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Process Engineering & Technology _Energy & Chemicals

Houston, Texas, 77077, United States
December 27, 2017

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Ashvinkumar Trivedi Permanent Resident –Green card holder

Phone: 832-***-**** (Cell)


Res: 1415 Eldridge Parkway #1013, Houston TX 77077

BE, Chemical Engineering, Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT). SSSSuuuummmmmmmmaaaarrrryyyy

Extensive experience in the energy/chemical industries, with expertise in process engineering, project development, debottlenecking studies, plant technical support, startup, Commissioning and operations


Methanol, Ammonia, Hydrogen, GTL, Aniline, Toluene Di-isocyanates, Acetic Acid, Fertilizers, Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Nitric Acid, UAN, Gasification, Steam Reforming, Acid Gas removal using Amine, Selexol, Rectisol wash, Cryogenic Col box for Air separation & pure CO production.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & PROCESS ENGINEERING SUPPORT: Preparation of Basis of Design document for an EPC contract, contract drafting, technology related guidance/ clarifications and support, approval of PDP documents including HMB/PFD/PSFD/ P&ID/ MSD, Process Datasheets, Review of FEED deliverables of EPC, active participation in HAZOP and tracking of HAZOP recommendations, coordination for FSS and QRA Report, participation in 3 D Model Review, handling of Process changes, emission related calculations for Air Permit, Review of Financial Model on product costing and profitability projections, coordinating with Licensers, Technology Suppliers, Catalyst suppliers and EPC Contractors including GE Energy, Linde, Lurgi, Uhde (now TKIS), Jacobs, BP, CEAB, TOYO Engineering, MES, Kaltenbach, Plinke and UOP.

TOOLS : Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, VMGSim, HTRI, Hydraulics, ProMax, AFT Fathoms, MS WORD/EXCEL/PowerPoint

PLANT OPERATION - Gasification, Methane steam reformers Catalytic CO shift, Rectisol acid gas removal, methanol, ammonia, H2 PSA, Air Separation Unit, Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Fertilizers

Work History:

(1) CH2M Hill, Houston: ( March 2013- Sept 2017)

Process Engineer MHC gas Oil Polishing Unit (UOP). Material Selection Diagram and process support for Electrical hazardous area classification. Owner’s Engineer/Lead Technologist NiQuan Energy –GTL Project at Trinidad- Revamping study, plant simulation using Aspen Hysys, commissioning schedule pressure drop calculations and equipment limitations for capacity up gradation. 2

Owner’s Engineer, Power/Ammonia/Urea Poly-gen Project, Texas Clean Energy Project (Summit Power), Penwell, TX. Owner’s Engineer for the Power/Ammonia Poly- gen Project. Responsibilities included FEED, PFD/P&IDs checking, and review of FEED deliverables of EPC. Provided technology related guidance/clarifications and support. Owner’s Engineer/Technology Specialist, Ammonia based Urea, UAN Fertilizer Plant, CHS, Inc., Spiritwood, ND. Owner’s Engineer for an Ammonia based fertilizer plant. Responsibilities included Technology related guidance/clarifications and support, FEED, PFD/P&IDs checking, coordination with BakerRisk for blast study report, with auxiliary boiler suppliers, with low NOx catalyst suppliers for NA plant, review of financial model on product costing, and profitability projections. Reviewed FEED deliverables of EPC. Participated in HAZOP. Emission related calculations for Air permit Owner’s Engineer, Magnida Ammonia based Urea, UAN Fertilizer Project, American Falls, ID. Owner's Engineer for an Ammonia based fertilizer project. Responsibilities included project development and technology support, technology evaluation, products cost comparison for competing technologies, report on zero liquid discharge, and coordination with EPC contractor for OBE FEED work. Process Engineer, Fertilizer Project Waggaman, Dyno Nobel, LA. Process Engineering for the NuStar Pipeline Ammonia rail, road filling station, and ammonia injection pumping. Carried out process simulation and prepared HMB, PFD, P&IDs, process narratives, and process datasheets

Confidential Client: Process design- Sizing of Methanol-Water distillation column, reboiler, condenser, equipment datasheets.

