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Senior Linux Administrator

White Haven, Pennsylvania, 18661, United States
January 03, 2018

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Leo Stephen Kennedy

Senior Linux Administrator

** ***** ***** ***

White Haven, Pennsylvania 18661


About Me:

An enthusiastic and dedicated I.T. professional who takes solving your business

needs as a personal challenge to deliver viable and cost-effective solutions in

record time.

While opening up new avenues of technological capability within your I.T.

environment, I can ultimately produce stable platforms and maintain operational

effectiveness with a clearly superior ROI by deploying enterprise grade

solutions utilizing the GNU/Linux OS and other robust FOSS. Additionally, I

will exercise this discipline within non-heterogenous environments by coupling

this technology to work in tandem and harmony within the Windows environment.

With today's corporate I.T. budgets shrinking and PMO's Gant chart times just

withering away, I will always be up for the task of making things happen and

bringing your I.T. visions for the future to fruition.

Operating Systems and Software:

Linux: Windows: AIX: Misc Distros:

RHEL 5.x, 6.x, 7.x Server 2003 AIX 4.3 SystemRescue CD

SLES 9.x - 13.x Server 2008 AIX 5.3 gParted

CentOS 5.x, 6,x, 7.x Server 2012 AIX 7.x Clonezilla

Oracle OEL 6.x, 7.x Solaris 8, 9

Arch Linux (rr)

Software and Services:

Apache, Nginx, WebSphere, IIS, Nagios, ClonZilla, NetBackup, LAMP/LEMP, MySQL,

PureFTPd, vsFTPd, Cron, IBM TWS/IWS, AS2/EDI. Oracle RDBMS, Oracle BI,

Lotus Notes, IronPort Proxy and Anti-Spam, CheckPoint Firewall, Axway EDI



NFS, X Windows, RSH, Telnet


VMware ESXi 5.x - 6.x, AIX VIO Server, Oracle VM, QEMU, Docker

Systems and Performance Monitoring:

Nagios, [*]Top, TCPDump, WireShark, NMON, WMI, NMAP, NC/NCat

sysstat stat, strace trace, glances, lsof

Languages & Scripting:

C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Shell, Bash, Korn/Ksh93/pdksh, expect, HTML

Work Experience:

Senior Linux Administrator, Crayola LLC

Jan 1994 - August 2017

Easton, PA

Managed all aspects of Crayola's server platforms including AIX, Linux and

Windows operating systems. In addition to these major silos of

responsibility I am either managed or moved on to the following technology


Citrix, Cisco IronPort anti-spam and proxy, Checkpoint Firewall on Solaris,

maintained DNS services as well as DHCP addressing throughout the

organization. Another sometimes large part of my day is spent administering

several servers in a hosted environment that are the internet-based web

services providers for

One of my more tedious and infrastructure related expertises is the

monitoring and metrics gathering services. Some time ago I implemented an

x86_64 ARCH Linux-based Nagios deployment for the company. This has and will

continue to be a work in progress as these kinds of things normally are. I

must say that this is one of my passions as it makes allowances for my keen

ability to program and script in a greyhat-style. I really can make things

shine here as creating Perl/PHP/Bash/C++ apps to gather difficult to obtain

metrics is a specialty of mine. Oh, managing AD is a part of the day alongside

some NFS/FTP/IIS/SSH/etc... services. I managed a server farm that numbered in

the 200-250 range on VMWare 5/6 as well. i created a LAMP environment which

housed our server infrastructure database and app used by the team.

Along with the above items I brought TWS/IWS onto a RHEL 7 Linux platform which

housed many automated scheduled jobs. Worked alongside our EDI Team to outfit

their AS2 platform atop a RHEL 7 stack as well as being aside the Oracke BI Team

in their efforts to run OBIEE atop RHEL 7 as well.

Systems Administrator and Consultant, Private Consulting

Jan 1991 - Dec 1992

Greater Philadelphia Area

Systems Engineer, DuPont Merck Pharmaceuticals

Jan 1987 - Dec 1990

Wilmington, Delaware

(Barley Run, Experimental Station, Chambers Works, etc)

Managed various technology platforms within the many disparate functional areas

of the corporate and scientific locales. I administered mainly VAX and

MacIntosh-based systems throughout the organization as well as several Unix

systems including SCO and Altos. Paying particular attention to the many areas

of scientific discipline, i maintained several critical software packages and

systems designed around molecular modelling. Interfaced daily with a number of

physicists requiring custom programming and scripting routines which accounted

for a part of my day spent creating/editing these routines.

In addition, I gained skills centered around SPSS, a statistical analysis

package, and other niche products and provided support on the same.

HM2 Hospital Corpsman, U.S. Navy

Apr 1982 - May 1986

Naval Hospital Philadelphia, PA / 2nd Medical Logistics 2/FSSG Camp Lejeune, NC

I became an E.M.T. and Paramedic while serving in the Navy in addition to my

other specialties within the medical environment. Eventually, as one is to begin

rotating "out" of the service in this field, you become less apt to continue

patient care aspects of the career. This began my work in the IT field

maintaining requisite Medical and Dental allowance lists within the IBM 360

world and card punch. The use and administration of Zenith computers containing

8 inch floppy disks was in my realm alongside such packages as Wordstar and

Visicalc and eventually Lotus 1-2-3. These terminal-based packages ran atop the

CP/M-85 operating systems. Use of Condor FMS I/O was also part of my day.

Education and Training:

Coastal Carolina College

Jacksonville, NC

1985 - 1987

Cleavland Institute of Electronics

Cleaveland OH

1988 - 1990

Linux Professional Institute

LPIC 2006-2016

Cisco IronPort

Configuration and Administration

May 2005

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