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C Nd

Seattle, Washington, United States
December 31, 2017

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Skype: i oannis.tambouras


* S enior P ostgres D BA, 1 5+ y ears:

Consulting, h ealth c hecks, m onitoring, t uning, q uery o ptimization, s caling,backups, r ecovery, c orruption, replication, u pgrades, m igration, f ull-text s earch

* E xpert i n P erl, 2 0 y ears

* E xpert i n L inux, s cripting, n etworking, 2 5 y ears

* S trong i n C, 2 5 y ears

Core A reas

* A ll a spects o f P ostgresql.

* R iak, N o4j, M ongo, a nd i nfluxdb a re s econdary. * A mazon W eb S ervices: E C2, S 3, A uto S caling, L oad Balancing, R DS, S NS, I AM, C loudWatch, S QS, E lastiCache, E SB, V PC, a nd P ipeline * P erl, P ostgres, SIP * L exers a nd c ontext-free p arsers * S olid k nowledge o f m od_perl, H TTP/1.1, a nd A pache ( including mod_rewrite),

Past A reas o f E xpertise

* A dvanced U nix p rogramming, T CP/IP, X MPP, a nd S IP p rotocols. * E mbedded R outers, O S X, H adoop * ELF m anipulation, a dvanced g cc, m akefiles, G NU C e xtensions, a nd o bscure c ompilation i ssues. EDUCATION

Masters i n C omputer E ngineering, F lorida A tlantic U niversity ( 2years, n ot c ompleted). B.S. C omputer E ngineering, F lorida I nternational U niversity., 1 994. MAIN A REAS O F E XPERTISE

* M any P ostgresql r eplication s ystems, q uery o ptimizations, m ultiple b ackup m ethods, m onitoring, a nd core d ba t asks, E TL, D ata D esign, e tc. A uthored p opular P ostgres m onitoring a nd E TL p ackages, p lus many c ontributions i n r eplication a nd m onitoring.

* P erl4, P erl5, a nd P arrot a ssembly. B road e xperience, w ith p articular e mphasis o n c ontext-free p arsers, DBI, c dbi, m od_perl, a nd X S . R elated a reas i nclude n etworking, i pc, t t2, e mbedded P erl, C GI, M ason, curses, M oose, e tc,. V isit m y m odules a t C PAN, a nd w riteups a t p .

* S IP f or V ideo T elephony, a nd N AT T raversal. * N etworking. issues. A uthor o f v arious E LF m anipulation t ools. E LF m anipulation, m anual r e-linking ( without l d), l ibdfd, loading, a llocation d ebugging, a nd e verything r elated t o l ibraries,

* P arsers, L exers, a nd R egexp * C omfortable w ith e mbedded i ssues: u Clinux, Y AFFS, b ase-system integration, n etworking, H adoop, a nd X ML. * A NCI C ( C99), C lear u nderstanding o f m any a dvanced concepts; P OSIX

103.1c ( pthreads); A dvanced U nix P rogramming, a nd T CP/IP p rotocols.. * L inux-kernel m odule programming, d evice/pseudo d rivers, a nd V FS. OTHER C OMPUTER S KILLS

* S ockets p rogramming, i pc, P OSIX 1 03.1c ( pthreads), a nd R TLinux. * A uthor o f m ulti-threaded M IME codecs f or L inux. * A dministered a nd t roubleshooted D atabases, U NIX n etworks, 3 n odes/UUCP. * X ML using P erl: E xpat, D OM, S AX1&2 ( machines, c ontrollers, g enerators, e tc S chema, P YX, X ML-RPC, XSLT, X QL, X Path, x sh, X Pointer, a nd o thers. * I mage p attern r ecognition, m peg2, j peg, a nd multimedia-structured d atabases. * L isp, j ava, C m 4, a da, m any a ssembly l anguages, a wk, E xpect, Postgresql, O racle8i, s ql, p lperl, p lsql, s qlj, t cl/tk, c pp, g cc, m ake, A pache, H TTP/1.1, c gi, m od_perl, a nd

