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Project Manager Engineer

Redmond, Washington, United States
December 28, 2017

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-Experienced Software Quality Assurance experience: Black box and Grey box testing

-6 years of Project Management

-3 1/2 year of sales experience

-4 years of customer service experience

-Experience with handheld PDA’s, Mini-PC, Laptops, Wireless components such as 80211b, CDMA, GPRS, GSM, Cisco, Bluetooth, XBOX, XBOX 360, Nintendo systems.

-Application testing experience on cell phones, Pocket PC’s and Smart phones such as: HTC, Raphael, Mirage, Q9H, Hermes, Excalibur, Xperia,C500, MPX220 & 200, SPV, Symbian Series 60, Pocket PC 02-03-03+ and Blue Angel

-Proficient in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Media Center, Vista, Windows XP, Office Suite, Win CE, SWI, App Model, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, XML. Formulary with IIS 6/IIS 7 and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

-Tools experience: Active Sync, Power Monitor, AppVerifier, Xray, CMTrace, PoliCheck, FileFuzzer, Err, Windiff, XMLValidate, Orca, Msiexec, EditPad Pro, Beyond Compare, Dos, Formulary with PowerShell, DOU, MTTF, Devhealth, Hardware Configuration, Agile connect, Hyper-V Manager, VMware, System Center 2012 R2 Virtual PC, Orchestrator Runbook Designer, Team foundation Server 2012, Configuration Manager 2012, CMTrace, Software Center, Application Catalog, WTT Studio, MantisBT, Perforce Helix Visual Client, Unreal Editor 4, HttpWatch, Test Director, TFS, Quality Center, Product Studio and bug tracking software

-Possess excellent ability to coordinate tasks with external dependencies, excellent organization abilities, and strong sense of responsibility

-Ability to work well individually and as part of a team. Creative and resourceful


8 Circuit Studios Seattle, WA

QA/Project Manager May 2017-Present

Responsibilities included: Developed and implemented Test infrastructure processes and tools set up and methodologies for Quality Assurance. Performed core QA functional roles: Test plan, test cases, and performed prioritized test passes (BVT, smoke, alpha release, & full passes). Created team builds using Unreal Editor 4 and Perforce Helix Visual Client and uploaded builds to SteamWorks test branch. Promoted company’s video game and Smart Game Objects at Indy socials in the greater Seattle area.

Insight Global-T-Mobile Bothell, WA

Project Manager July 2014–December 2016

Responsibilities included: Release coordination and process governance for all EQM validated applications – Review and load all test plans and exit reports including certified exit documentation to the project site. Supported test process intake, reporting, defect process, and test closure process to ensure all EQM supported applications meet required standards for deployment SOX requirements. Facilitated evening and weekend EQM status meetings bringing multiple groups together to ensure development and test prioritize work across assignments and tracked both KPIs and daily statistics. Owned monthly accomplishments PowerPoint deck that provided upper executive management status on overall monthly deliveries. Mentored team members on best practices that provided training opportunities to strengthen compliance across all roles and functions to promote team strength.

Business Builders-Microsoft Redmond, WA

Test Lead/Project Manager February 2011–June 2014

Responsibilities include: lead a test team to achieve thorough test coverage. Tested software packages for deployment via SMS and/or MS selected Delivery Mechanism to an end-user desktop for installation. Provided overall testing for DMS (Desktop Managed Solutions) and MSIT Operations and Engineering before implementing into the production space. Test custom scripts which carry out specific functions needed on the clients desktop. This includes generic test cases and specific test requirements/requests provided by customers, Program Managers and the Packaging team. Work closely with the Program Managers, Packaging Team, Technical Team and Support Team to deliver quality packages for deployment. Filed bugs and DCRs against any component of the entire DMS and MSIT service in TFS. Provided testing of existing packages whenever they are upgraded and updated. Provided testing of bugs and DCRs whenever they are handed off for validation of fix. Maintain team infrastructure using Virtual Machine Manager and Hyper-V Manager. Documented process’, status, issues, risks, lessons learned, product weaknesses, and best practices. Project Manager Responsibilities include: work closely with customer and project team to understand and assist with tracking all work, tasks, and project assignments. Exhibited strong professional skills, including leadership, problem solving and multi-tasking. Motivated the team from beginning to end of projects so they can accomplish the necessary requirements. Scheduled and ran project meetings as needed. Closed projects by meeting with the team to identify key factors that led to completion of project.

