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Management Manager

Potomac, Maryland, United States
December 31, 2017

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Roger Dabbah, PhD, MBA


Pharmaceutical/biotechnology senior scientist and director with expertise in management, program planning, strategic planning of R & D, and project management in QA.QC, technical services laboratories, and management. Technical and regulatory expertise in the pharmaceutical/food industry in analytical, bioanalytical, and processing systems for small and large molecules, including sterilization, aseptic processing and various dosage forms. Provided microbiological audits of environmental microbiological testing and responded to FDA 483s. Just completed a 7 weeks consultation for environmental microbiological issues in a pharmaceutical plant in Long Island, NY under the aegis of Quintiles. From May 2017 t0 August 2017 was a QA/QC consultant under a contract from RAC. Expert witness for major organizations for patents and other technical issues.


1. Experience in the food and pharmaceutical industry in R & D, QA/QC, and technical services. Experience at the US Pharmacopeia developing standards for quality, identity, purity of small and large molecules. Experience in drugs, biotech derived products, medical devices and biocompatibility, and dietary and Nutritional Supplements. Experience in troubleshooting in plants for microbiological environmental issues.

2.Management of Laboratories with manpower of 120+. Management of Volunteers Expert Committees.

3.Expert in microbiological issues, testing, sterilization, troubleshooting in plants

4.Expertise in the quality of animal and plant derived products, chemical drugs as well as biotechnology derived products, including gene and cell therapy

5. Strategic planning of R & D and QA, in program planning, and especially in project management

6.Establishment of internal bridges between R & D and the other functions of the enterprise. Established bridges with national & international organizations

7.Establishment of liaison with external stakeholders in academia, government, and industry.

8.Patent expert witness

9.Close collaboration with FDA in setting quality standards for the US Pharmacopeia.

10.Regulatory remediation

Professional Experience

University of Maryland, University College, Graduate School (1986 to present), Adjunct Professor in Technology Management:

1.Teaching Face-to-face and online

2.Course on Project Management

3.Course on Risk Management in projects

4.Courses in Marketing, Strategic Management of R & D, Human Resources Management, Technical Planning, Management of Innovation

Johns Hopkins University, Whiting Graduate School of Engineering-Practitioner Faculty (1986 to present)

1.Teaching Face-to-face and online

2.Course on Project Management

Tri- Intersect Solutions, Potomac, MD (2006 to present)

Principal Consultant & CEO

1.Development and delivery of seminars organization dealing with microbiological quality assurance, sterilization, and harmonization of microbiological and biotechnological standards and procedures among the US Pharmacopeia, and the Pharmacopoeias of Japan and Europe.

2.Development and presentation of one day seminar to Dow Pharmaceuticals on various issues of quality control and microbiological testing and environmental testing

3.Webinars on Sterility testing and Rapid methods for microbiological testing

4. Technical expert witness for legal cases involving major organizations

5. Remediation for pharmaceutical/biotech organizations.

Provided microbiological support to organizations responding to FDA483s on environmental microbiological issues. Developed responses to FDA and audited the environments and the microbiological laboratories for compliance to SOP and developed a program for updating of SOPs.

US Pharmacopeia, Rockville, MD, Director, Division of Complex Actives

1.Analysis of new technologies to position USP in the future. New technologies included “omics”, gene and cell therapy, genetic testing, personalized medicine, stem cells, bioinformatics, PAT and nanotechnologies. Provided recommendation to the Board of Directors of USP and the steering committee of the expert committee. Managed the development of USP Chapter on Gene and Cell Therapy with a Gene Therapyy expert committee.

2.Technical, managerial, administrative, and budgetary leadership of expert committees involved in the development of standards for small and large molecule products in microbiology, sterilization, biotechnology –derived products, vaccines, blood and blood products, cardiovascular drugs, veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical waters,, antibiotics and antiviral, medical devices, toxicology and biocompatibility for containers and plastics that are used by FDA for compliance audits.

3.Development and implementation of a biotech laboratory for cell cultures, PCR and physicochemical characterization of products. Initiation and presentation of a business plan for the biotechnology initiative, including the development of new lines of reference standards to expand pharmacopeial business opportunities.

4.Harmonization of microbiological requirements and biotech requirements with the Pharmacopoeias of Europe and Japan.

5.Design and implementation of a program for the development of new lines of reference standards.

6.Represented USP to US Advisory Groups to ISP/TC 194, 76, 198, 209, and 239. Represented USP at AAMI, PDA, ANSI, ASTM and the WHO Biological Standardization Committee in Geneva.

7.Developed the USP Chapter <1116> Microbiological Control and Monitoring of Aseptic Processing Environments

Department of Public Health, State of Illinois - Chief of the Laboratory Division

Short term assignment to reorganize the laboratory division to make it more responsive to crisis such as the Tylenol poisoning issues and salmonella contamination of dairy product. Managed three state laboratories doing analytical work on food, drugs, cosmetics, HIV lab, and environmental contaminants. The laboratory division included analytical, bioanalytical, microbiological and toxicological procedures. Completed the reorganization.

Controlled Release Technology, Oakbrook, IL Vice-President of R & D

Development of Business plan for a start –up corporation for first round funding from venture capitalists. First Round of financing obtained.

Baxter Healthcare, Deerfield, IL - Corporate Director of Microbiology, Sterilization & Immunology

1.Parametric Release of Steam and ETO sterilized products

2.Technical, administrative and budgetary responsibility for a division of 120+ scientists and support personnel

3.Development and implementation of strategic planning for R & D divisions and development of a system to identify opportunities based on a 3-D approach

4.Initiated a program planning system for R & D and QA

5.Servicing all R & D divisions for microbiological and sterilization and immunological issues including QA issues

6.Provided troubleshooting in plants in QA/QC and technical services

Abbott Laboratories, Nutritional Division, Columbus, OH

Manager- R & D Administration, Manager Biological Sciences and Information Sciences, Manager of QA Microbiology-Research and Services

1.Administrative and budgetary and strategic planning responsibility for the R & D Division

2.Development and implementation of program planning for R & D based on zero-based budgeting approaches

3.Trend analysis system for quality of raw materials

4.Development and implementation of a rapid sterility test for infant formula

5.Management of QA microbiological services and research laboratory and of scientific information systems and statistical analysis

USDA-ARS-Field and Crops-Dairy branch

Research Microbiologist

1.Development of microbiological quality parameters for milk intended for Manufacturing purposes

2. Heat Resistance and recovery of microorganisms in milk and egg homogenates

3.Development of milk flavored with citrus oils to extend shelf life

4.Salmonella testing


PhD, Food Sciences/Biochemistry, U of Maryland, College Park

MBA, General Management, U of Dayton, Ohio

MS, Dairy Microbiology/Public Health, U of Minnesota, St Paul, MN

BA, Bacteriology/chemistry, U of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


On the editorial Board of Pharmaceutical Technology and was on the Editorial Board of BioProcess International

Presentations to national and international scientific meetings and papers, articles, chapters in books published

Author of two books, one on “Total Project Management-Strategies and Tactics for the Healthcare Industries” (1993) and one on “Total R & D Management-Strategies and Tactics for the 21st Century Healthcare Manufacturers” (1999)

Bi-lingual in French and English.


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