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Document Control

Qift, Qena Governorate, Egypt
$3000 USD
December 30, 2017

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Personal Information

Name: Yasser Ahmed Rawy Attitou

Occupation: Document Control

A specialist in Education Technology (Technology and Computer Development)

Certificate: A Bachelor in Specific Education, 1999 Date of Birth: 21/5/1977

Mobile.: +2-012*-****-***)

Nationality: Egyptian

Address: Egypt – Qena – Qeft


Social Status: Married + 2

Military Service: Exempted

Work Experience (Duties and Responsibilities):



1- Work as a Document Controller at German Engineering & Management Solutions “GEMS” since 13th May 2013 till 28th February 2015.

Duties as

1- Familiar with Electronic Document Management System. 2- Perform the duties and responsibilities on the CM/CS's procedures 3- Record, filed and logged the correspondences, documents and quality records as required 4- Establish and maintain project document control system in accordance with SCM direction, inclusive of paper and electronic document control systems as describe in document control procedure. 5- Record names, addresses and telephone numbers of all contractors, subcontractors, sub consultants and major suppliers of materials and equipment



2- Work as a front office administrator (Document Controller ) at Consolidated Engineering Construction Company “CECC” since 12th September 2007 till 25th December 2012. Duties as

a. All project documentation and filing system.

i. Store documents electronically as well as physically in filing system and keeping it up to date.

b. Maintain document distribution matrices for deliverables. c. Following up the material submittals status & printout weekly reports. d. Following up the Construction drawings & shop drawings status between the owner, consultant and our design team.

e. Manage the RFI's & inspection request status with the quality department and our design team. f. Preparing Submittals & transmittals.

g. Preparing the letters status (in & out) for the project director on weekly bases. h. Preparing all Logs :

i. Document Submittals.

ii. Material Submittals.

iii. Shop drawing Register.

iv. As built drawing Submittals.

v. Inspection Request Form.

vi. RFI Register. Work Notifications.

vii. Letter’s (In & Out) to all Companies.

3- .

a. Prepare all secretarial works.

b. Preparation of delivery notes.

c. Obtain gate passes for company staff to all work areas. d. Managing in / out daily mail.

e. Circulation of data and information’s to all work sites f. Maintain archives of all correspondence.


Ministry of Education

3- Work as a specialist in Education Technology (Technology and Computer Development) since 2nd October 2000 Till 11th September 2007, 26th December 2012 till 7th May 2013 and 1st March 2015 till date.

Duties as

1- Work as a trainer for ICDL Programs at Qeft Government. 2- Teaching Computer at Al-Hadlab Preparatory School, October 2000 till February 2002 (Two Years).

3- Working on inputting and analyzing the instructions of the competition held by the Ministry of Administration, 26/3/2002 – 8/4/2002.

4- An active member of the Parents and Teachers' Council at Al-Hedlab Preparatory School; I was the Head of the Fellowship Committee


1- Possess good knowledge in document control and management processes and standards and ISO standards.

2- Pleasant personality, with good written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills 3- Mature, proactive, take initiative and well organized 4- Systematic and able to work under pressure

5- Meticulous and able to follow through with tasks promptly 6- Able to work independently as well as in a team 7- Proficient in MS Office applications (Excel, Words and Powerpoint). 8- Experienced in activating the Parents' Council recently called The Trustees Council; I am an active member at the committee of Education Development operating in Qeft Educational Department, and I implemented the principles of Society's increasing role in the Educational Process, and my part was clear-cut at Al-Hedlab Preparatory School. 9- Experienced in operating the electronic educational interaction between teachers and students and the active participation in the questions debates through the Ministry's Website, and I was working on operating the process for I was the manager of the network laboratory at the school.

10- Trained students on self-based education as I created the User's name and the Password for a group of students, so as to enable them to utilize the downloaded information and bring in what they need.

11- Publicized the competitions presented by the Ministry in order to deepen student's attachment to school and loyalty to Home, sharpen the awareness with democracy, and offer help with research writing process.

6- Worked on achieving communal participation and school's role in serving society and the surrounding environment and this can be obviously seen through what I have offered to the residents of Al-Kallaheen town of which Al-Hedlab Preparatory School was my place of work. 7- Worked on training the Arabic teachers on how to use the education technology, hereby a delegation by the Education Development Center.

8- Working along with teachers in order to identify the educational problems as well as trying to find scientific approaches to solve them.

9- Filing and preparing reports of the meetings of the members of the Board of trustees held at school, in addition to offering suggestions and opinions in the different affairs. COURSES:

1- A course in multi-media at the Technological Development Center, Qena, 28/10/2000 – 2/11/2000

2- A course in computer keep-up, the Technological Development Center, Qena, 13/11/2000 – 20/11/2000

3- A course in software keep-up, Ministry of Education Training Center, Mubarak Educational City, May 17, 2003 – May 22, 2003

4- The ICDL certificate, Al-Haram Training Center, Ministry of Education, Cairo, September 6, 2003

5- A course in the Electronic Education and Networks, the Technological Development Center, Qena, 14/12/2004 – 17/12/2004

6- A course in the Electronic Education, Mubarak City, Ministry of Education, 27/3/2004 – 29/3/2004.

7- A course in the English Language – Advanced Level – at the Language Center, South Valley University, Qena.


Available Upon Request.

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