individual wells. Production logging, casing integrity tests, water/gas injection profile surveys, and interpretation. Recommending corrective action to fix problem wells.

• Strong knowledge in well acid stimulations using different techniques. Experienced with CTU work, foam diversion clean outs, diverters, Baker SAP tool or Halliburton PPI tool for selective acidizing, BJ's Well Vac/Sand Vac tool to clean lateral sections in horizontal wells with low reservoir pressure.

• Cement Squeeze techniques to isolate excessive water or gas production and wells abandonment.

• Daily technical support to rig operations, supervise well work, and fishing operations.

• Well work Field Supervision.

• Mentoring young Production Engineers.

B. My experience includes four years of Drilling Engineering.

• AFE Drilling package preparation.

• Well course design for directional and horizontal wells, tubular design, mud, and cementing programs.

• Open and cased hole logging.

Designing and running completion equipment including sand control. Perforating, and well testing.

Supervise critical well drilling and completion operations.

Provide technical support to daily operations.

C. I worked for over two and half years as field Operations Manager

• Planning and prioritizing field projects.

• Budget reviews and planning.

• Well work AFE's reviews and approvals.

• Managed field personnel, recruited and suitably motivated field employees to maintain efficient and safe operation and deliver production targets in accordance with plan and budget.

• Enforced Safety regulations, and supported company rules and policies.

• Originated AFE's and technically supported daily rigs operations to workover wells and redrill mechanically damaged wells with short radius completions. EXPERIENCE:

Production Technologist Consultant. June 2014- August 2014 Sapura Kancana, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,

• Designed and performed Stress Analysis of Tubulars to complete HTHP deep Sour Gas Wells using Wellcat Software.

• Provided technical support in Wells Completions meetings. Production Engineering Consultant. March 2014-April 2014 Schlumberger DCS, Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

• Review Shut in wells. Identify causes for no flow. Select potential producers, Propose solutions to return wells to production. Removal of Asphaltene using CTU, salt deposition in tubular, and Barium Sulfate Scale in the formation,

• Recommended new completions, new procedures to workover well, used different technics to stimulate well to increase production. Petroleum Engineering Consultant. August 2013– March 2013, Petrodyne-USA LLC. 2242 East 138


Pl. South. Bixby, Oklahoma


• Prepared Well Stimulation AFE for small independent operators in Oklahoma. Source Oil Field equipment for Oil Field Operating Companies in the Middle East.

• RFQ’s from Supply Chain Engineers from various companies. Get Quotation to bid for equipment supply. Provide Engineering Services for Technical and Commercial Tenders. Production Technologist Consultant. July 2012 – July 2013 Shell E&P Houston, Texas/Denver Colorado, USA.

• Assisted the Exploration/Development Teams in wells completion, Rockies Mountains team

• Prepared Wellbore Clean outs procedures prior to initial well Production

• Reviewed and approved Completions AFE’s and projects Cost Estimates.

• Prepared Stimulation procedures and recommend proper workover fluids

• Reviewed performance of existing wells and prepared remedials to optimize production.

• Performed Artificial Lift Design and made recommendations for maximum efficiency.

• Prepare Well Testing procedures.

Business Development Manager, Equipment Supply & Engineering Services Sept 2011 – July 2012

Petrodyne-USA LLC. 2242 East 138


Pl. South. Bixby, Oklahoma 74008

• Sourced Oil Field equipment for Oil Field Operating Companies in the Middle East.

• Received RFQ’s from Supply Chain Engineers from various companies.

• Got Quotations to bid for equipment supply

• Provided Engineering Services for Technical and Commercial Tenders. Lead Production Technologist. March 2008 – July 2011 Petrogas Rima LLC.

P.O. Box 1560, PC 130 Azaiba, Muscat, Sultanat of Oman

• Wrote Technical parts for Tenders of Equipment and Services.

• Evaluated Technical and Commercial bids from Contractors.

