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Electrical Maintenance Technician

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
December 29, 2017

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Resume: E. Allen Tingler

**** ****** *****

Stokesdale, NC. 27357

336-***-**** Cell


**** ******** ** ******** ************** – Facilities Management

Almeda University

1997-1998 A.A.S. Electrical Technology

New River Community College

1999-2001Rockwell Automation

PLC Programming

PLC Advanced Programming

Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

RSView 32


1991-1993 Electrical / Electronics Engineering Technology

Virginia Western Community College

1987-1989 Diploma: Communications Electronics

Cleveland Institute of Electronics

1984 Certification Welding – Froehling & Robertson Inc.

Testing Laboratory, Roanoke, VA.

1979-1983 Diploma: National Electrical Apprenticeship

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Work History:

3/2015 – present Automation Engineering Technician

Unilin Flooring\Mohawk Industries Inc.

Thomasville, NC.

6/2013 – 3/2015 Electro\Mechanical Technician

Unilin Flooring

Thomasville, NC.

1/2013 – 6/2013 Maintenance Technician

Yokohama Tire Corporation

Salem, Va.

7/2004 – 9/2012 Facilities Manager

RF Micro Devices – Fab 2

Greensboro, NC 27409

6/1999 – 7/2004 Senior Facilities Technician/System Troubleshooter

RF Micro Devices

Greensboro, NC 27409

4/1994 - 6/1999 Maintenance Technician

Yokohama Tire Corporation

Salem, VA 24153

4/1993 - 4/1994 Electrical Department Supervisor

General Shale Webster Inc.

PO Box 306

Blue Ridge, VA 24064

12/1985 - 6/1991 Regional Communications Technician

Norfolk & Western Railroad

Communications Department

8 North Jefferson St.

Roanoke, VA

1978 – 1985 Electrician\ Welder

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

6306 Peterscreek Road

Roanoke, VA

Detailed Work History:

6/2013 – present

Unilin Flooring

Thomasville, NC

Duties: Troubleshoot and repair mechanical and electrical issues with high speed production lines.

Production Process System Overview:

IFA – Receives resins from Tanker Truck deliveries and pumps contents to Bulk Tank Storage area.

IFA Gravimet section receives these resins which are mixed with other chemicals to create various recipes used with various paper products produced as demanded by scheduling. These recipes are then supplied to the two VITS lines that coat these resins of the paper.

VITS - The two VITS lines apply the various resin recipes to paper roll running down the lines which run continuously unless changeovers or lines issues stop the production process.

At the end of the VITS lines the paper is cut either by “cut by mark\ camera system detection for length cuts, or calculated cuts by length “cut by length”. From here these sheets are then floated out on a Stacking Table which tracks the numbers of sheets on the table per pallet order. Each line has its own over-head crane.

Wemhoner Cranes – Deliver empty pallets to the Stacking Table to receive new sheets from each production line. Each crane also removes full pallets from the Stacking Tables to a Transfer Car which is utilized by both VITS lines.

Transfer Car – shuttles empty and full pallets to and from both VITS lines to and from the Outfeed Section, as well as the Turning Station only utilized for 4’x 8’ pallets of “Overlay” pallets.

Full “Décor, Backer, and Overlay” pallets are then transferred from the “TCar” conveyor system to the Lift Table.

If the full pallet is “Décor or Backer” they are they wrapped in plastic, then moved to the Press Department via Fork Lift Truck.

If the full pallet is “Overlay” then these full pallets are sent to the “Turning Station” where the pallet is turned upside down then returned to the Lift Table for transport to the Lift Table and on to the Press Department.

From beginning to end numerous limit switches, proximity switches, solenoid valves, switches, push-buttons, motors, VFDs, pneumatic cylinders, regulators, pumps, motor starters, overloads, fuses, breakers, contactors, auxiliary contacts, Pilz safety relays, load cells, tension cells, chains, bearings, driven rolls, free rollers, remote I\O, FIFE Web Alignment systems, Elbek camera cut mark detection, and other mechanical\electrical\control devices are utilized of which I am responsible for.

