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Engineer Software

Portland, Oregon, United States
December 30, 2017

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Paul de Nijs

Portland OR, ***** 503-***-****

Software Engineer & Systems Administrator

Contribute to bottom line by providing solutions to complex problems

Professional with extensive experience in computer and operating systems, system administration, performance tuning, software development, consulting and coaching. Flexible team player with strong analytical skills. Drive projects from start to finish successfully. Communicate comfortably with team members, management and customers. Quick in learning new computer languages and methods. Proactive in introducing organization to new and relevant developments. Fluent in English and Dutch and proficient in French and German. Technical expertise includes:

Programming Languages:

Unix Shell, Perl, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, Python, AngularJS, PHP

Operating Systems:

Solaris, Linux (RedHat, Suse, Ubuntu), AIX, Windows


Xen, VMware, KVM, Oracle VM, Openstack, Solaris zones, VirtualBox, Docker, AWS




MySQL, Oracle, MPI (MPICH,LAM,Scali), Data-center design and management, Storage and data-archive Solutions, HTML/CSS, Apache WebServer, Hadoop, Impala, Apache Spark, GitHub, AWS, CI/CD, SDLC, Ansible, NodeJS, AJAX, IPMI, iSCSI, SAN, NAS, Kickstart, AutoYast, solarisAI, NIM, PXE

Professional Experience

INTEL CORPORATION, Hillsboro, OR 02/2017-08/2017

Lead Software Engineer

Develop the front and back-end of a web based hardware debug tool using AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5 on Linux with Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP), Hadoop/Impala (ODBC), together with UI/UX designer in the team. Redesigned databases for ETL.

ORACLE (acquired SUN MICROSYSTEMS), Hillsboro, OR 1997 – 2017

Principal Software Engineer / System Administrator

Developed software tools (in various programming languages) that efficiently managed data-centers with 2K+ servers. Acted as consultant for Benchmark (performance) Engineers and System Administrators in Strategic Application Engineering Group. Supported customers as System Administrator in Data Centers on Networking, Storage and Computer platforms.

Designed and architected the Sun Microsystems Benchmark Data Center in Geneva, Switzerland to allow customers to benchmark/test applications on Sun equipment.

Delivered worldwide roll-out to centers in Paris, Menlo Park, Langen (Germany) and Linlithgow (Scotland) by mimicking Geneva set up for benchmark center in Hillsboro and showing potential customers that Sun provided total computing solutions.

Ran high performance computing benchmarks for customers in Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Weather, Aerospace and Science industries on Linux and Solaris compute clusters with fast interconnect.

Optimized performance on computer (Sparc, x86/x64), network and storage during benchmark, leading to contracts and sales, by consulting with customers and Sun sales team throughout process.

Maintained high standard, customers’ ease of changing configurations (CI/CD) and performance monitoring by developing numerous required tools.

Ensured team and business unit were knowledgeable by sharing information via written benchmark tips and giving presentations.

Designed and architected a self management Data Center with 1K+ servers in Linlithgow, Scotland by collaborating with local employees on hardware setup of a new High Performance Cluster Environment. Management was customer driven by tools that I already wrote for existing centers, like hardware scheduling, OS provisioning, account creation and storage allocation.

Improved product by providing testing and consulting (debugging and correcting Python code) on OpenStack implementation of zones in Solaris.

Provided Virtualized systems for benchmarking purposes, which included Xen, Vmware, KVM, Oracle VM, Openstack with Solaris/Linux/Windows, all installed automatically with my Web Based OS install Tool.

Experimented with Docker on Linux versus Zones on Solaris as a site-by-site comparison.

Administered IBM AIX/Linux Power 5,6,7 & 8 systems for benchmarks and application porting.

Coordinated backup procedures for test systems to restore them quickly in case of emergency, which included snapshots for Solaris, VMware and OS images.

Wrote documentation/manuals for quick setup of system on AWS for benchmark purposes.

Setup mail and web-services on AWS on Linux (postfix, DoveCot, Apache, etc).

Delivered software tools for data-center management (MySQL, Perl, Python, Javascript, etc) that included:

oWeb-based scheduling tool for reserving, tracking inventory and keeping reports of compute resources in Oracle data centers.

oWeb-based patch panel administration tool.

oWeb-based IP management tool for data centers, DNS and NIS (

oExternal disk-exploring tool.

oWeb-based server configuration explorer.

oWeb based account identification tool (NIS, LDAP).

oWeb-based client install tool (for Solaris sparc / x86, Solaris11 sparc / x86, Linux sparc / power-pc / x86, AIX PowerPC, and Windows), preferred over Oracle's commercial / external tools. Now called Cloud OS deployment.

Additional Relevant Experience

WANG NETHERLANDS B.V., Utrecht, Netherlands

Technical Consultant and Project Manager

Designed and managed the set up of the network infrastructure for stock-trading company in Amsterdam (Labouchere), including NIS, DNS, DHCP, E-mail, Web services and enterprise-wide backup policies on UNIX systems.

COMPUTER BEHEER B.V., Enschede, Netherlands

Support Engineer

Provided mostly escalation support of UNIX on several different platforms (NCR, HP, IBM, SUN), integrated PC servers within environment and supported Ingres RDBMS.

NCR NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Escalation Customer Support Engineer

Delivered escalation customer support on NCR Unix servers, including performance analysis and tuning, disaster recovery and installations.


Bachelor of Science (BS), Electronics, Data Transfer Techniques, HTS (Institute of Technology), Haarlem, Netherlands


Articles in Sun / Oracle Internal Technocrat, Sunspace and Wiki

Shareware, including tools on “Benchmark Tools CD”


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