• Monitored and evaluated Contractors performance.

• Interacted effectively with cross functional team members (Geologists, Drilling and Surface Facilities Engineers, Contract Engineers for all production enhancements projects.

• Designed Wells completions, Construction, Workovers, AFE’s, and Well Testing programs

• Designed, implemented and Supervised Gravel Packing programs with cost analysis.

• Reviewed Shut-In and evaluated producing wells performance, recommended workover programs to RTP shut-in wells, and optimize production.

• Designed, monitored, and optimized artificial lift equipment (ESP’s; PCP’s; SRBP’s).

• Mentored Junior Engineers.

• Evaluated Performance Appraisals of Junior Engineers.

• Participated in Well work reviews, wells optimization, Completion and Well Picks meeting.

Production Engineering Consultant. January 2007-December 2007 Lost Hills Business Unit. Lost Hills California

• Monitored and Optimized the Water Flood Injection System. Scheduled Slick line runs with Gauge Rings/bailers to identify obstruction in injection strings.

• Originated programs with procedures to remove scale, and to stimulated wells to improve injection rate and water injection profile.

• Repaired tubing and casing damage due to corrosion or subsidence.

• Reviewed well performance and selected candidate wells for stimulation.

• Worked with field operators to collect and validate data from injection wells.

• Worked with the Contracting Chemical Company to insure proper treatment of the injection water to eliminate possible down hole injectivity problems.

• Mentored Junior Engineers in well performance analysis and production optimization.

• Selection of candidate wells for workovers and stimulation

• Injection Profile Modification using Water Shut Off chemicals to minimize injection water cycling.

AGIPKCO North Caspian Operating Co. Consultant. March 2006 – Dec 2006 NV Chagala Center, 1 K Smagulova Street, 060002 Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Wrote Well Completions and Well Testing programs for offshore Exploratory and Development deep wells with HPHT and over 15% to 25% H2S.

•Inspected and witnessed testing completion equipment prior to shipping offshore.

• Reviewed the Operation’s Daily Reports, corrected Codes and distributed to partners.

• Wrote End Of Well Test Reports.

• Provided Technical support in Wells Completions meetings . Well Integrity EngineerConsultant. May 2005 – March 2006 ZADCO, P.O. Box 46808. Abu-Dhabi

Offshore Abu-Dhabi, Arabian Gulf Sea.

• Received an Appreciation Letter from the Deputy General manager of ZADCO in recognition of my efforts in conducting a safe, efficient, and cost effective Mechanical Scale (Strontium Sulfate) removal campaign from production strings in wells completed in the Upper ZAKUM field, offshore Abu-Dhabi using Barge and CTU.

• Used Scale build up model to identify candidate wells for Chemical and Mechanical Scale Removal Treatments.

• Generated programs and procedures to workover offshore producers using CTU, BHA to clean severely scaled tubulars.

• Programed pressure tests, and analyzed results to check casing integrity.

• Selected candidate wells for slick line/wireline surveys to identify problems in the tubulars, and recommended corrective action.

Completion/Workover Engineer (Consultant). July 2004 – February 2005 Dragon Oil PLC. Dubai.

Offshore Turkmanistan, Caspian Sea


• Generated AFEs to workover and RTP shut in wells.

• Provided technical assistance and onsite supervision to safely and successfully workover wells offshore Turkmenistan Southern Caspian Sea using snubbing units. Senior Production Technologist (Consultant). February 2003 - June 2004 Petroleum Development Oman.

PDO, Mina El Fahal, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

• Reduced production Decline Rate from 30% to 0 % in my area of responsibility, through designing and implementing AFE’s to successfully increase production through workovers, stimulations, wells design and installation of artificial lift equipment.

• Received an appreciation letter from my Line Supervisor for my efforts, good work and mentoring Junior Engineers.

• Assisted in designing new well completions effectively and economically. Production Operations Manager. Sept. 2000-January 2003 Greka Energy, Santa Maria, California.

