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Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist/Lab Technician

Mississippi, United States
December 31, 2017

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Tomieko Threadgill

**** ********* ******

Greenville, MS 38701

662-***-****, 662-***-****

December 2017

Dear HR Personnel,

I'm applying for the opening position at your company. I’m a licensed Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. I’ve also obtained on the job training as a Lab Technician. Having good Communication Skills and Customers Service Skills will allow me to give the patients the confidence that they need. Reliability, honesty, and hardworking is a brief description of other skills I naturally possess. My capabilities, multi-tasking and problem-solving are considered my strengths. I have been trained in both areas of clinical and administration in the Medical Assistant program at Concorde Career College.

In, addition to Phlebotomy, I’m experienced in medical terminology, patient charting, performing diagnostic procedures, triage and taking vital signs. I have a positive attitude, professional manners, and I assure you that I will treat each patient with empathy and care.

My resume is attached for your review. Thank you for your consideration and time. I hope to hear from you soon.


Tomieko Threadgill

Tomieko Threadgill, NCMA, RPT

1138 MacArthur Street Greenville, MS 38701 662-***-****

Profile Summary: Medical professional seeking to contribute to the success of an organization through my in-depth knowledge and skills related to the medical field enabling me to apply my education, medical experience, and creative skills. As a Medical Assistant/ Phlebotomist I’m seeking a position to help me grow, expand and learn in new areas with a company. I’m also seeking a position where there is excellent skills, professional manners and empathy for patients which allow the opportunities for growth.

Skills and Capabilities:

Customer Service Skills, Communication Skills

Patient Identification, Demographics

EMR, Samms 5V, ICD-9, CPT, Lab DAQ

Triage, Vital signs, Medical Terminology, Physicals, Drug Dosages Calculations

EKG, Snellen Chart, Breathing Treatment

Venipuncture, Injections(IM, Gluteus, Sub Q), TB, Capillary Puncture, Heel Sticks, Blood Smear

UDS, Pregnancy Test, Strep & Mono Test, H pylori, RSV Test

Administration, Insurance, Payment Collection, Billing, Requisition Forms

Filing, Prepare Charts


Concorde Career College, Medical Assistant (Diploma), Memphis, TN 06/11-02/12, National Certified Medical Assistant (NCCT) 03/16/18 (License number 775614)

Keplere Institute of Technology: Phlebotomy (Certificate), Greenville, MS 03/10-7/10, Registered Phlebotomy Technician (AMT), 10/01/2017 (License number 279306)

University of Memphis, Nursing, Memphis, TN 08/27/13

Grantham University, Business Management, Enrolled Online-Present

Externship: Performed 240 hours

Cordova Internal Medicine, Cordova TN, (Medical Assistant) 12/11-02/12

Adults and Geriatrics Clinic:

Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Patient Identification, Patient Demographic Stock, Faxing, Copying, 24 hours Holter Monitor, Filing, Vital Signs

Preparing rooms, Assist provider with Pap Smears, UDS, EKG, Coumadin Test, Berkley Test, Cleveland, Boston Test

Drug Dosages, Injections, Immunizations, ESR test, X Ray, PFT, Ear Irrigations, Physical, H. Pylori, Strep A Test, Reagent Strips, Glucose Tolerance Test, Capillary Punctures, Aseptic Technique, Requisitions Forms, Tube Labeling, Tube Transport, Venipuncture, Centrifuge

Medical Terminology, Snellen Chart, ICD-9, CPT

Hollandale Family Care, Hollandale MS, (Phlebotomist) 06/10-07/10

Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Patient Identification, Patient Demographic, Stock, Clean

Capillary Puncture, Venipuncture, Tube Labeling, Centrifuge, Login in patients name and test performed, Blood Smears, ESR Test, Reagent Strip Test, UDS, Strep Test, Throat Cultures, HCG Test, Heel Sticks

Aseptic Technique

Tomieko Threadgill, NCMA, RPT

1138 MacArthur Street Greenville, MS 38701, 662-***-****

Work Experience:

Family Medical Center, Greenville, MS, (Phlebotomist/Lab Technician) 10/6/14-Present

Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Minor Emergencies: (2wks-Geriatrics)

Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Patient Identification, Patient Demographic, CPT, ICD 10

Answering phone calls, Fax, Copy, Scan, Lab DAQ, Billing, Filing, Charting, Give patients their results

Phlebotomy, Collect Specimen, Send Specimen to Lab Corp, Tube Labeling, Run In House Specimen

Order Supplies, Stocking, Cleaning, Aseptic Technique

Alfa Wassermann, Beckman Coulter, Emerald-Cell DYN, POTC, Cardiac Triage, Glucose and A1c Testing, McKesson Consult 120 Urine Strip Analyzer, Microscopic(Wet Prep)

STD Test, Drug Test, Urinalysis, Capillary Sticks, HCG Test, Mono Test, Flu Test, ESR Test, Heel Sticks,

Stool Specimen, Bodily Fluid Specimen, Strep A Test, H Pylori Test, RSV Test, Coumadin Test, Special Test, Heel Sticks

Run Controls, Quality Control, Calibrations, Maintenance on Machines, Keep up with paperwork

KFC, Greenville, MS, (Cashier) 07/14-10/18/14

Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Good Customer Interaction

Operate the Register, Collect Money for Orders, Prepare Orders, Take Orders, Drive Thru Runner

Clean, Stock

Behavior Health Group, Memphis, TN, (Medical Assistant/Administrative Support) 05/12-04/25/14

Adults and Geriatrics Opiate Addiction Clinic:

Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Patient Identification, Patient Demographic, Login patient by their assigned numbers, Check patients in and out, Filing, Charting, Samms 5v Program, Nurses Note, RX Login, Assist Doctor, Verify Dose Amount, (COWS) Clinical Withdrawal Scale Form

Physicals, Medical Terminology, Prepare Triage Area, Triage, Vital Signs, Stock, Clean

Pregnancy Test, TB Skin Test, Check TB Skin Test, Perform TB Test on staff members, Venipuncture, Centrifuge, Tube Labeling, Aseptic Technique, Requisition Forms, ICD-9, CPT, Urine Drug Screening, UA

Accounting Duties, Bank Deposit, Answer phone call on a switch board, Fax, Copy, Scan, Billing, Insurance, Maintain an organized waiting area

Preadmission Screening, Telephone Screening, Window Screening, Admit and Discharge Patients, Intake Process, Explain Policy and Procedures, Help patient with their recovery, Patient education, Counseling Patient, Problem Solving

Raleigh Pediatric and Adolescent Group, Raleigh, TN, (Phlebotomist) 06/12-08/13

Ages: 2 weeks to 18 years of age

Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Patient Identification, Patient Demographic, EMR, Collect the orders in EMR

PKU Test, Venipuncture, Capillary Puncture, Collect Throat Cultures, Stool Specimen, Heel Sticks, Blood Smears, Aseptic Technique, Reagent Strep Test, Flu Test, Glucose Test, ICD 9, CPT, Requisition Form

Volunteer Work:

Hill Chapel Missionary Baptist Church; 4523 Raleigh Lagrange; Memphis, TN; Blood pressure, Capillary puncture

Church Health Center; 80 Union Street; Memphis, TN; Blood Pressure, Capillary puncture

Provide Reference upon request

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