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Project Manager, Project control specialist

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
December 28, 2017

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Jacobs Mount Laurel Quality Manager, NJ.

Responsible for regulation and enforcement of our Quality Program for all or our projects. Concurrently managed up to 8 projects with a combined value of over $300MM.

Provide project by project analysis and audit of Quality Procedure adherence, schedule accuracy, payment statuses, Discipline performance, and Project Manager performance.

Acted as interface between the company and their Clients. Provided guidance and conflict resolution between all parties.

Special projects included successful petition for over $2MM in earned change orders and bonuses from clients. Created scripted programs in Visual Basic for several of our status reports. This produced savings for our Clients and an increase in our productivity.

Apollo 2 Project, Geismar, LA.

Day to day management of the 3D Model progress effort for the entire Project. Managed Project management team and all disciplines for Quality Control in design, schedule, and cost.

Created Excel based program for Isometric Control. Over 4500 Isometrics were tracked, checked, approved and delivered to the Client.

Pivot Table creation to confirm accuracy of reports from the Engineering staff

Installed third party application to Design software that enabled Adobe Writer to be able to count the number of identical objects in multiple PDF’s.

Daily discussions with the Project Manager, Client Manager, Discipline Leads, and Director of Operations to ensure all aspects of the Project were running as planned and to identify and correct any immediate problems that would impact the quality and the due date of all deliverables.

Poseidon Project, Baton Rouge, LA.

Used Oracle Data map of Jacobs design programs to facilitate creation of queries.

Set up Excel and Access, along with Visual Basic code to download and format reports from PDS data base, which provided the data for Piping model percentage complete.

Directed Project Management, Project Leads, and Designers in the development of earning milestones and weights for Piping, Electrical, Structural and I&C detail work. Continuously provided updates of the line, equipment, P&ID list, and project schedule.


JANUARY 2006 - APRIL 2011

Entergy Nuclear Uprate Project, Port Gibson, MS.

Provided progress reporting for all modification packages.

Utilized P6 to analyze module milestone performance by date and produce graphic/written reports.

Used Excel for Procurement and Subcontract tracking and analysis, cost reporting and reconciliation, preparation of project reports for client meetings

Worked with Project Director to meet all Client requests for information in a timely fashion.

Worked with Scheduling Manager to develop resource-loading methodology for P6 Worked with Project Procurement Manager to monitor possible delivery slips

PSEG, Hudson BET Project, Jersey City, NJ.

Created Excel forms to track construction progress for sub contracts and report EV results to the management team.

Worked with the lead scheduler to corroborate progress and analyze problems. Entered Schedule updates and produced tailored views as directed by the lead scheduler.

Provided and maintained Manpower Loading information.

Informed management of actual and possible scheduling problems and conflicts.

Integrated change orders into the overall process to insure proper progress reports.

Actively participated in Sub contractor meetings as well as with the Client.

Validated contractor billing for cost department by using earned value progressing system which I developed.

PPL, Brunner Island FGD, Brunner Island, PA.

Developed Excel spreadsheet that converted text download from Shaw's cost database and populated their standard monthly report for the project.

Provided Direct Engineering Progress reporting and analysis.

Developed progressing spread sheets for each discipline

PPL, Montour SES Unit 1 and 2 FGD, Washingtonville, PA.

Reported schedule progress on Engineering Design and cost.

Produced all EV progress curves and reports for the detailed Engineering effort.

Special activities included travel to the field to help the cost team catch up with invoice processing and analysis.



Imclone, C225 Commercial Facility, Somerville, NJ.

Provided 3D Model Progress reporting and analysis

Head of Drawing Production Control for the Piping effort

Monitored the initial design, checking, re-routing and final approval of the Isometric effort for the project.

Designed Visual Basic Program in Excel to convert PDMS extracts from the model into data that was directly entered into the Iso Control spreadsheet.

Responsible for assembly and issuance of drawing packages.

Tosco, Linden, NJ.

Set up Model progress reporting system.

Monitored design progress, drawing production and cost validation.

Documentum Admin for the project.

Used Oracle Admin tools to fix problems in our proprietary procurement system.

Special tasks included translating HTML billing information from contractors into an accessible database and using it to validate their invoicing


Bloomsburg University

Major: Business Administration Minors: Accounting, Computing Degree: Bachelor of Science

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