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United States
December 28, 2017

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Albert H ale J r.

Cell P hone ( 713-*-**-****

Email: a

*** * ******** * **

Houston, T exas 7 7022

Objective: To obtain employment that will present me with the ability to save funds f or m y c ollege e ducation.


June 2 011 – P resent P it M anager, S pectrum M etals, I ncorporated – H ouston, T X. Scrapyard associated with Gold Metals, Inc. Responsible for keeping work area and machines clean and functioning properly. Experience w ith s eparating d ifferent m etal t ypes. June 2 009 – 2 011 Office Assistant, R-Hale Trucking Incorporated – Houston, TX.

Family owned trucking company. Responsible for accounts receivable. E xperience w ith Q uickBooks.


2012 - 2 014Houston B aptist U niversity – 7 502 F ondren R d. H ouston, T X. 7 7074 Class: S ophomore GPA: 3 .2

2 008 - 2 012 Houston A cademy f or I nternational S tudies: A n E xemplary Early C ollege H igh S chool – 1 810 S tuart S t. H ouston, T X. 77004

GPA: 3 .3


2010 - 2 011 Yearbook T eam – H ouston A cademy f or I nternational S tudies Developing a m emoir o f f ellow s tudents.

Puppet M inistry - G reater F irst B aptist C hurch, H ouston, T X. Working w ith h and p uppets. V isiting c onvalescent h omes a nd various c hurches.

2009 - 2 010Newspaper T eam – H ouston A cademy f or I nternational S tudies Formulating a n ewspaper t o k eep s tudents u pdated o n c urrent school, c ity, s tate, a nd n ational e vents, a long w ith s chool t rends. Hispanic Youth Organization – Houston Academy for

International S tudies

Studying t he b ackground o f t he H ispanic c ulture a nd p articipating their a ctivities a nd r ecreations.

2008 – 2 009 Film a nd P hotography – H ouston A cademy f or I nternational Studies

Studying t he n ature o f f ilm a nd p hotography, h ow i t c ame t o b e, and p articipating i n f ilming a nd p hotography a ctivities a round t he school.

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