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Engineer Test Cases

Santa Clara, California, United States
January 02, 2018

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Santa Clara, CA


Experienced and motivated specialist (US citizen) seeking a position of Sr. QA Test Automation Engineer. Ideal project will include writing test automation scripts with Selenium UI, REST API, Cucumber, on Java or Python, Windows or Linux platforms, working for new startup environment to build processes from scratch, or with existing frameworks. Preferred region - SF south bay.


21+ years experience in SQA industry, including working in Fortune-500 companies (Sun Microsystems, Netscape, AOL, Verisign, Google, etc.)

Expert in GUI test automation with Selenium WebDriver and REST API on Java and Python

Created several cross-platform test frameworks on Windows, Linux, using UI and CLI, Java/Python

Covered 1000’s manual Test Cases with automated test scripts over career

Expert in converting existing manual test cases into high quality automated test suite

Good scripting skills on Java, Python, Bash, PowerShell, Experienced with BDD Cucumber on Java

Accomplished large number of release cycles, experienced as Release Manager, great with SDLC

Great experience with implementing Continuous Integration process, Jenkins/Hudson, Github

Using advanced scripting techniques: multi-layer scripts architecture, Data Driven Test (DDT), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Page Object Model (POM), expert with XPath, TestNG

Experienced with REST API Web services, familiar with SOAP; using git/hub

Strong hands-on experience with hands-on testing mobile apps on iOS and Android devices

Knowledgeable of performance testing with Jmeter and Load Runner, test results analysis

Bug tracking systems: Jira admin, TestDirector, Quality Center

Strong skills in Unix/Linux, good Bash shell scripting, system administration

Strong knowledge of overall QA processes and methodologies, good team leadership skills

Good skills in writing test related technical documentation: Test Plans, Test Cases, bug reports

Efficient training newcomers and junior personnel, leading offshore test development / QA team


Aug 2014 – November 2017 QA Lead Engineer, Joingo, San Jose, CA

Lead QA team in a start-up company environment, defined strategy for the QA, test methodologies, improved bug tracking processes, spin off a outsourcing group, hire employees in US, being a single point of contact for 15 engineers and marketing team, worked as Release manager. Focused on setting up the processes to assure project efficiency and transparency. Performed hands-on testing of server backend, Console and Client of advanced mobile application. Wrote from scratch comprehensive automated Selenium/Java framework to run End-to-End tests. Wrote powerful REST API framework for E2E Web Services tests, provided backend tests, used python and bash. Application is based on use of mobile apps with Google Geofence technologies, deployed in modern marketing techniques in major business areas. Covered over 1000 Test Cases with automated tests. Hands-on experienced on daily basis with testing mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. Lead offshore test development team. Performed system administration of Jira, QA test environment, maintained builds and Continuous Integration (CI) environment.

April 2011 – Aug 2014 Sr. Automation Test Engineer, SS8, Milpitas, CA

Working in a start-up company doing test automation of multiple test applications. Wrote powerful test automation framework to perform widely features tests for advances networking and security related product. This includes converting existing manual TestCases by GUI-based Selenium/Java automated scripts, creating and covering new auto-test scenarios, reporting bugs. Used Cucumber to with Selenium tests. Project included writing scripts for ‘traffic generation’ to perform user-like operations on Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, FTP, chatting tools. covering usage of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, capturing and reconstructing related traffic. Used Wireshark for capturing and analyzing traffic generated by scripts. Test Automation is done using Selenium on Java platform. Also used REST API for testing Web Services. Trained other personnel to using it newly created powerful test tools. Test framework on Java deeply using DDT concept, include common utilities like TestNG, JavaMail, Java FTP, TestListener, log4j. Test suite is written with multi-layer architecture, using low-level classes for general purposes methods, mid-level scripts to be a UseCases level, and high-level classes are built as End-2-End Test Cases to perform desired high-level test scenarios. Work requires strong knowledge of Seleium, Java, XPath, Web services. Work also included maintaining pre-existing Silk scripts and covering their scenarios with Selenium scripts where applicable.