(some) R exx. * O S X * M ember A CM


Akron I nc 9 /01/16 - P resent. P ostgres D BA Responsibilities: M ulti-vendor d atabase a rchitectures; m onitoring P ostgres a nd i nfluxdb; orchestration f or p ostgres c ontainers; Z FS-based p itrs. Environment: P ostgres 9 .5, 9 .6, 1 0 . L inux, O SX. 4 /01/16 - 9 /01/16 . P ostgres D BA, c ontractor

R esponsibilities: I nstitutedt b ackup i nfrastructures a nd p rocedures. M odified P ostgres c ore s o i nternal search e ngine c an m igrate f rom 8 .4 t o 9 .4 ( extensions w ere i ncompatible w ith e arlier m odifications); speedup f or f unctions; p gTap t ests f or o ur f unctions a nd g uidelines.Environment: P ostgresql, f edora Tax-Guard 1 2/2014 - 4 /01/16 . P ostgres D BA, c ontractor Responsibilities: A s C hief D atabase a rchitect, I m anaged t he m igration o f H eroku d atabases t o o ne n ew Postgres. F ocused o n t he i ntegration o f d iverse d ata m odels, i nconsistent d ata, E TL; w hile s ide t asks included t uning, a rchiving o f i nfrequent d ata, a nd m onitoring t he n ew p roduction s ervers. E nvironment: Postgresql, H eroku, S 3, U buntu 6 /2014 - 1 2/2014 P ostgres D BA, c ontractor Responsibilities: D atabase m igration f rom E C2 t o R DS. T une a nd t weak d atabase f or p erformance; analyze l ong-running, f requent, a nd l ocking q ueries. C lean u p d atabaseschema. E nvironment: A WS, Postgresql, P ostgis, U buntu

IBM 6 /2013 - 1 2/2014 . P ostgres D BA, c ontractor Responsibilities: D atabase a rchitect f or c ar n avigation s ystem D esigned h igh-availability ( HA) infrastructure t o a ccommodated c hanging c ustomer r equirements. P erforming b enchmarks, D LL c hanges, hardware p rovisioning, l oad-balancing a nd t uning a ppropriate f or u nanticipated c onditions o f d eployment. Environment: P ostgresql, P ostgis, R edhat. 1 0/2012 - 5 /2013. P ostgres D BA Responsibilities: O racle->Postgres M igration, P ostgres S ME C onsulted o n D R, d ata m igration, deployment f or h igh-traffic d atabases; d efused p roblems b efore t hey b ecome c ritical o n h ybrid d atabases with b illion-raw t ables. D esigned, d eployed, a nd m anaged p rocesses f or d atabase c hanges. M aintained and a dministered l arge, c omplex d atabases t hat s upport t he C w ebsite, m onitored databases a nd r esponded t o c ritical c onditions. D efused p roblems b efore t hey b ecome c ritical; e nsured database r eliability, a vailability, a nd p erformance; a nd i nstituted n ew b ackup a nd r ecovery p rocedures. Fine-tuned p roduction r esources f or o ptimal p erformance. W orked w ith t he a pplication s upport t eam t o migrate O racle a pplications t o P ostgres. B uild a nd i mproved s cripts t o a utomate n ew t asks. E nvironment: Puppet, P G, s lony, s ymmetriDS, o ra2pg, b arman, e tc,. Footage S earch 2 /2012 - 8 /2012 P ostgres D BA Responsibilities: T est t ools, a nd P ostgres D BA; C onsulting o n t olerant a rchitectures, d atabase t uning, a nd modperl d evelopment.

Personsoft. 1 0/2009 - 1 2/2012 L ead & P ostgres D BA Responsibilities: T eam l ead, t est t ools, a nd P ostgres D BA; o ther a reas o f i nvolment i ncluded p roduct development a nd m entoring. E nvironment: P erl, H adoop, L inux, O SX, S QL, C, a nd n etworking. Viable C ommunications I nc. 2 005 - 2 009 P ostgresql C onsultant Projects: M CS, V PAD, o thers R esponsibilities: P rincipal a rchitect o f t he V PAD n etwork, a d istributed database n etwork f or v ideophones; S ME o n S IP w ith t roubleshooting; o ther a reas o f i nvolment i ncluded NAT t raversal, P OE s ervers, X MPP, a nd o ther n etwork p rotocols. E nvironment: P erl, L inux, O SX, S QL, C, a nd n etworking.

