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Pharmacy Technician Medical

Sunnyvale, California, United States
January 02, 2018

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Bahareh Daneshbod

Cell: 949-***-****

**** ****** ******, ***#*, Fairfield, CA, 94533


Enthusiastic Doctor of Chiropractic in search of a career position as an associate doctor or an independent contractor preferably in a government/private, non-profit facility. Having had experiences and training in skills such as Diversified Spinal & Extremity Manipulation, Taping, Cox Technique, Activator Technique, NUCCA, SOT, and Pediatric Manipulation I can be a very good dedication to your practice. Moreover, having great communication skills, loving diversity, as well as keeping an excellence in all patient interactions I will be able to offer to the practice my entire energy, attention, and focus whole heartedly.

Chiropractic Work History

October/2017-December/2017: Chiropractic Physician at Absolute Family Chiropractic, Neuropathy, & Weight loss center (Vacaville, CA)

Working as a Doctor of Chiropractic at this wellness center while undergoing NUCCA (Special upper cervical adjustment technique) training.

oPerforming initial patient consultations, examinations, and X-Rays.

oTaking full spine as well as Nasium & Vertex X-Rays.

oAnalysing, marking, performing certain specific NUCCA calculations on the digital X-Rays, and coming up with the correct adjustment listings.

oPerforming NUCCA as well as spinal adjustments using Activator V.

oPerforming Patient nutrition councelling with the patients at the end of their visits.

Operating the Decompression table at the clinic & giving the patients the necessary advices in relation to their treatment.

Operating the Neuropathy Machines at the clinic.

Running marketing & screening events on behalf of the clinic at a variety of mixers, community gatherings, nutrition shops, and fitness centers.

Being trained by Doctor Alex Tam, DC on mastering the NUCCA (Upper cervical technique) – the main reason why I chose this clinic after much research in order to learn and educate myself on this very special technique.

September/2016- August/2017: Chiropractic Physician at Mountain Health & Community Services Inc. (Santee, CA)

Being the only Chiropractor for the company’s 5 different branches/clinics.

Assisting the company in starting up & running its Chiropractic department.

oPreparing the patient intake, examination/SOAP, consent and evaluation forms for the company.

oPreparing a full Chiropractic & PT equipment-ordering list for the company.

oPreparing modality manuals, guidelines, and tutorials for all 4 PT machines that were ordered for the facility (US, Cold laser, E-stim, Paraffin wax).

oPreparing the design of the marketing items (Chiropractic Pamphlets, flyers, and poster).

oTraining the office staff and the medical assistants in regards to operating the PT machines.

oRendering training to the office staff in regards to different insurances and their billing.

oProviding the front desk receptionists with phone scripts and guidelines to follow when speaking with, scheduling, or re-scheduling Chiropractic patients.

oClinically supervising & closely monitoring the front desk staff and the medical assistants in regards to correct patient scheduling, follow ups, patient billing, and other patient affairs.

oPreparing several different patient educational documents for the patients.

Utilizing the software “ NextGen” for patient charting & documentation.

Performing complete & detailed patient Examinations, Chiropractic & Physiotherapeutic treatments, as well as rendering the Rehab and Nutritional recommendations to the patients of all ages.

Providing management plans for the patients, ordering the required diagnostic studies, and proving initial visit reports to the patient primary care providers; if the patient was referred by a PCP from the company.

Assisting the company outreach team in Chiropractic & company marketing.

Accepting most insurances through the company including ASH, BlueShield, Tricare, UHC, Medicare, and Medi-Cal.

Experience with insurance- specific chart documentation/billing.

May/2015-April/2016: Chiropractic Intern at Anaheim Chiropractic and Rehab Center (Anaheim, CA)

•Performing complete patient Examinations, Chiropractic & Physiotherapeutic treatments, as well as rendering the Rehab and Nutritional recommendations to the patients.

•Performing front desk duties including contacting law offices in regards to the patients under care, entering the paper files into the Chirotouch system, and arranging patient schedules.

May/2015-April/2016: Chiropractic Intern at Southern California University of Health Sciences; Health Center (Whittier, CA)

•Performing complete patient Examinations, Chiropractic & Physiotherapeutic treatments, as well as rendering the Rehab and Nutritional recommendations to the patients.

•Providing management plans for the patients and requesting additional visits, when needed, from the insurance companies.

•Assisting my clinician (Dr. Andrew Park, DC) by training and helping the beginner interns (T7&T8) in terms of patient interactions, diagnosis, and management.

May/2015-April/2016: Chiropractic Intern at Whittier Community Resource Center (Whittier, CA)

Performing complete patient Examinations, Chiropractic & Physiotherapeutic treatments, as well as rendering the Rehab and Nutritional recommendations to the low income individuals; mainly blue collar population.

Providing management plans for the patients and scheduling them for the subsequent visits.

Educational Work History

June/2015-April/2016: Private, Group, & Open Lab Tutor at Southern California University of Health Sciences (Whittier, California)

•Held tutoring position for the following subjects: Chiropractic Technique labs, Clinical Neurology, Biochemistry, Spinal Anatomy, Differential Diagnoses, Radiology, Orthopedic/Neurologic Examinations class, Physical Examinations class, and Medical Pathology.

•Performed standardized test preparation tutoring (one on one) sessions for ICE, ACE, & National Boards Exams.

June/2015-April/2016: Teaching Assistant at Southern California University of Health Sciences (Whittier, California)

•Held Teaching Assistant positions at the Chiropractic Technique labs as well as the Spinal Anatomy course.

