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Austin, Texas, United States
December 27, 2017

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Traci C Nguyen ****-A Ray Wood Dr

Linux Engineer, Application Support, QA Analyst Austin, TX 78704

System Admin, Programmer, DBA Cell: 832-***-**** /


Program Language Java, C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic

Script Language Python, Perl, Kornshell, C-shell, Bash, Javascript

Database Language MySQL, DB2, Oracle, SQL, MSQL, Sybase, Informix, ODBC, DBMS

Software/Tool PHP, DreamWeaver, FLEXlm, HTML, QA Partners, QA Rational, ServiceSoft,

Visual Source, WinRunner, Mind-map, Gemini and CMVC tickets

Operating System Cygwin, CentOS, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows 10/7/Vista/XP

Server Connectivity MPI, PGI, MPICH, CGI, Infiniband


UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON – CLEAR LAKE - Houston, Texas Jan 2016 – May 2016

● Wrote Assembly program to input the sequence positive numbers ending with zero on Linux platform

● Wrote Assembly program to pick up the characters string entered from input on Linux platform

● Wrote Assembly program to transform 2-dimentional arrays by swaping data (A[i][j] to A[j][i]) on Linux

● Compiled and tested C program to print out 2 asterisks before and after the character/number on Linux

● Wrote C program to print out the output data without the asterisk when inputs 2 characters/numbers on Linux

● Wrote C program to prompt the user entered the string/integer data when inputs from keyboard on Linux

● Wrote C++ program to display the output when users entered from keyboard on Linux

TCN COMPUTERS – Sugar Land / Texas City, Texas Sep 2014 – Mar 2016

● Wrote PHP program to display text data from the webpage that running on Linux platform

● Wrote HTML/PHP program to display computer parts and selectable option for each product

● Wrote PHP program to send an email to the customer when selected computer parts

● Modified PHP program to edit the data and information from the webpage

THE INFORMATION STORE, Inc. – Houston, Texas Mar 2013 - Jun 2013

QA Analyst/Data Management (DBA)

● Wrote test scripts to test PDMS PetroTrek Data Management tool on webpage

● Loaded and invoked data in PDMS MySQL database interfere with Data Management tool

● Tested all functions in PDMS PetroTrek Data Management tool

● Queried the PDMS database using PDMS PetroTrek Data Management tool

● Reported and tracked the problem tickets in the Gemini Report System

● Created 3 databases (Well, Wellbore, WellCompletion) for PDMS project using mySQL

● Imported/uploaded data into 44 tables for PDMS database using mySQL

SCHLUMBERGER/WesternGeco – Houston, Texas Aug 2012 - Dec 2012

[Advantage Technical Resources, Inc.]

Linux Consultant System Admin

● Installed and configured the Omega2 application interacted with Oracle database

● Created Projects Schema to run the Omega2 Acceptance Test application on Linux platform

● Converted the Omega2 Installation document to Microsoft Word

● Added the ‘internal/external’ tagging on the Omega2 application

● Ran Omega2 Acceptance Testcases on CentOS Linux platform

● Created Omega2 Project with all functions connected using Mindmap tool

● Wrote Installation document to set up Omega2 application interfaced with Oracle database

● Wrote Omega2 Testcases to test the regression tests interfaced with Oracle database

SHELL OIL COMPANY – Houston, Texas Aug 2006 – Jan 2012

[Unconventional Oil / Upstream America (BTS Team, Inc.)]

Application Support Linux Engineer

● Installed the CMG/ANSYS/ABAQUS/COMSOL applications on Windows Vista and Linux platforms

● Wrote KornShell script to search available LSF HPC nodes on AIX and Linux platforms

● Wrote Perl script to re-arrange LSF Host list in new format Host list (2*houic-n-s00023)

● Wrote Python script to pop-up the Abacus template while user entered the data to load the simulator jobs

● Wrote Java script to register the DLL files and stored in the registry data

● Wrote Visual Basic script to add the User Environment Variables into the User Template

● Wrote KornShell script to query active license report from ANSYS, ABAQUS, COMSOL applications