Various. 1 0/2002 - 2 005 S enior P erl D eveloper Project: O dyssey M igration o f c ustom C MS s ystem t o B ricolage S ub-projects r elated t o A pache h andlers, mod_perl, l og a nalysis, B erkeley D B4 ( C a nd P erl), a nd P ostgresql. Project: C HS A d atabase-driven b ackend p rocessing o f T EI x ml t ags, s ponsored b y H arvard U niversity. Sub-projects r elated t o x slt a nd B ison p arsers. R esponsibilities: G athered c ustomer r equirements; implemeted I nternationalization s upport a nd ( unicode-aware) p arsing o f c ontext-free t ext f or t he H ellenic script.

Project: N BCS N BCS i s t he c omputer s ystem f or A merican R ed C ross t o t rack b lood d onors a nd b lood components. R esponsibilities: P rovided t echnical a nalysis t o S ystem P roblem R eports ( SPR's) f or b lood donations a nd c omponent d istributions. D aily d uties i ncluded 3 rd t ier s upport, r esolution o f C hange Requests, a nd d evelopment o f s ervice p acks. E nvironment: A IX, k sh, O racle, C, a nd P erl. Project: M OTION D ETECTION P roject: I NET-BACKUP I NET-BACKUP i s a d istributed s torage s ystem over t he I nternet, i mplemented b y U nited S torage: t hrough a J ava i nterface, e ncrypted d ata a re u ploaded to r emote p eers, a nd l ater r etrieved f rom s urviving p eers o n r equest. R esponsibilities: M y i nitial t ask w as to r eview d esign a nd f ocus o n t he d ata-corruption p roblems. T his, i n t urn, l ed t o b asic r esearch o n v oting lock, a nd l ater t o a f easibility s tudy o n h ow a s olution c ould b e i mplemented w ithin 6 m onths. T he r esults of t his s tudy f ormed t he b asis o f d iscussions a nd o f d ocumentation n otes a mong d evelopers. Environment: R ed H at L inux, C isco r outers, C, P erl, o penSSH, P ostgresql. Project: W EBMIN T he g oal o f t he W ebmin p roject w as t o i nstall a G UI f ront-end a nd c ustomize i t f or embedded s ystems b ased o n L inux. R esponsibilities: I w as r esponsible t o c ross-compile t he s mallest possible f unctional s ubset o f t he P erl d istribution a gainst u Clibc, t rim e lf h eaders f rom b inaries, a nd t rim system l ibraries f rom u nused o bject s o t hat e verything c an f it o n F lash. A s p art o f t he W ebmin t eam, I also w rote W ebmin m odules u ntil t he p roject w as d isbanded. E nvironment: R ed H at L inux, C, P erl, E LF. Ener1 I nc. ( aka B oca R esearch I nc.) 1 /2001 - 8 /2002 E mbedded-Linux C onsultant. Project: A OL-ROUTER T he A OL-ROUTER p roject c onstructed r outers f or t he A OL/Time W arner. W e build t he m otherboard, w e w rote t he B IOS, a nd w e e mbedded t he s oftware. R esponsibilities: M y m ain tasks w ere t o p ort t he c ore t he c ore l ibraries t o o ur N ational S emiconductor c pu, s etup t he L inux development e nvironment, a nd w alk f rom d esk t o d esk t o r esolve i ssues r elated t o L inux, P erl, a nd portability i ssues. O ther t asks i ncluded f irewall r ules, b uild t he c vs-based p ackaging s ystem, a nd implement d evelopment t ools u sing P erl. E nvironment: D ebian L inux, R ed H at L inux, g cc, C, P erl, networking, d evice d rivers, c vs, m akefiles, d ialog, u nix s cripts, f irewall, a nd O penBSD. Peach T ree 9 /2001 - 5 /2002 C o-founder, L inux/Perl D eveloper F ounded m y o wn t raffic-shaping c ompany. The m ain p roduct w as a S OHO r outer t hat p rovided a djustable Q oS f eatures f or I nternet c onnection. Responsibilities: A dvised t he C EO o n t echnical i ssues. C onverted a ll s ystem a nd n etwork s oftware t o u se uClibc a nd P erl, a nd c reated a c omplete d istribution f or o ur e mbedded L inux s ystem. A dapted t he busybox c urses-menu p rogram t o s elect w hat p rograms t o c ompile/install i nside t he f lash i mage - including d ependencies. E nvironment: u Clinux, e mbedded, n etworking. Linux W izardry I nc. 3 /1999 - 9 /2001 C hief L inux E ngineer Project: M AGIC-PASSAGE T he M AGIC-PASSAGE t eam w as i nvolved i n a ll a spects o f t he MagicPassage r outer, o ur f lagship p roduct. I t i s a S OHO r outer b ased o n t he M otorola C oldfire, w ith firewall/VPN c apabilities a nd a J ava i nterface. R esponsibilities: I w as r esponsible f or e verything r elated t o development, e xcept f or t he J ava i nterface. I n a ddition t o n etworking, t his i ncluded u Clinux d evelopment, VPN t roubleshooting, a nd u tilities u sing C, l ike s ashay(1) a B ourne-like s hell f or e mbedded L inux. O ther major t asks i ncluded t he X ML i nterchange a nd E xpat p rogramming u sing C . E nvironment: u Clinux, Debian L inux, R ed H at L inux, C oldfire, e mbedded t ools, a nd C VS. Project: I PSEC T he I PSEC p roject i ntroduced I Psec c apabilities t o t he M agicPassage r outer. Responsibilities: I w as r esponsible t o l ead d evelopment a nd p ort I Psec t o t he M otorola 5 307 p rocessor, and o f c ourse, t o e verything r elated t o L inux a nd n etworking, b ut n ot f or t he J ava i nterface. D aily t asks included U nix p rogramming, P erl s cripts, u Clinux-libc, f irewall r ules, a nd k ernel l evel e ncryption. Coordinated w ith t he J ava t eam a nd w ith t he m arketing d epartment r egarding I Psec c apabilities a nd configuration. A dministered t he b ackup s erver, t he c vs r epository, a nd o ur O C3 c onnection t o t he Internet. I n a ddition, I w rote a ll t echnical n otes o n I Psec r egarding o ur d ifferent c onfigurations a nd s etups. Environment: u Clinux, D ebian L inux, R ed H at L inux, C oldfire, e mbedded t ools, a nd C VS.

