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Personal Care Medical

United States
December 27, 2017

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What to Bring to Lake Hills Oasis, Belle Grove Springs, or Sanibel House

You must bring the following documents with you:

● Photo ID

● Social Security Card OR Birth Certificate

● Any Current Legal papers

● Medical/ insurance card


● No jeans or shorts with any holes of any kind at recreation time

● Cut off shirts and/or tank tops will only be permissible at recreation time

● Shorts- no more than 2-3 inches above knee

● Sleepwear must be modest; no revealing items, you must be covered

● Underwear must be worn at all times

● Nothing with obscene language or secular messages, pictures of anything representing tobacco, drugs, secular music, or alcohol. Also, no clothing representing the occult or racism will be tolerated. No gang colors or symbols allowed

● No dry-clean only clothing

**Since storage space is limited, the amount of clothing is limited. You will be provided 20 hangers with your closet space and a drawer for clothing. You don’t have to bring everything on this list. We strictly adhere to the following amounts: Dressy (for Church events)

● Dress shirts: 2-3

● dress pants: 2 pair

● dress socks: 2 pairs

● dress shoes: 1 pair

Casual (daily attire)

● jeans/slacks:2-3

● jacket: 1(Fall and Spring)

● shirts: 6-7

● tennis shoes: 1 pair

● sandals/flip flops: 1

● winter coat: 1(Winter)

● shorts: 2-3 pairs

● socks: 8-10 pairs

● scarves/gloves/toboggans

● underwear: 10 pairs

Sleepwear & Other

● pajamas: 2

● swim trunks: 1

● house slippers: 1 pair

Personal Care & Hygiene items

● toothbrush, toothpaste,

dental floss

● hair brush/comb

● clippers

● shampoo, conditioner,

mousse or gel, hair spray

● bath soap, shower gel,

shaving cream or lotion,


● cologne

● disposable razors

● deodorant

● one-a-day multivitamins

**We recommend that you do

NOT bring any valuable jewelry.

No jewelry with drug, alcohol,

tobacco or occult symbols.

Other Items

● Bible

● Journal (mandatory)

● Pens/pencils

● Stationary/


● Picture album (no

immodest pics or pics of

anyone other than family)

● OTC Medication

● Prescription Meds (no

narcotics, barbiturates,

sleeping pills, nerve pills,


**All bedding and towels are


Do NOT bring

● Cell phones

● Nicotine replacement patches or gum/ smoking cessation aids

● Laptop computers, TV, VCT, or hand held games

● Tobacco products of any kind

● Drug paraphernalia of any kind

● Radios

● Pillows or sheets

● Secular books or magazines

● Poker cards or dice

● Stuffed animals

● Lighters or matches

● Weapons of any kind (including box cutters, scissors, straight razors, etc.) If you bring any of these items, they will be confiscated immediately. Any clothing or items left behind upon departure will be held for 30 days only. After 30 days, we will dispose of the property. Resident or family will be responsible to pay postage and shipping for items that are to be mailed back to the client.

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