● Maintained and investigated Simulation jobs failure with error messages running on Linux HPC clusters

● Maintained CMG/ABAQUS/CFX Linux applications that ran on the AIX/Linux HPC clusters

● Monitored CMG/CMOST/MEPO batch jobs submission on Windows Vista and HPC Linux cluster

● Tested @RISK application that connected to local network on four Windows machines

● Troubleshot Simulation jobs that had terminated or crashed with error messages on HPC clusters

● Created and assigned R5000 EDM User ID in User table from OpenWells application

● Created and assigned R5000 OpenWorks User ID and Active Groups from Landmark application

● Created/assigned Oracle User ID and reset the password when the user/client requested

● Created and assigned problem tickets using Service Manager (SM7) tool

● Generated CMG/ABAQUS/COMSOL/CFX License Reports in Linux application and posted on webpage

IBM CORPORATION – Austin and Poughkeepsie, Texas

Computer Tasks Group (CTG) [Test Engineer/System Admin] Feb 2005 – Aug 2006

Consultants Decision, Inc. (CDI) [Test Engineer/System Admin/DBA] Jan 2004 – Nov 2004

Ajilon Consultants, Inc. [Test Engineer / Programmer] Sep 2002 – Nov 2003

TAC Worldwide, Inc. [Test Engineer/System Admin/DBA] Nov 1997 – Nov 2001

The Merlin Group, Inc. [Test Engineer/System Admin] Jan 1997 – Jun 1997

Business Control System, Inc. [Test Engineer / Programmer] Oct 1996 – Jan 1997

Test Engineer/System Administrator

● Wrote KornShell script to create / remove active RSCT Peer domain

● Wrote KornShell script to detect empty node when node was rebooted or crashed

● Wrote KornShell script to lock and release FastT disks every 5 seconds on multiple nodes

● Installed and configured VIO Servers and Clients on Squadron system

● Wrote StorageRM test cases and ran Regression Test to test disk locks reserving between 2 nodes

● Wrote Topology test cases to test failure adapters connected from 6-10 nodes

● Configured RSCT and StorageRM application with HACMP on AIX and Linux platforms

● Configured SCSI devices and FastT Shark disks from LVM commands using StorageRM application

● Wrote Perl script to create/delete/modify/activate data from LPAR’s Client on Squadron Regatta systems

● Wrote Perl script to extract and compare data of the first line and last line from one file to another file

● Wrote Perl script to convert/sort data of the numeric alphabetical characters into special characters

● Wrote Perl script to find double backsplash from the NLS files

● Ran Regression Test for NLS CDE Login Utility and RSCT Peer Domain on multiple languages

● Wrote C program to verify date/time when time was rollover after the midnight

● Configured the eReviewer and WebSphere/DB2 application on AIX/Linux platforms

● Tested the Migration Scripts to install all file sets from every levels in AIX

● Tested HACMP / WebSphere / HMC application on multiple AIX nodes

● Configured DLPAR / Logical partitions / dual HMC Server connected to Regatta AIX/Linux machines

● Wrote Perl script to create several Logical Partitions and Network Connection status on AIX Servers

● Wrote KornShell script to insert Input Data into each device driver when installed AIX on platform

● Tested HMC Interface to create LPAR/System Profile/DLPAR from AIX Kernel device drivers

● Installed/configured IIS/SMTP services/TCP/IP network with latest builds on Win2K Server platform

● Wrote DB2/Sybase scripts to restore the backup from DB2/Sybase database

● Tested HelpNow! and HelpNow! Blue Web application on Linux platform

● Tested the Build Event Automation tool for DBCS 16 languages (British, French, Japanese,

Traditional / Simplify Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Indian,

Irish, Belgium, Australian, Norwegian, and Spanish) on OS/2 and WinNT platforms

● Created DB2/Sybase database for DPU & TSD environments on the Win2K Server platform

● Installed Data Junction application and ran scripts to migrate data from Mainframe to Local database

● Installed/configured PIRT Client/Server tool and database from DPU and TSD environments

● Wrote Kornshell & Perl scripts to execute HelpNow! application with embedded data on AIX platform