l ive t esting. I t w as a o ne-man t ask, w ith e verything d one i n P erl. E nvironment: D ebian G NU/Linux, ad-hoc m obiles, P ostgresql, a nd P erl.

Debian G NU/Linux 1 995 - 2 001 L inux D eveloper D ebian i s c onsidered b y s ome t he m ost r espectable Linux d istributor. T hey d istribute L inux a nd N etBSD o perating s ystems f or v arious c pu a rchitectures, using t he s ame c ore s ubsystem a nd p ackaging s ystem. Florida A tlantic U niversity 2 000 - 2 000 P rofessor A ssistant

C ourse: U NIX S YS P ROGRAMMING R esponsibilities: M y d uties w as t eaching U nix P rogramming, C OP 4604, a nd 2 w eeks o n W eb d evelopment. B esides c lass p reparation, I s olved c lass a ssignments a head o f time, g raded h omework/exams, a nd s ought t o m aintain p ersonal c ontact w ith s tudents. Cristian C ohler I nc. 1 995 - 1 996 N etwork T echician Responsibilities: I nstalled a nd T roubleshooted U nix n etworks f or l ocal b usinesses. F requent u se o f U nix scripts a nd s tandard u tilities, P erl, C, U nix P rogramming, a nd c onstant t cpdump(1) t roubleshooting. Environment: S lackware L inux, a nd S VR4 a t s ome o ccasions. Linux I nternational 1 994 - 1 995

Project: N LS R esponsibilities: A dapted C c ode f or P OSIX.1 c ompliance. E nvironment: S lackware L inux.

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