Utilize Siemens S7 PLCs, WinCC HMIs to identify line stoppages and make appropriate adjustments. Latest project “Heat Recovery” employs Siemens TIA “Total Integrated Automation” S7 PLC and WinCC HMI.

Work with Production Department to modify original operating design to increase efficiency and reliability of lines, and increase the safety factor between employees and operators.

Work with outside contractors providing guidance for integration between existing and new systems – for projects too large for me to implement with only the help of one mechanic.

Responsible for maintaining a clean, orderly and correctly operating compliment of shop tools within my department’s Maintenance Shop.

Recent Project list:

Heat Recovery System on VITS 1 – takes exhaust air from the 10 Thermal Oil heated ovens and returns a portion of this energy to the Ovens, reducing the load on the Boiler to maintain the Thermal Oil temperature. Worked with the Wessel Corporation from Germany.

BY150 – Controls the Cross Cutter blade for continuous rotation of top blade cutting rather than CT150 operation of Stop\Start cutting. Provides more accuracy and potential increased line speed which translates into higher line speed\more production.

Auto Web Break Detection – previously operator upon noticing a web break had to push one of many Web Break switches mounted on the VITS lines. My implementation of Ultrasonic sensors of each side of the web automatically detects a “Web Break” and stops the line. Reduces the time to clean paper that wraps around the rollers throughout the line, reducing time for clean up and increasing production.

Pre-wetting Roller slow down at Backer Splice – during auto splice, slows down this roll to prevent web break during splice.

Overlay Tracking – tracks “Overlay” pallets from VITS 2 to ensure pallet is sent to Turning Station by Outfeed operators.

Safety Gate at VITS 1 cross cutter – prevents operators from reaching into dangerous areas of the machine during operation, if attempted the machine automatically stops that section of the line.

Shop Floor – wrote program which allows Production managers to determine when the line has stopped and to assign codes for the cause.

Light Curtain at Cross Cutter – implemented controls and programming to stop this section of the machine if employee or object is detected.

VAT Heating electrical design – changed electrical controls of three phase heating of resin during winter months.

Fabricated new design for Edge Cutting of paper, original design implemented included plastic, my design is metal lasting six months.

* more projects can be provided upon request*more details can also be provided upon request*

Administrative Duties:

Electrical\Control Drawings – update changes, translate mostly German to English comments

Research parts – replacement and obsolete to new

Communication between myself and Maintenance and Production managers

Maintaining parts room

Create and update parts inventory for my department

Request for quotes, parts, systems

Writing Purchase Requisitions

Other computer programs used:

VPN – private access to company intranet

VNC – access\control of to various departmental computers via IP addressing

Rimses - company global parts inventory system, for finding and ordering parts

Outlook – email

OneNote – notes for all work-related documentation

Excel – spreadsheets

Global Drive Control – Lenze variable frequency drives

Siemens Simatic Manager – PLC

1/2013 – 6/2013

Yokohama Tire Corporation

Salem, VA

Duties: Responsible for keeping 43 Tire Building machines in a state of running status. Respond to generated work orders per Production and determine the cause of issue with the machines. Once troubleshooting is completed, then perform the necessary repairs to the machine and return it to operational status.

Scope of maintenance includes electrical (power, sensors, PLC), pneumatic (air lines, valves, regulators) and mechanical issues (removal of damaged or end of life parts with new parts, fabrication of new parts, adjustments per specs for change over to new tire types with different specifications, adjustments needed for areas of the machine that may have drifted from tolerance).

Maintain, repair, and troubleshoot 5 overhead conveyor systems within my normal area of work, the tire building division.

Maintain, repair, troubleshoot 43 tire lift station which lift the “green tires” to the overhead conveyor systems.

Welding and fabrication of needed parts or needed repair to existing parts to ensure maximum uptime of all equipment within the division.

Work in various other areas of the plant as needed to lend support when the need arises.