Oct 2008 – Apr 2011 Test Automation Team Lead, Instant Information, New York

Working in company practiced Agile rapid software development environment. Responsible for testing advanced Web-based application, lead a test automation team, wrote test automation suite with Selenium RC/Python and then with Selenium Web Driver/Java platforms, wrote highly scalable test automation frameworks, using TestNG, JavaMail, DDT, multi-layer architecture and many other advanced technologies. Wrote a set of tests with Cucumber using Behavior Driven Development (BDD) on Java. Introduced Continuous Integration process on the project using Hudson. Wrote tests on PowerShell for CLI app test on Windows. Maintained QA environment, installed builds and patches, performed monitoring of system components, ran meetings, participated in hiring and training of junior personnel.

Sept. 2007 – Oct 2008 Sr. QA Engineer, Google, Mountain View, CA, USA

Joined contracting project to release new generation of web-oriented product at Google. Work includes writing Test Plan, Test Cases, report/validate bugs, lead the off-shore QA team, writing test automation script with Selenium RC in Python environment,CLI scripting on Python and Bashfor backend testing in Unix/Linux environment, covered existing test cases with automated test scripts. Participated writing Selenium RC on java auto-test scripts to cover UI testing of application’s Admin part.

Jan 2005 – Sept. 2007 QA Lead, Epam Systems

Working in #1 s/w development company in East Europe, leading QA team on advanced foreign projects. This includes writing Test Plan, Test Strategy (part of SoW), establish high quality QA processes on the projects according with customer’s needs, hiring and training QA personnel, participate in writing Test Cases and test automation scripts (with QuickTest Pro), do manual testing, close communication with customer, participating project management, many other tasks. Passed through several successful projects and release cycles.

12/2003 – 01/2005 QA Manager, IBA, Minsk BY

Working on advanced Java-based project for major foreign customer. Work includes writing advanced test automation scripts with WinRunner and QuickTest Pro, writing test cases, test plans, configuring bug trucking system and whole test environment, hiring & training QA personnel, organizing high quality QA process, communicating with customer.

12/2002 – 12/2003 QA Manager, G2X Inc., New York

Performed full spectrum of quality assurance works in highly scalable software development environment. Implementing high business standards and techniques in the company. Implementation of test automation with WinRunner, QuickTestPro, manage QA Lab, implement cross-platform support and testing (Windows & Unix), hiring and training QA personnel, etc. All this is done combining with real hands-on testing of application, writing test cases, test plan, test automation scripts with WinRunner.

03/2002 – 09/2002 Sr.Test Automation Engineer, Bluearc, San Jose, CA

Wrote comprehensive automated test suite for high-speed file storage product. Covered testing of Linux-based backend (Shell/Perl scripts) and Web-based GUI frontend by WinRunner scripts. Maintained QA lab – install OS (Linux/Solaris/Win), configure and troubleshooting network.

02/2001 – 03/2002 Sr. Test Development QA Engineer, VeriSign, Mountain View, CA

Wrote powerful test automation scripts using WinRunner, performed test of Web services on the backend (bash scripts), much more.

1999 – 2002. Unix/Win Runner instructor, SCAE, Santa Clara, CA

Teaching on part-time basis two classes for WinRunner (introduction and advanced WinRunner), and teach 'Testing S/W applications in Unix environment' class. Setup and configure OS and support network for Unix class.

Oct. 1998 – 02/2001 Sr. QA Engineer, Netscape Communications, Mountain View, CA.

Started as team member of Sun/Netscape 'iPlanet' alliance group. Performed test of advanced Web-ecommerce application. Maintained QA lab environment (Unix/Windows platforms), trained newcomers and Jr. personnel.

Jan. 1996 - Oct 1998. Sr.SQA Engineer, Enlighten SW, San Mateo, CA.

Performed test of advanced Unix system administration and network management application. Converted existing manual Test Cases into automated test suite with XRunner. Worked with most of Unix/Linux OS platforms.

1994 -1996 Sr. Test Engineer, GSS/ARRAY Technology, San Jose, CA.

Working Electronic Engineer and test environment. Performed test of switches, token rings, ethernet cards, data encryption devices, other network equipment. Most of tests done in Unix environment (Sun Solaris).


1985 BS in Electrical Engineering, State Polytechnic University, Novosibirsk, USSR

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