• Immediately cut cost of field operations by reducing the cost of chemicals used in the field, reviewed chemical program, and implemented a maintenance program for the chemical equipment. Negotiated new prices with vendors.

• Eliminated abuse of company property by ensuring compliance with company's rules and policies.

• Planned and executed drilling plans and workovers to increase production by 50%.

• Established and standardized well pulling procedures, well repairs and surface equipment maintenance.

Staff Production Engineer. 1998-2000

Aera Energy LLC. Bakersfield, California.

• Monitored production and water injection wells daily to identify under performing wells, and generated workover programs for remedial work

• Participated in field and well reviews. Tasks to generate workover programs were assigned and performed accordingly.

• Participated in well completion design for new wells.

• Worked well with rig supervisors during workovers. Coordinated with suppliers to deliver needed equipment to the well site on a timely manner.

• Supervised execution of proposals. Provided support to the Hoist and liaising between the Hoist and the office to seek solutions to problems encountered during workovers

Senior Production Engineer. 1990-1998

Bechtel Petroleum Operations Inc. Elk-Hills, Tupman, California Accomplishments:

• Received a "Performance Plus Certificate" from the Company’s Engineering Manager at the Elk-Hills Oil field in Bakersfield, California, for my efforts and good work in adding Barrels of oil in the tank through workovers with high success ratio.

• Initiated use of TCP guns in under balance perforating and eliminated skin damage previously seen in Shale formations. Eliminated the need to acidize wells and lowered the cost of acid stimulations.

• Used core analysis for reservoir characterization to design effective acid stimulation treatments and procedures to increase production in some wells by many folds.

• Improved water injection sweep efficiency by correcting injection profiles.

• Proposed well work to re-complete and stimulate shut-in uneconomic wells based on production history and decline rate that produced some the highest producers.

• Increased gas production from 2000 Mscfpd to over 12000 Mscfpd by stimulating gas wells using coiled tubing.

Production Engineer / Drilling Engineer.1983-1990

Champlin Petroleum Co. Wilmington Field, California.

• Drilled and completed successfully and safely over 70 directional wells with open hole gravel pack completions in the Wilmington field, Wilmington, California.

• Participated in designing and successfully drilling an 18,000 ft exploratory well offshore California, and two exploratory wells in New Mexico. Production Engineer 1980-1983

Williams Brothers Engineering Co. Elk-Hills, Tupman, California.

My work performance exceeded the Job requirements, with a high success ratio in well workovers and stimulations. Maintained oil and gas production level in my assigned area at the required rate through well performance analysis to identify and cure problem wells. EDUCATION:

The University Of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK. 1979 Bachelor of Sciences, Petroleum Engineering. University of Southern California 1980,

• Completed Drilling and Workover fluids Technology Course.

• I attended numerous short courses related to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Production Technology Design/Implementation, Drilling/Workovers and Reservoir courses.

• I am familiar with most software programs used in the Petroleum Engineering field, such as Rodstar, OFM, Merack, Nodal Analysis, etc..

Personal Information:

Citizenship: American citizen

Place of Birth: . Algeria

Date of Birth: July 24th, 1952

Marital Status: Married, and have four children.

Present address: 9105 South Urbana Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma. 74137 Mobile Phone: 1-918-***-****

Nearest Airports: Tulsa International Airport, Tulsa Oklahoma References:

Kouider Al Ouahed (Ex Petrogas LLC Muscat) Reservoir Engineer, Oxy Mukaizna, Muscat. E-mail:

Tel: 968-****-****

Chuck Walker

Production Technologist QRI ChangDu China

Mohamed Zakwani Project Planning Reservoir. Engineer Oxy of Bahrein Mobile: 00-968-*-***-**** ;


Coleman Brennan

Reservoir Engineer, Upstream America Shell E&P Tel: 1-303-***-****; Coleman.brennan@shell .com

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