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Medical Nurse

500 Dinar Kuwaiti
January 01, 2018

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Hesham Mohammed Ibrahim Almekawy

[Address :Aga, Al Dakahlia, 8 Awlad Enan Street] [phone

number :+201*********] [Email:]

[passport number: A21231071]

Personal Statement:

An experienced and fully qualified registered nurse who is efficient, thorough and passionate about delivering the best levels of care to patients. I possess extensive healthcare experience in a wide range of key nursing fields and have the required physical, mental and emotional strength to stand up to this profession. I am able to work autonomously and have vast knowledge of using the latest state of the art medical equipment to treat, observe and record the condition of patients. As a driven individual who wants to progress I am now looking for a suitable nursing position with a reputable, exciting and modern healthcare provider.


Had a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing (BScN), Nursing School, Cairo University,2011.


• Got prevention and control of infection course at Aswan Heart Centre 2016.

• Got BLS & PALS from American Heart Association, validity is from April 2017 till April 2019.

• Got more than 100 credit hours through Continuous online learning websites.

• Attend CARDIO ALEX 2017 event as a lecturer.



• [From October,2011 to September,2012]

• [Trainee Nurse] [at Al Kasr Al Aini Hospital]

• Clinical Areas of training :

o _3 months in OR "Scrub & Circulating Nurse".

o _3 months in ICU of Dr Sherif Mokhtar.

o _3 months in Neurological ICU.

o _3 months in ICU of Open Heart Pediatric Surgeries at Japanese Abo

. El Reesh Hospital.

• [From September,2012 to April,2013]

o [Anesthesia Nurse] [at Misr International Hospital]

• [From April,2013 to June,2014]

o [Served in Medical Services of The Egyptian Army]

• [From June,2014 to April 2015]

o [Nephrology Nurse] [at El Mansoura New General


• [From may 2015 to June 2017 ]

o [Paediatric Cardiac I C U Nurse at Magdi Yaqoub

Heart Foundation ]

• [From July 2017 to Present ]

o [Clinical Nurse Educator in Paediatric Cardiac I C U at Magdi Yaqoub Heart Foundation ]

Skills :

• Related to Nephrology nursing experience :

• Screen patients and identify severity of kidney diseases.

• Collect medical histories and other vital information from patients.

• Conduct comprehensive physical assessments and draft care plans.

• Order and interpret tests, including medical and imaging data.

• Examine electrolyte and mineral status of patients. 3

• Identify if the patient is facing any psychology issues.

• Provide information and encourage patients on getting better.

• Prepare patients and dialysis machines for the procedure.

• Ability to operate medical equipment and instruments.

• Understanding of pharmaceutics and their effects and side effects on patients.

• Matured in building relationships with patients and their families.

• Assisted physicians in planning and providing care to dialysis patients.

• Ordered and evaluated laboratory tests and outcomes.

• Maintained detailed medical records and stock supply.

• Documented all orders and other necessary information.

• Related to Anesthesia nursing experience :

• Administered anesthesia during medical procedures and surgical operations.

• Monitored patients pre-operatively, intra-operatively, and post-operatively and appropriately treated adverse reactions and complications.

• Recorded type and amount of anesthesia and medications administered and the patients condition throughout the procedure.

• Provided and maintained life support for the critically ill and the trauma patient.

• Provided anesthesia to mostly adult patients undergoing elective surgical procedures.

• Performed pre-anesthetic screenings, including physical evaluations and patient’s History.

• Worked in collaboration with surgeons in selecting the safest anesthetic for each individual patient.

• Delivered, monitored, and prescribed anesthesia safely to patients throughout the perioperative experience.

• Evaluated patients' post-surgical response and took appropriate corrective actions if complications occurred.

• Discharged patients to home once discharge criteria were met.

• Related to Pediatric Cardiac I C U :

• Strong bedside nursing and PICU experience.

• Ability to assess, plan, and evaluate nursing process.

• Excellent computer, motivational, and typing skills.

• Skilled in organizing, prioritizing, and multi-tasking.

• Collaborating with the nursing staff and doctor's team for patients' care.

• Collecting medical histories of patients from parents and using them in treatment.

• Identifying medical issues and developing appropriate medical care plans.

• Monitoring blood pressure, weight, and pulse rate of patients and communicating outcomes to doctors.

• Monitoring intake and output of patients and ordering pathological tests.

• Provided comfort and support to post-operative patients in the intensive care unit.

• Tracked responses to treatment and modified treatment plans.

• Administered prescribed medications and recorded vital signs.

• Controlled infection and ensured total hygiene of the unit. 4

• Provided emotional support and education to parents and documented treatment process.

• Followed Pediatric advanced life support guidelines in patients in cardiopulmonary failure.

• Provided direct patient care to patients' with high acuities that are respiratory, cardiac and neurologically impaired.

• Implemented treatment plans of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension in children.

• Related to Clinical Educator in Pediatric Cardiac I C U :

• Designed and implemented educational programming to address identified learning needs to include revision to Orientation process.

• Planned, Developed and Implemented year competencies.

• Daily in-services to nurses in related to Pediatric Cardiac intensive care.

• Development and presentation of educational classes for clinical staff, including documentation on Electronic Medical Record.

• Trained healthcare staff on dosing and administration of medication in order to minimize medication errors.

• Scheduled educational lunches with healthcare staff to increase knowledge of product and disease state.

• Conducted educational needs assessment for staff.

• Collaborated with other educators and advanced practice nurses to achieve shared organizational and educational goals.


• English:

o Got level 12 of 16 in General English Test “reading, speaking, listening and writing “at Aswan Heart Center at 2016.

o Got upper intermediate level of General English Test “reading, speaking, listening and writing “ at Aswan Heart Center at 2017.

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