● Wrote DB2/Sybase SQL Scripts to insert data into the database

● Ran System Tests for HelpNow!, EasyAccess, ManageNow, and TSD Web application

● Wrote REXX script to insert 50K User IDs in Active Directory on the Win2K Server

● Wrote WinRunner script to create Problem Ticket using HelpNow! Web application

● Ran Stress Tests for NRK application for 2 Client and 1 Server nodes on AIX platform

● Converted C to Visual C++ for Latt tool using the OS/2 and Windows NT Server platforms

● Built Packaging Tar files for Diagnostics software on AIX and Windows NT Server platforms

● Wrote Kornshell script to retrieve messages from the browser certificate on AIX platform

● Tested the Entrust/Telstra database with Viewfinder application on AIX and WinNT Server platforms

● Wrote Kornshell script to check the NFS/NIS existing file systems on AIX platform

● Modified the Test Automation Tool to send an output and errorlog files

● Tested the XHOST application to check a node failure from 2 AIX servers platform

CLAM ASSOCIATES, Inc. - Austin, Texas Jun 1997 – Nov 1997

[Online Staffing, Inc. - Austin, Texas]

Test Engineer/System Administrator

● Tested HACMP application for IBM 7135 Disk Array with 8 nodes and 1 server

● Tested HACMP application for IBM 7135 Disk Arrays with 4 nodes when any nodes corrupted

● Tested HRD Utility application for Hitachi 5700 Disk Arrays on Sequent platform

● Installed and configured the Device Drivers for HACMP Server on the AIX platform

● Wrote KornShell script to create the File System in separate directory on AIX platform

● Wrote C program to search all nodes failure using HACMP application on AIX platform

● Modified the Diagnostics software to check the error messages from the Device Drivers

SOUTHWESTERN BELL – Austin, Texas May 1996 – Sep 1996

[Burnett Staffing, Inc. - Austin, Texas]

Programmer Analyst/Test Engineer

● Converted C to C++ program to automate place data into the phone diagram

● Tested the phone failure to generate the errorlog messages

● Tested the key phone tab to automatic place an order from the PizzaHut restaurant

● Wrote C++ program to generate the output data posted to the Oracle/SQL database

THE DAEDALLUS GROUP, Inc. - Austin, Texas Dec 1995 – Mar 1996

[Kelly Technical Services, Inc. - Austin, Texas]

Programmer Analyst

● Created diagrams and messages window using Power Plant tool

● Modified and debugged C++ program to query all data from the Oracle database

● Modified Visual C++ program to retrieve customer data from other platform

● Wrote C++ program to check spelling from Dictionary and Thesaurus

● Wrote C++ program to transfer all files from PC to Macintosh

● Wrote C++ program to check student records from the Oracle database

● Tested the Test Automation tool to check the overloading data from the Oracle database

NASA JOHNSON SPACE CENTER Corp. - Houston, Texas Jun 1993 – Dec 1994

System Analyst III/Programmer Analyst (Intership)

● Modified the Power Builder program to insert data into the Informix database

● Designed AIM product to generate the cost projections for Payroll Processing project

● Designed and wrote Natural II program to scan an Electronic Timecards for each employee

● Converted Payroll project from Lotus 1-2-3 to Microsoft Excel Macros program

● Designed the Help Desk tool using Visual Sources Automation tool

● Designed the flight simulation program using C/C++ on the UNIX platform

● Wrote C program to purge several records from the Oracle database

● Designed C++ program to create system interfaces on the AIX platform

● Designed C++ program to query data from Informix database on AIX platform

● Modified C program to automate backup data from the database on AIX platform

● Converted Payroll projects from C to Visual C++ on Windows NT Server

● Wrote Visual C++ program to simulate data for Product Control project on AIX platform

● Wrote Visual Basic program to support New Timesheet System using Client/Server Interfaces

● Modified Oracle program to purge non-existing data from the Oracle/SQL database


University of Houston Clear Lake – Houston, Texas

BS in Computer Science

US Citizenship


Customer Satisfaction/Outstanding Recognition Award

Project Outstanding Completion Award

Quality Assurance Recognition Award

Team-Work Recognition Award

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