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Web Developer

Hawally, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait
1000 KD
January 05, 2018

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Ahmed Alsayed Ahmed

Birth Date:*-*-****

Address:Kuwait, Hawally Beirut street block 11 street 5 building 1

Mobile: +965********


With a degree in Computer Science I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development projects. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed. My experience includes but is not limited to:

Programming both new applications and maintenance work

Problem isolation and analysis

Software quality testing

Application and requirement analysis

Process improvement and documentation


Graduation :Bachelor in Computer science faculty of Computers and Information, Egypt assiut University 2012

Grade : Good

Project Grade: Excellent

Personal Information


: Egyptian

Military Service

: Exempted Completely

Habits : Reading, GYM practices, Video games, and Playing Football

Attitude : Flexibility, Positive attitude, hard worker,

Self-Motivation, Teamwork Ability

Employment Experience


Unecom(branch of IBM) Egypt-Assiut


1-7-2012 to 1-2-2013 Full-Time

Job Title

.NET and Sql Developer

Job Responsibilities

-Design pages(front end) and implement the functionalities (back end) using C#

-Writing Sql queries and creating stored procedures and functions


1-A Desktop app for managing the hr and the workflow of the complaints in the water company in sohag-egypt(C#)

2-A Desktop app for handling commercial transactions in a sales company in assiut(C#)

3-A Web app for handling the working process in the company


Military service branch of computer and information In a recruiting area

Job Title

Sql Developer 1-3-2013 to 1-3-2014

Job Responsibilities

-Writing sql queries to get statistics about the current state of the recruited troops and the medically exempted ones

-Making reports and statistics about all the aspects of the requirement arae


Unecom(branch of IBM) Egypt-Assiut

Job Title

.NET and Sql Developer (Desktop apps and Web Apps)C#


1-7-2014 to 1-3-2015 Full-Time

Job Responsibilities

-Design pages(front end) and implement the functionalities (back end) using C#

-Writing sql queries and creating stored procedures and functions

-Making web services to in house mobile apps


1-Web service for a shopping online mobile app(SanpShop)

2-Web app for future school in assiut

3-Web app for a shopping online sales company


The public authority of applied education and training in Kuwait (outsourced from Zak solutions)

Job Title

.NET and Sql Developer


1-5-2015 till now Full-Time

Job Responsibilities

-Design pages(front end) and implement the functionalities (back end) using C#

-Writing sql queries and creating stored procedures and functions

-Making web services to in house mobile apps and web apps

-Analyze the requirement of new projects

Projects sample

1-RSS Research Support System, a private financial support and administrative approvals for the support of research faculty members of Drs, system works on the submission of applications and approvals online(Developer)

2-TAS Trainees Affairs system, a special system with members of the training staff and includes staff and students affairs and the introduction of courses and training programs, grades and attendance is only an internal system(Developer)

3-InstELEC electronic Election System for PAAET employees who are candidates for managerial position at PAAET(Developer)

4-GMGrantee Developed application for receiving non Kuwaitis students requests to the general manager of PAAET to apply for PAAET institutes (Developer and analyst)

5-PAD a system for enrolling students into PAAET active directory (Developer)

6-TRN a system for ebn-alhaitham Building which handles registering in ebn-alhaitham private courses(Developer)

7-QAS a system for handling all types of contracts in PAAET(Developer)

8-StudentsID a system for printing colleges and institutes students IDS (Developer)

9-E-Advisor a system for guiding college’s students through out his studying years (Developer and analyst)

10-GmMeetingRoom a system for managing the meetings that happens in the Gm meeting room (Developer and analyst)

11-HeadingGlobal a system that allows participants to present creative projects ideas and researches to be evaluated and rewarded (Developer)

12-E-Decesion a Portal for all the apps, reports and Dashboards of PAAET(Developer)

13-PAAET Mobile App Web Service a WCF service for getting all the students and teachers information to be shown in the app(Developer)

14-Payment gateway a payment gateway(Restful web api) to handle all the payment transactions(K-NET) happening in paaet

15-Paaet web portal web service a wcf service for getting all the information about paaet in general and paaet employees, teachers and students in specific

16-Paaet info provider website a website to handle all the information about paaet services and general info.

17-Paaet Students Rewards a Web app to manage paaet students given financial rewards


- Asp.Net – MVC - Entity Framework - ADO.Net – Linq to Sql

- Web Parts - Web service – WCF – ASMX- Restful web api

- SQL Server – My SQL

- SharePoint 2013(Development)

- HTML – CSS – JavaScript – Jquery –Bootstrap – UiKit – Ajax

- Agile / XP methodologies – Analysis – Requirements gathering- Security

- Development design patters(repository, unit of work, dependency injection,

Soild, Unity, AutoFac)


-Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases (attendance certificate from Microsoft)

-MCPD:ASP.NET developer 3.5(attendance certificate from Microsoft)

-Agile Development methodologies

-Good experience with using MS Office (ICDL Certified)

Database Management Systems DBMS

- Database Design Methodology

- SQL (programming) SQL Server

Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL server (constraints,

Normalization, Services ….Etc.)

Productivity Suites

●Microsoft office


Additional skills

●Arabic: Mother Tongue.

●English: Very Good Command of Reading & Written –Very Good Spoken.

●Flexibility and ability to work within teams.

●Hard worker, Ambitious, Self-motivated, Well organized

●Ability to learn quickly, Enthusiastic, Active.

●Leadership skills, Analytical way of thinking.

●Highly adaptable, with creative problem solving skills.

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