Work with 3 Phase 480AC, single phase 277, 3 Phase 240, single phase 120, low voltage control voltages 24 VDC, photo eyes, lasers, magnetic proximity switches, encoders, potentiometers, safety detection curtains, limit switches and many other types of electrical devices.

7/2004 – 9/2012

RF Micro Devices

Greensboro, NC 27409

Facilities Manager

Duties: Responsible for uninterrupted facilities being delivered to the world’s largest MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy) manufacturing facility. Working with property owners, MBE Maintenance, MBE Production, Facility Engineering, Facility Technicians as well as Senior Management are all part of the job. Communications skills are paramount, verbal and written.

This year the Facilities Department’s budget at my Fab will operate on a ~$4.3 million annual budget which includes salaries, OT, Utilities (electrical, gas, LN2, etc.), and all other materials and service costs.

Conducting annual reviews for employees, promotions, progressions, and merit raises occur on each employee’s anniversary hire date.

As production ventures change, I work with outside contractors, to ensure that projects are delivered as designed by our engineering department, or an outside engineering firm to meet our production needs.

Because of my hands-on experience, and technical troubleshooting background, many projects are handled in house. This is a plus for budget expenses by allowing my technicians to tackle smaller projects instead of calling in outside contractors.

We have implemented our Preventative Maintenance objectives via CMMS that generates daily, weekly, monthly, semi annual, and annual PMs. As part of my duties I review standard procedures for accuracy.

I work with our Environmental Health and Safety Department to maintain compliance with Local, State, and Federal regulations, specifically with air and water discharge.

Participating as Incident Commander for Emergency Response Teams is also part of my job, as well as Hazardous Waste Management and proper storage of such materials.

For systems that I oversee at my site, please see my previous position with RF, listed below.

Here are some of the computer related programs that I currently utilize during the performance of my job.

CMMS – Megamation – for preventative maintenance work

SAP – Accounting program

Kronos – Employee time for payroll

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Live Meeting

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

RS Logix Allen Bradley PLC

RS View Allen Bradley HMI Graphics

6/1999 – 7/2004

RF Micro Devices

Greensboro, NC 27409

Senior Facilities Technician/System Troubleshooter

Duties Responsible for the efficient operation and control of the facilities being supplied to the Fab. This includes maintenance and troubleshooting of existing control devices and the implementation of new devices.

Modification of existing PLC programs, and writing new code for systems as they are implemented into our daily Fab operations.

Modifying existing PLC programs or writing new PLC code for more efficient performance for our existing systems as Fab operations change to develop new IC designs.

Making necessary changes to our Building Management System graphics, to accurately reflect the system changes, as our control of various processes change.

Troubleshooting for shift technicians when systems fail or out of specification conditions arise.

Systems Listing for Fab 2:

Emergency Power Generators

Uninterruptible Power Sources

Liquid Nitrogen System

Building Management System

Hot Water Boilers

Compressed Dry Air System

Breathing Air System

Process Cooling Water

Chilled Water

Makeup Air Units

Recirculation Units

Reverse Osmosis High Purity Water

Acid Waste Neutralization Water Treatment

Notifier Fire Prevention System

Vesda Fire and Safety

Acid Scrubbers

Process Vacuum

4/1994 - 6/1999

Maintenance Technician

Yokohama Tire Corporation

Salem, VA 24153

Repair, maintain, and troubleshoot various systems and equipment throughout many divisions of the Salem, Virginia tire building plant.

The Maintenance Department at Yokohama is a multicraft theme, were technicians are required to be hands-on in Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic disciplines. Welding is also a requirement to be part of the maintenance team.

I also used Programmable Logic Controller program analysis and programming skills as part of my duties.

4/1993 - 4/1994 Electrical Department Supervisor

General Shale Webster Inc.

PO Box 306

Blue Ridge, VA 24064

• Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.

• Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.

• Maintain current electrician’s license or identification card to meet governmental regulations.

• Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.

• Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.

• Connect wires to circuit breakers, transformers, or other components.

• Inspect electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.

• Advise management on whether continued operation of equipment could be hazardous.


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