Process Engineer, Shell North Effluent Treater (NET) Compliance Upgrade Project. Process design for Nitrogen blanking system, sizing of PCV, PSV/ Rupture disc for waste water Dissolved Nitrogen Flotation units and associated tanks.

(2) Bechtel Corporation, OGC, Houston (August 2008 –November 2009) Principal Process Manager / Technologist

Duke Edwardsport IGCC Project- Participation in 3 D Model Review and handling of Process changes, HAZOP, PHA, Risk Matrix Analysis, for all areas including Coal Grinding, slurry handling, Gasification, HRSG, Slag separation, slag storage & disposal, Grey water Circulation Sweeny Gasification Project - Major Responsibilities included Technology evaluation for CO shift, Rectisol & Selexol Acid Gas Removal and Methanation Units. Co-ordination with Licensors such as Johnson Matthey, Haldor Topsoe, UOP, Lurgi Process support for producing solid Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer from Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization system bleed stream of a Coal based Power project. 3

(3) Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Co Ltd, India (May 1979- July 2008) Worked in different capacities from Engineer thru General Manager for plant operations, corporate planning, projects development and execution Engineer for ammonia plant operation. The ammonia plant (1,550 TPD) was comprised of air separation unit (Linde), GE Energy (Texaco) gasification, total carbon recycles

(Texaco), shift conversion (Johnson-Matthey), Rectisol wash unit (Linde), nitrogen wash unit (Linde), ammonia synthesis (HaldorTopsoe), hydrogen PSA (Linde), cooling towers and OSBL utilities. The heavy oil- based gasification section was comprised of three parallel gasification trains (gasifier+scrubber) operating at 85 bar and each having syngas generation capacity equivalent to 1,080 TPD ammonia. Total carbon recycle unit comprised of Naphtha soot extraction from soot water, heavy oil mixing and oil/Naphtha distillation, and carbon oil recycle

Gasification-related specific experience included:

• As-built verification of construction per P&IDs for gasification, CO shift, and Rectisol wash units

• Section by section pre-commissioning, stabilization, and normal operation of entire ammonia plant

• Worked as shift engineer for 5 years in ammonia plant operation and was assisted by one junior engineer, 6 control room operators and 10 field operators

• Project planning and execution for third gasification train Operating experience of other plants included:

• Methanol Plants (600 TPD) – including natural gas catalytic steam reformer

• Nitro-phosphate Complex – Weak nitric acid (750 TPD), concentrated nitric acid

(200 TPD), ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitro-phosphate (500 TPD), and calcium ammonium nitrate (500 TPD) fertilizers

Corporate planning, project development, and execution included project identification, feasibility studies, financial calculations (product wise costing, sensitivity analysis, return on investment), proposal development, presentation to board of directors for investment approvals, project appraisal with bankers for loan sanction, preparation of Invitation to Bid for technology tie-up and EPC services, contract drafting and project execution. Projects conceived and implemented with help of external Engineering consultants are:

• Methanol Synthesis & Distillation- 120 TPD (Linde & ICI)

• NG based Methanol Plant -450 TPD (ICI &Toyo)

• Syn Gas Unit based on NG Reforming- Equivalent 225 TPD Methanol (Jacobs)

• Revamping of Methanol Synthesis Reactor (Linde- Isothermal)

• Carbon Monoxide Cold Box-26,000 TPA (Linde)

• Acetic Acid Expansion-50,000 TPA (Jacobs, MES & BP)

• 3rd Gasification train (Texaco + Uhde)

• Air Separation Unit Revamping (Linde) 5% O2 increase

• Revamping of Weak Nitric Acid 10 % Capacity increase

• Concentrated Nitric Acid Plant-100 TPD (Plinke & Uhde)

• Yellow water Conc. Unit for extraction of organics from waste water of TDI plant(Plinke)

• Toluene Di-Isocyanate Complex-50,000 TPA (CEAB)

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