TrygTech-Microsoft Redmond, WA

Software Test Engineer IIII/Test Lead/Project Manager December 2009–January 2011

Responsibilities include: develop and lead a test team to achieve quality targets for Windows Embedded Compact 7 setup products and tools (this included the operating system bits for ARMv4, ARMv5, ARMv6, MIPPSII, MIPSII_FP, x86 along with Platform builder, Compact Test Kit, Shared Source, Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools & Blend Templates). Was responsible for developing test’s infrastructure modifying WTT automation, creating WTT test cases, maintaining test VM machines, filing bugs, running test tools, creating test builds using PowerShell and helping in creating new tools as required by project needs. Project Manager Responsibilities include: maintained regular reports to project stakeholders (test staff, cross group, and management). Tracked all work, tasks, and project assignments. Scheduled and ran project meetings as needed. Closed projects by identifying key factors that led to completion of projects.

Volt Computers-Microsoft Redmond, WA

Software Test Engineer IIII May 2008–May 2009

Responsibilities include: ensured ISV applications were device release-quality for Windows Mobile, running tests and provide quality assessment to ISV before they go to market. Created test plans, coast test matrix, wrote test cases, modified WTT automation, file bugs, and worked with external third parties such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. Performed tests on memory, power CPU, Bluetooth headsets, UI, HTTP, radio, stress, GSM, CDMA, localization, display rotation, and app recover ability. Operate tools: Device Emulator and CEPC MTTF runs in a lab environment. Function as the Test lead when necessary. Also tested Sony Ericsson Xperia on Windows Mobile platform, tested verity of Bluetooth devices, and Bluetooth car testing as a side project.

Robert Half Technology Bellevue, WA

Account Executive July 2007–February 2008

Responsibilities include: closing staffing deals with new and existing clients and ideal candidates at mutually accepted rates and terms. Increased market penetration by following up on potential leads with new clients and providing superior candidates. Interviewed technical candidates both dev and support for open requisitions. Proactively maintained a pipeline of candidates for upcoming requisitions. Supported Division Director by leading daily meetings to set daily and weekly goals and hold team accountable. Qualify job orders with clients by negotiating competitive rates with clients and candidates and to ensure accurate delivery of candidates. Analyze technical trends and maintain awareness of cutting edge technologies.

Sonny Plotner Bellevue, WA

Consultant January 2007–July 2007

Configuring Wireless Networks for home and business. Building and configuring hardware for clients. Testing UI software applications for local businesses.

Ascentium Bellevue, WA

Software Test Engineer IIII September 2006–January 2007

My duties included thoroughly understanding the business and functional requirements and developed and executed tests. Agile robust test plans and cases which ensure the value and quality of solutions. I worked part of an integrated team as a Test Lead with the Development team, Project Manager and management during the product cycle to deliver superior business solutions. I would help increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing the highest level of professional customer service. I leverage best practices for QA processes, tools and approaches. Performed BDT Testing, UI Test, Ad Hoc, and Build Verification. Also developed test cases for various projects. I was one of the key members in building a test lab to ensure the highest level of test coverage for our customer.

Volt Computers-Microsoft Redmond, WA

Software Test Engineer IIII/Test Lead July 2005–July 2006

Responsible for participating in specification reviews to clarify features, provide Test input, and identify how to make features more efficiently testable. Primary duties include working closely with Development, Project Manager, management, as well as cross group, during the product cycle to contribute to product quality - manage and lead a small test team to work towards releasing robust and stable product. Additional responsibilities also include running Build Verification Tests, smoke tests, performing various user interface test passes, propagate builds to test server, create test specifications, test the specs, breakdown the spec and write test cases. Also performed white box testing of code in XML, HTML, and SQL. Also performed BDT Testing, UI, Ad Hoc, and Build Verification. Built test cases and compatibility testing.

