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Sales C

Pretoria, GP, South Africa
January 03, 2018

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Surname Dikotla

First N ame Mpenkana R ayline

ID N umber 821**********

Nationality S outh A frica

Gender Female

Home ** - *** h A venue, A lexandra, 2 090

Contact N umber 083-*-**-*-***

Email A ddress

Home L anguage Sepedi

Other L anguages English, Z ulu

Marital S tatus Single


School A ttended M agaedisha H igh S chool

Grade P assed G rade 1 2 ( Year - 2 000)


Institute A ttended E xpect T raining C ollege ( Year – 2 002) Field o f S tudy A+ ( PC T echnician)

Institute A ttended Damelin M idrand

Field o f S tudy Sales a nd M arketing c ertificates ( 2011) Institute A ttended Midrand E du C entre

Field o f S tudy Bookkeeping a nd T rial B alance ( 2013) EMPLOYMENT H ISTORY

Company N ame Frontier E lectronics ( Linbro P ark) Position PC T echnician

Duties PC A ssembling, T roubleshooting, N etwork I nstallation,

S oftware I nstallation, A ssembling o f D uplicators Other R esponsibilities Sales a nd C ashier

Contact d etails 011-*-**-*-***

Period o f E mployment 0 1 J une 2 007 – 3 1 J anuary 2 008 Reason f or L eaving Contract E xpired

Company N ame Computer C orporation ( Midrand)

Position PC T echnician, I nternal S ales ( Counter s ales) a nd A dmin Period 0 1 M arch 2 008- 2 7 D ecember 2 008 Reference P ortia – 0-82-5-10-2-292

Reason f or L eaving Company c losed

Company N ame Matrix W arehouse ( Midrand)

Position PC T echnician a nd I nternal S ales c onsultant ( counter s ales) Period o f E mployment 0 1 F ebruary 2 009- 2 6 J une 2 009 Reason f or L eaving F orce t o R esign

Reference Shams’ N aidoo/011-*-**-*-***

Company N ame Device G lobal T echnology ( IT C ompany) Position Sales C onsultant ( IT S ales R efurbished h ardware & S oftware) Duties Cold C alling

Registering n ew c lients

Complete r equest f or p roposal ( Quotations) Sales o rder – I nvoice

Answering i nternal c alls ( Helping c lient o ver t he p hone) Manage A ccount ( maintaining e xisting c lient) Build a nd m aintain r elationship w ith c lients Update c lient w ith n ew s tock a nd I ncoming s tock Getting q uote f rom s uppliers

Organizing d elivery f or m y c lient

Office A dmin ( cash u p o f m oney a nd d oing r eceipts) Period o f e mployment 10 A ugust 2 009 t o 2 7 S eptember 2 013 Reference Nathan

Contact N umber 011-*-**-*-***

Reason f or L eaving Resignation

Current C ompany Click I T c c

Position Internal s ales / P rocurement

Duties Sending c lient Q uotations ( from G oldmine) Purchasing o f S tock f rom S upplier ( Purchase o rder / B ack o rders Receiving S tock f rom S upplier

GRV S tock ( Scanning o f s tock) F incon

Invoicing c lients a nd s end t hem s tatements Sending f aulty s tock t o s upplies ( CRO/ B uy o uts) Stock T ransfer/ S tock T ake

Working h and i n h and w ith C all C enter

Completing T icket f rom A uto T ask

Arranging d elivery o f s tock t o c lients

Manage s tock a vailable i n t he C ompany

Period o f E mployment 02 O ctober 2 013 d ue t o D ate Reference Gladys

Contact N umber 011-***-*-***

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