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C Nd

Seattle, Washington, United States
January 02, 2018

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S hallem R avonne G reen

Cell : 503-***-****

Message N umber 2-53-572-****

Email: S


To o btain a p osition i n m aintenance, s and b lasting, f ork l ift d river, p lant a nd f acility repair a s w ell a s S afety i nspections.

Training C ertification

● Certified f or s afe u se o f f orklifts i n W ashington S tate.

● HAZMAT certified training in chemical placard identification, MSDS-log keeping, c lean-up p rocedures, s afe u se o f i ndustrial p roducts.

● Trained i n w orking i n c onfined s pace a reas.

● Trained i n P ersonal P rotective E quipment ( P.P.E.)

● EPA r egulations, a ir-surface w ater-worker e nvironments Experienced & S kills P rofile

● Setting u p p reventative m aintenance p rogram f or p lant o perations.

● Experience i n a ll g uidelines f or s afe p lant o perations i ncluding

● OSHIA, W ISHA r egulations.

● Experience p roblem s olving o f a ll m achinery a nd e quipment.

● Certified F ork l ift o perator a ny s ize

● A r esponsible t eam p layer. C omplete t ask t o t he e nd.

● Sets a nd m eets g oals u sing e xcellent o rganizational a nd t ime m anagement s kills.

● Purchasing a nd i nventory c ontrol o f a ll e quipment f or p lant r epairs.

● Effective ability to assess/analyze situations and communicate with precise written i nstructions.

● Experiences i n a ll t ypes o f s and b lasting t ools, e quipment

● Apt M aintanance,plumbing,

● Supervisor e xperience f or a partment c omplexes

● Construction 1 6yr e xperience

Employment H istory

L anding a t A ngle L ake

1 9800 I nternational B lvd

S eaTac, W ash 9 8188

T itle: L ead T echnician 2 016 t o p resent

● Repairs, a ll k itchen a nd b athroom f ixtures.

● Carpet r eplacement a nd r emoval

● Replacement o f a ll l ighting

● Assignment o f d uties t o o ther w orkers

● Removal o f a ll t rash f rom a partments l eft b ehind b y t enants. Puget S ound C oatings

9220 8 t h A ve S outh

Seattle, W ashington 9 8108

Title: I ndustrial w orker / Sand B laster

Contact R oberto T rejo @ 2-53-335-**** f rom 2 012 t o 2 013

● Industrial w orker.

● Prepping a nd m asking j ob b efore b lasting a nd o verlay.

● Safety i nspection f or p lant.

● Forklift d river.

Promoted t o S and B laster f rom 2 013 t o 2 015

● Sand b lasted c rane p arts.

● Sand b lasted I ndustrial e ngines.

● Sand b lasted A uto p arts.

● Sand b lasted M arine p arts.

● Bridge a ll p arts r elated t o s and b lasting.

G reen b rothers h ome s ervices

PO B ox 2 8342

Seattle, W ashington 9 8118

Title: F orman, F ramer, D rywall i nstallation, P ainter, f rom 2 005 t o 2 012 Contact p erson A vrem G reen 2-06-250-****

● Safely C ontrol

● Framing

● Tile w orker

● Installing d rywall

● Perform f acility m aintenance a nd m aintain c lean a nd s afe w ork a rea

● Generate a nd c omplete w ork o rders a s a ssigned

● Cabinet i nstallations

● Kitchen a nd B ath r emodels

E ducation:

Pierce C ollage, P uyallup, W ashington 2 008

General e ducation d iploma

E verest C ollege R enton, W ashington 2 011

M edical A ssistance p rogram

Computer E xperience:

Microsoft W ord


All b asic s pread s heets

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