Action Engine Mobile Redmond, WA

Test Engineer IIII August 2004–July 2005

Responsible for testing a suite of client/server based applications on multiple platforms. Primary duties includes writing test cases, functional testing, UI, HTTP, radio, stress, GSM, CDMA, localization, display rotation, running smoke tests, tracking product defects from discovery to resolution. Analyzed XML server transactions and SQL queries to gather test data. Regress previous product defects to ensure continued compliance. Actively worked with Developers and Project Managers to discuss application function, resolve open issues and to accurately and effectively triage bugs.

Volt Computers-Microsoft Redmond, WA

Test Engineer IIII October 2003–August 2004

Responsible for testing core DVD drivers, DVD codec’s and video drivers on Longhorn, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Media Center and all service packs that were associated with each operating system. Manually setup and configured test environments consisting of video cards, multimedia cards, drivers and codec’s. Performed manual DVD test scenarios, regression testing, ad-hoc, smokes tests, BVT, and automation testing. Worked closely with Developers and Program Managers to discuss bugs and resolve various bug fixes. Maintained lab equipment including test systems, hubs, switches and storage.

Vulcan Inc./Experience Music Project Seattle, WA

Sr. Software Test Engineer/Test Lead June 2000–May 2003

Responsible for testing Mini-PC and MEG on Window CE platform. Assisted with software implementation and systems configuration. Researched and help design of the Mini-PC and MEG. Independently provided technical support and problem resolution for installed technical systems. Acted as liaison between clients and members of the Advanced Development and Technology Department. Coordinated operation and installation responsibilities with all installation and internal operation teams and development organizations. Implemented test plans, BVT’s, ad-hoc testing, black box testing, white box testing, UI test, smoke test and developed test cases. Trained, organized and coordinated software upgrades for all museum MEG devices. Update and tested EMP servers to make Mollie SQL compatible with MEG. Test Java-based/HTML browser application that executes queries on a SQL database involving performance tests and load tests. Assisted in testing interactive musical software and hardware driven by Windows 98. Setup test-lab for QA and development teams and performed web compatibility testing.

Volt Computers-Microsoft Redmond, WA

Software Test Engineer II March 1997–June 2000

Responsible for testing Microsoft PC games and Windows Media Player. Implemented BVT’s, test passes, smoke tests, ad-hoc testing, UI tests, and black box testing. Developed test cases and recorded anomalies and suggestions into MS bug tracking database. Ran setup test passes and registry testing. Created a variety of content for testing. Ensured the stability of client/server products. Supported Recon lead by handling team administration and working closely with project leads and program managers to determine which features should be included in or cut from products. Administered CD reproduction and beta testing. Performed functional testing of internal tools.

Humongous Entertainment Woodinville, WA

Product Test Engineer September 1996–March 1997

Tested a variety of educational products for PC and Mac systems. Performed functional, boundary and stress testing. Wrote test cases, scripts and suites. Recorded anomalies discovered and created competitive analysis reports on the competitor’s products. Supervised test case development. Initiated and supervised test passes. Organized and verified bug reports entered by testers.

Nintendo of America Redmond, WA

Consumer Sales Service Representative October 1992–September 1996

Worked on Nintendo Power Team in promoting sales of its nationally distributed publication. Organized daily meetings to set daily goals and weekly promos. Answered a large variety of consumer questions and conducted consumer satisfaction surveys. Questions ranged from distribution of Nintendo Power magazine to technical support and game play counseling.

Tested games under tight deadlines. Products included: Ken Griffey Jr., Mario RPG, FireFox, FX Skiing and Mario Cart. Tests ranged from Ad hock to stress testing.

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