June/2011-September/2012: Private Elementary School, Middle School, High school, and College Tutor to Low Income Students (Entire Orange County, CA)

•Tutored for the following Tutoring Companies: (Xamaze Tutoring, Maththink Tutoring, and Grade Potentials Tutoring).

•Tutored one-on-one to students at Saddle Back Community College as well as Irvine Valley College.

•The subjects tutored at the mentioned locations included Algebra, English, Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, and Biochemistry.

October/2010-Jan/2011: Private tutor to fellow classmates at AUC School of Medicine (Sint. Maarten Island)

•The subjects tutored included Anatomy, Physiology, & Biochemistry.

September/2004-September/2006: Private and Group tutor to students at Wright State University (Dayton, OH)

•The subjects tutored included Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Math, & Physics.

September/2000-May/2002: English as a Second Language Teacher to Persian students at SIMIN Educational Association Institute (Tehran, Iran)

•Taught English to Persian children, ages 7-15, at SIMIN institute.

•Designed and prepared Children’s ESL books and tests.

Other Work History

January/2008-December/2008: Pharmacy Technician at Wal-Mart Pharmacy (Dayton, OH)

•Reception, entering into the computer, and filling prescriptions.

•Contacting insurance companies in regards to the process of prescription authorization or other status.

August/2007-January/2008: Pharmacy Technician at Walgreen’s Pharmacy (Dayton, OH)

•Reception, entering into the computer, and filling prescriptions.

•Contacting insurance companies in regards to the process of prescription authorization or other status.

Volunteer Work

September/2012-Present: Volunteer at the H3 (Healing Hands for Humanity) group (Orange County/Los Angeles, CA)

•Provided free of charge examination, diagnosis, and manipulation of the spine/extremities to the low-income individuals and minorities in the Los Angeles & Orange County areas. The locations included Anaheim Convention center, Long Beach Substance Abuse Foundation, UCLA Health Fair, as well as the Pomona area churches.

March/2015-Present: Volunteered at Sports Physical Examination Events (Los Angeles, CA)

•Provided pre-performance physical examinations for high school students at the Pioneer High school (Whittier, CA).

•Provided Pre-performance Physical examinations for elementary school children at Dr. Manuel Urteaga’s office (Whittier, CA).

March/2008-December/2009: Volunteered at the Children’s Medical Center (Dayton, OH)

•Providing assistance in patient care and keeping companies to the children and their families in the Emergency room as well as the Oncology department.

March/2008-December/2009: Volunteered at the Hospice of Dayton (Dayton, OH)

•Provided companionship and basic assistance to the elderly patients and their families at the hospice.

•Visited hospice patients at their residence through out the Green county and Montgomery county areas.



•H3 (Healing Hands for Humanity)

•ACA (American Chiropractic Association)

•ICA (International Chiropractic Association)

September/2010- March/2012:

•AMSA (American Medical Student Association)

•Women’s Health Club:

Provided free health education to the native women on the Sint. Maarten Island

Awards & Certificates

2017 - In the process of obtaining the X-Ray Operating Permit; letter of permission to take the licensing/permit exam has been recieved from the California Department of Public Health on November/26/2017.

2016 – Certificate of Internship based on demonstration of outstanding proficiency in clinical practice. (SCUHS)

2016 – Certificate of Delta Sigma Honorary Scholastic Society of Healing Arts based on being of high moral character & having attained the required scholastic excellence. (SCUHS)

2016 - Dean’s List Certificate based on having achieved high scholastic standing in the curriculum leading to the degree of Doctorate of Chiropractic. (SCUHS)

2016 – Current Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate (Issued in 2016).

2009 - Certificate of appreciation and gratitude from the Dayton’s Children Medical Center

2009 - Certificate of appreciation and gratitude from the Hospice of Dayton


Computer Skills:

•Chiropractic softwares: Chirotouch, Vitalogics, VO (Visual Outcomes), NextGen, Opal-Rad 2020 imaging software.

•Regular softwares: Microsoft Words, Microsoft ppt, Microsoft Excel

Chiropractic & Physiotherapeutic Skills: Manipulation of the spine and the extremities, Sacral Occipital Technique, Operation of the Distraction table, Operation of the Decompression table, NUCCA (Upper Cervical Technique- Corrections made by Activator V), Cox Technique, Activator Technique, Pediatric Manipulation,Taping, Performance of Myofascial release technique (MRT), Joint mobilization, Post Isometric relaxation technique (PIR), as well as operation the Ultrasound machine, Electric Stimulation machine, Cold Laser, and IR lamp.

Rehab Skills: MRT Grade 4, Mckenzie exercise and protocol, William’s flexion exercises, Core exercises, breathing exercises, coordination and conditioning exercises, any & all palliative-tissue sparing exercises, any & all stabilizing- strengthening exercises, as well as Yoga (for common conditions) exercises.


•September/2012- April/2016: Southern California University of Health & Sciences (SCUHS) – Doctorate of Chiropractic (Whittier, CA).

•September/2010- March/2012: American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (Island of Sint. Maarten).

• September/2003- July/2007: Wright State University- Bachelors of Science; Pre-med (Dayton, OH).

•September/2002- August/2003: Sinclair Community College (Dayton, OH).

•September/1996- August/2000: Arian Private High School (Tehran, Iran).

Research Experience

• Effect of herpes (HSV2) virus on L929 Fibroblast cells

• Immunehistochemistry – Antigen/Antibody reactions in Neuronal cells.


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